Top 37 Classic 90s Movies on Netflix

90s Movies on Netflix

Not sure what movies to watch on Netflix? The streaming service has an almost endless list of titles to choose from.

But it can be challenging to navigate through all the options, and finding something new and exciting can be challenging. 

If you’re looking for good ’90s movies on Netflix, this list offers some of the best options from that decade and other decades that can fill your next movie night with nostalgia and laughter.

From sentimental classics to lesser-known gems, there’s something here for everyone!

Love On Delivery (1994)

One of the 90s movies on Netflix. Ang Ho-Kam (Stephen Chow), a kind-hearted delivery boy, falls for Lily (Christy Chung), a pretty girl from a local sports center. But there’s one problem: Ang’s father is already married, and they have six children together! 

So he concocts an elaborate plan to win her heart by posing as the family’s wealthy uncle who only wants to help out financially. To say that things don’t go according to plan would be an understatement, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Justice, My Foot!’ (1992)

The Hong Kong comedy film centers on Sung Sai-Kit, an unethical lawyer whose wife is skilled at kung fu. When he refuses to help a small-time criminal with his case, the thug breaks into his house and rapes his daughter. 

In retaliation, he tries to convict the man successfully and brutally punishes him for his crime by breaking his arms and legs before putting him in prison for life. It’s dark but not too dark, gritty but not too gritty: the type of 1990s movie you can’t find anymore!

Destiny’ (1997)

In 12th-century Spain, Destiny follows Averroes, the famous philosopher who would go down in history as the most influential commentator on Aristotle. The film is a drama about ideas and their consequences. 

The protagonist is a man of peace, living in turbulent times. The story begins with his exile from Cordoba and ends with his death at the hands of a fanatical mob. 

The period covers some of the great upheavals of Islamic civilization: its expansion across North Africa and into Europe, its encounter with Christian crusaders, and its internal strife leading to a collapse that left Muslim society weak for centuries afterward.

Unspeakable Acts’ (1990)

Based on Sarah Weinman’s true-crime book of the same name, the film addresses one of the country’s biggest child sex abuse scandals. In West Memphis, Arkansas, in 1993, three teenage boys were convicted of murdering three children. 

The case became a cause célèbre in part because it had all the elements that capture a society’s fear and frustration: young offenders, heavy metal music, and a belief in devil worship.

But there was no physical evidence linking them to the crime, and their conviction still sparks outrage.

In Defense Of A Married Man (1990)

This made-for-TV movie follows a man accused of murdering his colleague and mistress. The person who volunteers to prove his innocence? His wife even tries to seduce the detective investigating the case so she can forgive her husband. 

It’s silly as hell. But it’s also one of those 90s movies on Netflix that you can watch with your friends and have a good time.

‘Duplicate’ (1998)

Manu Dada (Shah Rukh Khan) manages to escape prison and, while on the run, learns that he has a look-alike twin brother Aakash (also Shah Rukh Khan). 

He decides to pose as his twin not to get caught. 

His mother, Kamla Devi (Waheeda Rehman), tries her best to make him change his mind. But once she realizes how much trouble he is in, she helps him with the plan by providing money for a hair transplant so that Aakash’s curly hair can be transformed into straight black hair like Manu’s. 

Also, Kamla Devi donates her sari for his wedding suit, so they are identical. 

Manu meets Kajal Agarwal as Ranjana, who is also running from a police officer looking for a criminal named Rajesh Agarwal.

West Beirut’ (1998)

Set in 1975, during a civil war in Beirut. The Lebanese drama film details how the Greet Line Road divides Beirut and that it’s not a solid line but just an imaginary border.

The protagonist Michel lives on one side of the road, and his girlfriend Nadia (played by Lena Khleifi) lives on the other. 

There are countless scenes where they attempt to meet but are thwarted by various circumstances—including bombs going off.

Even though this is a movie about Lebanon, some breathtaking shots of Beirut give you a better understanding of what life was like for people who lived there at that time.

The more you watch West Beirut, the more interested you are in knowing more about Lebanese history. And studying it further because it was just so captivating.

Beverly Hills Ninja (1997)

 Beverly Hills Ninja follows Haru (Chris Farley), a young orphaned boy who gets taken in by a clan of Japanese ninjas. He was trained to become a skilled ninja.

