11 Best Discord Alternatives for Gamers

Best Discord Alternatives for Gamers

Are you looking for a trending communication app that is a worthy alternative to discord for gaming purposes? Discord is by far one of the best voice, chat, and video call apps that gamers or personal users have ever had.

However, you could be looking for the best discord alternative as a backup if something goes wrong with the popular platform.

Here are some possible reasons;

  • Non-professional UI
  • No self-control available
  • Frequent server attacks
  • The explosion of conversation
  • No solid integration
  • Privacy issues

Discord Alternatives for Gamers

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, you’ll find a carefully curated list of the best Discord alternatives in this article.

1. TeamSpeak

Looking for a Discord alternative for gaming, try installing TeamSpeak. TeamSpeak is a VoIP communication system designed for voice chats.


  • Automatic microphone volume adjustment, echo cancellation, and background reduction
  • Uninterrupted communication
  • Control your user, by being able to decide who can join channels, who can speak, and more
  • Ability to sync your servers, favorites, and settings between devices with cloud-based service
  • Many extensions and voice packs to choose from

2. nTask

nTask is a project management tool with various communication and discussion features, and it is one of the best discord alternatives for gamers.

Since nTask is a project management tool, by investing in an application, you will get communication software and collaborative features and take advantage of task management, time tracking, monitoring progress, and much more that nTask offers.

However, due to the scope of this post, we will focus on communication features in nTask.


  • Activity comments give you the ability to direct group communication to help provide timely feedback within the task.
  • With the ability to send files and attachments, you can communicate sensitive issues and make sure you are on the right track while moving forward.
  • nTask gives you the ability to create a meeting and link it to a specific task to provide better communication.
  • The nTask meeting module gives you the ability to develop clear meeting agendas.
  • Write down the main points of the discussion during your meeting to make sure you do not miss any of the details
  • Write down the decisions that need to be made after the follow-up steps and add them to your nTask meetings

3. Chanty

Chanty is mainly designed for gamers, and it is one of the best discord alternatives for gamers. Chanty is a group chat and activity management app.

That allows you to exchange chat and voice messages, have a voice and video calls with members of your group. Manage tasks in one place – you can turn messages into tasks and assign them to your team members.


  • Unlimited search message history
  • Task management – converting messages into tasks
  • Kanban Board
  • Audio and video calls
  • Team book Hub
  • Voice messages
  • Screen Sharing
  • Pinned messages
  • @ mentions
  • Conversational threads


  • Free program
  • Business plan starts at $ 3 / user per month

4. Wire

Wire has all functions of discord hence one of the best alternatives for gamers. Wire lets you and your team securely make video calls, share files, video conferencing, and create groups to discuss various activities and projects.

Wire also allows you to create nailed groups and invite other users to them.


  • Conference features
  • Data synchronization
  • Instant messaging
  • File transfer skills
  • Real-time notifications
  • Two-way audio and video


  • Wire Pro for $ 5.83 / month if charged annually
  • Wire Enterprise for $ 9.5 / month if charged annually
  • For more information available, contact the Wire Support Team

5. Rocket.Chat

Another group communication application with open source is Rocket. Chat.

Rocket.Chat is not designed for gaming purposes, but it can be a discord alternative for gamers.

You have the option of creating public or private channels where group members can easily chat.


  • Free audio and video conference
  • Screen sharing capabilities
  • Guest access options
  • File sharing
  • Live chat
  • Security in the sense of two-factor authentication
  • Finish finishing encryption


  • With Rocket. Discuss whether you can control yourself with free software access options or upgrade to a pro version for $ 30 / user per year, or a custom business plan.
  • With the donation of cloud-managed by Rocket.Chat you can access its features from as low as $ 2 / user, per month.

6. Element

Formerly known as Riot, Element is another app like discord. However, unlike Discord, Riot can encrypt at the edges.

It is a very similar app like discord, so it is one of the top discord alternatives for gamers. The app allows you to communicate securely without file-sharing features.


