35 Popular 80s Video Game Characters

80s Video Game Characters

Have you ever considered video games produced and played back through the years, such as the 1980s? 

The fact that it was created back then didn’t diminish the entertainment experience; it didn’t have much of the graphics and modernizations attached to a currently produced video game.

This article is about video game characters dating their beginnings to the 1980s. Because the video games and their personalities are too numerous to be found in one write-up.

I have selected a few popular video games and their major characters to represent the multitude of 80s video game characters.

Let’s explore them together, shall we?

Table of Contents

  1. Blinky
  2. Jr. Pac-Man
  3. Kinky
  4. Chomp-Chomp
  5. Orson
  6. Spunky
  7. Baby Pac-Man
  8. Spooky
  9. Raiden
  10. Solid Snake
  11. Big Boss
  12. Samuel Rodrigues
  13. Venom Snake
  14. Revolver Ocelot
  15. Fluid Snake
  16. Mario
  17. Luigi
  18. Kirby
  19. King Boo
  20. Bowser Jr
  21. Abigail
  22. Poison
  23. Mike Haggar
  24. Lucia Morgan
  25. Maki
  26. Astaroth
  27. Arthur
  28. Phalanx
  29. Cerberus
  30. Somulo
  31. Red Arremer Joker
  32. Pac-Man
  33. Metal Gear
  34. Last Battle
  35. Ghosts ‘n Goblins


This male character belongs to the Ghosts race and is from Ghost Land. He is the head of the Ghosts and the main adversary of Pac-Man. He is additionally depicted as the most forceful Ghost who generally pursues Pac-Man. 

He is known to be highly irritable and is old buddies with Pinky, Inky, and Clyde. He likewise has a little girl named Yum. Blinky is a red-shaded ghost.

He has enormous eyes and frequently has an irate articulation. He is ordinarily limbless inside games. However, a few manifestations show him with arms, at times with orange gloves too. 

Blinky is still up in the air of the phantoms and the head of the Apparition Group. He is frequently portrayed as the wisest and generally prideful of the group of four. He is one of the 80s video game characters.

Jr. Pac-Man

This kid is from the Pac-Person species. Pac-Land is his old neighborhood. He is the first-conceived child of Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man.

He is likewise the more seasoned sibling to Baby Pac-Man. As Pac-Little, he’s depicted as an excellent artist and is often seen dancing.

He enjoys watching theatrical presentations and copying famous characters. He’s likewise a paltry kid whose side interest is skating. He is one of the 80s video game characters.


This male character belongs to the Ghost species. They usually are gold-hued (his Japanese pseudonym, Kinzo, generally means “gold”) but are consistently defenseless when Pac-Man is in the labyrinth.

Along these lines, a Kinky can’t hurt Pac-Man straightforwardly; their primary safeguard is consolidating with another ghost. He is one of the 80s video game characters.


This canine character has a place with the Pac-Dog species and is from Pac-Land. Otherwise called Pac-Dog and Pac-Buddy, he is Pac-Man’s pet canine. Eat is a canine with a round, Pac-Man-like body, blue fur, and an earthy-colored nose. It is one of the 80s video game characters.


This is a male ghost from Ghost Island/Spectral Realm. Orson is green in variety and has a sharp voice. He is by and large viewed as a super virtuoso. Shrewd and kind, Orson imparts shared regard to Pac-Man, notwithstanding being eaten by him in Pac-Man World.

While Orson tends to be sketchy, he will constantly be there to help Pac-Man when the need emerges. He is one of the 80s video game characters.


This female character belongs to the Ghost species, and she is the famous apparition from Pac-Mania who has no authority in craftsmanship.

In-game, Spicy first shows up in Jungly Steps. After passing Jungly Steps, the second circle of labyrinths begins, in which she starts showing up in the other three levels; however, she can hop in Sandbox Land and Jungly Steps. She is one of the 80s video game characters.

Baby Pac-Man

She belongs to the Pac-Man species and, known as Pac-Baby or Baby Pac, are the second-conceived baby offspring of Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man and the more youthful kin to Jr. Pac-Man.

As one would expect, Baby Pac-Man has a combination of Mr. and Mrs. Pac-Man’s characteristics. Pac-Child is often seen wearing a hood or a hairbow and has a pacifier.

Child Pac’s hair-poof is usually displayed as shaded yellow, while at different times, it is brown. It is one of the 80s video game characters.


