19 Anime Like Yuri on Ice

Anime Like Yuri On Ice 

Some other shows can satisfy your craving for sports anime in addition to the highly popular Anime like Yuri On Ice. Yuri on Ice enjoyed tremendous success in 2016.

It obsessed viewers to the point of enthrallment and quickly entered popular culture.

Since Yuri attracted a lot of attention, its goods were in high demand domestically and internationally.

The film Yuri On ICE tells the tale of highly qualified figure skater Yuri Katsuki, who loses his passion for the sport following a humiliating loss in the Grand Prix Final.

After his idol Victor Nikiforov offers to be his tutor and encourages him to climb back up, he can get back on his feet and return to the rink.

If you like anime like yuri on ice, we’ve selected ten anime shows for you to watch in this article.

1. Banana Fish (2018)

The American mid-1980s setting of Banana Fish is predominantly New York City. Ash Lynx, a 17-year-old street gang leader, looks after his older brother Griffin.

He is a Vietnam Military veteran who has been unconscious since a combat episode. 

This veteran shot his squadron and said, “Banana fish,” leaving Griffin in a vegetative state.

One evening, Ash observes two of his gang members murder a guy who, before passing away, commands Ash to “hunt banana fish.” 

Ash is informed by the two gang members that Dino Golzine, the leader of the Corsican mafia in New York, gave the orders for their actions.

He served as Golzine’s enforcer and child sex servant in the past. However, Ash had been raised to inherit his criminal empire.

Golzine prevents Ash from investigating “banana fish,” which causes him to turn against his old client. This Anime is a classic anime like Yuri on ice. 

Eiji Okumura, a Japanese photographer’s associate who has come to New York to finish a report on street gangs, is foremost among Ash’s confidants.

Ash forms a strong friendship with Eiji as he pursues his dual goals of learning the meaning of “banana fish” and bringing down Golzine’s criminal empire.

2. Tsurune: Kazemai Koukou Kyuudoubu (2018)

Before a specific incident in his most recent competition that led him to give up archery permanently. Minato Narumiya was a member of his middle school’s archery club. 

Seiya Takehaya and Ryouhei Yamanouchi, two of his boyhood pals, try to convince him to rejoin the high school’s archery club, but he declines. It is a classic example of anime like yuri on ice. 

However, Minato is motivated to pick up archery again after encountering an enigmatic man at a woodland archery range. 

Minato joins the Kazemai High School Archery Club, along with his former classmates and new comrades, Nanao Kisaragi and Kaito Onogi.

These two work to overcome their fears and weaknesses to win the prefectural tournament.

3. Free! (2013- )

Members of a high school boy’s swimming team are central to the film Free.

Just before graduating from elementary school, four boys—Haruka, Makoto, Nagisa, and Rin—took part in a swimming competition. 

After the match, the boys split up.

To establish the Iwatobi High School Swimming Club, Nagisa chooses to reunite Haruka and Makoto in the water and bring Rei as a new member. This anime series is one of the best anime like yuri on ice. 

4. No.6 (2011-)

An outstanding student named Shion rescues a young child named Rat, who is also an escapee from the neighborhood prison in the city known as No.6.

Years later, when they are reunited, Rat and she start to explore the dark secrets of the ‘perfect city’ No. 6. He is learning more about themselves and their love for one another as they go.

5. Starmyu (2015-)

Home of crazy competitiveness and musical aspirations is Ayanagi Academy. Yuta Hoshitani, a new student, aspires to be in show business. 

Still, to do so, he must be accepted by the Kao Council (Cherry Blossom Flower Council), the top five students at Ayanagi Academy.

Yuta and his buddies will need to join a Star Team under the direction of the Kao Council members if they are to succeed in the music section. 

Even though the newbies are suffering, one of the Kao Members of the council shows an interest in them, which might lead to their dream trip through the stars.

A new program from Kuroko’s Basketball and Prince of Tennis director Shunsuke Tada will make you wish you were famous.

6. Haikyu!! (2014-2020)

Hinata Shouyou, a short middle schooler, discovered an unanticipated love for volleyball after watching the national finals on television.

To aspire to be the top player in the championship, a small child known as “the small giant,” Shouyou, joins the volleyball team at his school.

Shouyou was the lone member, which was unfortunate because the club lacked a practice space.

