30 Anime Like Black Clover

Anime Like Black Clover

This blog post is focused on Anime like Black Clover. Anime is a form of animation that has gained immense popularity in recent years.

It has captured the imagination of people from all walks of life with its unique storytelling, vibrant visuals, and compelling characters.

One such anime that has garnered a massive following is Black Clover. 

This anime is a thrilling tale of two orphans, Asta and Yuno, on a mission to become the Wizard King.

Set in a magical world of fantasy and adventure, Black Clover follows the trials and tribulations of these two protagonists as they battle against dark forces and strive to fulfill their dreams. 

If you enjoyed Black Clover and are looking for anime like Black Clover that will keep you on the edge of your seat, then you’re in luck.

Many other anime share similar themes, characters, and storylines that will capture your attention.

So, sit back, relax, and get ready to dive into the exciting world of anime.

1. Bleach

Ichigo Kurosaki is a typical teenager when his family is assaulted by a Hollow, an evil ghost that seeks to absorb human souls.

This is the beginning of the Bleach series. After that, he faces a Soul Reaper named Rukia Kuchiki, who has been hurt while attempting to protect Ichigo’s family. 

Ichigo agrees to take up Rukia on her offer to join the Soul Reaper organization to protect his family.

Rukia’s inability to heal and Ichigo’s obligation to carry out his mission bring about a dramatic shift in the situation.

He is accompanied by his companions, each of whom possesses their own unique set of skills. 

They quickly realize that bad spirits are not humanity’s only genuine danger. Bleach is one of the best anime like Black Clover that you can watch.

In addition to the television anime series, the Bleach franchise includes four animated features and one live-action movie.

2. One Piece

The events of One Piece, anime like Black Clover, take place in a fantastical realm. In this world, Gol D.

Roger was revered as the “Pirate King” because he was the most powerful and skilled pirate ever.

In his final words, when he is awarded the greatest prize, One Piece, the government’s plot to arrest and execute him does not go as smoothly as they had hoped. 

It is said that the treasure will bestow upon you wealth beyond your wildest dreams and launch you into the golden age of pirates.

Monkey D. Luffy, a young man of 17 years of age who breaks every preconception associated with being a pirate, is the novel’s protagonist. 

Unlike his competitors, he does not give off the impression of being a fierce and tough pirate.

Instead, he gives off the impression of being a rambunctious youngster on the hunt for the most exciting life experience.

We accompany him on his search for One Piece and every adventure along the road. 

The story is still being told in the source material, which consists of manga comics, and there is no indication that it will be concluded shortly.

Hence, if you are seeking an action movie with a similar tone to Black Clover, you should watch One Piece.

In addition, the franchise has produced 14 anime films, and now one live-action series is being developed.

3. Hunter × Hunter

In the anime series Hunter x Hunter, the main character, Gon Freecss, is a young boy of 12 years old who is searching for his absent father, a former hunter.

A hunter is a person who specializes in undertaking dangerous activities, such as exploring unexplored regions, locating unique artifacts, and fighting dangerous monsters. 

Yet, to become a hunter, one must pass a difficult test, frequently resulting in the participants being handicapped or even worse off than before.

Gon believes that becoming a hunter will allow him to locate his biological father, Gin. 

Along the journey, he meets some remarkable people who are driven by various passions but have the same objective.

The protagonist of the series, Gon, had a similar upbringing to that of Asta from Black Clover.

On the other hand, it becomes clear very quickly that his father is still alive. 

The source material was previously turned into another anime series that aired from 1992 until 2001 and consisted of 62 episodes.

This new show represents a fresh start for the long-running franchise. In addition, two animated features are included in the franchise.

4. Soul Eater

The series’ events occur in a fictional setting called Death City. In this location, Shinigami–Lord Death presides over a school called Death Weapon Meister School, which trains students to become “Death Scythes.” 

Death Scythes are hybrids born of humans and can convert into demon weapons if the user has vanquished 99 evil beings and one witch soul in the specified order. 

The series follows these teams competing to become the greatest in their respective leagues.

