20 Anime Like One Punch Man

Anime Like One Punch Man

What are some of the most popular anime like One Punch Man? No one will be let down by the Japanese anime One Punch Man.

Saitama is a superhero from the One manga who can defeat any foe with only a single punch.

He has prepared for this by consistently engaging in physical exercises, such as push-ups, sit-ups, and sprints—the secret to attaining superhuman strength to defeat his foes easily. 

The anime’s comedic brilliance ensures continuous enjoyment. Besides the obvious, the animation and battle sequences in One Punch Man are among the best-made. 

It’s going to take a lot of work to find another anime like One Punch Man. And the reasons for it may be found in the following rundown of the top episodes of the anime series.

1. Tiger and Bunny

First on our list of anime like One Punch Man is Tiger and Bunny. Those who live in this world regularly have decided to go with it.

The story’s originality and the success of the anime’s main characters are its greatest assets. 

With Kotetsu T. Kaburagi and Barnaby Brooks, Jr. The authors of “Tiger and Bunny” reimagine the superhero genre.

Superheroes in SternBild City are a regular sight since they are part of the populace and are charged with keeping everyone safe. 

Their heroic deeds are broadcast in real-time on “Hero TV,” and they are revered as heroes worldwide.

But with the arrival of “Lunatic” in SternBild City, the heroes’ very existence is called into doubt.

2. Gurren Lagann

Nakashima is an action-packed, comedic, dramatic, and mecha-filled anime like One Punch Man.

This anime, which debuted in April 2007, follows the lives of humans in the far future.

It also details when the ultimate Spiral King, Lord Genome, banishes his subjects to subterranean hamlets. Kamina, a notorious troublemaker, convinces Simon, a timid young digger, to join Team Gurren.

This is why their ultimate goal is to break free and reach the surface someday.

When Simon discovers a core drill and a Gunman who agrees to help them preserve their community, everything they’ve dreamed of becomes a reality. 

After rescuing their people from the Gunmen, they eventually make their way to the surface by drilling.

Wrapped up, they, together with their newfound allies and the rest of humanity, plot to defeat the evil Lord Genome.

3. Kill La Kill

One Punch Man-style invasions from outer space and superhuman heroes are typical elements in stories like this.

On the island of Honn, where the city of Honn is located, the narrative of Kill La Kill, anime like One Punch Man, takes place at the fictional Honnouji Academy.

In this school, all the pupils wear the same Goku uniform, woven from life strands, and gives them superhuman powers.

Ryuko Matoil, the protagonist, is a transfer student at Honnouji Academy, looking for the person responsible for her father’s death.

In addition, she is inquisitive after having survived multiple fights with the school’s most popular student, Satsuki.

During the yearly election for Naturals, Ryuko faces a showdown with Satsuki, using her Senketsu protective robe and a sword to slay Goku.

Later, it is revealed that she plans to destroy the life threads to exact revenge for the deaths of her father and sister.

However, Ragyo, Ryuko’s mysterious mother, comes in, and she is responsible for Ryuko’s father’s death.

Because of Ragyo’s machinations, the humans will soon meet their inevitable demise.

Ragyo has been trying to alert the alien life fibers of their impending invasion, and now it’s the humans vs. her and the life fibers.

4. My Hero Academia

The protagonist of anime like One Punch Man, My Hero Academia is a young man named Izuku Midoriya, who was born into a world populated by people with extraordinary skills (or “Quirks”). Unfortunately, Izuku Midoriya has zero.

Instead, he celebrates the heroism of All Might, a hero who hides an ailment for a long time before deciding to retire.

Before retiring, however, All Might gives Izuku his Quirk because he sees in the boy the makings of a hero.

Experience the thrill of Izuku’s heroic fantasies as he enrolls in high school to train and takes on dangers straight on.

5. To Be Hero

Ossan lives with his daughter, who is, in contrast to him, intelligent and resourceful, yet he is a handsome dumb, and lazy guy.

After being pulled into a toilet and endowed with abilities, his life takes on a new meaning.

Despite his newfound abilities, his daughter has difficulty recognizing that the enormous, overweight guy she sees in the mirror daily is indeed her father because he has changed physically.

Ossan is trying to save the world and win over his daughter simultaneously, but he’s being as clumsy as Saitama in One Punch Man.

6. Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bo

The bizarre Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo, an anime like One Punch Man, is a lot of fun.

