30 16 and Pregnant Cast and Their Roles

16 and Pregnant Cast

16 and pregnant cast are real people talking about their life, as the series is a reality TV show. Moreover, 16 and pregnant is an American reality TV series that aired on MTV from June 11, 2009, to July 1, 2014.  

This series led to the spin-off of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, Teen Mom, Teen Mom 2, Teen Mom 3 and 16, and recovering.  

Besides, the spin-off series 16 and recovering premiered on September 1, 2020. Also, MTV announced in September 2020 that 16 and Pregnant would be a revival, and it was premiered on October 6, 2020. 

Furthermore, the series is about the stories of pregnant teenage girls who are in high school.

The series shows how they deal with the hardships of adolescent pregnancy; each episode features a different girl from when she was 4.5 -8 months pregnant to when the baby is a few months old.  

Additionally, the series is produced in the form of a documentary, it aired 79 episodes in 6 seasons, and each episode lasted for an average of 43-50 minutes. 

Lauren Dolgen created this series. The production companies involved were 11th Street Productions and MTV Production Development.

Viacom Media Networks distributed the series. Some of 16 and pregnant cast are;

1. Maci Deshane Mckinney

Maci is one of 16 and pregnant cast. She became pregnant at the age of 16 years; she is from Chattanooga, Tennessee. Her then-boyfriend, later ex-fiance, Ryan Edwards, impregnated her.  

When Edward found out that Maci was pregnant, he showed indifference towards the forthcoming baby and his relationship with Maci.  

However, Maci gave birth to Bentley Cadence Edwards on October 27, 2008. After the birth of their child, Maci and Ryan’s relationship suffered because Maci had to carry most of the parenting load. 

2. Farrah Abraham

Farrah is also one of 16 and pregnant cast. She got pregnant at the age of 17 years; she is from Council Bluffs, Iowa.  

However, she did not tell her then ex-boyfriend, Derek Underwood, about the pregnancy because he sent threatening text messages.  

Farrah gave birth to her daughter, Sophia Laurent Abraham, on February 23, 2009. After she gave birth, Farrah struggled with being housebound without her car while having a strained relationship with her mother. 

Furthermore, Derreck died in a car accident on December 28, 2008. Farrah appeared on Celebrity Big Brother and has an off-and-on relationship with a real estate broker, Simon Saran. Also, on May 13, 2018, Farrah was arrested in California for an altercation with Beverly Hills Hotel security staff. 

3. Amber Leann Portwood

Amber is on 16 and pregnant cast. She is from Anderson, Indiana, and got pregnant at the age of 18 years. Her boyfriend, Gary Shirley, of two and a half years, impregnated her.  

During the pregnancy, Amber struggled with Gary’s immaturity and the strife between her family and Gary’s; she also longs for her brother to return from duty in Iraq.  

On November 12, 2008, she gave birth to her daughter Leah Leann Shirley, and she found it hard to face the realities of parenthood. 

Over the years, Amber has been arrested twice for domestic violence and was sentenced to five years in jail for drug possession.  

However, she was released after serving 17 months at Rockville Correctional Facility. Moreover, Gary was granted full custody of their child, and when Amber was released from prison, she was granted visitation.  

Finally, Gary is currently married to Kristina Anderson, and they have a daughter and Kristina’s daughter from her previous marriage. 

4. Ebony Jackson

Ebony is on 16 and pregnant cast. She is from Colorado Springs, Colorado, and got pregnant at 17 years. Her fiancé, Josh Rendon, impregnated her. Before the pregnancy, they had plans to join the air force.  

But they had to change their plans. On April 29, 2009, she gave birth to their daughter, Jocelyn Jade Rendon. Additionally, Ebony and Josh struggled with moving forward after knowing that serving on the air force was no longer an option for them. 

5. Whitney Purvis

Whitney starred on 16 and pregnant cast. She is from Rome, Georgia, and got pregnant at 16 years. Weston Lewis Gosa, her boyfriend, was responsible for the pregnancy, and the couple had to live with Whitney’s grandmother, MeeMaw.  

Moreover, Whitney faced a lot of obstacles during her pregnancy. These include dropping out of high school, financial difficulties, and social isolation. Also, while Whitney was pregnant, her mother, April, was pregnant. 

In addition, Whitney and Weston struggled with adult responsibilities and moving to their place after their son, Weston Owen Gosa Jr., was born on April 2, 2009. 

6. Catelynn Baltierra

Catelynn is on the 16 and pregnant cast. She was a pregnant 16 years old girl from Algonac, Michigan. Her stepbrother and boyfriend of three years, Tyler Baltierra, impregnated her. Besides, both of them opted for adoption since they believed their living conditions were unsuitable.  