He belongs to the Ghost species and hails from Ghost Island. Spooky is a giant, approaching apparition of gigantic proportions who emanates a dim quality of terror.

He wears a horned protective cap, shoulder guards, and crimson gloves. Spooky has three fingers armed with claws and dark red eyes.

In contrast to the ordinary ghosts of Ghost Island, Creepy is evil himself. He is angry, scary, lethal, and intense. He is dread-adoring and derives pleasure in seeing people suffer. He looks for risk on an enormous scale. He is one of the 80s video game characters.


Otherwise called Jack the Ripper, White Devil, Snake, Mr. Lightning Bolt, this American-Liberian, whose real name is Jack, was brought into the world in 1983.

He has blue eyes and debris white hair. He is 5’10” tall. He was a Liberian-American hired fighter and former soldier serving in the special forces. 

Due to his engagement in the civil war in Liberia, Raiden was one of only a handful of exceptional Force XXI VR personnel having real battle insight.

Likewise, due to his past as a kid warrior and his having PTSD, he subsequently distanced himself from the people he loved and cared about. He is one of the 80s video game characters. 

Solid Snake

Otherwise called Snake, Dave, Iroquois Pliskin, Old Snake, etc., this American, whose real name is David, was brought into the world in 1972 in the US. He has blue eyes and earthy-colored hair, both with a dark tint.

He is a fighter, spy, and mercenary. He has an intelligence level of 180 and is familiar with six languages. Solid Snake, a professional fighter, frequently showed a cool as a cucumber disposition, seldom giving any indications of outrage, forcefulness, or dread in outrageous conditions.

He covered his feelings inside himself, making some see him as serious, and he can frequently be insulting.

Notwithstanding this apparent mentality, Snake can sporadically show a more human side, communicating great worry for partners’ prosperity during hazardous tasks and exhibiting sympathy towards fallen foes in any event. He is one of the 80s video game characters.

Big Boss

Otherwise called Jack, Striped Snake, Vic Chief, Ishmael, and Saladin, this American, whose real name is John, was brought into the world in 1935 and kicked the bucket in 2014 at 79 years old in Arlington, Virginia, US. 

He had blue/earthy colored eyes/hair, which later became brown/white. This Caucasian weighed 198 lbs. He was a trooper, spy, mercenary, and legislator.

He served as a soldier in the special forces unit and a hired fighter commandant. He was one of the 80s video game characters.

Samuel Rodrigues

Otherwise called Sam, Jetstream Sam, and Minuano, this Brazilian passed on in 2018 in the Badlands, Colorado, USA. He had earthy-colored eyes and hair.

He was a hired fighter. He was a Brazilian expert fighter of the “Rodrigues New Shadow School” strategy, which had gotten from the “Yagyu Shinkage-Ryu” (Yagyu New Shadow School) of Japan.

Sam’s weapon was his HF Murasama cutting edge, likewise alluded to as the “A VT7 High-Recurrence Cutting edge”. He was one of the 80s video game characters.

Venom Snake

This American, or Ahab and V, was brought into the world in 1932 in California, US. He, in any case, passed on in 1995 in Outer Heaven, South Africa.

 This Caucasian had blue eyes and earthy-colored hair. He was a battle surgeon for Militaires Sans Frontières (MSF). He was one of the 80s video game characters.

Revolver Ocelot

His real name is Adamska. This Russian-American, otherwise called ADAM, Shalashaska, and Fluid Ocelot, was brought into the world on June 6, 1944, in Normandy, France, and passed on in 2014 in Outer Heaven, Bering Ocean.

This Caucasian had dark eyes and light hair and was 5’11¾” tall. He was an officer, spy, investigator, and strategic educator. 

An imposing gunslinger, he was frequently alluded to as a “ricochet genius” concerning his firearm battling abilities.

His weapon was the Colt Single Action Army Revolver, which he viewed as “the best handgun made.” He was one of the 80s video game characters.

Fluid Snake

This English American, whose real name is Eli, is otherwise called White Mamba and McDonnell Mill operator. He was brought into the world in 1972 in the US and passed on on February 28, 2005, at Shadow Moses Island, Alaska. He had blue eyes and light hair. 

This Caucasian was 6’0” tall. He was a soldier, spy, and special forces commandant. He was one of the 80s video game characters.