The show debuted in 2005 and has become popular because of its use of absurdist comedy.

If the laughs from One Man Punch weren’t enough for you, then you should check out Bobobo-Bo Bo-bobo.

All the characters in the anime are stunted in their attempts to develop hair. I know it’s hard to fathom a world where everyone is bald.

But Bo-bobo is the narrative’s hero, as he fights evil with the aid of his Hanage Shinkem.

Shinken, also known as the “Fist of the Nose Hair,” is used in the battle against the tyrannical emperor of the Mahurangi Empire and his cronies.

7. Charlotte

Once every 75 years, a short-period comet flies by in an alternative universe.

During this time, however, it spreads a cloud of dust worldwide, imbuing children under fourteen with extraordinary talents.

When Yuu comes, he learns that his temporary possession power only applies to other people’s bodies. So, he takes advantage of this fact.

Nao Tomori, a girl who can render herself invisible to her target, forces him to enroll in Hoshinoumi Academy.

She assures him and others like him that they will be protected from predators.

Soon after gaining control of the individual, Yuu realizes his new ability may allow him to give up one of his other abilities.

He decides to take all of its abilities to protect the planet from people who would misuse its power. 

In addition, he plans to rob the evil of their abilities. But will Yuu be able to complete this mission before the consequences of his choice overwhelm him? Try it out and see for yourself!

8. Heroman

Stan Lee and Bones of Marvel Comics teamed to produce Japanese anime like One Punch Man and Heroman.

Joey is the main character; he is an orphan residing with his grandmother in downtown Manhattan.

A new and exciting item has just been released, and it’s a shame that Joey doesn’t have the money to buy it.

He found one on the street, but he could not make it function. An unusual lightning bolt strikes his toy, enlarging it as big as a man and bringing it to life.

As a result of his new friendship with the world’s lone guardian, Heroman, he gains a new name.

9. Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto

It’s certain to make you laugh loud, even if you have a terrible sense of humor. Sakamoto is the protagonist of the novel.

He is a high school student who is well-liked by his peers for being attractive, calm, and smart.

Even if everyone loves him, others want to make fun of him publicly. Sakamoto is hilarious to watch since he always manages to laugh off the jokes his friends play on him.

10. The God of High School

There are three dimensions at play in the God of High School, an anime like One Punch Man.

Certainly, there are three realms: the earthly, the demonic, and the heavenly.

But it all started eons ago when the gods endowed mortals with the ability to fight back against demons.

Because of this, the term “borrowed power” was used to describe this kind of authority.

In addition, Mori is a martial arts athlete with a strong pedigree at the tender age of seventeen.

That’s why he plays in the God of High School tournament: the grand prize is a wish that any human being may grant, no questions asked. 

However, Mori quickly discovers that many participants made lawful use of acquired abilities.

Next, he meets Daewi Han and Mira Yoo, who quickly become two of his closest friends. Through his struggles, Mori eventually comes into his own.

11. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K

The shy high school student Kusuo Saiki can teleport and use his thoughts to control things.

These psychic skills set him apart from his peers. While he has sworn off ever using or disclosing his abilities, he is often forced to reconsider because of external pressures.

12. Cyborg 009

Nine innocent people are kidnapped by the villainous Black Ghost Organization, who conduct experiments on them to transform them into cyborgs, the perfect human weapons for war.

Skull, commander of the Black Ghosts, is thwarted when one of his scientists, Dr. Isaac Gilmore, aids the escape of these prisoners.

The nine cybernetic beings band together to foil the Black Ghost’s schemes.

But in the end, they are victorious, and they go out into the globe to seek new dangers and defend the planet.

Cyborg 009 is another great anime like One Punch Man; you should see it if you love One Punch Man. 

13. Samurai Flamenco

As a child, Masayoshi Hazama dreamed of one day being a superhero. But his career as a well-known model is his main source of income.

Masayoshi, in his guise as “Samurai Flamenco,” helps maintain order in the city at night. He takes on various criminals, from teen offenders to litterbugs.

However, the public’s attention to his deeds compels police officer Hidenori Gotou to investigate the identity of the city’s new masked vigilante.

Gotou interrupts Masayoshi, ordering him to step aside so the “big guys” can deal with criminals.

But now that the planet’s destiny is at stake, Masayoshi and Gotou must work together to avert disaster.

14. Death Note

Tetsur Araki and Toshiki Inoue created the Death Note anime series, which consists of 37 episodes.