They made this decision against the wishes of their parents. After their daughter, Carolyn Elizabeth Davis, was born on May 18, 2009, they gave her to Brandon and Teresa, the adoptive parents.  

However, Catelynn’s mother refused to go along with the adoption, and Catelynn had to find ways to overcome that. 

7. Jenelle Eason

Jenelle is on 16 and pregnant cast. She is a teenage girl from Oak Island, North Carolina, who got pregnant at 17 years. She had to break up with her boyfriend, Andrew Lewis, who impregnated her due to his arrests.  

Moreover, she gave birth on August 2, 2009, to a boy, Jace Vahn Evans. Although she was a parent, Jenelle continued to party and relied on her mother, Barbara, to care for her son. 

8. Nikkole Ledda

Nikkole is one of 16 and pregnant cast. Besides, Nikkole was 15 years old when she got pregnant. She is from Monroe, Michigan, and her boyfriend, Josh Drummonds, impregnated her.  

Moreover, Josh is a chronic cheat, and when she gave birth to their son, Josh stopped helping her ultimately and broke up with her. Furthermore, Nikkole gave birth to her son, Lyle Thomas Drummonds, on November 5, 2009. 

9. Valerie Fairman

Valerie is on 16 and pregnant cast. She is a teenage girl from Oxford, Pennsylvania, who got pregnant at 15 years. Moreover, her adoptive parents raised her. Her boyfriend, Matt Pryce, impregnated her and broke up with her.  

Telling her that he wants nothing to do with her except it was about the baby. Furthermore, the episode shows how it was discovered that her baby had meconium aspiration syndrome after birth.  

However, the baby got better after a short hospital stay, and Valeria could take her home. In addition, Valerie gave birth to her daughter, Nevaeh Lynn Fairman, on September 14, 2009. Later on, Matt returned, showing interest in the baby, Nevaeh, and wanted a relationship with Valerie. 

10. Kailyn Lowry

Kailyn is on 16 and pregnant cast. Kaily is a pregnant 16 years old girl from Nazareth, Pennsylvania. Her boyfriend, Jonathan Rivera, impregnated her.  

Moreover, the episode shows the lack of support Kailyn got from her estranged family. She had to depend on Jonathan’s family for assistance. However, the couple separated after Kailyn gave birth to their son, Isaac Elliot Rivera, on January 18, 2010. 

11. Ashley Salazar

Ashley is on 16 and pregnant cast. She was a pregnant 17 years old high school senior from McKinney, Texas. Her ex-boyfriend, Justin Lane, impregnated her.  

Besides, the episode shows how Ashley was trying to reconcile her dreams of going to college in New York City with being a single teen mom. Firstly, Ashley wants to be a photojournalist. Secondly, she does not want to give up her child for adoption. 

Thus, this caused quite a dilemma for Ashley. Eventually, Ashley decided to give up her child for adoption. She reluctantly gives her child to her uncle and aunt for adoption after one month of caring for the baby.  

Fortunately, her aunt and uncle live a few hours away. So, visitation is easy. Additionally, she gave birth to her daughter, Callie Danielle Salazar, on December 16, 2009. 

12. Jamie Lomax

Jamie is on 16 and pregnant cast. She is a 17 years old honor student and member of the student council from Asheville, North Carolina. Jamie’s boyfriend, Ryan McElrath, impregnated her.  

Moreover, the episode shows how Jamie wanted her unborn daughter to have a traditional family, which she never had. During her pregnancy, there were several confrontations between Jamie and Ryan’s mother.  

After Jamie gave birth to her daughter, Miah Christine McElrath, on October 3, 2010, she and Ryan started having issues which included his infidelity. 

13. Caloundra Wrease

Caloundra is on 16 and pregnant cast. She is a 17 years old senior from Horn Lake, Mississippi. Her boyfriend, Mario Escovedo, impregnated her.  

Moreover, she was already taking care of her young niece, Zyra, almost full-time. Besides, Cleondra and Mario disagreed on where they should live along with the baby, with their family living across from each other on the same street.  

Additionally, the couple disagreed on who should watch their kid, which led to more fights between them. On November 29, 2010, Cleondra gave birth to her daughter, Kylee Sue Escovedo. 

14. Kayla Jackson

Kayla is on 16 and pregnant cast. She is a 17 years old girl from Manko, Minnesota. Her boyfriend, Mike Schwing, impregnated her at that age.  

Besides, the episode shows how Kayla suffers from anorexia before, during, and after the pregnancy. However, on November 4, 2010, Kayla gave birth via c-section to their son, Preston Michael Schwing. 

15. Mackenzie Mckee

Mackenzie is on 16 and pregnant cast. She is a pregnant 16 years old cheerleader from Miami, Oklahoma.  

