20 Best Barbie Video Games of All Time

best Barbie Video Games

There are many barbie video games for game lovers to try. Since 1984, so many captivating barbie video games have been released, so read on as we discussed some of the best barbie video games released.

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1. Barbie

BarbieTM is a computer game for the Commodore 64 released in 1984. It’s an 8-bit strategy game with 8-bit graphics. Barbie is going on a date with Ken, so the player must choose the appropriate outfit for the occasion.

Players must converse with their partner Ken (using an actual spoken audio soundtrack) and drive a yellow convertible around town and try on bikinis (both one-piece and two-piece swimsuits are available), dresses, and shoes.

Date ideas include a romantic supper on the town or a relaxed day at the beach. Barbie would skip the date sequence and move on to the next objective if she wears the wrong outfit, but the right outfit will allow players to view Barbie and her date in a photograph of the occasion.

2. Barbie

BarbieTM is a single-player platforming video game for the Nintendo Entertainment System released on December 31, 1991. Imagineering created it, and Hi-Tech Expressions released it.

Barbie fantasizes about being invited to the Fantasy Ball, but she doesn’t have anything decent to wear. She visits three planets, searching for accessories for the big night and a chance with Ken.

In addition, It’s “not simply a game of ridiculous trends and changing clothing,” according to an Allgame review, but it also contains “basic puzzles and competent, albeit slow, platform action.”

3. Barbie Beach Vacation

Barbie Beach Vacation is one of the best barbie video games that is a 2001 action-adventure video game developed by Krome Studios and published by Vivendi Universal Interactive Publishing in the Barbie franchise.

Furthermore, As a counterbalance to the more aggressive gameplay of modern male-targeted action games, the game was praised for incorporating “beautiful and joyful” gaming elements.

4. Barbie Fashion Designer

In 1996, Mattel Media released Barbie Fashion Designer, a dress-up computer game created by Digital Domain and released for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS.

Players can design and customize their costumes in this game. After that, players can print their designs and make outfits for their real-life Barbie dolls.

Furthermore, Players can create outfits and clothing by choosing from various themes, clothing, colors, and patterns from numerous menus.

However, Barbie models their dress on a 3D runway when players have finished designing it.

5. Barbie Magic Hairstyler

Barbie Magic Hair Styler is a dress-up computer game for Microsoft Windows created by EAI Interactive and released by Mattel Media in 1997. Kira, Barbie, Christie, and Teresa’s hair could be cut, styled, and regrown using a unique extending tool.

They could also use eyeshadow, lipstick, blush, or “fake” tattoos as cosmetics. Makeup is only applied to specific regions, and applying unusual hues may cause the game to respond with a “that looks weird” response.

The players might also add jewelry and thematic accessories. Players can be “given a video of your model at her special event — sporting the look you’ve developed for her” at the end of the style session.

6. Barbie Nail Designer

Barbie Nail Designer is one of the best Barbie video games released in 1998 among the Barbie franchise released in September 1998 by Mattel Interactive.

After Deer Hunter II and Need for Speed 3, it was the third best-selling game in the week ending October 24. Along with Barbie Riding Club and Railroad Tycoon II, the game was one of the top three best-selling games in the week ending November 14.

It was the sixth best-selling game in the week ending December 5, 1998. According to Happy Puppy, the title is “nothing like a game.”

7. Barbie Riding Club

Barbie Riding Club is a computer game created by Human Code and distributed by Mattel Media in 1998. Feeding, grooming, and riding horses are all part of the game.

Barbie Riding Club topped PC Data’s computer game sales rankings in its first week in the United States.

Furthermore, It debuted in second place on the monthly charts in November 1998, kept into December. Also, by the end of the year, it had sold 288,381 units in the United States, bringing in $9 million in revenue.

According to PC Data, this made it the 14th best-selling computer game in the United States in 1998.

8. Barbie sparkling ice show

Barbie Sparkling Ice Show is a video game in the Barbie franchise released in 2002 by Vivendi Universal Games for Windows. It was developed by Krome Studios and published by Vivendi Universal Games.

The game was “nice – relaxed, and most importantly, not bothersome,” according to 7Wolf. EdutainingKids liked the appealing design and ease of learning. The game proved challenging to play for non-skaters, according to The Odyssey Online.

9. Barbie Storymaker

Barbie Storymaker is a video game from Mattel Media released in 1997 and is part of the Barbie franchise. It’s a virtual representation of doll-playing, according to Buzzfeed.

SuperKids thought it was a fantastic way for mothers and daughters to collaborate on stories. The Independent commended the title for teaching players both computer skills and filmmaking techniques.

10. Detective Barbie in the Mystery of the carnival caper!

This is one of the three Mystery themed and adventure barbie games starring the character barbie.

In this video game, Ken volunteered for a disappearing magic trick at a local carnival and vanished. It is up to the player to track him down.

In addition, According to PC Gamer’s Richard Cobbett, the game lacked sparkle and flair. Instead of logic and logical reasoning skills, SuperKids asserted “perseverance, patience, and good directional talents” were required to solve the issue.

