23 Anime Like Tokyo Ghoul

Anime Like Tokyo Ghoul

What are some of the most popular anime like Tokyo Ghoul?

Tokyo Ghoul has been praised by many in the anime community as a groundbreaking masterpiece because of its blend of supernatural abilities, action, intrigue, mystery, drama, horror, bloodshed, and psychological depth.

The program’s success in winning viewers’ hearts and minds may be attributed partly to these factors. We’ve compiled a list of the best anime like Tokyo Ghoul.

These anime will provide a comparable experience to Tokyo Ghoul, whether you’re looking for exhilarating action or spine-chilling horror.

Read this list of anime that are like Tokyo Ghoul if you want to relive the excitement and suspense.

1. Claymore

Often known as Claymore, Clare is the protagonist of the classic anime series Claymore.

She must brave a dangerous realm full of terrible monsters and challenging obstacles to defeat the Yoma or shape-shifting demons.

This anime like Tokyo Ghoul, deals with supernatural threats and survival. 

As a result, if you found Tokyo Ghoul’s emphasis on survival and the struggle against otherworldly dangers compelling, you may also find Claymore to be an intense and fascinating watch.

This is an exciting animation in the vein of Tokyo Ghoul that is well worth your time.

2. Black Bullet

Baranuim monoliths, impervious to the Gastrea virus, have become humanity’s last line of defense on a planet decimated by the Gastrea pandemic.

Over the years, a new generation of children dubbed the “Cursed Children,” are born with superhuman skills and are wholly female owing to the virus’ interference. 

Civil Securities are elite units composed of a Promoter (team leader), and a Cursed Child (Initiator) developed to counter the Gastrea menace.

Ten years after the war, a high schooler and Civil Securities member Rentaro Satomi and his Initiator, Enju Aihara, are sent on a dangerous mission to save Tokyo from destruction. 

They team up to rescue mankind from inevitable death, but the planet they must traverse is fraught with dangerous monsters, political intrigue, and moral choices.

Black Bullet is a fantastic anime like Tokyo Ghoul, captivating viewers with its intense action, engaging characters, and profound concepts.

3. Kyoukai No Kanata

In the demon anime Kyoukai No Kanata, which is set in a magical world where humans and spirits live, a young girl called Mirai Kuriyama is entrusted with destroying a strong youmu.

This entity threatens the harmony of the planet. But when she meets Akihito Kanbara, another half-youmu student, her goal takes a different turn. 

And yet, despite her initial resistance, Mirai eventually finds herself lured into Akihito’s social circle and the Literary Club, where she starts to doubt the ethics of her job.

She learns more about herself and the responsibilities that come with it as she digs further into the secrets of the supernatural world. 

Set against a tremendous war for survival, where good and evil are difficult to distinguish, this riveting narrative of self-discovery and friendship unfolds.

Kyoukai No Kanata, also an anime like Tokyo Ghoul series, will stick with readers for a long time because of the combination of action, fantasy, and touching moments.

4. No 6

Another anime like Tokyo Ghoul, No 6, is a post-apocalyptic one in which mankind has been split into six city-states, each with its government and culture.

Shion and Nezumi, two friends from the city of No. 6, are the protagonists of this novel.

The only blemish on their otherwise picture-perfect lifestyles is Shion’s discovery of a sinister truth about their city and its authoritarian government. 

The events following this discovery prompt Shion to doubt his previous assumptions about the city’s leadership.

Violence, power, and the function of authority are explored in No 6, just as they were in Tokyo Ghoul.

5. Inuyashiki

Inuyashiki is another great anime like Tokyo Ghoul, which centers on the narrative of an older man who learns he has a terminal illness and not much time to live is told in Inuyashiki, a classic psychological anime.

But destiny steps in when a UFO crashes into him, bestowing him with superpowers. 

He helps those in need by using his abilities, but he should be wary since another person with similar abilities is doing havoc.

As with Tokyo Ghoul, the excellent T.V. series Inuyashiki deals with themes like incredible power, vengeance, and the value of preserving one’s humanity.

6. Another

There are indeed certain similarities between Another and Tokyo Ghoul, such as the presence of terror and mystery and the use of eye patches for the lead characters.

One must remember, however, that every anime is distinct and that what appeals to one viewer may not appeal to another.

If you liked the gothic and horrifying aspects of Tokyo Ghoul, you might also like Another since it explores similar themes and moods.

7. Blood C

Blood C follows the adventures of Saya Kisaragi, a seemingly normal high school student who is a formidable monster hunter.

She is responsible for defending her community from various supernatural entities.

But Saya’s tranquil existence is shattered when she digs further into secrets and her shadowy background.

Saya must face the truth that she has been unwittingly feeding on the souls of the animals she has been murdering as she battles to accept who she is.

Identity, self-discovery, and the gray area between good and evil are some topics discussed in the show. Production I.G. is responsible for making Blood C. 

