25 Best Android Sports Apps for Sports Fans

Best Android Sports Apps

There are many Best Android sports apps for sports lovers to exploit. Sports are a significant source of entertainment for millions of people worldwide.

The vast majority of individuals like watching their favorite sporting events from the comfort of their own homes.

In addition, many people enjoy being up to date on the latest sports news. They are, however, unable to keep up with the current happenings in the sports world due to their hectic job schedules.

Many sports applications have been released in the recent decade, which is good. With the help of these apps, various sports enthusiasts may stay up to date on matches, player information, and scores, among other things.

Furthermore, the popularity of sports grows every year among millions of people worldwide.

A decent sports app should provide you with content from various sports. With that in mind, here are the best Android sports apps.

Sports applications are many on the Play Store, as you already know, but a few stand out, such as theScore, ESPN, The Bleacher, Fashcore, SofaScore, and many more.

You may keep track of your favorite teams in various sports and receive reminders about your favorite players.

So, read on as we discuss some of the best Sports Apps for Android.


ESPN’s sports platform is one of the most comprehensive in media. Some people dislike them, which is fine, but no one can deny their features and coverage depth.

This includes sports scores from several leagues, a streaming service (ESPN+) with multiple league sports coverage, a competent fantasy sports platform, and at least a semi-decent assortment of written news, rumors, op-eds, and other similar stuff.

Of course, ESPN caters mainly to sports fans in North America. The streaming service costs $4.99 a month and offers a wide range of niche and popular sports.

2. Feedly

Feedly is an app that allows you to read RSS feeds. They aren’t as popular as they once were, but they will enable you to follow whatever blogs, websites, or news sources you desire.

For sports fans, this is ideal. It allows you to follow several websites without downloading their app and bloat your phone.

You can also access indie sports news sources that don’t generally have applications. It allows you to focus on the origins and sports you want to watch without being distracted by other distractions.

The app is likewise accessible, with a subscription option if you require more capabilities. This is one of the best Android sports apps.

3. TheScore

theScore is a long-running sports app with two distinct elements that help it stand out from the crowd: a gorgeous dark look and a commitment to providing the most significant sports experience on Android.

This well-designed software allows you to locate the news, scores, and standings quickly you require before returning to your original task.

Furthermore, to ensure that you never miss an alert, theScore even allows you to send a test alert ahead of a significant event to confirm that everything is in working order.

When it comes to alerts, theScore offers something that few other apps do: tailored notifications based on individual players.

Typically, you’ll be bombarded with notifications about your favorite leagues and teams, which is especially beneficial for people who wish to keep track of a specific athlete or their fantasy football roster.

In addition to providing up-to-date news and personalized notifications, theScore offers a “social” component that allows you to open a game’s score, touch the Chat icon, and converse with others watching the same game. Best of all, there is free, as long as you’re ready to put up with some advertisements.

4. CBS Sports

CBS Sports isn’t simply another app for keeping up with your favorite teams and athletes. You can also watch your favorite games on CBS Sports, including UEFA Champions League and Europa League matches, the NFL on CBS, and even mixed martial arts tournaments.

Furthermore, when you first launch the app, you are met with a simple layout that allows you to absorb all of the critical information.

Also, if you dig a little further, you’ll find highlights of a game or a post-game interview you might have missed. CBS All Access subscribers will be able to watch a variety of exclusives and all major sporting events.

5. Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports has you covered whether you’re looking for up-to-the-minute scores during college football’s chaos or long-form editorial and in-depth sports journalism pieces.

Also, Yahoo Sports contains some highlights and analysis videos. If you’d prefer to read their news than watch it, it’s less video-heavy than CBS or ESPN.

Suppose you’ve been without your phone all day or all week. In that case, you may hit the Notification Center on the Yahoo Sports app to see every headline Yahoo Sports has delivered a notification for in the last several days. This is one of the best android Sports Apps.

6. Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict is a fantastic podcast listener. It crawls iTunes, so any podcast you can find on iTunes is also available here.

This is an excellent one-stop-shop for sports podcasts covering many sports. I use it to listen to two hockey podcasts, 31 Thoughts and Hockey Central at Noon.

There are a variety of other options available as well. After an hour or two of looking about, the UI isn’t anything exceptional, but you get a lot of organizational options, and it’s relatively easy to use.

Furthermore, you can remove advertisements and unlock everything for a single in-app purchase of less than $9.99.

