10 Best Anime Series of All Time


Growing up as a kid, most of us had always been glued to the TV screen, watching Voltron, Thunder Cat, and the likes, most of us still do, while many don’t fancy it.

And a few of us evolved and joined the anime, manga world. If you are not familiar with this term that means you are not an evolved species yet.

Animes are cartoon series, created by Japanese, Chinese and Korean industries, there are more than a million anime series out there, and a single series can have up to 600 episodes, these Animes comes in various genre to please their audience, from love to horror to action, sci-fi, sports, supernatural, etc.

Animes had been in the industry for over 60 years with its most popular release by Osamu Tezuka, have you seen or heard of Astro Boy? Well, that’s the first most popular anime (Tetsuwan Atom) the US just calls it Astro Boy.

The first anime was actually “The tale of the white Serpent in the year 1958. If you are yet to see a series, I’ll list ten awesome anime you just have to watch.

1. Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball

This is one of the old anime series centered around a Saiyan called Goku from planet Vegeta; his planet was destroyed by Frieza, Goku survived along with Tarble, Kakarot (Goku), Prince Vegeta, Nappa, Raditz, Bardock, Onio, Broly, Paragus and Turles.

With his Saiyan powers, Goku is faced with countless enemies; it’s up to him and Vegeta to defend planet earth from imminent doom.

2. Samurai X

Samurai X

Around the 11th year of the Meiji era in Japan, there was an assassin known as Battosai (the legendary manslayer) whose real name was Rouroni Kenshi Himura.

After he found out how corrupt the Meiji government was, he vowed never to take a life, and use his skills to protect the weak, and those he loves, but he gradually faces adversaries including his successor Makoto Shishio that would make him break his vows, this captivating love, romance, comedy, and action-filled anime is a must-watch.

3. Bleach

bleach anime

Ever fantasized about the afterlife, grim reapers, and souls? Bleach is the series for you, it features the life of a middle school student, Kurosaki Ichigo (the orange hair kid) he was born with the power to see a ghost, his mother was killed by a hollow ( corrupt soul), and there was nothing he could do about it.

But after he met Kuchiki Rukia who helped him awaken his latent abilities thereby making him a Shinigami (soul reaper) Ichigo dedicates his powers to helping lost souls and defending earth from great evil from the underworld.

4. Naruto

Some of us are more into ninjas and samurai; Naruto shows us the life of a young boy, hated by his villagers because he carried in him a seal which contained the most deadly beast in Konoa (Nine tail beast) placed there by his father who saved Konoha from this beast.

Regardless of this hatred and solitude shown to Naruto it didn’t stop him from attaining his ultimate dream, being the Hokage of Konoha.

Naruto accompanied by his friends Sasuke, Sakura, Hinata, Chouji, and the rest, takes up the responsibility to back up the old generation in defending their world from Strong Bose, e.g. pain, Madara, etc.

5. One Piece

One Piece

This is one of my favorites, and the longest ongoing anime with over 400 episodes, this anime stars the young captain of the straw heart Monkey D Luffy, who after he ate the devil’s fruit (Gomu Gomu) gained the attributes of rubber, Luffy and his crew embarked on numerous journey over the ocean( grand line, ).

They are determined to find the lost treasure of old Gold D Roger “one-piece” a treasure that makes one Kaizokuo (pirate king). Faced with both the Marine and stronger adversaries, Luffy and his crew had to get stronger to be able to survive the dangers ahead.

6. One Punch man

One Punch man animes

The man who finishes all his battle with one punch, Saitama. One punch man is a must-watch for all, as it has humor and nonstop action.

The main cast Saitama who is the strongest man on earth although not recognized by the hero association lives his life in a world invaded by countless monsters, he and his friends fight off these monsters to save their world from destruction.

If you have not seen this anime, I strongly advise you to.

7. Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan

If what you looking for is an epic, battle-filled and captivating anime, then this would do fine, this is one manga that takes us back in time. When the human race was almost wiped out by very huge human-like creatures called Titans.

These titans eat human flesh, not cause they are hungry, but they do it for sports, this made humans build very huge walls and enclose themselves in them.

It’s an anime filled with wonderful dialogues, also many sad and heroic moments, as comrades sacrifice themselves to save the human race, mothers, brothers, sisters, fathers, friends are eaten by these very creatures, and nothing could be done.

The stories revolve around a young boy Eren Yeager, who can turn into a Titan, this ability suddenly give the human race a ray of hope in battling these titans.

8. Death Note

Imagine having a book that can kill anyone you can think of, simply by writing down the name of the person in the book.

Well, it’s possible in this anime, apparently, this book was created by a death god for his own amusement, a high school student Light Yagami found this book, and decided to ride the would of bad criminals and politicians, the authorities had to hire a special detective to help solve the mysterious killings.

9. Mob Psycho

Mob Psycho

This anime is another wonderful one; It tells the story of a shy boy born with psychic powers (telekinesis).

Regardless of his powers, Mobu has always felt secluded from the world and led a lonesome life.

But he learns from his master who is a fake that claims to be a psychic, that his powers do not make him better than other people who are without powers, without knowing it his master had changed his life and made him better and brighter.

10. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul

Kaneki a boy who was bitten by a ghoul but survived the attack has the ghoul died by accident, and couldn’t finish off her prey, Kaneki now became a hybrid ghoul who becomes half-human half-ghoul and is forced to live the life of a ghoul, feeding on human flesh for survival.

So, guys, these are some of the very interesting Animes I’ve seen that are out there, there are still a lot more out there that are equally as good as they are, hope you have fun watching them.

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