15 Anime Like Psychic Princess

Anime Like Psychic Princess

Anime like Psychic Princess shows a mix of romance, comedy, and supernatural elements and features beautiful animation and colorful visuals.

This anime is a Chinese anime series called Tong Ling Fei. It follows the story of a modern-day girl named Qian Yunxi.

Afterward, she is transported back to the Tang Dynasty and wakes up in the body of a princess named Li Qian.

As the story progresses, Qian Yunxi must navigate the challenges of palace life while trying to figure out how to return to her own time.

She discovers that she has psychic abilities and learns how to control and use them to her advantage.

Along the way, Qian Yunxi falls in love with a powerful prince named Chu Beijie, but their relationship is complicated by palace politics and their different social statuses.

Here are some other anime like Psychic Princess that share similar themes and elements.

1. Kyoukai no Kanata (2013)

Kyoukai no Kanata, also known as Beyond the Boundary, is a Japanese anime series that follows the story of a high school student named Akihito Kanbara.

Akihito appears to be an average human, but he is half-human and half-you, a supernatural creature that feeds on human blood.

Akihito encounters a girl named Mirai Kuriyama, the last surviving member of a clan of spirit warriors known as the Spirit World Warriors.

Mirai can control her blood and turn it into a weapon she uses to fight against you.

Akihito and Mirai become friends, and they team up to fight against yomu and other supernatural threats.

As they work together, they uncover secrets about their pasts and the true nature of their powers.

The series explores themes such as friendship, loyalty, and self-discovery and is a thrilling and engaging watch for fans of the genre.

This film is one of the best anime, like Psychic Princess.

2. Kokoro Connect (2012)

Kokoro Connect is a Japanese anime series originally aired in 2012.

The story follows a group of five high school students who are members of their school’s Cultural Research Club. 

The five students are Taichi Yaegashi, Iori Nagase, Himeko Inaba, Yoshifumi Aoki, and Yui Kiriyama. Kokoro Connect is one of the best anime like Psychic Princess. 

One day, the group of friends finds themselves mysteriously switching bodies with one another.

The switching causes them to experience each other’s lives and emotions. 

The group soon discovers that their experiences are not limited to body swapping as they encounter other unexplainable supernatural phenomena.

These groups of friends must confront their innermost feelings and secrets and navigate the challenges of their changing relationships.

They learn to trust and rely on each other and form a stronger bond as they face the challenges together.

The series mixes drama, comedy, and romance and explores friendship, identity, and self-discovery themes. 

3. Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan (2016)

Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan, also known as The Disastrous Life of Saiki K., is a Japanese anime series aired in 2016.

The story follows Saiki Kusuo, a high school student born with extraordinary psychic abilities, including telepathy, telekinesis, and psychokinesis.

Despite his abilities, Saiki prefers to live everyday life. However,  he is constantly bombarded with the bizarre and often troublesome problems of the people around him. 

Along with his classmates and family members, Saiki finds himself in wacky situations, including time-traveling, body-swapping, and encounters with aliens.

Throughout the series, Saiki tries to keep his psychic abilities a secret while also dealing with the comedic and often absurd situations he finds himself in.

Along the way, he forms friendships with his classmates and learns to navigate the challenges of being a teenager with psychic powers.

The series combines comedy, slice-of-life, and supernatural elements and features unique animation and visual effects.

It has gained a cult following for its witty humor and relatable characters, making it a must-watch for genre fans.

4. A Silent Voice (2016)

A Silent Voice, also known as Koe no Katachi, was a Japanese anime film released in 2016.

The story follows a boy named Shoya Ishida, who, as a child, bullied a deaf girl named Shoko Nishimiya in elementary school. 

Shoko eventually transferred to a new school due to the severity of the bullying, but the experience haunts Shoya even into his high school years. A silent voice is one of the best anime like Psychic Princess. 

One day, Shoya reconnects with Shoko and decides to make amends for his past behavior.

He begins to learn sign language and tries to make friends with her and the people he hurt during his bullying days.

5. Charlotte (2015)

Charlotte is a Japanese anime series that tells the story of the life of Yuu Otosaka.

He is a high school student with an exceptional ability to temporarily possess another person’s body for up to five seconds. 

Yuu initially uses his powers for his selfish gain until he is discovered by a mysterious girl named Nao Tomori.

This girl enrolls him in a school for students with supernatural abilities.

At the school, Yuu discovers that Nao and her friends are part of a group trying to help others with supernatural abilities.

But they are also being hunted by the government, which wants to use its powers for gain. 