Because of this, Soul Eater, an anime like Black Clover, has some thematic parallels to Black Clover.

Furthermore, because Soul Eater has Shinigami, it is easily one of the best anime similar to Death Note that you will be able to watch in 2022.

5. Demon Slayer

The story of this iconic anime, Black Clover, centers on a young man named Tanjiro Kamado, who takes care of his family following his father’s death and ensures that they have a happy and tranquil existence.

But, on the day he decides to go to the village to sell charcoal, he ends up being late and forced to stay in a stranger’s home. 

He learns about the evil demons who stalk the night through his host’s stay.

The following day, he discovers that his family has been murdered, and the only survivor, his sister, has been transformed into a monster hungry for blood. 

Tanjiro makes a solemn oath to defend his sister and rid the world of evil with the assistance of an organization known as the Demon Slayer Corps.

Following the conclusion of the anime series, the tale will continue in a film named Demon Slayer: Mugen Train (2020), which will center on the “Mugen Train” arc from the manga comics.

6. Berserk

The manga comics that inspired the eponymous anime series have also been adapted into an anime television series.

1997 was the year that saw the original series air for a total of 25 episodes. 

The new series, which debuted in 2016, is a reboot in the traditional sense.

Still, it picks up after the conclusion of the original series and serves as a direct successor to the Berserk Golden Age Arc film trilogy (2012-2013). 

The anime protagonist is Guts, who is destined to be pursued by demons until he dies.

Guts decide to go on a quest for revenge against the person responsible for his condition to reject the dreadful destiny bestowed upon him. 

During the journey, he makes acquaintances with unusual allies, such as a young thief and elf, who decide to travel with him.

7. Naruto


The plot of the anime series revolves around Naruto Uzumaki’s coming-of-age journey.

The novel’s first half occurs when Naruto is in his pre-teen years, and the second half depicts his life as he enters his adolescent years. 

The nine-tailed demon fox Kyuubi wreaks devastation on the Hidden Leaf Village of Konohagakure before Naruto is born there.

The village leader, the Fourth Hokage, makes the ultimate sacrifice to ensure the monster is contained within the infant Naruto.

He develops into a hyperactive child who everyone avoids as much as possible due to the devil within him.

On his path to becoming the head of the village, he encounters helpful allies and treacherous adversaries along the way. 

The similarities between Naruto’s plot and Black Clover’s lie in the protagonist’s relentless pursuit of excellence in the face of overwhelming adversity.

The heroes of this anime like Black Clover, have the same aspiration of rising to the top of their fields.

Boruto, a spin-off sequel that follows in the footsteps of Naruto and follows his son on his adventures, comes after Naruto. 

8. Food Wars

Souma Yukihira, the protagonist of Food Wars, has spent his entire life in the kitchen with his father, Jouichirou, and for as long as he can remember, they have worked together.

He has devised many cuisines to astound the clients, and he hopes he will be even more skilled than his father. 

On the other hand, he is taken aback to learn that his father has given up the restaurant business and is now working in New York.

He decides to pursue his interest in cooking further and signs up for classes at Tootsuki Culinary Academy, which is well-known for the difficulty of its annual cooking competition.

Watching how the young chef manages to go through the grueling training at the famous school and every new challenge that comes his way will be intriguing.

9. My Hero Academia

In My Hero Academia, an anime like Black Clover, approximately eighty percent of people are born with extraordinary abilities, such as changing their appearance or controlling the elements.

The remainder of humanity is rendered completely powerless as a result. 

We follow Izuku Midoriya, an example of this type of person. He has one goal in mind, and that is to become the most powerful superhero.

He is fortunate enough to have the opportunity to speak with All Might, who is both his hero and one of the most powerful heroes. 

Izuku is the one he picks as his successor because his special ability is a quirk that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Izuku undergoes rigorous training before enrolling in UA High, a school that prepares superheroes for their jobs. 

While there, he meets some interesting and skilled people who become his friends and better understand what it means to be a hero. Three animated films are part of the franchise.