He didn’t let that stop him, though, and in his final year, he could field a team and participate in a real competition.

Unfortunately, his team had the misfortune to open the competition against the favorite to win the championship.

However, its star player, Kageyama Tobio, is also known as “the king of the court. 

Despite the embarrassing defeat experienced by Shouyou’s team, he vows to get better and eventually beat Kageyama.

However, it’s what at least Shouyou had planned until he learns that he and Kageyama are now attending the same school. 

Shouyou is beginning his first year of high school, the same one he initially observed competing in the national finals. Haikyu is one of the best anime like yuri on ice.

7. Kukoyo Basketball (2012-2015)

Kukoyo is the basketball team from Teiko Middle School. The university produced five players who were part of “The Generation of Miracles,” three consecutive seasons of perfection. 

Everyone respected one other player over the others. Taiga Kagami, a rising power player, recently returned from the United States.

He encounters Tetsuya Kuroko, an incredibly average boy, when he enrolls at Seirin High School. 

Kukoyo Basketball is one of the interesting anime like yuri on ice. Kuroko’s lackluster basketball skills, as discovered by Kagami, astound him. 

And because he is so plain, no one can notice him. Kuroko, the sixth member of the Miracle Generation, can pass the ball around without the opposing team catching him, thanks to his simplicity.

They try to defeat the other Miracle Generation players, who have all played basketball at different schools.

Kuroko forms a deal with Kagami—the beginning of a conflict between light (Kagami) and shadow (Kuroko)!

8. Chihayafuru (2011-)

Chihaya Ayase is a young woman who has devoted most of her life to helping her sister pursue a career as a model.

That changes as she meets skilled karuta player Arata Wataya. He believes Chihaya can develop into a top player.

As Chihaya adopts a new goal of becoming the top karuta player in Japan, she soon grows apart from her karuta-playing buddies. 

Chihaya, a high school student now, still plays karuta in the hopes of one day running across her old pals. This series is one of the best anime like yuri on ice

9. Baby Steps (2014-2015)

First-year honor student Maruo Eiichirou (Ei-Chan) realizes one day that he is unhappy with how things are and needs more exercise.

After discovering a flier for it, he decides to check out the Tennis Club. 

It immediately captures his attention. Baby steps are one of the best anime like yuri on ice.

Join Ei-Chan as he begins his tennis career despite having no experience and terrible physical condition by putting his intellect, commitment, and work ethic to use.

10. Ace Of Diamonds (2013-2016)

Baseball pitcher Eijun Sawamura, the show’s focus, has an unconventional delivery that naturally causes unusual ball movement at the plate.

With his friends, Sawamura plans to go to a local high school and play baseball as aggressively as they can there.

But when he runs into a Seido High School scout, the student is given a scholarship and the opportunity to compete at the national level.

Sawamura’s outlook on the future is radically altered when he decides to attend school.

Seido and their primary rivals attempt to help the upper-level students advance to nationals during the summertime tournament.

After the summer tournament, the upper-level students will be required to retire, but Sawamura will still help them succeed despite his lack of supervision.

Sometime later, Sawamura enlists the aid of his comrades Furuya Satoru, Kominato Haruichi, and Miyuki Kazuya to guide a new team—along with a few familiar faces—through the fall tournament.

11. Yowamushi Pedal (2013-)

Otaku Sakamichi Onoda had recently started high school. Onoda did not have any acquaintances in middle school with whom he could discuss his interests. 

However, he seeks to remedy this by joining the anime club at his new school.

He is disappointed to learn that the anime club has been disbanded owing to a lack of interest. 

And that four new members must join for the group to be re-established. Onoda has been riding his city bicycle since he was a young child. This series is one of the best anime like yuri on ice.

In the anime, the bicycle is known as a “mamachari,” which translates to “Mommy Bike.”

It is a basic, clunky bicycle made for quick trips for both transportation and enjoyment.

Onoda is riding his mamachari when Shunsuke Imaizumi, a fellow freshman, and much more severe cyclist, finds him.

However, he begins to mock him inwardly until Onoda rides up a problematic hill with minimal effort.

12. Cheerboys!! (2016-)

College student Haruki “Haru” Bando was discouraged by judo and invited by his childhood sweetheart Kazuma Hashimoto to form the unheard-of boys’ cheerleading team “BREAKERS.” 

