27 Popular Bald Video Game Characters

Bald Video Game Characters

Do you know some bald video game characters available as players in some of the most popular games? While there have been many video game characters with heads of hair, there are similarly numerous characters who are bald.

Baldness, also known as alopecia, is the absence of hair from one’s scalp or any other body part where there is normal hair.

It has been linked with excess or deficiency of certain hormones. This doesn’t apply to video game characters whose baldness is borne out of the game designer’s fancy.

The list below contains a few well-known video game characters who are bald. Let’s learn about them, shall we?

1. Doctor Eggman (Sonic The Hedgehog)

The famous antagonist of the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise has been a favorite among gamers for quite a long time. He looks like an insane scientist and figures out how to make players chuckle because of his constantly weird highlights.

He loves Chaos Emeralds, overcoming the world, creating robots, broiled chicken, Gerald Robotnik, and outmaneuvering or potentially crushing Sonic and his companions.

He detests machines that don’t work, any individual who deceives him, his mustache being demolished, and being taunted. 

This splendid repairman and creator are both fast and robust, and he is one of the bald video game characters.

2. Drax The Destroyer (Guardians Of The Galaxy)

Numerous renowned bald characters have been around for quite a long time; one of the more current as far as standard gaming appearances go is, in all honesty, Drax The Destroyer. It could be that as an alien, his species don’t foster hair; however, he is considered bald since he has a humanoid semblance.

He has been immediately turned into fans’ most beloved character thanks to his appearances in the MCU. However, he’s had his reasonable portion of game appearances lately. Drax is a person who shows even the most extraordinary legends can look as sad and extreme as any wannabe.

This genetically modified human was brought into the world in Burbank, California, and is a swashbuckler, gatekeeper of the Power Stone, Avatar of Life; previous realtor, jazz performer, specialist of Kronos, and bounty tracker, and a high school graduate. He is one of the bald video game characters.

3. Sagat (Street Fighter)

The Street Fighter franchise is home to a lot of exemplary characters. However, perhaps the best-known bald character in the game is Sagat.

The Muay Thai master has been in the series since the first game and has been a fan favorite since he previously became playable in the Champion Edition of Street Fighter 2.

He is the “Sovereign of Muay Thai” and a previous affiliate of Shadaloo, where he went about as M. Buffalo’s bodyguard.

He later changed sides to make up for himself and became one of the heroes in the series. He is one of the bald video game characters.

4. Rude ( Final Fantasy 7)

Final Fantasy 7 is such a famous game that even the reprobates have devoted fan bases. The Turks can nearly feel like minor bad guys in the game, yet Reno and Rude have figured out how to look distinguished to players.

Besides the fact that many like Rude because he’s an illustration of a fairly mind-boggling character in the Final Fantasy series, however, many additionally like him since he gladly sports a bald head.

It’s hard not to be a devotee of the Turk, particularly when you find out about him throughout Final Fantasy 7. He is one of the bald video game characters.

5. Coach (Left 4 Dead 2)

While you don’t get to see Coach a lot if he’s your choice character while playing Left 4 Dead 2, saying that he’s quite possibly the best bald character out there is certainly fair. 

There are not many things better than clearing your path through the contaminated crowds while Coach jests and yells this way and that with different survivors. For the majority, he sparkles during his time in the Dark Carnival crusade. He is one of the bald video game characters.

6. Heavy (Team Fortress 2)

For a long time since the release of Team Fortress 2 and the number of individuals still effectively playing it, it’s incredible how little of it is discussed on the web.

Perhaps the most popular and amusing bald man in gaming comes from the game, and he’s referred to just as Heavy.

While large numbers of the game’s characters honestly had little portrayal for a long time, throughout the long term, each person from the game has turned into a fan #1 for some explanation.

Heavy stands apart from numerous players as one of the most enjoyable to play. He is one of the bald video game characters.

7. Agent 47 (Hitman)

Agent 47 (otherwise called “The Hitman,” or essentially by his original name “47”, as well as numerous nom de plumes) is the playable hero of the Hitman series.

He is an expert hired gunman and previous top specialist for the International Contract Agency until he presented organizational data to the general society, finishing them for all time.

