15 Anime Like Konosuba

Anime Like Konosuba

Are you a fan of Konosuba, the wildly popular anime series that has captured viewers’ hearts with its unique blend of comedy and fantasy?

If you can’t get enough of the hilarious misadventures of Kazuma and his quirky companions, then you’re in luck!

As an anime freak, I have compiled a list of the best anime, like Konosuba, to keep you entertained. 

Konosuba, known for its offbeat humor, lovable yet flawed characters, and satirical take on the fantasy genre, has carved a special place in the hearts of anime enthusiasts worldwide. 

From the eccentric and dysfunctional party of adventurers in The Devil Is a Part-Timer! to the whimsical and magical world of No Game No Life, plenty of anime capture the essence of Konosuba’s comedic charm and imaginative settings. 

These series provide an abundance of laughter and present captivating stories, memorable characters, and thrilling adventures that will transport you to a world of excitement and amusement.

Get ready to dive into enchanting worlds, encounter quirky characters, and experience laughter like never before.

Anime Like Konosuba awaits you, promising an unforgettable and laughter-filled ride!

1. Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

In the anime-like world of Grimgar, Haruhiro and twelve others wake up with no memories of their past, not even their names.

Determined to survive, they unite as soldiers under the banner of the Alterna border town’s Volunteer Army.

The group, consisting of Yume, Shihoru, Ranta, and Moguzo, led by the wise Manato, gradually learns to navigate this unfamiliar realm.

Their camaraderie flourishes as they adapt and grow, and everything seems to go well until tragedy strikes.

During a difficult mission, Manato is tragically shot, leaving everyone devastated.

In his final moments, he imparts a crucial request to Haruhiro, asking him to take over as the new leader and ensure the survival of their comrades. 

Grieving the loss of his dear friend, Haruhiro embraces his new responsibility, vowing to honor Manato’s will and protect his fellow companions.

In this captivating anime like Konosuba, the group’s adventures, trials, and bonds will be tested as they continue to face the challenges of Grimgar, forging a remarkable tale of friendship and resilience.

2. No Game, No Life

In a world reminiscent of an anime like Konosuba, an unbreakable bond exists between Sora and Shiro, who, although not blood-related, perceive each other as inseparable siblings.

This extraordinary duo thrives in the real world and the virtual realm of video games, combining their talents to become an unstoppable force. 

Sora possesses a razor-sharp intuition, vast cultural knowledge, towering intellect, and unwavering insight, while Shiro’s intelligence transcends the boundaries of genius.

In the realm of reality, they lead reclusive lives, withdrawn from society as hikikomori, shunning social interactions. 

However, within the immersive landscape of video games, they unite as White— a mysterious online gaming group that remains blissfully ignorant of defeat.

Their prowess is unparalleled, effortlessly claiming victory in every game they undertake.

With character account names composed solely of empty spaces, they are universally recognized as White.

3. The Devil Is a Part-Timer!

The Devil Is a Part-Timer is another exciting anime like Konosuba, where the Demon King Satan embarks on a quest to conquer the fantastical realm of Ente Isla. 

Assisted by his demon generals Alciel, Lucifer, Malacoda, and Adramelech, he aims to annex the four continents and seize control.

However, their ambitions are thwarted when they clash with the brave hero Emilia Justina and her companions, resulting in the demise of Malacoda and Adramelech.

To escape the chaotic aftermath, Satan, Jacob, and Alciel find themselves transported through a mystical portal, depositing them in the heart of Tokyo.

Stripped of their magical powers in the absence of enchantment in the modern world, they assume human forms that mirror their appearances. 

To survive, Satan Jacob takes up a humble part-time job at a fast-food restaurant, MgRonald, while Alciel dutifully serves as his loyal servant.

Fate takes an intriguing turn when Satan Jacob, now going by the name Sadao Maō, unexpectedly encounters a girl named Emi Yusa, who, unbeknownst to him, is none other than Emilia in disguise. 