When Haru is accidentally set up for the murder of his friend, he must find the natural killer before being executed for the crime. Fun fact: Chris Farley was set to star as Shrek before his death in 1997.

‘The Indian In The Cupboard’ (1995)

Omri (Hal Scardino) locks one of his toys—a small figurine of a Native American man—inside his cupboard and is thrilled to find that it magically comes to life as an 18th-century Iroquois warrior named Little Bear (Litefoot ).

The duo quickly become friends, but their joyous times together are soon cut short when the selfish, spoiled neighbor boy Tony (Corey Carrier) discovers Little Bear and throws him in the garbage.

Saddened by this turn of events, Omri builds another toy with the help of his mother, who cuts up her best dress for use in its construction.

He creates a robotic version of Little Bear, who can take revenge on Tony. The plan works until Tony’s grandmother discovers it, turning her grandson into an animal with only two days to live.

The film ends with Omri confronting Tony with the knowledge that he has done something terrible, and a tearful apology convinces Mrs.

Hello Brother’ (1999)

This is one of the 90s movies on Netflix. Robert Townsend has since developed a career as an actor, director, and producer of films such as Hollywood Shuffle (1987), The Five Heartbeats (1991), and Fresh (1994). 

Also, he served as co-creator, co-writer, and host of the 1990s T.V. show What You See Is What You Get. In 1999 he directed this film which follows When Hero (Salman Khan) gets murdered by his boss during a confrontation, he returns as a ghost who can only be seen by Vishal (Arbaaz Khan), a cop who is the brother of Hero’s girlfriend, Pooja (Priya Gill). Together they try to find out what happened and get revenge.

Quigley Down Under (1990)

Quigley Down Under is one of those 90s movies on Netflix that has everything, and it’s so much fun. It occurs in the Australian outback during WWI, where the English are pitted against the Australians.

The two groups butt heads when they first meet but eventually find common ground as they work together in a cattle station. Tom Selleck stars as Bob Quigley, a big game hunter who enters into this tense political battle with gusto.

3’striptease’ (1996)

Demi Moore plays a former FBI secretary Erin Grant in the erotic black comedy Striptease. She gets fired from her job and decides that stripping is the way to make some quick cash. 

This is one of the 90s movies on Netflix that has plenty of laugh-out-loud moments, but it also manages to be sexy and scandalous. Plus, it includes appearances by Burt Reynolds and Ving Rhames.

Kicking And Screaming (1995)

This insightful comedy-drama follows a group of college grads who can’t seem to figure out their future now that school is over. The film won the 1996 Independent Spirit Award for Best First Feature.

It features Jon Foster as Jeremy, Ben Foster as Wheeler, Jay Mohr as Craig Sheffer as Jesse Bradford, and Michael Rapaport as Quentin. 

Quentin delivers the famous line: What do you want me to do? Get my Dad’s gun and shoot them all? It’s one of those 90s movies on Netflix you know will make you laugh and cry at different points throughout the movie.

Howards End (1992)

Based on E. M. Forster’s 1910 novel of the same name, Howards End tells the story of a young woman named Margaret Schlegel, who inherits a home from her wealthy aunt in London and is pursued by two men: one from her social class and another from a lower-class background.

And again, after struggling with which man she should pursue, she chooses to focus on a class instead of love, which causes much conflict between her and her friend (and eventual lover), Henry Wilcox.

The film was nominated for six Academy Awards and was recently remade as an Amazon T.V. series starring Hayley Atwell.

The Emigrant’ (1994)

This rich Swedish film told the story of two families from Norway in 1825 forced to leave their homes because of famine.

An economic downturn and near-drought led to a significant number of Norwegians looking for new places where they could farm and thrive. But when many businesses don’t accept them, it becomes clear that there’s only one solution left. 

Eke, and Johanna Lauritzen set out for America with their children in tow but soon regret their decision as they encounter discrimination and terrible living conditions. This movie is one of the 90s movies on Netflix that is both tragic and eye-opening.

The Next Karate Kid’ (1994)

Watch The Next Karate Kid (1994) as a classic yet less-known film. In this movie, an adolescent boy is asked by Mr. Han to teach him karate and protect him from the neighborhood bullies. 

