20 Brutal Fighting Anime Like Baki

Fighting Anime Like Baki

An anime like Baki is a terrific animation for anime enthusiasts, fighters, and sports fans. It’s easy to understand why this series is so popular, with its high-octane fights and heroes with incredible talents.

So look no further if you’re looking for more anime like Baki! Here are 20 anime recommendations that are just as exciting as Baki;

1. Killing Bites

The anime is about people who have been infused with the DNA of various animals. As a result, they can transform into animal forms, and the program concentrates on fighting with a lot of fan service.

Yuuya Nomoto discovers that his friends brutally murdered Hitomi Uzaki, the high school student they attempted to kidnap.

After being compelled to transport her to an unknown place, he finds himself the prize in a fight between two Therianthropes, super-powered human-animal hybrids created through modern gene therapy.

As one of these hybrids, Hitomi harnesses the speed and fearlessness of her ratel genes to slaughter her foes and save Yuuya from certain death mercilessly.

Yuuya awakens hours later, hoping it was all a nightmare, to find himself firmly entangled in a strange proxy battle between four huge Japanese businesses, with the victor gaining economic dominance.

His existence is now inextricably linked to Hitomi’s capacity to engage in underground combat club contests known only as “taking Bites’ life as her single, if unwilling, investor. So if you like anime like Baki, check this one out.

2. Basilisk

In Basilisk, the Iga and Kouga families have a long history of hostility. After a temporary truce, they find themselves at odds once more as they both claim to be the next shogun.

This dilemma needs a deadly combat royale between ten members of both clans. But, unfortunately, this dispute has caught Kennosuke Kouga and Oboro Iga off guard. So if you like anime like Baki, check this one out.

3. Kinnikuman

Kinnikuman has been around for a long time. Just like anime like Baki, it is a mix of intense, thrilling action and absurd fighting clichés.

The anime essentially boils down to heightened takes on WWE matches at large arenas around America or Japan—that is, until you get past the first few episodes, when everything else takes place behind the scenes between two opposing forces seeking absolute supremacy over one another!

Kinnikuman, unlike Netflix’s Baki, does not take itself seriously. Nonetheless, there are some amusing moments, primarily due to brilliant jokes built up by clever character designs throughout each episode and awesome cliffhangers during battle sequences.

4. Diamond no Ace


This movie is a sports anime without bloodied knuckles and monster back anime like Baki, but it’s still worth seeing. The anime series’ protagonist, Eijun Sawamura, adores baseball and is a member of his middle school’s baseball team.

He naturally has an unorthodox pitching style, yet he loses the final match of his middle school competition due to a lack of control.

When he and his teammates are in high school, they pledge to work hard and make it to national tournaments, and then a scout contacts Eijun and offers him a scholarship to Seidou High School after being impressed by his odd pitching style.

After receiving support from his buddies, Eijun agrees to pursue the scholarship. However, after he starts at Seidou, he is surrounded by baseball players of extraordinary skill.

Eijun vows to study hard and become the team’s top player, but he must act quickly because the title is being vied for by another first-year student named Satoru Furuya.

5. Karate Baka Ichidai

This series is an action-packed anime like Baki that teaches viewers about karate. The anime’s premise is intriguing, so I opted to watch it.

The protagonist of the story is Asuka, a former Kamikaze pilot. I used to be a hooligan who utilized his martial arts abilities and aggression to solve problems before learning about the great swordsman Eiji Yoshikawa.

He improves his understanding of karate and has a new perspective on life. Yasunobu Oyama, a real-life karate master, inspired the plot of this anime. With 47 episodes, the anime averages about 24 minutes per episode.

6. Rainbow

This anime exposes the terrible realities of prison life in a very realistic manner. This show should be watched by everybody who appreciates anime.

The anime is set in Japan in the year 1955. One of six pupils at Shounan Special Reform School, Mario Minakami, begins his adventure there.

They were arrested after being accused of major felonies. When an older boy, Rokurouta Sakuragi, ends up staying with the boys, they are forced to share a room with him.

Ishihara, the jail guard who inflicted horrific agony and humiliation on Rokurouta and the others, harbors a personal hatred against the former boxer.