10. Blue Exorcist

Both humans and demons are a part of the worlds of Assiah and Gehenna, which are distinct but interconnected.

Possession is the only way for a person to move between the realms, as there is no other way.

Satan, who reigns over Gehenna, has his sights set on Assiah and wants to subjugate the land there. 

However, no human being possesses the strength necessary to possess him.

As a result, he brings his son into this world with the intention of him someday becoming the vessel that Satan can use to access this dimension. 

In Blue Exorcist, the protagonist, Rin Okumura, seems to be a typical teenager up until the point in his life when he is ambushed by a group of demons, at which point his life takes a dramatic turn.

He is aware that he is the devil’s offspring and that his father desires him to assist him in ruling over Assiah. 

On the other hand, he decides not to follow in his father’s footsteps and instead studies to become an exorcist to protect others from the devil.

11. Zatch Bell!

The story of Zatch Bell! An iconic anime like Black Clover centers on Takamine Kiyomaro, an apathetic and depressed young man who suddenly finds himself responsible for the well-being of a tiny demon named Gash Bell.

He realizes that Gash is battling to determine who will reign over the demon world. 

In the human world, every demon must choose a master for themselves and compete against one another until only one remains.

Ultimately, Takamine becomes Zatch’s master, acquiring valuable lessons about bravery and camaraderie. 

In the meantime, a comic book series titled “Konjiki no Gash!! 2,” which is a sequel, is now being distributed digitally and has the potential to be picked up for another sequel.

12. Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic, another great anime like Black Clover, takes place in a fantastical realm called the Labyrinth of Magic, in which a Magi is a kind of magician who is so dedicated to their craft that it has the power to change the world.

Each Magus chooses a deserving individual who would make an excellent king.

The Magi guides his candidate through the odd mazes known as Dungeons, where they must conquer djinns to access those djinns’ powers.

In addition to the training, the Magi watch over their candidate as they construct a city that can take over the entire planet one day. 

The story’s protagonist is Aladdin, a young mage on a quest to discover who he is. He is joined on his journey by a djinn, which he calls forth with his flute.

In addition, Aladdin makes friends with Alibaba Saluja and shows him the dungeons that are close by. 

The newly formed friendship leads to an experience neither of the companions could have anticipated.

In addition to the primary series, you may watch the spin-off prequel named Magi: Adventure of Sinbad. This can be found on Netflix.

13. Fairy Tail

Lucy Heartfilia is the main character of Fairy Tail, an anime like Black Clover. She is a bubbly young girl living in Fiore’s magical land.

She has her sights set on becoming a member of the illustrious Fairy Tail, one of the many magical guilds dispersed across the continent. 

Her dream is granted when she faces Natsu Dragneel, the “Salamander” of Fairy Tail, who invites her to join the guild.

Throughout the years that the guild members have worked together to stop the destruction of the world, a solid level of trust has evolved among them. 

Lucy becomes part of the misfit group of wizards after making friends with Natsu, Gray, and Erza.

These wizards always succeed in astounding the other members of the guild.

But, each new experience provides some clue that points to an even greater danger involving Zeref, the dreaded master of evil magic. 

Both Black Clover and Fairy Tail feature magical worlds, and one of the protagonists’ goals is to become the greatest magician in the world.

In addition to those, there are nine OVA episodes and two anime films of full length that make up the franchise.

14. Gurren Lagann

Simon and Kamina, two young brothers, are the protagonists of the anime series Gurren Lagann.

They were born in an underground hamlet. Kamina is an independent-minded young man, unlike Simon, a boy without aspirations. 

When digging in the ground, they discover an ignition key to an ancient weapon known as Lagann one day.

The brothers use the weapon they discovered to protect their hamlet from an unexpected invasion. 

With the assistance of Yoko Littner, an energetic redhead who walks on the surface with a big gun, the brothers are successful in their defense.

Following the conflict, the villagers can see the sky again, so the three investigate the surface’s desolate landscape. 

They will soon participate in a war against the humanoid robots that cause widespread panic among the survivors of humanity.

