17 Best Female Boxing Movies to Binge-watch Right Now

Best Female Boxing Movies

The Newest and most relevant and best female boxing movies are listed here, in order of their importance. These movies are realistic, captivating, serious, suspenseful, rough, and tense.  

They are about/with the female boxer, boxing, female protagonist, family relations, athlete’s life, hopes, fighter, sport, ambition.

Fight plots mostly in Drama, Sports, and Action genres shot in the United States, United Kingdom, France, and other countries have been sorted out. 

Sports movies come and go in waves, but one sport, boxing, never dies in the cinema. Boxing movies are continually improving and getting better. Consider the time when it all began with the Rocky Balboa films.  

After a few years, films like Creed and Southpaw have emerged. Additionally, the intense portrayal of the characters’ sacrifices and their growth of mental and physical strength over the film.  

And especially those extreme and grueling training scenes that show the true potential of human ability with some heavy bass music spinning in the background are what draws most of us to these films.

We’ve compiled a selection of the best female boxing movies you can watch. 

1. Million Dollar Baby (2004)

Maggie Fitzgerald (Hilary Swank) wants Frankie Dunn (Clint Eastwood) to train her because she wants to learn from the greatest. He openly rejects it, stating that he has no interest in teaching a girl.  

Frankie lives alone, estranged from his only daughter, and without many acquaintances. Maggie is a bit rough around the edges, but she fights hard in the ring and eventually wins.  

Furthermore, Maggie shows to be not only the fighter he’s always wanted under his wing but also a companion who fills a vacuum in his life. Additionally, Maggie’s career soars, but an unfortunate mishap forces her to ask Frankie for one more favor. 

2. Mary Kom (2014)

Mary Kom is one of the best female boxing movies to binge-watch. While filming boxing films has always been a popular theme in the sports genre, there haven’t been many films about female boxers. ‘Mary Kom’ is one of the rare films that tell the real life of a female Indian fighter.  

Additionally, ‘Mary Kom’ is a Bollywood film starring Priyanka Chopra that advises the inspirational narrative of a woman who defies all obstacles, defies all stereotypes, and proves all her doubters wrong by following her heart.  

Furthermore, Mary Kom became one of the greatest boxers in Indian history. Still, she also became a household figure in international boxing after being the first woman to win the World Amateur Boxing Championship six times. The top cast includes Morgan Freeman and Hilary Swank. 

3. Untold: Deal With The Devil (2021)

Its plot is around former professional boxer Christy Martin’s career and personal life. It included her acceptance of her sexuality and emotional violence. Untold: deal with the devil stars, Christy Martins. 

4. Gipsy Queen (2019)

Ali, a cleaner in Hamburg’s famed nightclub “Ritze,” has the heart of a lioness, is proud, doesn’t complain, and grinds herself to the bone for her two children.  

Ali, however, bears a wound in her heart: after becoming an unmarried mother in Romania, she was abandoned by her father, for whom she had previously served as the Gypsy Monarch, the queen of all Roma.  

In addition, Ali recalls her father’s boxing training when she discovers the boxing ring in the Ritze’s basement one day and gets to see a fight. Ali, well equipped and dissatisfied with life, takes out her frustrations on the punching bag one evening.  

Tanne, the proprietor of the Ritze and a former boxer, notices her and recognizes her talent. She picks up boxing again and sees an opportunity for a better life. The top cast includes Tobias Moretti, Alina Serbian, Irina Kurbanova, Catrin Striebeck, and Aslan Yilmaz Tabak. 

5. Vici (2016)

Vici is also one of the best female Boxing movies right now. Athena is a dedicated young boxer. Her irrepressible appeal draws her in when she meets Aris, a confident and alluring young man with a successful boxing career. However, Athena quickly discovers that Aris is not who he claims to be.  

Additionally, her history with Aris has been the driving reason behind her boxing career, as she seeks the kind of vengeance that only a fighter could desire. The top cast includes Jenna Kanell, Eddie Ramos, and Ramsey Luke. Nelson Estevez. 

6. 100 Yen Love (2014)

Ichiko (Sakura Ando), 32, lives with her parents and spends her days in self-indulgent grunginess. Ichiko’s younger sister, who just divorced, Fumiko, has returned home with her little boy. 

Ichiko storms out of the house one day after a particularly intense dispute. Ichiko works the night shift at a 100 yen shop to make ends meet because she has few other options.  

Every day on her walk home, she passes a boxing gym where she secretly observes Yuji Kano practice and develops a crush on him. 

 Additionally, when the two start dating, Ichiko’s life begins to alter… Finally, the bell sounds, signaling the start of Ichiko’s battle with life! The top cast include, Sakura Ando, Yozaburo Ito, Hirofumi Arai. 

7. Last Woman Standing (2013)

The Last Woman Standing is a love film starring Shu Qi and Eddie Peng, based on a book of the same name. Furthermore, it depicts the story of a successful businesswoman who has been looking for Love for a long time and has finally found it.  

The top cast include, Xing Jiadong, Shu Qi, Eddie Peng, Pan Hong, Shih-Chieh King.  