Daisuke Sasaki, the jail doctor, likewise mistreats the youngsters. Even though the situation appears bleak, the guys agree to meet outside the prison when their terms are over.

But what are their ambitions for the future? The series has a total of 26 episodes, each lasting 22 minutes. If you fancy anime like Baki, check this one out.

7. Air Master


If you love anime like Baki, Air Master will interest you. In this list, several strong, macho characters with imposing presences and exaggerated physiques emphasize their aggressive natures.

Air Master is a breath of fresh air in the combat genre, with a female protagonist who trades her precision training for savage street confrontations against opponents. She overcomes gender stereotypes by winning all of her matches.

8. Koukou Tekken-den Tough

In January 2002, the original video animation “Kourou Tekken-den Tough” was published. After reading the title, you may wonder if the anime is based on Namco’s popular fighting game, “Tekken.” However, this anime is distinct from the manga in terms of aesthetics and narrative.

Instead, this film focuses on professional wrestling and the Nanshan Shadow Style, a lethal and mysterious martial art.

Many years ago, the Shadow style triumphed in an underground battle between combatants from these two styles. As of now, the representative of the pro wrestling side is out for vengeance and wishes to eliminate the Nanshin Shadow Style in any way he can.

Kiichi, the current and past champion of Nanshin Shadow Style, is in charge of protecting the martial art form and preventing it from being destroyed. Lovers of anime like Baki should not miss it.

9. Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple

Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple is fun-filled and entertaining to watch. It is a shonen anime about Kenichi, a harassed high school student.

This action-packed series will have you on your feet or the floor laughing from episode one, centered on his training at Grand Master Kensei’s dojo, and features over-the-top clashes with various strong opponents! If you fancy anime like Baki, don’t miss out on it.

10. Mutsu Enmei Ryuu Gaiden: Shura no Toki (Time of Shura)


“Shura no Toki” is a Japanese samurai animation based on a true story. However, the samurai part of this anime is unusual because the main protagonists do not use a sword.

Instead, the animation is based on the martial art Mutsu Enmei Ryu. With this unarmed martial arts style, the user may overcome many armed opponents with speed and strength.

It follows three generations of Mutsu warriors, each with their distinct style. It’s interesting to witness them take on some of history’s most powerful and fearsome warriors.

Like in anime like Baki, the fight scenes are enjoyable and well-executed enough to merit praise. But, unfortunately, there isn’t a single spectacular fantasy move here.

11. Record of Ragnarok

Just like anime like Baki, The Fighting anime series may depict seismic battles between gods and goddesses for the universe’s fate just as easily as two scruffy nobodies with a grudge to settle.

While the Gods opt to rule over humanity’s fate, Ragnarok strives to strike a middle ground by putting power in the hands of unexpected mortals who must wield supernatural weapons to maintain the balance.

Baki may not have possessed actual gods, but the figures in the Record of Ragnarok are evocative of Baki’s violent conduct and powerful nature.

12. Tenjou Tenge

Tenjou Tenge is a great pick for fans of action, just like anime like Baki, because it concentrates on martial arts and fighting.

The anime’s main character is Souichiro Nagi, and he and his best friend, Bob Makihara, want to be the best high school fighters in the entire student body.

But, unfortunately, Toudou Academy, a one-of-a-kind school, may make it difficult for them to achieve their goal.

The school’s primary goal is not academics but rather the revival of martial arts as a unique oral tradition. So it comes as no surprise that the institution is brimming with the best fighters.

Maya Natsumi and Masataka Takayanagi, two powerful upperclassmen, dominate the couple. However, their interactions with their formidable elders made them even more committed to good training, and became the best warriors.

13. Fist of the North Star

As its name suggests, you may find the Fist of the North Star in practically every martial arts anime. For example, Hokuto no Ken, also known as Fist of the North Star, follows Kenshiro, a martial artist who knows where to attack somebody to cause them to lose limbs graphically in a post-apocalyptic world.

Because the original Fist of the North Star anime aired in the 1980s, the animation is a touch dated, but the plot and characters are wonderful. Fist of the North Star: The True Savior is a five-movie series from TMS Entertainment.