This character was made by Shigeru Miyamoto. He is the mascot character for Nintendo and is effortlessly viewed as Nintendo’s best video game character and one of the 80s video game characters. By and large, Mario is depicted as a well-disposed, active, generous, and caring man.


Luigi is Mario’s more youthful, taller, and more slender twin sibling. He and Mario are Nintendo’s best video game characters, and Luigi is Mario’s younger sibling.

So, they would appear to be identical. Unlike Mario’s crimson garments, Luigi dons a green undershirt and dull blue overalls.

He is taller and more slender than Mario, with a more extended neck, ovoidal head, alternate mustache style, and sideburns. His green cap has an L on it. He is one of the 80s video game characters.


Kirby is a young man from Fantasy Land on the planet Pop Star. Consistent with his senses, Kirby eats when he is ravenous and rests when drained.

In any case, Kirby’s bright and unpretentious nature conceals staggering power that uncovers itself at whatever point detestable miscreants compromise his house.

Kirby has the novel capacity to duplicate the properties of animals or articles that he eats as he sucks in fundamental foes with his mouth. He is one of the 80s video game characters.

King Boo

He is the ruler of the relative multitude of Boos and Ghosts and the most outstanding adversary of Luigi. His most noticeable partner is the Koopa Lord Bowser, who has supported King Boo in his different plans.

He is more than equipped for contriving and authorizing despicable methods without anyone else, including his catch and detainment of Mario. 

Albeit not the greatest Boo, King Boo has capacities far outperform the typical Ghost; he uses various extraordinary mystical abilities, including the capacity to make objects appear.

King Boo’s mysterious power corresponds to the number of Boos in his area. He is one of the 80s video game characters.

Bowser Jr

Bowser Koopa Jr. is Bowser’s lone kid and prime heir of Koopa’s highest political position. Like his dad, Bowser Jr. has a yellow complexion with a green head, and Bowser Jr. has just a single tooth on the left half of his nose. He has little dark eyes, and his hair is restricted to a top braid. 

Bowser Jr. wears a white napkin with a tooth drawing like his dad’s mouth. Bowser Jr. is shrewd like his dad yet frequently behaves like his youngster.

He pitches fits without any problem. His kid-like nature and pomposity often prompt his defeat. He is one of the 80s video game characters. 


He was brought into the world on October 16 in Canada. He is 8’0″ tall and weighs 584 lbs. He likes bananas and enormous vehicles and hates rust. Abigail is an incredibly massive man with a restricted-level top hairstyle. He is one of the 80s video game characters.


Her complete name is Poison Kiss, and she was brought into the world on December 7. She weighs 114 lbs and is 5’9″ tall.

She enjoys french fries and Hugo yet detests hot dogs and police. Poison is demonstrated to be a Caucasian female with long pink, reasonably rough hair. She wears a dark cap,k blue end shorts,  and crimson high heels. She is one of the 80s video game characters.

Mike Haggar

Brought into the world on September 3, 1943, this American weighs 266 lbs, is 6’7″ tall, and has the blood classification O. He loves curry rice and cheeseburgers.

Haggar is a tall man having earthy colored hair and an earthy-colored mustache. His general look consists of an earthy-colored bandolier, green jeans, and dark boots. He is one of the 80s video game characters.

Lucia Morgan

This American was brought into the world on April 1. He weighs 128 lbs and is 5’8″ tall with the blood classification OF. Self-trained kenpō and self-preservation methods are her battling styles.

Lucia has long, thin, strong legs and short, light hair. She wears a battling police outfit in the game. She is one of the 80s video game characters.


This Japanese, whose complete name is Maki Genryusai, was brought into the world on August 28. She weighs 115 lbs and is 5’6½” tall. She loves motorcycles, her family, Carlos, and custard and hates sitting tight for anybody.

Maki’s hair is colored blonde. Her hair will generally be extended and kept down in a pigtail, her bangs a lighter tone than the rest. 

She wears red female ninja clothing. The top piece of her outfit seems to have a strap neck area, with a wire network shirt and showing quite a bit of her back.

Under the skirt of her business, Maki has all the earmarks of wearing matching underwear. She wears boots too. She is one of the 80s video game characters.


He is Argon, the Ruler of Trolls, Satan, Gondiaz, Jark, Asutaroto, Morock, and Dim Astaroth. He is the leader of Demon Realm Village and an adversary of the knight Arthur.