However, there isn’t much of a connection between the Death Note anime and One Punch Man. But the main characters possess an ability to quickly and efficiently eliminate any threat.

The plot revolves around Light Yagami, who discovers a notebook called the Death Note that formerly belonged to a Shinigami named Ryuk.

Anywhere in the globe, you may use the death note to murder the people whose names are included.

But it’s possible if the possessor remembers the person’s face and knows their name.

Light, however, uses the Death Note to eliminate criminals across the globe because he despises them and has built a godlike aura around himself.

15. Gintama


What would it have been like to fight aliens during the Renaissance? You had to do your best with a sword since you couldn’t rely on firearms or technology.

However, Gintama, a great anime like One Punch Man, is set in an alternate Edo era when humans must contend with aliens.

Since the Shgun had already surrendered to the aliens, there wasn’t much they could do to rescue themselves.

A lone samurai named Gintoki Sakata fights back against their new extraterrestrial neighbors even though all hope is gone. 

Kagura, a girl with incredible power, is saved by Shinpachi after he rescues his sister from the aliens who are going to sell her into prostitution.

Then, Gintoki gathers his comrades in arms for the last showdown with Utsuro, which will decide the planet’s destiny.

16. Overlord

The fictional future depicted in Overlord is one in which scientific progress has reached unprecedented heights.

Dive Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (or DMMORPG for short) is one of them. 

As a result, because of cutting-edge innovation, gamers feel like they’re part of the action.

When it’s time to turn off the gaming servers, however, all of the Guilds log out save for one: a skeleton “Overlord” called Momonga.

Therefore, Momonga finds out the hard way that he was not logged out after the game ended.

Instead, he was stuck in the virtual world as his in-game character. Momonga is locked in the game alongside other players and has no option but to explore it to find a way out.

17. Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom is another great anime like One Punch Man.

After destroying 70% of the moon and changing its form to red, Koro-Sensei finally reaches Earth.

So, the extraterrestrial, who resembles a yellow octopus, threatens to wipe out humanity if he is not eliminated in one year. 

But now he’s retired and teaching assassination techniques to children at Kunugigaoka Junior High.

He has received excellent assassination training, yet he has characteristics that make him immune to the pupils’ attacks.

As time passes, other assassins join the fray and do everything they can to eliminate Koro-sensei.

It’s to their advantage since the Japanese government offers $100,000,000 to anybody who can assassinate Koro-Sensei. 

In the end, Nagisa Shiota, a student in Room 3-E, makes a strategic move by compiling a list of Koro’s shortcomings. If the class works together, can they eliminate Koro-Sensei before the planet’s time runs out?

18. Mob Psycho 100

When it comes to online Manga, The Mob Psycho is the first on our list that was authored entirely by the same individual.

The first version came out in April 2016. In addition, the story centers on Mob, a youngster still in middle school to no one pays any attention.

Mob has a sixth sense, a self-proclaimed capacity to pick up on subtle environmental cues that would elude other people’s normal perceptions.

As a result of his erratic emotions, though, his abilities sometimes go off unexpectedly.

They push themselves to their limits and develop psychic powers before he ever meets anybody else with similar abilities.

19. The Devil is a Part-Timer


The plot revolves around the Devil himself, Satan, and his plans to take over the planet of Ente Isla.

The Devil sends his best demon commander to assault Ente Isla, but Emilia is there to stop them.

When his other generals are slaughtered, he and his only ally, Alciel, flee to the human world.

As a result of his and Alciel’s transformation into human form, Satan is forced to work part-time to support himself.

When Emilia and the other characters from Ente Isla assume human forms and visit Earth, the result is a delightfully comedic environment.

20. Dragon Ball

We are down to our last anime like One Punch Man. With its manga distributed in more than 40 countries, Dragon Ball has quickly become one of the finest anime.

More than 80 countries have shown the anime series as well. The progression of the characters’ lives throughout the series is linear.

Next up are the Dragon Ball Z and GT series and Dragon Ball Z Kai, Super Dragon Ball Heroes, and Dragon Ball Super.

Goku and Saitama are portrayed in this work as similar in many respects, most notably in their shared dedication to physical excellence.

Here, Goku and Bulma meet, and Bulma convinces Goku to find the Dragon Balls so that they might call forth the Wish Dragon. On the other hand, he finds martial arts on his path to Dragon Ball.

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