Meanwhile, the goal of this movie is not only for them to learn how to fight but also to learn about the value of their friendship.

A memorable scene from this movie is when Ali meets the other gang members that she’s supposed to fight, and they all end up singing Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out together as a symbol of unity.

‘The End Of Evangelion’ (1997)

 Neon Genesis Evangelion follows Shinji Ikari as he pilots Evangelion Unit 01. Though it was initially met with mixed reviews, the film won the Animage Anime Grand Prix award in 1998. And is now considered a masterpiece of Japanese animation.

‘The Blair Witch Project (1999)

Created in 1999 by first-time director Eduardo Sánchez and producer Daniel Myrick. The Blair Witch Project became a cultural phenomenon that revolutionized the horror genre. Shot over six weeks and with a budget of just $22,500.

The filmmakers combined the short film Crazy Clips (1988) elements with some improvisation from friends, touring actors, and residents.

The narrative follows three student filmmakers as they attempt to make an amateur documentary about the Blair Witch legend in Maryland’s Black Hills Forest. 

Furtuñately, two days into production, they ran out of money and made camping gear from sheets. The search for locations becomes increasingly difficult when it starts raining after being incredibly hot all day.

Total Recall’ (1990)

Inspired by Philip K. Dick’s Can be Remembered for Wholesale, it centers on a construction worker named Doug Quaid (Arnold Schwarzenegger).

He has troubling dreams about the past and present, making him question his identity. To get to the bottom of these strange visions, Quaid decides he needs some help from an expert – Dr. Edgemar (Bryan Cranston). 

However, when Quaid arrives at the doctor’s office, he learns that the psychologist is not what he seems! Suddenly Quaid finds himself on the run with Edgemar’s wife, Lori (Rachel Ticotin).

And they’re trying to escape assassination attempts while trying to discover what is happening in this futuristic world.

‘Money Talks’ (1997)

Chris Tucker and Charlie Sheen are at their best in this underrated comedy. It is about two car valets who, after stealing a briefcase containing $1 million, end up becoming significant players in the L.A. underworld scene. The film is one of the 90s movies on Netflix, full of hilarious antics and a compelling storyline that will keep you hooked.

Money Talks follows Franklin (Tucker), a fast-talking hustler and ticket scalper whose crimes go unpunished. Thanks to his tenuous friendship with the local LAPD detective.

When he crosses paths with low-level crook Jimmy (Sheen) one night outside a bar, he sees an opportunity for some easy money. Jimmy has just stolen a bag from an older man’s car. 

Meanwhile, it turns out there’s more than $100 inside—a quarter of a million dollars, to be exact. He is desperate for money so he can marry his longtime girlfriend, Angela (Wanda Sykes).

Jimmy offers Franklin half if he helps deliver the cash to its rightful owner. And thus begins a wild journey through Los Angeles’ seedy underbelly filled with wise guys, strip clubs, gambling dens. And celebrity cameos by Eminem and Snoop Dogg…

Hook’ (1991)

In Hook, Robin Williams plays a successful lawyer named Peter Banning. The evil Captain Hook kidnaps his children.

So, Peter is told that he was once a child and an orphan who loved adventures with the fictional character of Peter Pan.

He eventually embarks on a mission with Tinkerbell and her friends to save his children from the clutches of their captors.

Edge Of Seventeen’ (1998)

This late 1990s high school coming-of-age classic follows Nadine, an outcast 17-year-old in her last year of school. You get a close-up look at the highs and lows of being an outsider. 

If you’ve seen enough teen movies, then you know that will not end well for Nadine. Just before she takes revenge, something happens: She falls in love with another outcast, and things start looking up. 

But what happens when that teenage love starts aging? Will it still be there? Is it worth the risk? It’s interesting because it begs the question, do we ever stop wanting someone just because they’ve aged?

Can’t Hardly Wait’ (1998)

To quote the film, high school will never be the same! Despite being released in 1998, Can’t Hardly Wait remains current with references, like Snapchat and The Dress and scenes from Will Ferrell’s other hit movies of the decade. If you’re a fan of Ferrell and want some laughs, give this movie a watch.