8. Chick Fight (2020)

Chick fight is also one of the best female boxing movies. to get her life back on track, Anna Wyncomb is introduced to an underground, all-female fight club

Anna then learns that she is far more directly related to the club’s past than imagined. The top cast includes Malin Akerman, Bella Thorne, Dulcé Sloan, Kevin Connolly, and Kevin Nash. 

9. Female Fight Club (2016)

To assist her sister in surviving the horrific world of illegal combat and the monster who oversees it, a former fighter reluctantly returns to the life she abandoned, The top cast, including Cortney Palm, Army Johnson, and Rey Goyos. 

10. Rigged (2008)

Michael Dublin is a full-time con artist who operates in the underground boxing scene. He wanders from one scam to another, leaving a trail of enemies in his wake, a lonely vagabond on the run from a past best forgotten.  

Furthermore, when Dublin encounters Katherine Paker, a female fighter who can take down a man twice her size, he devises his most OK con yet.

Additionally, the two hit the road, working bouts at sleazy basement bars, abandoned warehouses, and backwoods county fairs, in a scheme Dublin refers to as “fight-rigging in reverse.” 

However, Dublin’s dark past catches up with them, and the stakes are now more significant and dangerous than they could have imagined. The top cast includes Chad Ortis, Will Fowler, Matt Schroll, and Rebecca Neuenswander. 

11. The Fight (2018)

Next on our list of best female boxing movies is The Fight. Tina lives in a peaceful coastal town, but her life is anything but friendly. Her mother is threatening to divorce her father, her daughter is bullied, and she and her husband Mick are juggling full-time jobs and three children.  

Additionally, Tina dons her boxing gloves and steps into the ring to sweat out her fears and punch her self-worth, determined to end the dysfunction and defeat her inner demons.  

But does she have what it takes to save her family and lead them to victory? The top cast includes Rhona Mitra, Jessica Hynes, Robert James Collins, and Shaun Parkes. 

12. Bruised (2020)

Jackie Justice is a former mixed martial artist who has retired from the sport. Years after the fight, Jackie is down on her luck and simmering with wrath and regret until her manager and boyfriend Desi coaxes her into a vicious underground bout.  

These attracted the attention of a fight league promoter who offered Jackie a life back in the Octagon. Furthermore, when Manny, the son she gave up as an infant, shows up on her doorstep, the journey to forgiveness becomes unexpectedly personal.  

Additionally, a fighter reclaims her authority inside and outside the ring when everyone has written her off. The top cast includes Stephen McKinley Henderson, Halle Berry, Shamier Anderson, Adan Canto, and Sheila Atim. 

13. Knock Out (2020)

Next on our list of best female boxing movies is knock out. Following his release from prison, a former boxing champion returns to the ring to fulfill a promise to his daughter. The top cast includes Geng Han, Elena Askin, and Vivian Wu. 

14. Fight Like A Girl (2013)

Jill Morley looks into the little-known world of female boxers in a gritty, first-person narrative shot over five years to meet the enthusiastic ladies about fighting hard.  

Additionally, as she prepares for the New York Golden Gloves, she is drawn into this world. Furthermore, Jill realizes that world champions and amateurs training for local tournaments have a lot in common.  

Suicide, abuse, misogyny, melancholy, and racism all play a part in this fascinating narrative of women overcoming hardship. The top cast includes Gary Lee, Melissa Hernandez, Jill Morley, and Maureen Shea. 

15. Punch (2002)

Dr. Sam Frizzell lives alone in Vancouver’s upper-middle-class Kitsilano district with his eighteen-year-old daughter Ariel Frizzell. Sam hadn’t dated much since his wife died when Ariel was a child, preferring to devote his time to his daughter.  

Ariel has practically become Sam’s surrogate wife, except for sex. Ariel, on the other hand, who has an Electra complex, has taken that job a step further. Because of the circumstances surrounding her mother’s death and how Sam has treated her since Ariel has had behavioral challenges. 

As a result, she has no genuine friends and is tutored by a young guy named Markus, who frequently loses control of his emotions. The top cast includes Meredith McGeachie, Marcia Laskowski, Sarah Lind, and Vincent Gale. 

16. Tiger, Blood In TheMouth (2016)

Ramón Alvia is a retired professional boxer who has won multiple international titles but is nearing the end of his career. He fights back.  

Furthermore, Ramon discovers Deborah, a gorgeous girl among the teenage boxers at the gym. The top cast include, Érica Bianchi, Leonardo Sbaraglia, Eva De Dominici. 

17. Chokehold (2019)

Chokehold is last on our list of best female boxing movies. After a Russian mob-linked slays her father in the underground fighting world.  

Zoey, an up-and-coming mixed martial arts fighter, puts up her ambition of competing in a global mixed martial arts tournament to battle in the sleazy, underground world of mixed martial arts fighting.  

In addition, she fights many fighters in various places to get the ultimate fight, a fight with the ones who killed her father. The top cast includes Casper Van Dien, Melissa Croden, Kip Pardue, Lochlyn Munro, and Chris Austman. 

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