As the story unfolds in this captivating anime like Konosuba, the intricate personalities of each character are explored, delving into their moral values and motivations.

Familiar faces from Ente Isla also grace the scene, grappling with the peculiar dilemmas of the new world, often resulting in hilariously comical situations.

4. Gin Tama


A peculiar tale unfolds in the mesmerizing world of Edo-era Japan, a realm where tradition and futuristic marvels collide.

A formidable force known as the Amanto, enigmatic extraterrestrial beings bearing humanoid forms of incredible diversity, descended upon Japan’s shores. 

With awe-inspiring power and cunning, they triumphed over the valiant samurai after arduous battles.

Thus, a radical transformation gripped the nation, severing its ties to the classical tapestry of old, while the Amanto sternly prohibited the public display of the revered samurai sword.

However, despite this discordant symphony of change, committed individuals clung steadfastly to their unwavering devotion to the way of the samurai—the bushido.

One indomitable soul is Gintoki Sakata, an enigmatic and eccentric former samurai. 

Fate intertwined his path with a young teenager named Shinpachi Shimura.

He embarked on a noble quest to rescue his beloved sister Tae from the clutches of a sinister group of aliens hell-bent on her subjugation within their brothel. 

5. Utawarerumono

In a realm akin to ancient 9th-century Japan, a mysterious figure with an impenetrable mask shrouding his visage finds himself on the brink of death in the depths of a dense forest.

In these hardwoods, he is discovered by two compassionate sisters, Eruru and Aruru, who, driven by their innate kindness, extend a lifeline to the mysterious stranger, nursing him back to health in their humble village.

Emerging from the shadows of oblivion, the man awakens, devoid of memories, his true identity an enigma.

Thus, he is christened Hakuoro by his newfound protectors and embraced by the entire village as their own. 

However, as Hakuoro immerses himself in the lives of the villagers, a profound realization dawns upon him—pervasive misery has befallen the land, afflicting the needy and oppressed.

Corrupt officials and an inept emperor subject the people to oppression and suffering, casting a pall over their lives.

Fate’s whims propel Hakuoro forward on an extraordinary journey, leading him down a path of rebellion and unforeseen circumstances.

This is an excellent anime like Konosuba that Konosuba lovers could watch. 

6. Log Horizon

The massively multiplayer online role-playing game Elder Tale has become the most popular MMORPG in the world, with a user base of several million players with the release of its twelfth expansion pack. The game is played by people all over the world.

However, after the release of the game’s twelfth expansion, Novasphere Pioneers, 30,000 Japanese gamers, and several thousand more players from across the globe who were logged in at the time of the update discovered that they could not log out of the game. 

This affected players all around the world. Shiroe, a socially awkward young adult, along with his companions Naotsugu and Akatsuki, are some of these gamers. 

They conclude that the only way to triumph over the challenges and perils of this planet, which has now become their home, is to work together.

Log Horizon is an excellent addition to this list of anime like Konosuba that will keep you thrilled and entertained. 

7. Gate

During a brief respite from duty, Second Lieutenant Itami finds himself venturing into fanzine conventions, seeking solace in the world of otaku culture.

Little does he know that his leisurely outing will thrust him into a mind-boggling scenario beyond his wildest imagination.

In the face of this unanticipated threat, Itami takes charge, guiding terrified civilians to safety amidst the chaos.

However, before long, the Self-Defense Forces swoop in, armed with modern weaponry, and swiftly neutralize the bewildering assailants.

The military’s state-of-the-art arsenal proves superior to the archaic weaponry wielded by these suicidal foes.

As the dust settles, the Japanese government, recognizing the gravity of the situation, makes a fateful decision.

They resolve to dispatch their formidable military forces to the other side of the enigmatic gate, both to prevent future incursions and to explore the potential of this extraordinary realm.

Thus, a new chapter unfolds that resonates with the spirit of beloved anime like Konosuba.

8. Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

A unique ecosystem thrives beneath the surface in the vibrant city of Orario, where adventure beckons at every turn.

Known far and wide as the “Dungeon,” this colossal underground labyrinth teems with various monsters, from mischievous goblins to awe-inspiring dragons. 

As the heartbeat of the city, the Guild oversees the management of Orario, guiding its residents through the enthralling depths of the Dungeon.

Within this bustling metropolis, a unique system known as Familia holds sway. 

Residents of Orario can join these Familia, forming groups that undertake multifaceted roles within the city’s tapestry.

From venturing deep into the Dungeon’s treacherous recesses to crafting invaluable artifacts or actively engaging in the city’s vibrant life, these Familia are the backbone of public utility services.

Similar to the mechanics found in immersive role-playing video games, adventurers in Orario brave the perils of the Dungeon, slaying formidable monsters to obtain coveted crystal fragments.

These fragments are valuable, used to craft magical items and other treasures, or exchanged for currency. 

9. Re: Zero − Starting Life in Another World

Re: Zero is another anime like Konosuba that Konosuba lovers could watch.

The anime is about Subaru Natsuki, a Japanese high school student dressed in a tracksuit, who is mysteriously whisked away to another planet as he leaves a convenience shop.

A gang of outlaws ambushes Subaru as he tries to make his way in the world.

Near death, a silver-haired half-elf named Satela, escorted by a cat-like spirit named Pack, comes to his rescue.

In return, he offers to assist her with her everyday tasks, such as tracking down the badge taken from her by Felt, a young girl who makes her life by stealing.

Later, they are assaulted and killed in the city’s poor neighborhoods. Before he passes away, Subaru assures Satela that he will go to any lengths to protect her.

10. Dog Days

Amidst the sprawling continent of Fronyald, the Republic of Biscotti finds itself besieged by a neighboring realm, the Kingdom of Galettes.

However, in this extraordinary world, conflicts take an unconventional turn—transforming into spirited competitions where injuries are unheard of. 

Princess Millhiore F. Biscotti, determined to safeguard her beloved lands, resolves to summon a hero capable of turning the tide of battle.

In a twist of fate, Shinku Izumi, an ordinary middle schooler from Earth, answers the summons.

Despite the disbelief surrounding his selection as the long-awaited hero, Shinku embraces the mantle thrust upon him. 

Entrusted with the sacred weapon known as Palladion, he must confront the enemies that threaten Biscotti’s sovereignty.

Though lacking in experience, Shinku embarks on a journey of self-discovery, driven by a desire to protect his newfound companions.

11. Problem Children Are Coming from Another World, Aren’t They?

Embark on a thrilling adventure as we delve into the extraordinary tale of Izayoi Sakamaki, a young boy yearning for something beyond his world.

Fate takes an unexpected turn when an enigmatic envelope materializes at his doorstep, becoming the catalyst that propels him into a parallel realm.

Within this fantastical domain, Izayoi encounters two other individuals marked as problem children who share a similar fate: the reserved Yo Kasukabe and the captivatingly proud Asuka Kudo.

Bound together by the mysterious envelopes that brought them here, they soon find themselves united in their extraordinary journey.

Their path takes an intriguing twist when a charming young girl named Kuro Usagi appears before them.

She reveals a grand purpose, summoning the trio to the esteemed No Name community, where their unique abilities hold the key to overthrowing a formidable demon.

12. Outbreak Company

Shin’ichi Kanō, an otaku deeply engrossed in anime and manga, experienced a heartbreaking rejection when he mustered the courage to confess his love to a longtime acquaintance. 

This rejection, citing his passionate hobby, isolated him from social interactions.

After a year of self-imposed solitude, Shin’ichi’s parents presented him with a crucial decision: return to school or venture into employment.

Intrigued by the possibilities ahead, Shin’ichi decided to apply to Sōgo Entertainment Shōsha Amutec-sha, a renowned company actively seeking an individual with a profound love for anime and manga. 