14. Drifters

Drifters are the game for you if you’ve ever wanted to see some of the world’s most famous historical personalities engaged in brutal combat.

Toyohisa Shimazu embarks on an unexpected voyage after tasting, which includes teaming up with Nobunaga Oda and taking on an especially wild Jeanne d’Arc, among other things.

Drifters, like Baki, have characters fighting for supremacy in a battle-to-the-death format. However, even though the action scenes in Drifters are primarily centered on weapons rather than hand-to-hand combat, they are equally as thrilling as anime like Baki.

15. Yu Yu Hakusho

Yu Yu Hakusho is a fantastic anime that has captivated audiences for many years. Based on Yoshihiro Togashi’s manga, it chronicles the story of Yuusuke Urameshi, a delinquent turned spirit detective, and his many adventures with demons to solve riddles in this universe’s lore.

The second season continues the Dark Tournament, in which Urameshi and his friends face off against the finest fighters from the spirit realm, which is considered one of, if not THE, best tournament arcs ever seen in Japanese animated programs, as well as a must-watch for fans of anime like Baki.

16. The God of High School

The God of High School strikes the appropriate balance between more grounded martial arts from anime like Baki and hyperbolized shonen combat classics from shows like Dragon Ball Z.

The anime centers around a mystery competition organized by all-powerful creatures, with one determined protagonist, Jin Mori, fighting for victory in an epic battle between different styles and eras, with proper strategy integrated into every match!

17. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is a cultural phenomenon that deserves all the attention it has garnered. The Stardust Crusaders, the third chapter of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, is perhaps the strongest chapter of the series, focused on the Joestar lineage. It is, however, a good start.

On the other hand, Baki is far more aggressive, yet the battles in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure are both physically and emotionally demanding. This series is distinguished not just by its characters but also by its writing and animation caliber.

18. Fighting Spirit (Hajime no Ippo)

Baki’s street fighting and Fighting Spirit’s boxing have many parallels, but an anime like Baki is a completely distinct beast. In both of these games, it comes down to a battle of wits and technical prowess.

The first season of the Netflix continuation focuses more on the protagonist’s development as a fighter than the Baki anime from 2001.

Instead, the fighting spirit dedicates all of its seasons to Ippo Makunouchi’s physical and mental training.

When Takamura Mamoru intervenes, Makunouchi Ippo is tormented and beaten by his peers. When Ippo faints, the boxer Takamura saves him and takes him to his gym. Ippo takes some time to acclimate to his new surroundings.

Takamura requests that Ippo punch a punching bag with a portrait of one of the bullies on it, which he does. This newfound passion fuels Ippo’s drive to learn from Takamura.

Takamura asks that Ippo execute an impossible task in a week to demonstrate his readiness for training. Ippo worked relentlessly for himself and his mother to finish the task and thus began his path into the boxing world.

19. Megalo Box

Ashita no Joe has been a successful boxing series for decades, with various imaginative modifications. Megalo Box, the most current adaptation, is set in a dystopian future and integrates steampunk themes into the boxing action.

While Megalo Box is known for its close-up, hard-hitting battles, it also delves into the psychological and physical toll of boxing.

The anime’s second season features a more mature approach to battle, and it’s not only for the sake of interesting bouts.

20. Kengan Ashura

For lovers of anime like Baki, Kengan Ashura should be a no-brainer. The animation style of Kengan Ashura takes some getting used to, but the game succeeds in every other aspect.

In this other reality, where each firm has its representative, covert wars influence the fate of economic deals.

In essence, this suggests that Kengan Ashura is a part of Shogun Ron’s genesis narrative. This tournament, known as the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, determines who organizes these fights.

Kengan Ashura’s fast-paced action sequences feature MMA fighters, sumo wrestlers, serial killers, and a wide range of formidable opponents. So even if watching anime isn’t always easy, it’s worthwhile.


That’s all there is to it! These are 20 excellent ideas for brutal fighting anime like Baki! We hope this list helped you locate your new favorite show, and we can’t wait to hear about any we missed.

Please comment if we missed any of your favorites or if you have any suggestions for future additions to our lists so we can continue to build and improve them!

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