His genetically modified psyche and body make him be viewed as the best professional killer on the planet. Agent 47 was created by Dr. Ort-Meyer as his 47th clone in his underground cloning research center, camouflaging the deep-down appearance of an asylum.

It’s conceivable that when you consider well-known uncovered characters from computer games, Agent 47 is the primary person that rings a bell.

It has been highlighted in endless fun, and the nature of the more significant part of these games makes it even more vital.

While Agent 47 is now a staggering person as a ruthless professional killer, things get far better when his games offer a lot of clever camouflages.

It’s generally perfect to see Agent 47 spruced up as a famous person, a mascot, or a frozen yogurt man. He is one of the bald video game characters.

8. Kratos (God Of War)

Kratos is the nominal playable hero of the God of War series. Brought into the world in Sparta, Kratos was a well-regarded trooper and a Spartan General, up until he lost his better half and his little girl when he killed them, but unintentionally, under Ares’ order, procuring him the moniker of the “Phantom of Sparta”, 

After which, he disavowed his support of the War God, in the long run killing him and rising to Godhood by turning into the new “Divine force of War” before getting payback against his dad, the Olympians, and the Titans who deceived him.

After effectively demanding his retribution, Kratos got away into the universe of Norse Gods by settling down in Midgard in Ancient Norway, where he wedded another lady named Faye and bore a child named Atreus, who together, after the kid’s mom’s demise, would set out on an excursion to spread her remains at the most noteworthy pinnacle of the multitude of nine domains. He is one of the bald video game characters.

9. Diglett (Pokemon)

The furless-sona, Diglett, is the mascot of bald individuals worldwide. The awful god of the hairless head reflects how bald people see themselves in the mirror, and Nintendo knows this too. Otherwise, why would one of Diglett’s capacities be called ‘Tangling Hair’ if not to deride bald guys? This is one of the bald video game characters.

10. Jack: Subject Zero (Mass Effect)

Jack is evidence that you don’t need to be a man to be solid, bald, and frightening. Jack could likely remove the crap from everybody on this rundown, including Diglett, and a large portion of them would probably invite it.

The entertainer who plays Jack, Courtenay Taylor, is similarly a very remarkable boss, all things considered, even though she isn’t bald. Jack also spends quite a bit of time in Mass Effect 2 on the run – she’s needed, as most unbald individuals are required, revered, and cherished by the non-bald people. She is one of the bald video game characters.

11. Solas ( Dragon Age series)

You presumably never loved Solas. You might ponder who he assumes he is, as he tends to be scolding you constantly. Then, at that point, you figure out he’s a divine being, and it seems OK. Where this egg-headed mythical being is needy concerning his attractiveness, he compensates for it with gravitas. He is one of the bald video game characters.

12. Bald Bull (Punch-Out series)

Hair sparseness is not something to be embarrassed about, but does it need to be this person’s entire thing? Mate, you can, in any case, charge at your rivals like a lunatic with a name that features your other positive characteristics, such as “Appreciates Cross-Stitch Bull” or “Graduated Magna Cum Laude Bull.” He is one of the bald video game characters.

13. Zavala (Destiny series)

As the person responsible for the Guardians, Zavala has a great deal at the forefront of his thoughts. He wants to order his powers and keep his abilities sharp while adhering to his standards. That doesn’t allow time for a hair conditioner – a strategic difficulty Zavala has wiped out. He is one of the bald video game characters.

14. D.r Robotnik (Sonic series)

Sonic the Hedgehog’s foe keeps his scalp smooth since he adores building goliath mechanical imitations of himself, and it’s more straightforward to make them look right when your general appearance can be portrayed as “circular.” Plus, have you had a go at making Roboto-hair? It’s peculiar! He is one of the bald video game characters.

15. Kane (Command and Conquer series)

A particular sort of hair loss shouts, “I’m exceptionally detestable,” and a goatee typically joins it. Kane marks the two boxes, and he does it with an appeal. When you see him, you are not shocked to learn he is a pseudo-strict figure who drives a gathering called The Brotherhood of Nod. He is one of the bald video game characters.

16. Rude (Final Fantasy VII)

Rude is an excellent and composed spy. He knows how to make this look work with dazzling shades and a tailored suit. He also realizes sparseness benefits skirmish contenders like him; your adversaries can’t snatch your hair if you don’t have anything on your head to get. He is one of the bald video game characters.