Empire record (1998)

One of the most underrated coming-of-age films of all time, Empire Records is one of those 90s movies on Netflix that you’ll always find yourself rewatching and never get sick of.

The film follows a group of typical 1990s store clerks who want to keep their shop afloat against big box retailers like Tower Records. 

One star who made his break in the movie is none other than late actor Heath Ledger (who played Lucas). Ledger plays an emo employee whose loner personality attracts our protagonist, Claudia.

With their 17th birthday right around the corner, Claudia finally gives in to her curiosity and risks it all for one night with her crush.

Double Jeopardy’ (1999)

Jeopardy’s long-running, long-hated quiz show inspired this Tom Cruise film. He plays a merciless bookworm who falls in love with Alex (portrayed by Kirsten Dunst) and soaks up knowledge of everything he can. But his obsessive devotion to perfection starts getting in the way of living a happy life. 

However, not many 90s movies on Netflix are set at a game show, but it provides an original backdrop for the plot.

Trivia buffs will have fun following along during the final round when Alex helps train Cruise’s character for some spotlights and starts losing interest in him after she sees his strategy of taking low-paying jobs as he does so.

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (1993)

This is one of the 90s movies on Netflixix, Written and directed by Lasse Hallström. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape is based on the novel of the same name by Peter Hedges.

The film follows a 24-year-old single mother, Arlene (Julia Roberts), and her two children, who live in a small town.

Arlene struggles to support her family financially because of her father’s long-term unemployment. So she often resorts to applying for government assistance.

Furthermore, Gilbert (Johnny Depp) is a social outcast living with his disabled mother, Bobbie Jean (Mary Steenburgen). Their pet turtle, Stewie, does odd jobs around town for cash when he can find them.

‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ (1997)

My Best Friend’s Wedding is one of those movies on Netflix that you may have seen when it came out in theaters. Meanwhile, you don’t remember much about it.

With a storyline revolving around Julianne Potter’s best friend and the man she’s always loved getting married, you might think it’s too sappy. 

Interestingly, this movie has one of the best ensemble casts in a rom-com and an excellent soundtrack. (That is, the title sequence alone is iconic.) Plus, Julia Roberts nails a supporting role with some sly feminist empowerment thrown in for good measure.

‘Runaway Bride’ (1999

It’s also worth checking out if you haven’t seen it. This romantic comedy starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere captures the 1990s zeitgeist of big shoulder pads and big hair.

This is one of the 90s movies on Netflix. It follows a woman standing up to her fiancé at the altar when he tries to marry her. 

Though, it sounds wacky. But it is one of those old-school rom-com gems that are worth revisiting if you need a hit of that early 2000s to feel.

Runaway Bride, the 1999 romantic comedy starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, is now available to stream.

The film tells the story of Maggie Carpenter (Roberts), a reporter who falls in love with Michael O’Neal (Gere), only to discover he’s a high-profile divorce attorney planning to marry another woman in three weeks. 

Luckily for Maggie, not one for giving up on true love or losing at any game she plays, she vows that the wedding will never happen.

In this flick filled with laughter and romance, Maggie eventually succeeds in her goal when she marries Michael herself—only then discovering that her new husband might not be as traditional as his name implies.

Searching For Bobby Fischer’ (1993)

A bright and quirky adaptation of an award-winning semi-autobiographical novella by Fred Waitzkin. Searching for Bobby Fischer tells the story of Josh Waitzkin (Max Pomeranc), a talented chess prodigy whose father wants him to play the game competitively.

It begins with young Josh as a six-year-old boy competing in simultaneous matches at the Brooklyn Public Library. He goes up against 16 people in a row and only loses one game.

By 11, he’s a national chess champion. And by 13, he’s the youngest American ever granted the grandmaster title.

The Rugrats Movie (1998)

After the Rugrats Season 4 finale, most show fans were worried they would never get to see any more episodes. After all, we spent a whole season watching them grow up!

Luckily, Nickelodeon listened and green-lit a follow-up film that revealed what life was like for the kids as they grew up.

Although babies Dil and Susie join Angelica in replacing Tommy’s on-screen brother Joey (who is already big enough for school), their introduction is handled reasonably well.

