21 Best Christmas Movies on Disney Plus for Your Family 

Best Christmas Movies on Disney Plus

Nothing can stop the winter chill from setting in, but a classic and best Christmas movie on Disney Plus always helps to make it feel a little more bearable.

Thankfully, Disney Plus, the company’s streaming service, has a plethora of uplifting holiday flicks to select from.  

Disney Plus’ holiday movie selection includes options for every age range, genre, and level of Disney admiration.  

Whether it’s a nostalgic nod to Christmas mornings long ago, a kid-friendly choice sure to become a new holiday tradition. or a wintry original exclusive to the streaming service. 

Additionally, with Christmas approaching, it won’t be long until holiday movie buffs begin compiling their ultimate to-watch list for 2021 and beyond.  

If you’ve already seen all of Netflix’s top Christmas movies, Disney Plus is the place to go to find an old favorite or a soon-to-be-classic holiday film.  

However, if you’re trying to get into the Christmas mood, there’s plenty to select from on Disney Plus, from Home Alone to Godmothered.

Listed below are the 21 best Christmas movies on Disney Plus.

1. Home Alone

Kevin may be forgotten by his family, but fans of “Home Alone” will never forget him. Take a look at the antics that ensue when a little boy’s family leaves him at home during their Christmas holiday.  

All three “Home Alone” movies are accessible on Disney Plus: “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York” is available here, and “Home Alone 3” is available here. 

2. The Santa Clause series

The Santa Clause series follows the story of a man with a sense of humor. Santa Claus is one of the best Christmas movies on Disney Plus.  

In this classic comedy about an estranged father trying to reconnect with his family, Tim Allen is stuck with Santa’s long list of Christmas responsibilities.  

Furthermore, in part 2, Tim Allen’s character finds himself on the hunt for Mrs. Clause after an eight-year stint as Santa.

Also, in the third franchise If he doesn’t find her, he’ll have to hang up his red suit for good.  

There’s more to come! In the third and last installment of this Santa Clause trilogy, Jack Frost rears his ghostly white (and spiky) head to put a stop to the holiday season. 

3. LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special

Because the first Star Wars Holiday Special was notoriously bad. The LEGO crew took a big risk by making a sequel.  

However, it worked this time! It follows Rey, Finn, Poe, Rose, and Chewie on a “Life Day” journey, complete with the trademark mental LEGO wit. 

4. Noelle

Noelle may be a new addition to the Disney Christmas film library, having debuted in 2019, but it’s already well on its way to becoming a holiday classic.  

Furthermore, this Christmas tale stars Anna Kendrick (Pitch Perfect) as Santa’s daughter, Noelle, who is urgently trying to make the holiday season as merry as possible.  

But when her brother Nick backs out of taking over the family business, she’s faced with an even bigger challenge: saving Christmas! 

5. Annie

While the original film version of “Annie” isn’t a Christmas film, the 1999 remake follows everyone’s favorite redheaded orphan as she spends the holidays at Oliver Warbucks’ house.  

Annie, by the popular view, is one of the best Christmas movies on Disney Plus. However, I grew up watching this version of “Annie,” so I’m biased.  

Additionally, but I think it’s better than the original. Audra McDonald, Alan, Kristin Chenoweth, Victor Garber, and Kathy Bates are among the musical theater stars who appear in this version.  

6. Disney Holiday Sing-Along

Consider it modern caroling. You can gather the family around the television and sing along to songs like “What’s This,” “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas,” “Do You Want to Build a Snowman,” and “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town.”

With stars like Leslie Odom, Jr., Michael Bublé, Chloe x Halle, and BTS. Who has the greatest pipes in the family?  

With all the lovely songs on the Disney holiday sing-along, it will quickly become one of the family’s best Christmas movies on Disney plus.  

7. Godmothered

This is already one of the best Christmas movies on Disney Plus in 2021. Having been released just last year at a time when holiday cheer was needed more than ever.  

However, the family-friendly story follows Eleanor, a Godmother-in-training. As she sets out to save her people and establish that fairy Godmothers and a little magic are still needed in our modern world. 

8. Frozen

I was disturbed by the cold, contrary to Elsa’s notion. “Frozen,” on the other hand, is a lovely family film that can brighten even the darkest of days.  

Furthermore, When Elsa’s powers unintentionally freeze Arendelle. She and her sister Anna work together to save the city from a never-ending winter.  

Meanwhile, “Frozen II,” the 2019 sequel, is also accessible to stream, as is “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure,” a 2017 spinoff short film set during the Christmas season. 