17. 8-Ball (Grand Theft Auto III.)

An explosives master who escapes from jail with Claude Speed in Grand Theft Auto III. His hands are intensely bound with bandages because of extreme burns. He is one of the bald video game characters.

18. Aang (Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Aang)

Aang is the lead character in the “Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Aang” games and animation. Aang is the rebirth of the astonishing Avatar that should dominate all four components: air, water, earth, and fire to carry equilibrium to the world. He is one of the bald video game characters.

19. Sergeant Cortez (Timesplitters)

There are a ton of players who feel like the TimeSplitters establishment isn’t getting how much love it merits. Individuals who took part in the superb TimeSplitters Future Perfect mission will presumably affectionately recall Sergeant Cortez.

Aside from being one of the most misjudged first-individual shooter legends in gaming, Cortez is also hilarious. A fast scan of the game’s numerous cutscenes makes it humorous, especially to those who’ve never played the game before. He is one of the bald video game characters.

20. Bitores Mendez (Resident Evil 4)

“The Big Cheese” of the town, as is called by Luis and Leon, is a huge, bald, and unbeatable character. He has a long facial hair growth rather than head hair and this, alongside the raincoat and unpleasant voice, makes him an inevitable part of this rundown. He is one of the bald video game characters. 

21. Vodka Drunkenski (Punch-Out!! Games)

Being a sizable vodka-drinking fighter with a mustache and bald hair is excellent. Mr. Drunkenski has a sharp head, so his hair loss is extraordinary. Als,o he can toss one helluva poke. “I will punch you tipsy!” He is one of the bald video game characters.

22. Moebius (Legacy of Kain Series)

Moebius the Timestreamer changes history with his cunning activities and goes on a campaign to free the universe of vampires. He likewise has an excellent immortality sign on his temple connoting time or something. No big deal either way. He is one of the bald video game characters. 

23. Psycho Mantis (Metal Gear Solid)

He’s anorexic, understands what you’re thinking, and can move stuff. He likewise can peruse your memory card and make your regulator move. Amazing. He is one of the bald video game characters.

24. Manny Calavera (Grim Fandango)

Manny’s pronunciation and his amusing mind are some of his likable characteristics. Likewise, he thwarts the plans of a few ridiculous troublemakers. He is one of the bald video game characters.

25. Dhalsim (Street Fighter)

These Indian battles utilize esoteric yoga, and he likes meditation, curry, elephants, and safeguarding his town and friends and family (spouse Sally and child Datta).

He, anyway, detests sweets, meat, savagery, and evil powers. He is a Yoga ace by calling and is also talented at teaching magnanimity and telepathy.

Dhalsim is frequently portrayed with white eyes lacking pupils. His arms are likewise exceptionally long, and he utilizes this to make a benefit over his rivals during battles, generally selecting to wear them out in various ways. 

He wears torn yellow saffron shorts, held tied around his midsection by a piece of rope, as his main dress, as well as yellow saffron wristbands and ankle bands.

He has three red stripes embellishing his head, band studs, metallic wristbands, and sometimes anklets. He is one of the bald video game characters.

26. Dr. Wily (Mega Man)

Specialist Albert W. Wily, essentially known as Dr. Wily, is the main bad guy of the first Mega Man series, showing up in practically all games, and a significant (however concealed) bad guy in the Mega Man X series.

He is a human researcher, an essential opponent to Doctor Thomas Light, and the most outstanding enemy to Mega Man. He tries to overcome the world with his robot armed force led by his Robot Masters. However, he is constantly crushed by Mega Man.

27. Lex Luthor (Infinite Crisis)

Lex Luthor is the virtuoso, self-image-focused Metropolis businessman. With his organization, LexCorp, and technologically advanced Warsuit, he has gone about as a main bad guy and partner to Superman and the Justice League.

This single male American is 6′ 2″ tall and weighs 210 lbs. He has green eyes. He is a finance manager, researcher, criminal, and President of the United States. He is one of the bald video game characters.


If you are a fan of any of the above movies, you surely have come across some of your favorite bald video game characters, with some of my favorites being Agent 47 and Kratos. If you have not used any of the above characters, it would be nice to try out these bald badasses.

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