11. Detective Barbie 2: The vacation mystery

This is one of the three Mystery themed and adventure barbie games starring the character barbie.

Furthermore, in this video game, Barbie Detective (Barbie, Ken, and Becky, a wheelchair-bound computer whiz) solves a mystery involving a series of antique jewels stolen from the Lighthouse Cove hotel.

The Barbie GamePad may be used to play the game. Each game has a special place for the clues.

Clues lead Barbie closer to discovering the Mystery by requiring her to locate puzzle pieces that, once entirely constructed, reveal a strange message on the back.

The game may be too complex for young players, according to SuperKids, and adults with short attention spans should avoid it. The Boston Herald opined that while the game was not very unique, it would nonetheless provide hours of entertainment.

12. Detective Barbie 2: The mystery cruise

This is one of the three Mystery themed and adventure barbie games starring the character barbie. This was a two-player game that was announced on November 20, 2000. Also, in this game, Barbie investigates the disappearance of artworks from a cruise liner in this story in this video game.

13. Barbie: Explorer

Barbie: Explorer is a Barbie-themed video game for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation. Runecraft created the game, released in 2001 by Vivendi Universal Interactive Publishing.

Furthermore, there are four levels to each location. One begins with three destinations (Tibet, Egypt, and Africa), and Babylon will appear as the last destination after all three relics have been discovered.

When the four relics are found, the game is over, and Barbie returns to the museum. She repairs the mirror by placing each artifact in its proper location.

14. Barbie Fashion Show: An Eye For Style

Barbie Fashion Show: An Eye for Style is a strategy video game by Thai studio Cyber Planet Interactive based on the Barbie franchise.

The game is a follow-up to Barbie Fashion Show for PC. In this game, players take on the role of a fashion assistant to Barbie (voiced by Kelly Sheridan) and Teresa (voiced by Catherine ‘Cat’ Main), Barbie’s best friend.

The game also lets users customize outfits for the game’s models.

15. Barbie: Game Girl

Barbie: Game Girl is a 2D platform game based on the Barbie doll franchise released in 1992. Also, Barbie must find an outfit for her date with Ken in this platform game.

There is a shopping center level, an underwater level, and different worlds to explore in the environment. Collecting gems and pearls to fend off opponents is also a big part.

In addition, Sharks and jellyfish are among the game’s enemies, which can be found in underwater levels. In the game, you must also battle sugar cubes that move about.

The game’s bonus rounds are essentially a Concentration-style game in which the player earns extra points by matching identical cards.

16. Barbie House Adventures

Barbie Horse Adventures is a video game franchise based on Mattel’s Barbie doll brand. The series is geared toward children and covers a variety of equestrian topics.

The players play Barbie and other members of Barbie’s friends and family. The settings range from natural (hills and woods) to artificial (buildings) (horse ranches and racetracks).

Furthermore, the gameplay revolves around several facets of equestrianism, with the specific activities altering from game to game in the series.

Horses are tamed, fed, groomed, and trained by the players. Horses may become separated from their riders, requiring players to locate them. However, riding horses in various ways, such as trick riding and participating in horse races, is at the heart of the game.

Hostile animals such as porcupines and skunks may assault players.

17. Barbie: Race and Rides

Barbie Race & Ride is a PlayStation video game about horses released in 1999. It is a spiritual successor to the Barbie Horse Adventures series due to its equestrian-themed gameplay.

Players can choose to play in a one-player or two-player format (in 2-player mode, they will not be able to clean and care for their horse).

A player will select attire for their character before choosing a horse. Only the Beach and the Meadow, out of the four playable places, will allow them to race against other players.

18. Secret Agent Barbie

Barbie: Secret Agent is a multiplatform video game for Microsoft Windows and Game Boy Advance released in 2001.

Barbie is a clandestine secret agent that travels the world on missions. Furthermore, The GBA game Secret Agent Barbie: Royal Jewels Mission is a 2D action platformer. Camille, the antagonist, steals the Queen’s Jewels.

In addition, Barbie travels to England, China, Italy, and Mexico to reclaim the Queen’s Jewels and apprehend the thief while escaping guards.

19. Barbie Super Sports

Barbie: Super Sports is a sports video game developed by Runecraft and distributed by Mattel Media for PlayStation and Microsoft Windows.

Teresa, Barbie, Christie, and Kira are the four characters, and there are two sports to choose from snowboarding and roller skating.

In addition, Barbie: Super Sports received a poor overall rating of 2.38 out of 5, with GameFAQs criticizing the sound, stating, “The sound effects, certainly not fulfilling the quantity side of the quota, and the quality side of things is debatable as well,” but praising the graphics, stating, “The graphics, certainly not fulfilling the quantity side of the quota, and the quality side of things is debatable as well.”

20. Barbie Super Model

Barbie Super Model best Barbie Video Games

Barbie: Super Model is a multiplayer educational action video game in which the player takes on the role of Barbie.

In 1993, it was released for the Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and MS-DOS. The majority of the game is made up of reasonably basic arcade-style routines.

The player must navigate from one end to the other horizontally scrolling space in each level while avoiding all obstacles and potential hazards aimed at the main character.

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