Aya Neo Next Vs Steam Deck: Which Is Better?

Aya Neo Next Vs Steam Deck
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People were excited when the portable Steam Deck was announced since it packs in an adequate-sized computer into a less bulky enclosure than the NDS.

Even though pre-orders were brisk, Valve was forced to delay the game’s release until February from its original goal of a December 2021 release date.

However, Valve isn’t the only option when it comes to portable gaming PCs, nor is it the most powerful.

Aya neo, a considerably smaller firm than Valve, has launched a formidable challenger in the shape of the Ayaneo Next, which improves on Ayaneo’s existing available portable PC gaming devices.

Some gamers are calling the Aya Neo Next a “Steam Deck killer” in the handheld community. This article compares the Aya Neo Next and Steam Deck in terms of features and why you may choose one over the other.

Aya Neo Next Vs Steam Deck Specs

For starters, we need to look at Aya Neo Next’s SoC, which is AMD Ryzen 7 5825U, while Valve’s ACustom PU for the Steam Deck uses an ACustom PU made by AMD. In other words, the strengths of each party are balanced out. 

Second, we have RAM memory shared by the CPU and the GPU in both circumstances because the memory configuration is UMA.

The AYA NEO Next has 32 GB LPDDR4X @ 4,266 MHz and a bandwidth of 68 GB/s, whereas the Steam Deck has 16GB LPDDR5 with an 88Gb/s bus.

This is a no-brainer for Valve’s console, given how closely linked graphics card performance is to the RAM’s speed and how RDNA 2 outperforms Vega in terms of the overall design.

In addition, storage is an important consideration. The AYA NEO’s 2TB NVMe SSD storage, while impressive, is the primary reason for the device’s higher starting price of $1200 compared to the $400 of the Steam Deck’s initial model.

Despite Steam Deck’s lack of an NVMe SSD unit, it is ideal as a retro system and emulator.

Operating System

Users are able to run Windows games on a video game console using Steam Deck’s operating system, SteamOS, rather than the native Proton interpreter because of SteamOS’s high level of compatibility and lack of CPU burden.

To have a firewall and antivirus on a machine if you’re only going to play games is a waste of time. This is possible because of the security they give, although this should be the operating system’s responsibility.

Though the four Zen 2 cores of the Steam Deck are a bit short for future games, a version with more cores like the Ryzen 6000 would be preferable. It is still true that the entire operating system load on the AYA NEO APU, which has 8 Zen 3 cores, restricts its potential.


Your Steam Controller features two trackpads, one for the thumb of each hand, which is great for games that often require a mouse to play, such as MOBA.

However, unlike the Steam Deck, the AYA NEO Next does not have them, thus you may be forced to play these games using analog sticks, which are noticeably more inconvenient.


All these high-end specs come at a cost, and that cost is very real for the Aya Neo Next. The Next’s starting price is $1,265. Meanwhile, the entry-level Steam Deck is $399, which is a lot less expensive.

The 512GB SSD Steam Deck costs $649, while the 256GB model costs $529. This is less than half the cost of Ayaneo Next’s basic model.

Aya Neo Next Vs Steam Deck Which one to get?

The Aya Neo Next is likely to outperform the Steam Deck in most games, especially those that rely heavily on the CPU.

However, the Steam Deck is more likely to be successful due to its Linux OS, official compatibility with hundreds of Steam titles, and price reduction of approximately $1000 compared to the Aya Neo Next.

Having the Deck as a basic device implies that the Steam Deck is going to be lighter, more portable, and have a considerably superior price to performance ratio than its predecessors. Which one should you go with?

Compared to the Steam Deck, the Aya Neo Next is a good choice if you’re looking for a more powerful device with larger internal storage and don’t mind spending a little extra.

For those looking for an excellent handheld gaming device with a huge selection of games at a fair price, Steam Deck is the way to go.

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