  • Quick sharing by drag and drop features
  • Hold private or group discussions
  • Join or release ongoing calls without needing an invitation or interrupting ongoing calls
  • Send, view, and receive files while online


  • Free program
  • $2 / user plan “nickel” per month
  • “Silver” plan for $ 3 / user, per month
  • A “gold” plan for $ 4 / user, per month
  • Custom “platinum” program

7. Tox

Tox is an easy-to-use software that allows you to connect and interact with friends and family while also providing advanced security features.

We can say Tox discord alternative for gamers due to its all discord features. Tox is a free Discord option without any ads.


  • High encryption keeps your data secure
  • Allows text, voice, and video chat
  • Can be used on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux devices


  • Tox is free to use

8. Ventrilo

Talking about discord alternatives and not mentioning Ventrilo. How is that possible? Ventrilo is one of the most successful alternatives of discord for gamers.

It is also installed in a simple user interface.


  • Lightweight design and low voice delay calls
  • Supports Windows, macOS, and Android
  • Is the client-server supported thus allowing for regular encryption?
  • Everything is stored on your computer


  • Starts at $ 2 / month for 5 spaces

9. Troop Messenger

From its name, Troop Messenger is mainly designed for gaming purposes hence discord alternatives for gamers.

Designed for real-time communication and advanced communication, Troop Messenger is a highly recommended tool.

It looks like Slack but retains a unique style using an intuitive interface and many features to help older groups with their work.

And then, once you have been online for a while in the stratosphere, you may remember Troop Messenger as one of the hottest tools available online.

At the time, we did not have Slack or Discord. Therefore, people used to rely on Troop Messenger more than ever.


  • The latest version introduces Burn; Private confidential chatting system: “Confidential.”
  • As always, you can highlight someone or an event by using Shout Outs.
  • Finally, the Fork-out feature of broadcasting any message to multiple team members regardless of the rooms they have already added.


  • Premium plan for $2.5 per user / month
  • Business plan for $5 per user/month

10. Ryver

Ryver sounds excellent because it was launched back a few years ago. However, the system was going well compared to discord.

Ryver is a new app very similar to discord, making it a discord alternative for gamers.

In the past, Ryver called it all against Slack and Discord, using Twitter Ads. Speaking of intelligence, it may not have been the perfect decision because Ryzen’s integration is hard to work with.

To integrate a third-party application, you will need to check it in Ryver and see if it shows any errors, etc. The process takes less time for end-users, but people use Ryver, no matter what, for various reasons.

First, user information about Ryver is a combination of Trello and Slack. Teams can interact with task management with a single tool, and both elements are essential for production.

Additionally, you can upload and manage your data in Ryver Cloud easily. The app also includes more than 500 other apps.


  • Create teams that will manage multiple processes with people.
  • Create private chat/chat channels!
  • Works seamlessly on various devices.
  • Includes a global search function to extract your most important data contact areas.


  • The free program allows for the use of up to 6 people.
  • Ryver paid plans to start at $49 per month.

11. RaidCall

Again, RaidCall is the best software for gamers and is one of the best alternatives for gamers. One of the most significant conflicts we have on the list is RaidCall.

The app supports large groups and surveys that have familiarized it for thousands of years. Software is a VoIP system set up within a game played by users.

The app has a great feature set as a voice recording for all those who broadcast twitches out there, survey announcements so users can see what’s popular today, file sharing, noise reduction, among many more.

Let’s look at some of the features a software should offer its customers.


  • In-app user information is very simple and accurate, making it a complete app for kids and other gamers who don’t have time to learn the boring app.
  • The app itself is lightweight and very easy to set up on your device
  • Supports voice and text chat features, and you can have over 100,000 users in one RaidCall group
  • You can share your game content with all your other YouTube videos, via RaidCall groups
  • You can also chat within different RaidCall groups while watching different 3D embedded streaming and Twitch content
  • You can also find many new game communities within the app based on specific conditions such as similar interests with other players, specific games that you may share in your repository, and other similar activities.
  • You can also sync your RaidCall account with your Facebook account, which will allow you to increase the number of your family members, and you can easily find more people to play games with and engage with on the platform.


  • The app is free to use, which is unbelievable, depending on the number of features you offer


These are the best discord alternatives for gamers. If you don’t like discord, you can try any of these softwares to boost your gaming experience and communication.

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