As a Demon Lord who has lived for millennia, Astaroth is knowledgeable in enchanted expressions. Astaroth has an optional face on his mid-region and can release fire from the two mouths.

Astaroth is likewise a specialist double-crosser. His deceptions and hallucinations range from an indistinguishable clone of himself (both being genuine) to whole regions functioning as traps (like the scandalous illusionary fight against him in the main game, although Satan formulated it).

As an evil presence, he can endure seemingly unavoidable demise for humans, having the option to rekindle except if he is quenched. He is one of the 80s video game characters.


Also known as Sir Michael, Knight Arthur, Knight, Sir Arthur, Silver Knight, and King Arthur, is the primary hero in the Ghosts ‘n Goblins game, a bold knight that endeavors into the profundities of the Demon Realm to save his favorite Princess Prin, who gets caught by Satan and various evil presences in each game. 

His main gear is a steel Knight Armor, which he loses when harmed, and a Lance that he tosses at foes. He is one of the 80s video game characters.


He flies to and fro, shaping plasma balls that skip until they hit the spikes. Sometimes he flies low and quick, attempting to cut Firebrand with his razor-sharp wings or shoot charged plasma balls that the player can obliterate with Demon Fire. He is powerless against Demon Fire. He is one of the 80s video game characters.


Also known as Infernomo and Burning Monster, a devil canine wreathed on fire, Cerberus monitors the entryways of the Demon Realm.

He can bring a hailstorm of blazes downward on his foe’s head as he rapidly hops around, abandoning a path of fire behind him. He’ll surely crush any onlooker. He is one of the 80s video game characters.


Romulo and The Demon Dragon Romulo was once a mighty devil-winged serpent with the Crest of Heaven and lived in the hull between the Human World and Demon World.

His power was so perfect that no human or evil presence could have the potential for success against him. 

Because of the excess force of the Crest he had, Romulo can somewhat resuscitate as a decaying mythical beast. While not quite so strong as it used to be, Romulo was as yet a fearsome enemy as well as one of the 80s video game characters.

Red Arremer Joker

Red Arremer Joker has extraordinary actual strength and armor that expands his level of perseverance. Even though he is massive and weighty, he figures out how to take off quickly. However, he is somewhat less nimble than other Red Arremers of lesser position. 

Notwithstanding, he is still challenging to hit when he centers around cautious strategies (frequently when close to death). His insight is infinitely better than that of humans, and he is a specialist client of fire and energy enchantment. 

He has restricted mystic power or enchantment control, which empowers him to control the way of behaving of his spells and fireballs freely, lengthy after being projected. He can likewise bring high-positioning Red Arremer Aces to the fight as partners.

The above-listed 80s video game characters featured in either of the following games; PacMan, Metal Gear, Nintendo, Last battle, Ghosts, and Goblin, so a brief description of these games are given below.


Pac-Man is an activity labyrinth pursuit video game made by Namco and designed by Toru Iwatani, where the player controls a person through an encased labyrinth.

The target of the game is to eat every one of the spots set in the maze while staying away from four-hued phantoms — Blinky (red), Pinky (pink), Inky (cyan), and Clyde (orange) — that seek after Pac-Man. It was released in 1980.

Metal Gear

The game is about the unique powers employable by the character codenamed Solid Snake, who completes a one-man slipping mission into the unfriendly country of Outer Heaven to obliterate Metal Gear, a bipedal strolling tank fit for sending off atomic rockets from any place on the planet. It was released in 1987 by Konami.

Last Battle

Last Battle is a side-looking overactivity game. The player assumes command over Aarzak (Kenshiro in the Japanese unique), who battles against his adversaries utilizing his punches and kicks.

Ghosts ‘n Goblins

Ghosts ‘n Goblins is a phase game where the player controls a knight Sir Arthur, who ought to defeat zombies, monsters, insidious spirits, cyclopes, legendary snakes, and various monsters to safeguard Princess Prin who has been snatched by Astaroth, master of Demon World.


Having seen the most popular video games of the 80s as well as their famous characters, I’m sure you must have been pleased to be taken down memory lane, especially if you were around that time and loved playing the video games that had these 80s video game characters in that period.  

Have an excellent time reading this article, and let us know how thrilling it was!

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