Although encountering several obstacles, the three friends overcame each obstacle as they solved a significant mystery. In addition, two full-length anime films are part of the franchise.

15. The Seven Deadly Sins

The events of The Seven Deadly Sins, an anime like Black Clover, take place in a fantastical realm modeled after the medieval period in Europe.

The Holy Knights are a group that is both feared and admired for using strong magic to defend Britannia and its kingdoms. 

One day, word got around that a select few of the knights had betrayed their companions in an attempt to topple the king of Liones and seize power for themselves. However, the holy knights can triumph over them and win. 

After ten years, the knights eventually topple the monarch and take control of the Kingdom of Liones, where they rule with an iron fist.

According to urban legend, a small group of knights known as the Seven Deadly Sins still live today. 

Elizabeth, the third princess of the kingdom of Liones, is the protagonist of this tale.

She is the one who sets off on a quest to locate and assemble these warriors to reclaim what is rightfully hers.

In this unfair world, she wants to fight for fairness and justice. In addition to the anime television series, the franchise also consists of two feature films.

16. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

The idea of alchemy is the central focus of the action-packed anime series Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, produced by Bones.

The story here follows two brothers, Edward and Alphonse, who suffer a significant loss while trying to bring back to life their mother, who had passed away. 

Once the neighbors helped them out of a life-threatening situation, they became licensed alchemists.

While the brothers continue their search for a cure for themselves, they set out on a quest to discover the Philosopher’s Stone, which legend has it may allow an alchemist to break the rules of alchemy and grant perpetual life to the user. 

17. Yu Yu Hakusho

The protagonist of Yu Yu Hakusho is Yuusuke Urameshi, a rebellious adolescent whose future is, shall we say, less than promising.

On the other hand, one day, everything changes as he throws himself in front of a speeding automobile to save a child. 

After then, everything has been different. Through his ultimate sacrifice, he can persuade the leaders of the spirit realm to grant him a second chance at life.

Yuusuke is allowed to regain his life by Koenma, the heir apparent to the throne of the spirit realm, provided that certain conditions are met.

Koenma asks Yuusuke to act as a spirit investigator to stop any malicious spirit on Earth from committing crimes with the assistance of Botan, the god of death.

In addition to the anime series, two anime films are part of the franchise that you may watch.

18. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

The most iconic anime like Black Clover, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, tells a timeless story about the competition between brothers and sisters.

After saving them from a car crash in 1868, an English nobleman named George Joestar and his son Jonathan become indebted to Dario Brando. 

This event serves as the impetus for the beginning of the novel.

They have no idea that Dario’s only goal was to steal their possessions and that he had no intention of helping anyone escape harm.

After twelve years, Dario dies, and the Joestar family decides to adopt Dio to fulfill their obligations.

Dio seems to have a lot of respect for George, yet behind George’s back, he wants to take their money. 

He works subtly to drive a wedge between the father and the son to sow discord in their relationship.

But, Jonathan gets the impression that something is amiss when his father falls unwell for no apparent reason, and he finds out that Dio is keeping many more tricks up his sleeve.

Netflix users can stream episodes of the show right now on their platform.

19. The Twelve Kingdoms

Youko Nakajima, a girl with red hair who her classmates bully because of the color of her hair, is the protagonist of anime like Black Clover and The Twelve Kingdoms.

She makes up for the absence of friendships by working extremely hard in school and eventually becoming the class president. 

She gives her students the benefit of the doubt and allows them to use her to get their friendship; despite this, she never develops genuine relationships with anyone.

When a blond man named Keiki claims to be from another world and storms into her classroom one day, everything abruptly shifts in a new direction. 

He will inform Youko that she is his master and has a rightful place on the throne of his kingdom.

As a beast attacks Keiki from another world, their meeting is cut short, and Youko is ultimately taken to Keiki’s realm by him.

But two of her classmates are also sucked into the chaos and must now learn how to survive in this unknown dimension with her.

20. Full-Time Magister

Full-Time, The story of Magister chronicles the lives of a young man named Magister, an antisocial teenager and a Mo enthusiast.