Her boyfriend, Josh McKee, was responsible for the pregnancy. Moreover, the episode shows how Mackenzie and Josh struggled to be parents, the hard decisions they had to make for the benefit of their child.  

Some of the decision they had to make was Mackenzie quitting cheer-leading and Josh giving up bull riding.  

In addition, Mackenzie gave birth to their son, Gannon Dewayne McKee, on September 12, 2011, through a c-section. However, due to Mackenzie’s diabetes, the baby weighed 9lb 7oz at birth. 

16. Savannah Mooney

Savannah is a pregnant 17 years old from Jefferson City, Missouri. Her ex-boyfriend, Stone Nesmith, impregnated her. 

Moreover, Stone does not like Savannah’s mother because she is an alcoholic, which is the primary reason Stone and Savannah broke up.  

Additionally, the episode shows how Savannah struggles with her mother’s alcoholism before and after she gave birth. Also, she had to deal with the pressure of co-parenting with Stone, even though they are no longer a couple. Furthermore, Savannah gave birth to her son, Rowan James, on February 27, 2014. 

17. Courtney Ames

Courtney Ames is on 16 and pregnant cast. She is a pregnant 17 years old from Woodland Park, Colorado. Her boyfriend, Scott Snody, impregnated her.  

However, when she found out she was pregnant, she decided to abstain until marriage because of her religious beliefs. So, this led to a strain in her relationship with Scott.  

Additionally, Courtney was born with a cleft lip and palate, which required seven surgeries to correct. So, she was concerned that her child would also have the same issue, which was confirmed with a sonogram.  

Furthermore, during the pregnancy, Courtney moved in with Scott to give the child a stable family environment. However, she insisted on sleeping in a separate bedroom to be abstinent.  

Even after she gave birth, she continued to abstinent. Courtney’s commitment to purity and the unequal divisions of household labor led to a lot of problems in Courtney and Scott’s relationship. 

Lastly, Courtney gave birth to her son, Dayton Cash, on December 15, 2013. His minor cleft lip was corrected with only one surgery. However, after a long separation, Courtney and Scott reconciled and married, later giving birth to their second child in 2017. 

18. Savon Looney

Savon is on 16 and pregnant cast. She is a high school junior from Marietta, Georgia. Besides, Savon became pregnant through a hook-up with a man named Eli, who has children with other women and whom Savon is no longer in contact with.  

Moreover, the episode focuses on the relationship between Savon and her boyfriend, Malawi. Even though they were in a committed relationship, there had no physical intimacy because Savon refused to be intimate with Mauwi while pregnant with someone else’s child.  

This lack of intimacy continued even after she gave birth, much to Mauwi’s frustration. Additionally, Savon gave birth to her baby, Eden Lavon Looney, on February 13, 2014. 

19. Jazmin Young

Jazmin is a 17 years old pregnant teen from Raytown, Missouri. Her boyfriend, Dell Williamson of one year, impregnated her. He lives one block away from her house.  

Moreover, the episode focuses on Dell disobeying the house rules Jazmin’s parents set in place. Also, Jazmin was not prepared for the amount of care a newborn needs. Hence, she struggled with this.  

Furthermore, Dell is frustrated with the house rules at Jazmin’s house, which included him not staying after 10 p.m. This was particularly difficult for him because his job does not give him a lot of free time.  

Thus, the house rules it limited his access to his daughter. Besides, Jazmin gave birth to Laila Aubrielle Williamson, their daughter, on October 17, 2013. 

20. Maddy Godsey

Maddy is on 16 and pregnant cast. She is a high school junior from Tinley Park, Illinois, who became pregnant through a one-night stand with Cody Jensen.  

Moreover, before she gave birth, her mother told her she was only allowed to stay in the house for one month after the baby was born. So, the episode focuses on Maddy’s decision to either stay with Cody and his family or move an hour away to stay with her dad.  

Initially, she decided to move to Cody’s house, but when Cody was no help in the hospital after the baby was born and only visited once in the first three weeks, she decided to move in with her father. Furthermore, Maddy gave birth to her daughter, Aubrey Lynn Godsey, on October 20, 2013. 

21. Devon Broyles

Devon is on 16 and pregnant cast. She is a 17 years old teen from Richmond, Virginia. Devon’s boyfriend, Colin Crowder, an army reservist who served in Iraq, impregnated her. Moreover, the episode focuses on their financial difficulties with them trying to buy their own home. Furthermore, Devon had an uneventful pregnancy and gave birth to their son, Landon Levi Crowder, on November 4, 2011. 

22. Hope Harbert

Hope is a 17 years old teen from Lee’s Summit, Missouri. Ben Lagle, heron and off boyfriend, is responsible for the pregnancy. Besides, in the beginning, Ben wanted nothing to do with Hope and the pregnancy.  