All recruits had very distinct personalities, including the argumentative Mizoguchi.

These personalities include ravenous Ton, the silly Kansai boys Gen and Ichiro, and the experienced cheerleader Sho. 

Cheerboys Is one of the best anime like yuri on ice. 

13. Run With The Wind (2018-2019)

Kakeru, a former high school running champion, is sought after for food theft. He is rescued by runner and Kansei University student Haiji. 

To enter the Hakone Ekiden Marathon, one of Japan’s most prestigious university races, with his fellow residents.

Haiji convinces Kakeru to move into the old apartment building called “Chikuseisou.” 

Kakeru quickly learns that every resident—aside from Haiji and himself—is an absolute beginner. This anime is one of the best anime like yuri on ice.

14. Prince Of Stride: Alternative (2016-)

The show is based on the extreme sport “Stride,” in which teams of five and an additional person compete in relay races throughout communities.

First-year Hnan Academy high school student Nana Sakurai decided to join the Stride club.

After watching the Best Stride Ever video with Takeru Fujiwara and Riku Yagami two years prior, he joined.

After realizing that the Hnan Stride club has not been active since a violent event two years ago.

They decided to try to revive the school’s “Stride” team by enlisting the help of six people. Riku and Takeru requested that Nana take on the role of a manager. 

Their objectives are to contend with other schools in the main stride tournament in Eastern Japan, “End of Summer,” and to make friends with the stride club of Saisei Academy, which also features the idol group “Galaxy Standard.”

15. Welcome To The Ball Room (2017-)

Tatara, a shy third-year middle school student tormented by offenders, is saved by Sengoku, a skilled dancer.

Tatara eventually finds himself at Sengoku’s dance studio, where he meets Shizuku Hanaoka, a classmate he secretly admires.

However, when Tatara first steps into dance, it is a turning point. Tatara is coached by Sengoku, a free-spirited, vibrant dancer from abroad who sees his potential.

Tatara and Kiyoharu, a fellow dance prodigy and fellow student, are introduced through dance. 

Through these new relationships, Tatara grows an intense desire to flourish as a dancer and win the approval of his peers and rivals, which feeds the gift he has in him. 

Additionally, through interacting with Tatara, the other dancers are inspired to take action to resolve their problems and difficulties. This anime actually made one of the best anime like yuri on ice. 

16. Kids On The Slope (2012)

Due to his father’s employment, Kaoru, a distant honor student, has always migrated from town to town. Therefore he has also never really stayed anyplace. 

He anticipated things in Kyushu to be the same as they always were, but this time something was different.

His friendship with the class ‘bad guy’ and the president of the course developed first. 

But what was most intriguing was their mutual love of jazz music. He ultimately makes his first genuine friendships in Kyushu. This anime is one of the best anime like yuri on ice. 

17. Blue Period (2021-)

Yatra Yaguchi is a well-liked student who does well in school but frequently struggles with loneliness and disappointments.

One day, he became so enthralled by a painting at his high school’s art club that it motivated him to try the image.

Later, after being encouraged by his friend Ryuji, he joined the art club, got more engaged, and tried to apply to the Tokyo University of the Arts as his top college choice.

18. Ping Pong The Animation (2014)

Despite having entirely different personalities, Peco and Smile, two high school students, have been pals since they were young.

They are now both great players in the Katase High School table tennis club.

Peco is soundly trounced by a Chinese pupil and is so heartbroken that he gives up training.

On the other hand, Smile’s personality constantly hinders him from defeating Peco.

However, Coach J recognizes Smile’s potential and works to inspire him to go above his psychological barrier.

This anime actually made the list of one of the best anime like yuri on ice.

19. Cross Game (2009-)

Koh Kitamura, a fifth grader, lives next door to the Tsukishima family, who run the Clover cafe and a batting cage.

The second Tsukishima daughter, Wakaba, is his girlfriend; the third daughter, baseball prodigy Aoba, despises him.

Wakaba fantasizes about watching Koh pitch at the storied Koshien Stadium, the location of the national high school championship game.

However, tragedy happens, and Koh must fulfill Wakaba’s wish with the aid of Aoba and his comrades. This series is one of the anime like yuri on ice. 

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