Magister finds himself on another planet comparable to his own but has major differences. 

In this world, magic has taken the place of fundamental scientific principles.

But, his family history has not changed; he still has a hard-working father who lives in poverty and a younger step-sister with a disability.

Mo fan joins the magic school to become the best magician possible to compensate his father for his hard work.

But he is considered a laughingstock at the school because he cannot do magic and is in a precarious financial situation. 

Despite the overwhelming odds, Mo Fan can control extremely potent fire and rare lightning elements.

He starts on his adventure to become the most powerful magician he can be, armed with both sets of powers.

It turns out that Full-time Magister is another anime similar to Black Clover, in which the main character is first unable to perform any magic.

21. Jujutsu Kaisen

The story of Yuuji Itadori, a high school student who partakes in meaningless esoteric rituals, is told via the perspective of Jujutsu Kaisen, a great anime like Black Clover.

He devotes his time and energy to caring for his sick grandfather, who may be found either in the club room or the hospital. 

However, the monotony of his life is suddenly shattered when he comes into contact with a cursed object by accident.

He has no idea how he got here, but suddenly, he’s in the middle of some unusual events, like the creation of horrible monsters from the negativity of humans.

It just so happens that the cursed item he employs is a finger that formerly belonged to a strong demon known as Sukuna Ryoumen, also known as the “King of Curses.” 

Yuuji finds out that these curses are dangerous to humanity and decides to use his newly acquired abilities to train to become a jujutsu sorcerer.

The plot told in the series is continued in the anime film Jujutsu Kaisen 0 (2021), which acts as a precursor to the series.

22. A Certain Magical Index

Anime events like Black Clover and A Certain Magical Index take place in a made-up metropolis known as Academy City in Japan.

More than seventy-five percent of the town’s inhabitants use their mental potential, and its technology is thirty years ahead of the rest of the globe. 

Touma Kamijou, a junior high school student, is one of them. He has a psychic rank of zero, which is the lowest possible.

Yet, he also possesses a unique quality that enables him to thwart otherworldly occurrences (like Asta in Black Clover).

One day, he will meet Index Librorum Prohibitorum, a peculiar young lady with the totality of the banned grimoires committed to memory.

This encounter will forever alter the course of his life. While exploring the weird new realm of the supernatural, Kamijou makes a solemn oath to protect the young woman from the evil sorcerers attempting to harm her.

23. Broken Blade

The fictitious continent of Cruzon serves as the setting for anime like Black Clover and Broken Blade.

The nation of Athens and the Kingdom of Krisna are on the verge of starting a war.

Quartz is a magical ingredient that any resident of the realm can use. 

There is, however, one young man by the name of Rygart Arrow who defies this rule.

Because he is an “un-sorcerer” or a person incapable of using magic (similar to Asta in Black Clover), society frequently stigmatizes him.

On the other hand, Arrow possesses a special ability that enables him to command enormous robots known as “Golems” in the battle against the nation of Athens.

In addition to the anime series, there are also six movies, each one hour long and can be watched.

24. World Trigger

The events of World Trigger begin with a peculiar occurrence in which a gate leading to another world opens up unexpectedly in the city of Mikado.

The odd beings, called the neighbors, invade the Earth after passing through the gates. 

Conventional weaponry does not have any effect on them. Thus, a specialized task force, the Border Defense Agency, is responsible for launching and operating special weapons known as “Triggers.”

The BDA agents in training are permitted to use their guns only in the headquarters, regardless matter how delicate the situation is or how many years have passed since the initial appearance of the BDA. 

Nevertheless, Osamu Mikumo defies the rule when bullies drag a young transfer student into a restricted area and neighbors assault them. The situation escalates quickly. 

Much to the professor’s surprise, the young pupil confesses that he is a humanoid hybrid of aliens attempting to shield himself from the BDA.

25. Shaman King

The events of Shaman King, an anime like Black Clover, take place in Tokyo, setting for an epic war between several different shamans.

The tournament occurs once every 500 years, and the winner is named “Shaman King.” 