It does not detract from the nostalgia of seeing Angelica still around and rascally just as consistently, plus it did lead to one of my favorite lines from that film.

‘Good Burger (1996)

There are plenty of quirky, nostalgic T.V. shows and films to watch from the ’90s movies on NetFlix. But it would be best if you had time for only one film on this list—watch Good Burger.

What began as a series of Pepsi commercials soon became a charming, family-friendly, and PG-rated comedy. 

Starring Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell (aka the comedy duo of All That), the movie is a goofy love letter to fast food and all that goes with it.

And at under 80 minutes long, there’s no reason not to take this trip down memory lane for a quick snack.

Airheads (1994)

If you’re looking for a few good laughs, Airheads is the movie for you. This 1994 comedy features two hapless rockers, Ozzy Osbourne and Steven Tyler. Who is trying to break into the industry with their new song? 

Meanwhile, they find out that their label is only interested in backing bands made up of beautiful women. They then devise a clever scheme to disguise themselves as women and audition themselves.

American Beauty (1999)

Directed by Steve Zaillian, this 1993 film tells the true story of a young man with an extraordinary talent for chess. Young American prodigy Bobby Fischer, played by Ben Kingsley, has become so good at chess, and he decides he’s playing against Communists to save the United States. 

Of course, as his fame grows, he becomes more outspoken about his opinion of politics and the government. Fischer makes himself a target of controversy.

As a result, we see him go from being heralded as an iconoclast who represents freedom and individuality in an era when the Soviet Union seemed like it was going to take over the world. All without once having set foot outside America – become a political scapegoat later.

American Pie (1999)

One of the 90s movies on Netflix that is probably the most famous for its nudity, American Pie still stands as one of the most remarkable teenage comedies of all time. 

Dan (Steve Carell) convinces his friends Chris (Seann William Scott), Jim (Jason Biggs), and Kevin (Thomas Ian Nicholas) to go out and lose their virginity.

They don’t realize that they have more significant problems, namely trying not to get anyone pregnant. It sounds like an insane idea, but thanks to their hilariously goofy hijinks.

American Pie became a cult classic in the late 90s. Despite those who are quick to criticize it for objectifying women and promoting unhealthy sexuality among teens. This flick will always have a special place in our hearts.

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997)

Are you looking for a light-hearted, funny movie with funny quotes and awesome costumes? It doesn’t get better than Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery.

Mike Myers plays the titular character frozen in the 60s and wakes up in 1999. In his new period, he has to stop Dr. Evil from acquiring The Gorgano Crystal for his world domination plan.

Though the plot is ridiculous (in a fantastic way), there are plenty of quotable lines that still ring true today. However, they don’t always make sense to everyone.

Backdraft (1991)

Unfortunately, backdraft is an ambitious and exciting project that doesn’t quite live up to its potential. Still, it’s a very well-made film that any cinema fan should give a chance. It tells the story of Chicago firefighters at opposite ends of the profession. 

One is a hotshot young guy looking for fame and recognition (Eric). The other is an old veteran, nearing retirement and bored with his routine day-to-day life (Stephen).

Some tension between them leads to Stephen resigning from firefighting altogether. He’s caught in a city-wide arson conspiracy and becomes Eric’s unwilling mentor as they battle for their lives. It does have some flaws.

Batman Forever (1995)

This 1995 film is one of the best 90s movies on Netflix. It centers around the discovery of the villainous Two-Face. James Hong stars as Mr. Lee, a nefarious businessman with ties to Mayor Hill’s office. 

The story culminates in an intense fight sequence between Batman and Two-Face in a subway station that leaves no cliché untouched.

Including stalactites conveniently hanging over their heads, and One Winged Angel was playing in the background. Oh, and Robin turns out to be Bruce Wayne’s long-lost twin brother, apparently kidnapped at birth by Ra’s al Ghul!


If you grew up in the 90s, the odds are good that you’ve got plenty of good memories and nostalgia-inducing favorites that have stayed with you through adulthood. One thing most of us had in common was our love for 90s movies on Netflix! 

Whether it was animation, drama, comedy, or a heartfelt coming-of-age story, films captured our imaginations and helped define who we are. Take a walk down memory lane by streaming these classic available 90s movies on Netflix:

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