7. Sofascore

SofaScore is, without a doubt, the best sports score app available. It provides ratings for almost everything.

Football (both varieties), baseball, basketball, hockey, and other sports like darts, badminton, bandy, tennis, volleyball, rugby, cycling, and even Motorsport fall into this category.

The UI is simple and well-organized, especially considering the number of sports scores this app covers. It’s a must-have for anyone who appreciates sports from all over the world.

This app is very incredible. Furthermore, without a doubt, this is one of the best and most popular android sports apps.

8. The Athletic

The Athletic takes a different approach to sports coverage than the rest of the media. Instead of live-updating scores, you’ll get in-depth analysis and news items about what’s going on in your favorite league and with your famous clubs.

Each sport has its professional sportswriter, and the app provides over 1,000 weekly articles of the greatest possible quality.

The Athletic, as one might guess, comes with a catch. You’ll have to pay for a monthly or yearly subscription, but it’s well worth it to stay updated on the latest sports news.

Furthermore, if you’re going to see if The Athletic is right for you, there’s a free seven-day trial, and then subscriptions start at just $4.99 a month.

9. Sleeper

Fantasy Football is all the rage for half of the year, and what better way to stay up with the newest news than with the most excellent app? Sleeper began as a modest effort and has since grown into the most okay fantasy football app on Android.

You can establish leagues, participate in the draft day, and then smack talk league members all from a single app and for free.

Sleeper’s community has developed to the point that you can download the app and communicate with other football enthusiasts looking for as much knowledge as possible.

Those notifications can come in handy, and a significant waiver-wire pickup can make or break a season. This is one of the best Android sports apps.

10. Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report is one of those websites covering every sports league and club imaginable. Even if you can’t be at home or with your friends to watch the game live, there are customized notifications so you don’t miss a moment.

After the game, you’ll meet with articles and other content to help you catch up on what you’ve missed. Fantasy sports gamers may sync their accounts and get the most up-to-date information about their team’s players.

Furthermore, it’s impossible to dismiss the importance of having a personalized news feed, and Bleacher Report is one of the best android sports apps on the Play Store.

11. NFL

The NFL app has had its ups and downs throughout the years, but it currently appears to be in a decent place. The app gives you all the information you need about games around the league.

If you want to view what’s going on in a particular game, tap on it and look at the Play by Play, in-game analytics, or major play highlights.

As expected, you’ll be able to drink up as much coverage as you want, beginning with the NFL Combine and continuing until the Super Bowl.

Furthermore, there’s also NFL RedZone, which is perhaps the ideal way to watch football if you’re in a fantasy football league or simply a football fan who enjoys seeing big drives.

12. NHL

The official NHL app received a massive makeover ahead of the 2019-2020 season, significantly improving the Gamecenter experience.

That facelift is here to stay, making it easier for you to keep track of your favorite team. It also lets you set up custom notifications for when a goal is scored or when the game is about to end.

NHL TV subscribers will be able to watch their favorite teams in stunning HD on the official NHL app. You can also change the app’s colors to match your club’s colors, which is a great touch that doesn’t leave you wanting more. If you can’t see the game at home, you can listen to any game for free’s radio broadcast.

13. TuneIn Radio

For sports enthusiasts, TuneIn Radio is undoubtedly the most excellent radio app. It hosts a variety of radio stations from all around the world, including talk and sports radio.

On the platform, there are over 100,000 stations and podcasts. Live MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL games are also available.

That is, however, a premium feature. This is a fantastic app for those who still enjoy the old-fashioned pleasures of listening to the game on the radio.

Furthermore, the majority of the stations are included in the free edition. There is a $9.99 per month subscription for things like handpicked live games. Also, this is one of the best android sports apps.

14. Official League Apps

The majority of sports leagues have mobile apps. This is especially true in North American sports and, at the very least, in most European football leagues.

Schedules, sports scores, updates, news, and even broadcast live games are all available. The cost of a subscription varies by sport. The primary mechanic, though, is essentially the same.

You have access to every game that isn’t available on the market. These apps are fantastic for sports fans. All of these apps’ non-streaming features are free.

15. MLB

Rather than displaying a typical baseball field in the background, the MLB app wants you to feel like you’re sitting right behind home plate during Gameday.

See what’s going on pitch by pitch, coupled with more information than you would think, such as pitch speeds and where they are in (or out of) the strike zone.

Furthermore, the MLB app also serves as the home of MLB.TV, allowing you to watch the MLB.TV Game of the Day. From Opening Day to Game 7 of the World Series, find out what’s going on in baseball.

