11 Anime Like Nana

Anime Like Nana

What are some of the thrilling anime like Nana that you know of? Keep reading to find out. 

Anime sometimes referred to as Japanese animation, is a well-liked form of entertainment that has amassed a sizable fan base all over the globe.

Nana,” an anime first shown in 2006 and adapted from a manga series with the same name, has amassed a devoted fan base since its first broadcast.

The anime’s plot follows the lives of two young ladies called Nana who share a name and have quite different lifestyles and very distinct personalities.

The series delves into topics such as platonic and romantic relationships and the challenges of growing up.

If you like watching “Nana” and are interested in finding more anime like Nana, I have some suggestions.

1. Your Lie in April

The protagonist of this anime like Nana, is a young musician by the name of Kosei who, after the passing of his mother, has lost his enthusiasm for playing the piano.

He gets to know a violinist by the name of Kaori, and she is the one who encourages him to rediscover his passion for music and the happiness that it can provide.

The series explores universal human experiences, including love and sorrow, as well as the transformative power of music.

2. Paradise Kiss

The narrative of a high school girl called Yukari, a group of fashion students finds, is told in this anime, which is based on a manga series of the same name and tells the story of how she was discovered.

She finds herself attracted to their fashion, art, and romance world when they persuade her to pose for their independent fashion business called “Paradise Kiss.”

This anime, like Nana, explores concepts such as coming into one’s own and the significance of pursuing one’s passions in life.

3. Honey and Clover

The narrative of a group of art school students and their difficulties with love, friendship, and the uncertainty of the future is shown in this anime like Nana, which is based on a manga series of the same name and has the same name. 

The series explores topics such as coming of age, discovering one’s position in the world, and the significance of pursuing one’s aspirations in a unique way.

These are only a few anime that, in terms of the subjects they explore and how their characters progress, are comparable to “Nana.” 

Each series investigates the challenges of becoming adulthood and the significance of love, friendship, and finding oneself.

There is an anime on this list that will appeal to you no matter what your preferred genre is, whether it be a comedy, romance, or drama.

4. Itazura na Kiss

The plot of this anime like Nana, focuses on the love affair that develops between a young woman named Kotoko Aihara.

She has had a crush on the school’s genius, Naoki Irie, ever since she was a child, and a young man named Naoki Irie, who at first despises her love and affection but eventually falls in love with her.

The protagonist of the story is a high school student named Kotoko Aihara.

5. Full Moon o Sagashite

Mitsuki, a little girl of 12 years old, is the protagonist of this novel. She learns she has a cancerous tumor and has just one more year to live.

Mitsuki’s guardian, a man called Eichi, assists her in achieving fame in the entertainment industry under the stage name Full Moon so that she might realize her ambition of becoming a singer.

6. Kids on the Slope

The narrative follows a high school student, Kaoru Nishimi, who relocates from Yokosuka to the countryside due to his father’s employment in the summer of 1966. The story’s setting is Yokosuka, Japan, and the year is 1966. 

He comes into contact with a young offender named Sentaro Kawabuchi, who plays the drums, and a jazz music enthusiast named Ritsuko Mukae.

If you are looking for an anime like Nana, Kids on the Slope is an excellent choice. 

7. Lovely Complex

Risa Koizumi, a young woman attending high school, and Atsushi Otani, a young guy attending the same school, are the protagonists of this love tale.

Due to the fact that Risa is taller than the typical female and Otani is shorter than the typical guy, the two of them are referred to as “All Hanshin Kyojin” (a reference to a comedy duo known for their height difference).

They start not understanding each other due to their physical disparities, but they become friends and finally fall in love.

8. Peach Girl

Peach Girl is another great anime like Nana you should check out.

The protagonist of the narrative is a high school student called Momo Adachi, who, due to her brown complexion and the perception that she is promiscuous, is often misinterpreted. 

She has difficulty getting Toji, the person she has feelings for, to notice her as she is also fighting off the overtures of Kairi, another male keen to gain her favor.

Throughout the process, Momo struggles with her low self-esteem and the stress of trying to fit in with the other students at her school.

9. Anonymous Noise

The narrative’s protagonist is a young lady named Nino Arisugawa. She enjoys singing and has a crush on a young man named Momo Sakaki.

They vowed to each other when they were younger that they would grow up to be best friends and that they would one day create extraordinary music together. 

When Momo leaves, Nino is left singing by herself, and the song continues.

Later on, when Nino and Momo are both in high school, they run into one another, but this time Momo plays in a band with Yuzu, a childhood friend of Nino’s. 

Nino has a hard time coming to grips with the emotions she has for the two lads and establishing herself as a legitimate participant in the world of music.

10. Scum’s Wish

Another great anime like Nana is Scum’s Wish. The plot centers on two high school students named Hanabi Yasuraoka and Mugi Awaya, who are romantically involved with their respective professors.

While Hanabi develops affection for her homeroom teacher, Akane Minagawa, Mugi is head over heels in love with his music instructor, Koyomi Minagawa, who also happens to be Akane’s elder sister. 

Hanabi and Mugi start an affair behind each other’s backs, using one another to fill the void left by their unrequited love.

They have to face their anxieties and the truth about their relationships as they work through the complexities and sometimes the agony of the sensations they are experiencing.

11. Belle

The protagonist of this great anime, like Nana, is a young lady named Belle who comes from an affluent household but is dissatisfied with her life overall. She yearns to be independent and lead the life she chooses. 

She runs across a young man called Hiro one day, and he instructs her to enjoy life to the fullest and break free of shackles.

Together, they experience a wide variety of new things and come away with essential takeaways about life, love, and independence.

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