As Yuu gets involved in their cause, he begins to uncover the truth about his abilities and the hidden secrets of the school. Charlotte is one of the best anime like Psychic Princess. 

As the series progresses, the group of friends faces various challenges.

These challenges include the loss of their abilities, the emergence of new powers, and the consequences of using their abilities for personal gain. 

They also confront their demons and the challenges of growing up and finding their place in the world.

This anime mixes drama, comedy, and science fiction with a unique storyline and lovable characters

6. Honey and Clover (2005)

Honey and Clover follows a group of art students as they navigate life, love, and career aspirations.

Yuta, Takumi, and Shinobu are in love with Hagu, a talented artist who is small and innocent. 

Ayumi, an aspiring fashion designer, also has a crush on Mayama. Morita, a wild and mysterious artist, adds chaos and laughter to the group. 

The characters face challenges while pursuing their dreams, including heartbreak and self-discovery.

The series tackles themes of friendship, love, and the pursuit of passion. 

This anime offers a poignant, relatable, and heartwarming experience that captures the beauty and chaos of young adulthood with charm and grace.

Honey and Clover is one of the best anime like Psychic Princess. 

7. The Royal Tutor (2017)

The Royal Tutor is a Japanese manga and anime series that tells the story of Heine Wittgenstein, a diminutive but brilliant tutor tasked with educating four young princes.

The princes, who are all different in personality and learning styles, are initially reluctant to study with Heine. 

However, as they learn and appreciate his unconventional teaching methods, they grow to love and respect him.

Throughout the series, Heine faces challenges from the kingdom’s nobility, who are skeptical of his abilities and resentful of his influence over the princes.

Heine’s wit and intelligence help him navigate these challenges, and he becomes a trusted advisor to the young princes.

As the princes grow and develop under Heine’s guidance, they learn not only academic subjects but also valuable life lessons.

The eldest prince, Kai, learns to be more open-minded and empathetic, while the second prince, Bruno, gains confidence and leadership skills.

The third prince, Leonhard, learns to overcome his insecurities, and the fourth prince, Licht, discovers the importance of hard work and determination.

The princes and Heine overcame numerous obstacles, including political intrigue, romantic entanglements, and personal conflicts.

The series is known for its blend of humor, drama, and heartwarming moments.

The art style is colorful and dynamic, and the characters are all distinct and lovable.

The Royal Tutor is one of the best anime like Psychic Princess. 

8. Snow White With the Red Hair (2015)

LSnow White with the Red Hair is a Japanese anime series that follows the story of a young herbalist Shirayuki.

Shirayuki is a commoner with rare red hair, and she catches the attention of Prince Raji, who orders her to become his concubine.

Refusing to give up her freedom, Shirayuki cuts off her hair and escapes to the neighboring kingdom of Clarines.

There, she meets a young prince named Zen, who becomes her friend and protector.

As Shirayuki settles into her new life in Clarines, she becomes an apprentice to the royal herbalist and gains the respect of the kingdom’s people.

Despite facing numerous challenges and dangers, including political intrigue and kidnapping attempts, Shirayuki remains determined and resourceful.

Shirayuki and Zen’s friendship deepens into a romantic relationship throughout the series.

They face obstacles to their love, including Zen’s position as a prince and the disapproval of some court members.

However, they remain committed to each other and work together to overcome these challenges. This film is one of the best anime like Psychic Princess. 

Overall, Snow White with the Red Hair is a heartwarming and engaging anime series that combines romance, adventure, and self-discovery into a compelling story.

9. Sheng Shi Zhuag Niang (2018)

Sheng Shi Zhuang Niang is a Chinese historical drama set during the Tang Dynasty.

The series follows the story of a young girl named Liuli, who is sold to the imperial palace as a servant.

Despite her humble origins, Liuli catches the eye of the emperor, who makes her his concubine.

Liuli faces political intrigue and rivalries among the emperor’s other wives as she rises in rank.

However, she remains true to her values and uses her intelligence and wit to navigate the complex political landscape.

As Liuli gained power, she became a crucial figure in the Tang court and worked to promote peace and prosperity for the empire.

The series also explores Liuli’s relationships, including her complicated feelings for the emperor and her bond with her best friend, Wan’er.

Liuli faces numerous challenges throughout the series, including assassination attempts and family drama.

However, she remains steadfast and committed to her duty as an imperial concubine.

This beautiful film is one of the best anime like Psychic Princess. 

Overall, Sheng Shi Zhuang Niang is a fascinating historical drama that explores the politics, power, and personal relationships of the Tang Dynasty.