Condensed Games is an excellent option for individuals who can’t watch all of the games because it only presents the highlights and takes less than three hours to catch up on everything. This is one of the best Android sports apps.

16. NBA

We’re allowed to download the official NBA app moving on to basketball. You can watch your favorite teams live, check up on the news throughout the day, and watch post-game press conferences with NBA League Pass and NBA TV.

Notifications provide you with all of the information you require as soon as it becomes available, and you can even view the play-by-play while games are in progress.

Furthermore, the NBA is distinct in that it allows fans to watch “classic” games from the league’s glory days. You can watch Jordan’s Game 6 versus the Jazz or Kobe and Shaq complete their first three-peat from the same app.

17. 365scores

Since 1998, 365Scores has been the Internet’s first live score service, powered by LiveScore.com. It’s one of the most incredible sports applications for keeping track of all the latest news, scores, tournament brackets, live notifications, videos, and highlights.

Football, Rugby, American Football, and Handball are among the ten sports supported by 365Scores. It gives you the most up-to-date push notifications from your favorite teams and leagues in real-time. You can also view a goal video that occurred just 5 minutes later.

18. BBC Sports

BBC Sports is without a doubt one of the most significant Android sports applications for keeping up with all the newest sporting events.

Furthermore, BBC Sports’ home screen displays the most important news and analysis from around the world of sport. It lets you view live athletic events and catch up on on-demand highlights.

You may search for upcoming live events and make reminders to receive push alerts when they begin. You may now share match stories and results with your friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter. This is one of the best android sports apps.

19. MSN Sports

MSN Sports gives you access to a wide range of live sporting events and game updates in real-time. This tool makes it simple to keep track of fixtures and standings.

The NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Formula 1, cricket, and international football leagues are among the more than 150 leagues and thousands of teams available. MSN Sport allows you to remember your preferences and follow your favorite players, teams, and leagues.

20. Livescore

LiveScore is a fantastic resource for staying up to date on the latest news and information. Since 1998, it has been powered by LiveScore.com, making it the first live score service on the Internet. LiveScore is a tool that allows you to access precise match information.

This program provides live tennis, basketball, ice hockey, cricket, and cricket player stats and season schedules for your favorite teams.

21. Fox Sports

Fox Corporation, a well-known American media firm, owns Fox Sports App. they recently upgraded the Fox Sports app to reflect the current sports fan’s preferences. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

The software is simple to use and well designed. You can locate exactly what you’re looking for with a single click. It keeps you up to date on the latest news and highlights it in a custom-made feed with stories, scores, and other information.

Furthermore, you can also get updates from your favorite FOX Sports programming and personalities on-air.

22. NBC Sports

NBC Sports, an American programming branch of broadcast network NBC, owns the popular Sports app. The app is available in the United States and many US territories, and it is also the most popular app in Apple’s app store.

NBC Sports, NBCSN, NBC Sports Gold, Telemundo deportes, and Olympic Channel provide apps that allow you to view thousands of sporting events.

Furthermore, the app’s user interface is intuitive and straightforward. You may quickly switch from one screen to another.

It allows you to watch NFL, NHL, PGA Tour, Premier League, French Open, and other sporting events live. This is one of the best android sports apps.

23. Sky Sport

Sky Sports is a group of British subscription sports channels managed by Sky Group, a satellite television corporation. It was first released in 1990.

In the United Kingdom and Ireland, it is now the most popular subscription sports television channel. Furthermore, the Sky Sports app has been launched by the firm.

Also, it features breaking sports news stories and lives blog commentary. It also includes highlights from renowned premium leagues, including the Sky Bet Championship, the English Football League, and European Football Leagues.

24. Flashscore

FlashScore boasts extensive coverage of more than 38 sports and over 6000 contests worldwide. You can look for the most recent scores, statistics, and standings from various sports.

Furthermore, his software allows you to receive all match updates in real-time to a live audience in a stadium, making it one of the most popular sports applications among sports fans.

25. Forza Football

It is another well-known sports app on the market. More than 5 million football fans throughout the world enjoy it. Forza Football’s ultimate goal is to keep you up to date on every football league globally.

The app refreshes every 10 seconds and provides comprehensive coverage of more than 420 football leagues worldwide.

You may get updates on numerous elite football leagues worldwide, such as the UEFA Champions League, Women’s World Cup, EFL Championship, etc.

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