9. Decorating Disney: Holiday Magic

This 42-minute feature illustrates how Walt Disney World works.

And Disneyland is converted into winter wonderlands each year for those who enjoy getting a behind-the-scenes look at the Disney parks.

Holiday Magic is one of the best Christmas movies on Disney Plus.  

However, Disney Fairy Tale Weddings: Holiday Magic is a similar-length film that takes a look at the parks throughout the holidays. 

10. 12 Dates of Christmas (2011)

12 Dates of Christmas, a film that first aired on ABC Family. Stars Amy Smart and Mark-Paul Gosselaar as a couple who keep reliving their Christmas Eve blind date in the style of Groundhog Day.  

Additionally, Kate (Smart) must find a way to break the pattern and get to Christmas morning. 

11. Miracle On 34th Street

“Miracle on 34th Street” is an excellent holiday movie fix if the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade makes you nostalgic.  

Additionally, Everyone, including the audience, is left wondering how strong their belief in Santa Claus is after Kris Kringle’s term as a Macy’s Santa Claus.

12. Good Luck Charlie, It’s Christmas

This full-length film, based on the Disney Channel series. Additionally, it follows the Duncans on a road trip to Amy’s parents’ house for the holidays. Is everything going well? Not. 

13. A Christmas Carol

From Thanksgiving until New Year’s Eve, you can watch a different version of A Christmas Carol every week and never run out of possibilities.  

Furthermore, it is one of the best Christmas movies on Disney Plus. However, motion-capture technology allows Jim Carrey to portray Scrooge and the three ghosts in this film. 

14. Twas The Night

Disney Plus nostalgia is centered on Disney Channel’s original movies. “‘Twas the Night,” for example, follows a young kid and his uncle as they attempt to impersonate Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. 

15. The Muppet Christmas Carol

“The Muppet Movie” was a childhood favorite of mine. So I was overjoyed to see the Christmas edition on Disney Plus. It’s one of my best movies on Disney plus.  

However, the plot of this film follows the original version of “A Christmas Carol,” but Kermit and Miss Piggy add a touch of extra fun, similar to Mickey’s spin on the classic.

16. Santa Buddies

Santa Buddies is a spin-off, of the Air Bud series, which follows a group of mischievous dogs who must save Christmas. However, The Search for Santa Paws is a prequel, and Santa Paws 2:  

The Santa Pups is the sequel. They aren’t all on Disney+ yet due to preexisting streaming rights agreements, but they will be by November 5, 2021.

17. One Magic Christmas

This fantasy picture stars Harry Dean Stanton as the Christmas angel Gideon. who is dispatched to revive the Christmas spirit of Ginny Grainger?  

Who is experiencing anything more than a great Christmas? One Magic is one of the best Christmas movies on Disney Plus.  

Ginny isn’t looking forward to the holiday season with her husband Jack out of work and her job as a grocery store cashier, but Gideon soon proves that Christmas is about so much more than material possessions. 

18. Snowglobe

Snowglobe is an ABC Family original film starring Christina Milian as a Christmas-crazed woman.  Who discovers she can magically transport herself into the holiday hamlet inside her snowglobe.  

Furthermore, she must find a way to balance her actual life with the world of Christmas magic when she finds her choices are beginning to affect the world inside her. 

19. Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas

Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas is an hour-long anthology of holiday-themed cartoons. Starring legendary Disney characters if you only have a little time and need a quick dose of Christmas cheer.  

Additionally, after that, you can watch Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas or Pluto’s Christmas Tree (from the 1950s!), both of which are only six minutes long. 

20. I’ll Be Home for Christmas

This one is well-known among JTT fans: Jonathan Taylor Thomas stars in a comedy in the vein of Planes, Trains, and Automobiles about an ill-fated trip home for the holidays and all the hurdles that must be overcome to arrive on time.  

However, the twist: He’s a conceited college student eager to return home and claim his father’s antique automobile. Maybe he’ll pick up a few tips along the way about the Christmas spirit? 

21. Full Court Miracle

This film follows a group of high school basketball players at Philadelphia Hebrew Academy throughout Hanukkah.

Additionally, the squad is struggling, but the players begin to see parallels between their new coach’s life and Judah’s story. 

Finally, if you prefer original Christmas romances and family-friendly movies, Disney plus has plenty to offer.  

To help you decide where to begin, we’ve compiled a list of the best Christmas movies on Disney plus right now.

Some are pleasurable as discovering a gift in an advent calendar, while others are as divisive as a fruitcake. 

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