This title denotes the winner’s ability to make contact with and exert influence over the most powerful spirit and use that spirit’s power to remake the world in any way they see fit.

Manta Oyamada, who knows nothing about the spirit world, is our guide, and we follow in his footsteps.

Despite this, he eventually learns about the spirit realm with the assistance of his fellow student, You Asakura, who wins Manta’s favor with his sixth sense, which gives him the ability to perceive ghosts. 

When Manta learns more about the spirit realm, he will be able to assist you in your mission to ascend to the position of Shaman King.

In 2021, a new version of the series was produced. However, the basic premise remained the same.

26. Little Witch Academia

Atsuko “Akko” Kagari is the protagonist of anime like Black Clover and Little Witch Academia.

She is a young girl from a non-magical family who aspires to become a witch (a female character similar to Black Clover’s Asta). She does so by imitating her idol Shiny Chariot. 

As a result, Akko decides to enroll her in the Luna Nova Magical Academy, but the voyage through the academy proves to be difficult for Akko.

She overcomes her incapacity to naturally do magic by employing a great deal of determination, and along the road, she can make some interesting new pals.

In addition to the television series, the franchise also includes two short anime films.

27. Fire Force

The world of Fire Force is fictitious, and it takes place in a time and place when “Spontaneous Human Combustion” has been a problem for a considerable time.

It can randomly convert humans into vicious creatures called Infernals that breathe fire. 

People have maintained their natural appearance while developing the ability to control fire over many years and generations.

The mission to investigate and rectify the underlying cause of this occurrence has been delegated to the Special Fire Force. 

We are following Shinra Kusakabe, who can manipulate fire by lighting it at a whim with his foot.

He decides to enlist in the Fire Force in the expectation that this will protect humanity from the wrath of the Infernals. 

Unfortunately, it turns out that the issue is significantly more complicated than Shinra could have ever anticipated it to be.

The television show has confirmed that it will continue with a third season, which is currently in pre-production.

28. Akashic Records of Bastard Magic

The Alzano Empire is a fantastical setting that serves as the backdrop for the events of Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Teacher.

In this location, the Alzano Imperial Magic Academy prepares youthful, enthusiastic, and eager pupils to become skilled magicians. 

In this story, we follow Sistine Fibel and her companions as they compete with one another to see who can become the greatest magician.

But, things get more difficult for them when their beloved teacher decides to retire and is succeeded by the mysterious Glenn Radars. 

He is not able to connect with the students in any meaningful way. In the meantime, evil forces within the castle begin to make their move.

Suppose you are interested in watching an anime like Black Clover about magic.

In that case, you will find that Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Teacher is an excellent choice for a short-form viewing experience.

29. UQ Holder!

Touta Konoe, a typical young man from a small village, is the protagonist of anime like Black Clover and UQ Holder!

The revelation that his mentor Katherine McDowell is a vampire brings about a dramatic upheaval in his otherwise routine life.

When tending to Touta’s life-threatening injury, he bestows the gift of immortality upon him. 

Touta, who is enamored with the new world, decides to set out to reach Amanomihashira, a tower that leads to enlightenment.

He meets up with other immortals who share his condition and guides them through the enchanted journey.

This anime is a spin-off sequel to the author Ken’s earlier effort, Negima!

30. The Tale of the Legendary Heroes


Ryner Lute is a youthful and gifted magician who is the protagonist of anime like Black Clover and The Tale of the Legendary Heroes.

In this location, he receives training from the Roland Empire’s Magician Academy, which trains magicians for use in the military. 

After several of his classmates are killed due to the violence, Ryner decides to end the conflict and search for peaceful ways to reign.

In addition, he is an Alpha Sigma who can dissect any form of magic. On the other hand, because they cause destruction and death to other people, they are also regarded as a curse.

Sion Astal, Ryner’s childhood friend and the current ruler of Roland, has given him the mission of locating relics of legendary heroes who can assist them in ruling Roland in peace.

If you seek an anime similar to Black Clover with a lot of magic, you could consider watching The Legend of the Legendary Heroes.

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