It has aspects of horror and the supernatural, as well as action and mystery, as well as a central focus on vampires and a collegiate setting.

An anime like Tokyo Ghoul is about the difficulty of living as a monster in a society that rejects and even hates you because of who you are.

8. Elfen Lied

The effects of prejudice and abuse are examined in Elfen Lied, an anime like Tokyo Ghoul, a frightening and thought-provoking anime.

Lucy, a Diclonius who most people reject because of her mutant talents, is at the center of the plot.

She struggles with her previous hurts and the want for retribution as she makes her way through a world that hates and terrifies her. 

She meets other Diclonius along the road who are also trying to figure out who they are and where they belong, and together they have to face the threats and prejudices that come with being different. 

Elfen Lied, like Tokyo Ghoul, provides a visceral and personal watching experience as it explores weighty topics like leadership, self-definition, and morality.

If you like serious and mature anime episodes that deal with heavy topics, you may really like Elfen Lied.

9. Devil’s Line

The next anime on our list of anime like Tokyo Ghoul is Devils’ Line, which follows the narrative of Tsukasa Taira, a half-vampire who has challenges restraining her bloodlust and integrating into human culture.

She crosses up with a detective called Anzai, one of the few humans who knows about vampires and is entrusted with safeguarding humanity from them. 

Tsukasa and Anzai have a challenging relationship, and they must work through the difficulties of being different from society’s expectations.

Both anime series focuses on ideas of belonging in a society that rejects magic.

10. Demon Slayer

A young kid named Tanjiro Kamado decides to train to become a demon slayer after the demons responsible for the deaths of his family inspired him to do so.

His sister, who was also killed in the slaughter, is the lone witness and the only survivor, but she has been transformed into a murderous monster. 

He sets off on an adventure to learn more about the demon realm and find a method to rescue his sister.

His physical and mental health are always tested, yet he focuses on the prize. 

This animation is in the same vein as Tokyo Ghoul but with a more positive message: hope, fitting, and resilience in the face of unfathomable tragedy. Prepare yourself for a concert that is both thrilling and devastating.

11. Ajin

Kei is the protagonist of anime like Tokyo Ghoul, Ajin, and manga.

Kei’s demi-human transformation and subsequent rejection by his peers and family after a vehicle accident alter the course of his life irrevocably.

Eventually, he runs with other demi humans who can relate to his plight, and the group decides to leave their oppressive environment for good. 

However, things are more complex than they had thought since they’re always being followed by hunters intent on capturing them.

Kei’s journey is similar to Tokyo Ghoul’s Kaneki’s in that both protagonists undergo radical changes and struggle to adjust to their new realities. 

Polygon Pictures created Ajin throughout two seasons and 26 episodes. There are elements of action, mystery, horror, and the supernatural in this seinen series.

12. Deadman Wonderland


The supernatural and superpower themes are present in the Tokyo Ghoul manga and the Deadman Wonderland anime, as are gory horror scenes and violent confrontations.

Characters in Deadman Wonderland emphasized action and survival to succeed in the prison’s lethal games. 

In both series, the protagonists get superhuman abilities they did not want and must learn to control them while still being human.

The battle to stay alive in a frightening and unfriendly environment is a central subject in both works.

13. Shiki

Following up on our list of excellent anime like Tokyo Ghoul is Shiki.

It’s an anime about a sleepy little town where many people mysteriously die, and it turns out that vampires are to blame.

The drama centers on a cast of individuals who find themselves in a war between humans and vampires and must fight for their survival and the safety of those they care about. 

There are certain commonalities between Shiki and Tokyo Ghoul, such as an interest in the occult and the investigation of macabre topics.

In both series, the protagonists are swept up in battles with supernatural forces while still struggling to make ends meet in a world where good and evil are indistinguishable.

14. Psycho-Pass

The Psycho-Pass is a gadget in the anime Psycho-Pass that measures and keeps tabs on people’s mental states, personalities, and propensity for criminal activity.

Officers in the show employ the Psycho-Pass to catch criminals.

Still, they also grapple with the moral and ethical ramifications of a society where everything is measurable and assessed by a computer. 

Like Tokyo Ghoul, Psycho-Pass is a fantastic anime with a concentration on dark themes, an in-depth examination of the self, and facing the risks and repercussions of the supernatural realms in which it is situated.

15. D.Gray-man

D.Gray-man, an anime like Tokyo Ghoul, is an excellent anime with some parallels to the show’s narrative and ideas.

D Gray Man is a story of a young man named Allen Walker who, after discovering that he has superpowers, joins a group of exorcists called the Black Order in a post-apocalyptic parallel universe. 

In both series, the main protagonists are caught in the center of a war between humans and supernatural forces and must learn to accept the newfound talents and powers they’ve been given. 

Both programs’ struggles of finding one’s place in the world while possessing abilities that others find terrifying are themes.