Later on, after she gave birth, Ben returned to rekindle their relationship. Furthermore, the episode shows how Hope was frustrated with being housebound and not being with her friends who were off to college. 

Additionally, Hope gave birth to her son, Tristan Blaise Lagle, on August 26, 2011, via an emergency c-section. Also, Hope and Ben are still together. They gave birth to a baby girl in 2017. 

23. Myranda Trevino

Myranda is on 16 and pregnant cast. She is 17 years old from San Augustine, Texas. Eric Kennemer, her boyfriend, impregnated her, and they lived together in his grandmother’s property. Moreover, the episode focuses on Myranda’s distrust of her mother, who happens to be an alcoholic and a drug addict. In addition, Myranda gave birth to her daughter, Kaylee Michelle Kennemer, on September 30, 2011, who was eight days early. 

24. Taylor Lumas

Taylor Lumas is on 16 and pregnant cast. She is 15 years old from Cincinnati, Ohio. Besides, the episode focuses on how Taylor’s mother encouraged adoption, but Taylor and her boyfriend, Nathan Bridwell, insisted on keeping their baby.

After the baby was born, Taylor became disappointed in how Nathan acted as a father and continuously questioned their relationship and her decision to forgo adoption. Furthermore, Taylor gave birth to her daughter, Aubri Rose Bridwell, on November 11, 2010. 

25. Kianna Harrington

Kianna is on 16 and pregnant cast. She is 17 years old from Forth Worth, Texas. Moreover, the episode focuses on Kianna and her boyfriend, Zak Hegab debating about adoption.

However, they later decided to keep the baby because neither grew up with their biological father. Additionally, Kianna gave birth to their son, Kayden Elijah Hegab, on October 17, 2010, through a c-section. 

26. Izabella Tovar

Izabella is on 16 and pregnant cast. Izabelle is 15 years old from Draper, Utah. Besides, the episode focuses on Izabelle and her boyfriend, Jairo Rodriguez’s deceptions.

Firstly, Izabella hid the pregnancy from her friends until the last minute, which led to her being estranged when they found out about the pregnancy.

Then, Jairo lied to Izabella’s family that he has graduated high school. Furthermore, Izabella gave birth to her son, Enrique “Henry” Jairo Tovar, on September 17, 2010. 

27. Megan McConnell

Megan is on 16 and pregnant cast. She is 16 years old from Ault, Colorado. Moreover, the episode focuses on how Megan hates her 19 years old boyfriend, Nathan Stone’s lack of involvement in her pregnancy. Also, Nathan is unemployed and is obsessed with video games.  

The episode further shows Megan’s estrangement from her friends, and even after she gave birth, Nathan still was not involved in hers and their son’s lives. Additionally, Megan gave birth to her son, Blake Ray Stone, on January 19, 2010.  

28. Christina Cook

Christina is 17 years old from Huntsville, Alabama. Besides, the episode focuses on how her boyfriend, Isaiah Robinson, the star player of his high school football team, had to turn down a college football scholarship.

Isaiah turned down the scholarship so he can get a job locally to support the forthcoming child.  

However, during the pregnancy and after the baby was born, Isaiah’s family kept blaming Christinna for Isaiah’s decision to stay in Huntsville for their baby and reject his college scholarship.

Also, parenthood caused a lot of hardship in Christinna and Isaiah’s relationship. Furthermore, Christinna gave birth to their daughter, Destiny Brianna Robinson, on December 22, 2009, via c-section. 

29. Jennifer Cherie Del Rio

Jennifer is 16 years old from Riverview, Florida. Her then-fiance, John Smith, impregnated her. Moreover, the episode focuses on the tension between Jennifer and Smith’s family. Even after the birth of their kids, their relationship was still strained, to the extent that they fought physically on-air, which resulted in John’s arrest. Furthermore, Jennifer gave birth to Joshua Devan Jr. and Noah Matthew Smith on October 11, 2010. 

30. Jordan Ward

Jordan is on 16 and pregnant cast. She is 17 years old from St. Louis, Missouri. Her boyfriend, Brian Finder, impregnated her.

Besides, the episode focuses on how the pregnancy changed the relationship between Jordan and her identical twin sister, Jessica, who were formerly close. Furthermore, Jordan gave birth to her son, Noah James Finder, on July 14, 2010. 

Conclusively, there are 70 teens in 16 and pregnant cast in all six seasons. This article discusses the central 30 teens you should look out for. Some of these are also featured in the spin-off show Teen Mom.

This show shares light on teen pregnancy and parenthood; it shows its hardships and struggles. Even though the show was created to reduce teenage pregnancy, research shows the series has mixed effects on teenage girls, the target audience. 

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