Little did he know that this application would lead him down an unexpected path. During his interview, he found himself bewildered by Jinzaburō Matoba, leaving him in utter astonishment.

In this new and fantastical realm, Shin’ichi’s life would undoubtedly be influenced by extraordinary encounters and unforeseen adventures, making this series a great anime like Konosuba worth watching. 

13. How Not to Summon a Demon Lord

An ordinary human, Takuma Sakamoto finds himself unexpectedly transported to the enthralling world of his beloved MMORPG, Cross Reverie.

However, much to his astonishment, he now assumes the formidable persona of his in-game character, the mighty Demon King Diablo.

Summoned by two young girls named Rem and Shera, their initial intention was to subjugate Takuma as their servant through a powerful spell.

Yet, an unforeseen twist of fate occurs, resulting in the spell backfiring and instead binding magical necklaces around Rem and Shera’s necks, effectively turning them into Takuma’s loyal slaves.

While burdened with a debilitating case of social anxiety, Takuma musters the courage to embrace his character’s role and engages with the inhabitants of this new realm.

Relying on his remarkable stats and extensive knowledge of Cross Reverie, he skillfully maneuvers through this unfamiliar environment with his newfound companions by his side.

This engaging narrative immerses viewers into a world where fantasy and humor coexist, offering a delightful experience for fans seeking an anime similar to Konosuba.

14. Ixion Saga DT

Kon Hokaze, an avid gamer immersed in the world of MMORPGs, experiences a fateful encounter when he unexpectedly receives a message from an unfamiliar female character while playing his favorite game. 

Overwhelmed with excitement and a stroke of luck, Kon agrees to meet the mysterious girl, anticipating a thrilling real-life encounter.

However, little does he know that this rendezvous will transport him to a new realm far beyond his imagination.

Instead of a conventional date in the ordinary world, Kon is abruptly whisked away to an unfamiliar dimension.

In a surprising turn of events, he inadvertently becomes the hero as he serendipitously saves a young princess from her assailant, quite literally, by stumbling upon them.

Confused by his sudden displacement and utterly clueless about the path back home, Kon finds solace in the presence of Princess Ecarlight, who extends her gratitude for his timely intervention. 

He embarks on an extraordinary journey with the princess, accompanied by an eclectic group comprising Marian, a devoted transsexual servant, and Sandgren, a brave warrior serving as the princess’s loyal bodyguard.

As Kon grapples with the mysteries of this new world, he embraces the challenges and adventures that lie ahead.

This enthralling narrative captures the essence of an anime like Konosuba, weaving together elements of humor, fantasy, and camaraderie.

15. In Another World with My Smartphone

Fate dealt a tragic blow to the 15-year-old Tōya Mochizuki when he was accidentally struck by lightning and met an untimely demise at the hands of God.

However, divine apologies were in order, as the deity offered Tōya a chance to be reborn in a wondrous new world, though starkly different from his previous realm.

And so, Tōya seized this opportunity, making a special request: he wished to bring his smartphone, a gateway to the modern world, with him to his new life.

To make amends for the grievous mistake, God granted Tōya’s wish and augmented his physical, mental, and magical capabilities to extraordinary levels.

Thus, equipped with his trusty smartphone and blessed with remarkable prowess, Tōya embarked on his second life, resembling an adventure from an anime like Konosuba. 

Along his journey, Tōya forged deep bonds with diverse individuals who became his cherished companions in this fantastical realm.

With the ability to traverse various worlds, Tōya’s travels took him on thrilling escapades, each brimming with excitement and whimsy.

Yet through it all, he remained grounded, relishing the joys and challenges that came his way. 

As he weaved through different realms, his encounters grew more prosperous and enthralling, echoing the spirit of beloved anime series like Konosuba, captivating his newfound friends and the viewers who followed his extraordinary tale.

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