Furthermore, both Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul and Allen Walker from D.Gray-man have crimson eyes whenever they are angry or if their abilities are triggered.

16. Death Note

Characters in Death Note and Tokyo Ghoul acquire superhuman abilities and struggle to come to grips with their newfound abilities and the world they find themselves in.

In the psychological thriller Death Note, a high school student called Light Yagami takes a strange notebook that allows him to murder anybody whose name he puts in it. 

A smart investigator by the initials “L” goes after him as he utilizes the notepad to clean the globe of crooks.

It’s a staple of both series for the protagonists and antagonists to play a game of cat and mouse as they strive to outwit one another and accomplish their objectives.

17. Parasyte The Maxim

Parasyte is a compelling anime like Tokyo Ghoul in which Shinichi, the protagonist, becomes a monster human hybrid after an unexpected event.

As a result, he has the challenge of adapting to a new identity while fending off the threats and adversaries that come with it. 

Kaneki and Shinichi, the protagonists of Tokyo Ghoul and Kiseijuu (Parasyte), undergo drastic changes that alter the course of their life.

Both protagonists undergo a metamorphosis that leaves them half human and half monster.

However, despite their new appearance, they remain committed to leading relatively regular lives. 

Kiseijuu is a great Madhouse animation similar to Tokyo Ghoul; it contains 24 episodes and is made in the same style.

Among others are works from the action, science fiction, horror, and psychological drama categories.

18. Blue Exorcist

Blue Exorcist’s universe consists of two realms that are opposed to one another. The first, Assiah, is the world in which humans exist.

The other is the realm of devils, Gehenna. Contact or transit between the two is normally impossible. But demons may enter this realm and take possession of anything in it.

Satan is the god of devils, but there is one thing he does not have: a vessel in the human world strong enough to contain him.

For this reason, he had sexual relations with a human female and conceived Okumura Rin and Okumura Yukio as his sons; however, only Rin received Satan’s abilities due to Yukio’s weakness.

Are his boys following his objectives, or should they become something else?

After failing in his effort to send Rin to the demon realm by murdering Fujimoto, Rin’s guardian father, he offers Rin a dream: to become an exorcist and vanquish the god of demons.

20. From the New World

From the New World is another great anime like Tokyo Ghoul. In this exciting anime, Saki, a young woman from the 66th district of Kamisu in Japan a thousand years ago, is Shinsekai Yori’s protagonist.

Humans have developed advanced telekinetic powers and populated peaceful rural communities in this era.

At age twelve, Saki discovers her abilities against her parents’ fears that she will never be able to unleash the power inside her.

She then enrolls at the academy alongside her friends Satoru, Maria, Mamoru, Shun, and Reiko.

However, the city government watches and affects the students via education, and the youngsters have yet to learn. 

21. Hell Girl

The Jigoku Shjo (Hell Girl) emerges whenever someone harbors a grudge and condemns the offender to the fiery depths of Hades.

However, to carry out the retribution, the user must first sign a contract with her; the cost of this is always the same: the death of the individual whose contract was accepted.

The anime is essentially a compilation of short tales, each of which details the abuse endured by a different character at the hands of one or many subjects, the subsequent contract with Enma Ai, and the retribution inflicted by Enma Ai on the aggressor.

22. Pupa

Another anime like Tokyo Ghoul, Pupa, is centered on the tale of Utsutsu, an adolescent, and Yume, his younger sister.

Their father, Shir, often beat them while they were little. After Sachiko and her husband get a divorce, she takes off with another guy, leaving her kids behind.

Utsutsu then makes an oath to his sister that he will always look out for her.

When they return home from school together one day, they are confronted by Maria, a weird scientist with a damaged face, who warns them to be wary of the red butterflies.

As soon as they meet, Yume is morphed into a monster by a swarm of enormous red butterflies.

Her brother cannot bring her around, so he goes to Maria, who tells them they have the pupa virus.

23. Beyond the Boundary

Akihito Kanbara, the son of a human and a Yomu, is a teenager. One day, he looks out over the school’s rooftop and sees someone who seems like they intend to take his life. 

She’ll openly claim to be Mirai Kuriyama, the Yomu’s final hope for preserving an ancient bloodline that has the potential to create weapons capable of annihilating the whole planet.

However, because of a previous occurrence, she cannot wipe off the Yomus. So, Akihito is determined to help Mirai through her trauma by being there for her.

24. Jujutsu Kaisen

The events of Jujutsu Kaisen, an anime like Tokyo Ghoul, occur in a universe where humans’ bad emotions may manifest as contagious diseases.

Thus, institutions with a large concentration of these feelings, like schools and hospitals, have a relic, a receptacle of a disease, to safeguard them because the only way to combat a plague is with a more potent epidemic.

Only a select few, such as exorcists, can see them. While the exorcist must rid the population of these dangers, it is not without peril since different diseases have varying degrees of destructive potential.

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