12 Best Christmas Comic Books

Best Christmas Comic Books

It’s about that time of the year when trees are decorated and gifts are exchanged. Christmas is a big deal to most people, and especially Christians.

Mainly, it’s the varied celebrations and family gatherings that make this day and season special, a month after Thanksgiving. 

A lot happens during this time, but reading rarely makes it to the top of the activity list unless it’s about ‘the good book.’

However, there’s a lot of comic literature that can help sustain the happy mood even after everyone is exhausted.

Below are some of the best Christmas comic books for individual and family times.

1. Batman Adventures Holiday Special 1995

Written by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm

Superhero stories are favorites to most kids, so yours will definitely love this one. It’s a spin-off from Dini and Paul’s four-story series.

Batman is a favorite to most children even on regular days, so having him grace the holidays will mean all kinds of special to the young ones.

With his entire family, Batman is out to save the day as usual. A lot is happening including a white Christmas by Mr. Freeze and department stores robbery by creepy Santa.

2. Superman’s Christmas Adventure

Written by Jerry Siegel

This is another one of the DC comics that children can’t have enough of. In this classic story, Superman is at it again being Santa’s delivery mate.

Meaney and Grouch steal Santa’s reindeer and because gifts must be delivered on Christmas, Superman steps in to save the day.

The circumstances in which the Reindeer disappears and the whole replacement situation is rib-cracking.

This hilarious story will make a great read for the whole family as you await Santa’s special gifts.

3. Present Tense

Written by Ty Templeton

Pretense Tense is one of the most comical holiday stories ever. In his usual Christmas escapades, Santa trespasses an evil kingdom manned by numerous guards.

The villain ruler, Darkseid is informed of the security breach and the soldiers start hunting down the trespasser.

However, Santa is determined to complete his goody delivery mission to all who appear on his ‘Naughty or Nice’ list.

Unfortunately and hilariously so, the evil Darkseid is also on the list as one of the naughty ones. Santa gladly delivers coal to his hunter and disappears at super speed. 

4. Mickey and Donald Christmas Parade

Written by various creators. E.g. Massimo Fecchi, Giampaolo and Abramo among others

This is a collection of holiday cartoon specials by various creators. A lot is happening with the return of old-time favorite Scrooge McDuck.

In one of the stories, Scrooge invites Mickey and his friends to allegedly have some holiday fun but plans to trick them into doing maintenance.

In another tale, Mickey and his friends go on a mission to save Christmas from evil Santa robots.

As usual, these characters don’t live regular lives; they are full of adventures that will leave your ribs cracked most of the time.

This is one of the best Christmas comic books, especially for kids.

5. Merry Freaking Christmas

Written by Fred Van Lente and Sanford Green

This is one of the top comic book stories that give Christmas a whole new mood.

In this story, a stream of bizarre and ridiculous events happen in the same place involving Santa, Deadpool, and an evil Snowman.

Initially, Deadpool invades Santa’s workshop intending to interfere with Santa’s ‘Naughty or Nice’ list.

The two start fighting and are interrupted by the Snowman from whom Deadpool saves Santa’s life.

The funny turn of events will leave you in stitches as Deadpool’s mission is exposed at the end.

6. Christmas on Bear Mountain

Written by Carl Barks

Are you a Donald Duck fan? If so, then you’ll enjoy the season’s special by the talented cartoonist Carl Barks.

In this one, Donald and his nephews visit uncle Scrooge McDuck. The fun begins when Scrooge decides to test Donald’s courage and dresses him as a bear.

The hilarious events that ensue will crack you up big time. As bad luck would have it, when real bears graced the scene, the fake bear was effortlessly exposed.

7. Christmas Knight

Written by James Robinson

It’s a holiday story that will remind you of the real essence of Christmas that is, coming together and having fun times as a family.

Jack Knight stumbles upon Santa in one of the departmental stores in town and they together navigate the traffic jam.

Later on, Jack invites Santa for Christmas and everyone is having the fun of their lives. Just like any other family, there’re lots of comical incidences as people expose their dark sides.

8. Hellboy: A Christmas Underground

Written by Mike Mignola, Gary Gianni, Steve Purcell, and Geof Darrow

Mike Mignola and his friends came up with this funny tale to depict the giving Christmas spirit. It’s a great read for those who love image comics. 

In this bizarre story, Hellboy finds himself in a situation that leaves him with no choice but to play Santa and fulfill a dying mother’s last wish.

This woman mistakes Hellboy for the holiday goody master and she’s counting on him to find her daughter.

You will have fun as you navigate this hilariously chilling adventure with Hellboy, the fake Santa. 

9. The Silent Night of the Batman

Written by Mike Friedrich, Dick Giordano, and Neal Adams

In this image story, Batman is portrayed in a completely different light.

The ever-buy hero spends the Christmas night eve singing the season’s carols as convinced by Commissioner Gordon.

The agreement was that they keep singing until they hear the first trouble report, which never came.

It’s unusual and entertaining to have Batman remaining still singing the whole night. This story heavily underlines the spirit of the Christmas season where all things come to a standstill in honor of the new king.

10. Father Christmas

Written by Raymond Briggs

Father Christmas is the British Santa whose characteristics in this book are nothing close to the jolly Santa Claus.

The author presents a comically grumpy Santa who is not excited to deliver any gifts. Instead, he treats his duties as a regular job that doesn’t light him up at all.

He’s also an old man who stays alone with the only companions being his dog and cat. Can you picture a grumpy Santa? That’s what’s funny or sad.

11. “Yes, Virginia, There is a Santron”

Written by Reily Brown, Jeff Parker, and Pat Davidson

The avengers are awesome together when they are at work. However, when they meet to celebrate Christmas, it’s chaotic.

They are all working towards a successful Christmas together but each is making hilarious contributions.

A holiday meet-up cannot get any messier. If you think your family is chaotic, follow the avenger on this holiday special story and appreciate how orderly your folks are.

12. The Night the Mob Stole X-mas-“Brave and the Bold”

Written by Bob Haney and Jim Aparo

In this superhero comic story, Batman joins forces with Plastic man to deal with a bunch of crooks who steal Lacy’s department store display.

They aim to hide their smuggled cigarettes but Batman is already in position to thwart their butt-legging mission, as he hilariously calls it.

You will enjoy Batman’s usual wins and the humor in the purging mission.

Take Away

The true meaning of Christmas is accessing the deepest joy reservoirs within and spreading the overflow with all, especially family.

There is no one way of doing it so all comic book fans are free to have fun the best way they know how.

The list of the best Christmas comic books provided here isn’t exhaustive, but a great place to start. 

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