10. Kakurigo no Yadomeshi (2018)

Kakurigo no Yadomeshi is an anime about a group of adventurers who explore a magical world.

They encounter mythical creatures and overcome obstacles on their quest.

Along the way, they learn about themselves and each other. They also unravel the world’s mysteries and discover the truth about its inhabitants. 

However, they are not the only ones seeking the world’s treasures.

A rival group aims to use the gems for their selfish gain. This film is one of the anime like Psychic Princess. 

The adventurers must race against time to stop them before it’s too late.

With thrilling battles and heartwarming moments, the anime explores themes of courage, friendship, and trust. 

The showdown is intense, and the adventurers must use all their skills to emerge victorious.

Ultimately, they discover that the true treasure is the bonds they form with each other.

11. Saiunkoku Monogatari (2006-2007)

Saiunkoku Monogatari is a historical anime set in a fictional kingdom.

A young woman is appointed as a consort to the emperor. She faces challenges in the palace due to her gender and social status. 

She navigates through court politics and wins the respect of those around her. She rises through the ranks and becomes an influential figure in the kingdom. 

Along the way, she forms friendships and finds love. However, she must also face the threat of rebellion and assassination attempts.

She works to bring peace to the kingdom with her intelligence and courage. 

The anime explores themes of power, loyalty, and identity. The characters are complex and dynamic, and their relationships are captivating.

The political intrigue keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. The anime also features beautiful animation and music.

The young woman’s journey ultimately shows that anyone can make a difference if determined. This film is one of the best anime like Psychic Princess. 

12. Xie Wang Zhui Qi (2019)

Xie Wang Zhui Qi is a Chinese anime sequel to Xie Wang Zhui. The story follows the aftermath of the previous series.

The young man faces new challenges and enemies. He tries to protect his loved ones and build a new life for himself. 

However, his past continues to haunt him. He must confront old foes and grudges.

He also learns more about his abilities and the true nature of his world.

With his friends and allies, he fights against a new threat that seeks to destroy everything he holds dear. 

The anime explores themes of family, sacrifice, and legacy. The characters continue to evolve and reveal new aspects of themselves.

The fight scenes are even more intense and creative than in the previous series. The anime also features stunning animation and music. 

Ultimately, the young man must make a difficult choice that will determine the world’s fate.

He learns that the past cannot be erased, but the power of love and determination can overcome it. This film is one of the best anime like Psychic Princess. 

13. Meng Qi Shi Shen (2019)


Meng Qi Shi Shen is a Chinese anime set in a fantasy world.

A young woman is reincarnated into a new body after her tragic death. She uses her memories and skills to navigate through a new life. 

She becomes a doctor and healer and gains the attention of influential figures in the kingdom.

She also becomes involved in a war between two rival factions. She allies with a group of warriors who share her goal of bringing peace to the kingdom.

Along the way, she faces challenges and threats to her safety. With her intelligence and abilities, she proves her worth to her allies and her enemies.

The anime explores themes of reincarnation, justice, and identity. 

The characters are diverse and have their motivations and stories. The fight scenes are creative and intense.

The anime also features beautiful animation and music. This film is one of the best anime like Psychic Princess. 

In the end, the young woman learns the truth about her past and the purpose of her reincarnation.

She finds love and a new family and uses her skills to make a difference.

14. Dongguo Xiaojie (1997)

Dongguo Xiaojie is a Chinese anime based on a classic folktale. A young woman must find a way to save her village from drought.

She embarks on a journey to find a magical artifact that can summon rain. 

Along the way, she encounters various obstacles and adversaries. She is helped by a mysterious and handsome young man who has his secrets.

Together, they travel to different lands and face challenges that test their skills and bond. 

They also uncover a conspiracy that threatens the safety of the kingdom.

With their determination and courage, they work to foil the villains’ plans and restore peace. The anime explores themes of love, loyalty, and sacrifice. 

The characters are endearing and memorable, with a touch of humor and romance. This film is one of the best anime like Psychic Princess. 

15. The Ancient Magus Bride (2014)

The Ancient Magus’ Bride is a Japanese anime. A teenage girl is sold into slavery and becomes an apprentice to a powerful magician.

She discovers a hidden world of magic and mythical creatures. She also learns about her mysterious past and abilities. 

Together, the girl and the magician face dangers and challenges, including rogue sorcerers and evil spirits.

They also deal with personal struggles and emotions. They develop a deep bond that transcends their teacher-student relationship. 

The anime explores themes of identity, acceptance, and belonging. The characters are complex and likable, with distinct personalities and backstories.

The Ancient Magus Bride is one of the best anime like Psychic Princess. 

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