12 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites in 2023

Free Sports Streaming Sites

Watching sports is no longer limited to television. Thanks to free sports streaming sites, lovers and fans worldwide have many opportunities to watch sports online.

Many websites and live streaming services allow you to watch your favorite sports and teams in action wherever they are and, most importantly, for free.

While paid streaming services have their advantages, free live streaming sites have a free label as a single point of sale.

Like all free online content, these online sports sites may have specific limitations. Geographical constraints are usually the first obstacle to overcome.

Several of these websites are likely blocked in your country, and if you do not change your IP address to hide your actual location, you will not have access to the content.

Another thing to consider is that many free live streaming sites can be linked to illegal resources. Therefore, reviewing such content is unlawful.

It is always recommendable to activate a VPN for streaming before connecting to these free sports sites for several reasons.

Free streaming websites put your privacy at risk, and an extra layer needs to be added to protect your privacy.

Second, you can get an IP address from another country in seconds to bypass geo-restrictions by using a VPN.

Simultaneously, because a VPN hides your real identity and network activities, you will protect yourself from legal issues.

Today, you can buy a reliable VPN for just a few dollars, making it very affordable for most users.

Best Free Sports Streaming Sites

First, let’s see what the best websites to watch free live sporting events online are.

The websites on the list are running (at least at the time of writing!) And have been selected to select the amount of content offered for live streaming.

They are not arranged in any specific order.

1. Cricfree.sc

crickfree sports streaming

There is no better site for free sports streaming sites and providing users with the best possible experience than cricfree.org. The interface of the site makes it attractive, especially for baseball, football, and golf fans.

There is a schedule in the program that gives you information on upcoming matches. The links are up to date and still working.

Ads are present, but there aren’t many, and they’re not as dull or blunt as the ones you find on other sites.

2. Hotstar India

hotstar Free Sports Streaming Sites

Hotstar India is a popular choice for fans of online sports streaming events. The website is from India.

There are different versions of Hotstar, but you can find the best selection of online sporting events for free is the original India website.

Of course, you can only access Hotstar if you log in from India. So it would help if you had a VPN to hide your real IP address and download it from India.

3. BBC iPlayer

BBC iplayer Free Sports Streaming

Another alternative that you can review is BBC iPlayer. Not all sporting events are available on BBC iPlayer, but many major events are available for free.

For example, if you like Wimbledon, BBC iPlayer broadcasts the event for free. The great thing about BBC iPlayer is that all the content you find on this platform is legal to avoid being in trouble.

However, it would be best to have a VPN to hide your real IP address and get it from the UK. 

4. ITV

ITV sports

ITV is a popular website that broadcasts various sporting events for free, such as the Tour de France. You can also use this medium to watch various popular American TV shows, soap operas, comedies, and more.

The platform is split into different channels, and most of the time, you will find sporting events on ITV4.

Content is exclusively available if you have a UK address in UK. So it would help if you had a VPN with servers in the UK and connect to one of them to hide your real IP address and get UK.

Additionally, you must register using a valid UK postcode (SW1W 0NY or GU16 7HF).

5. CrackStreams

CrackStreams is an easy-to-move platform where you can find a variety of sporting events for free.

This website can find links to watch NBA season, NFL, UFC tournaments, MMA, and boxing games.

As we mentioned, browsing the content and finding the sporting event you are looking for is easy.

However, before you click on any link, don’t forget to turn on the VPN for your security.

6. Myp2p.eu


Myp2p has gone from a blog to an entertainment space. If you are a fan of football or cricket, on Myp2p, you will find all the match broadcasts. This does not imply that other sports are not sufficiently covered.

Whatever sport you want to stream, you can get it on this website. The links are refreshed every five minutes to make sure everything is working and is not dead.

The only hassle with this website is that you have to explore alternative matches.

7. ReadStream.tv

This website gives you access to streaming football, basketball, baseball, American football, ice hockey, and more.

Once logged into ReadStream. Tv, you will see all the sporting events currently being broadcast on the home page.

Alternatively, there are links to specific sports in the top menu so you can check out what’s live or upcoming sporting events.

8. Batmanstream.net

When it gets to the best free sports streaming sites, Batmanstream.net has to be on the list. You will regularly find it among the top names because it is a service that regularly gets the most users.

This is because Batmanstream helps you stream any sport you want.

All sports are carefully categorized, and you can search for them on the homepage. You can search for particular competitions or leagues, a massive plus for football fans worldwide.

While some mirror links may not be available to users in limited countries, nothing else will make you think twice about visiting this website the next time you want to see your favorite sport live.

9. CricHD


The name of this website may mislead you that this platform is focused on live cricket events. It is not the case at all!

At CricHD, you can find an impressive number of live events for all sports, including course cricket.

Plus, we love CricHD because they stream live content 24/7 from significant cable channels like SkySports, EuroSport, ESPN, BTSport, FoxHD, BBC, and many more.

The live streaming content you get here is not legal, so activate your VPN before using CricHD.

10. Stream2Watch.live

Stream2Watch.live is popular on live streaming sites because it mainly focuses on basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, and tennis. The website claims to be legal, but it is quite controversial.

Considering the amount of live stream content available on this platform, it is hard to believe that their content is 100% legal.

However, Stream2Watch provides high-quality HD live sports streaming that you can access for free. The ads are pretty invasive, but that’s the price paid by most free live streaming sites.

11. Livetv.sx

Livetv.sx Free Sports Streaming

It may be the best free streaming site in Europe and one of the best in the world. LiveTV.sx has the most engaging user interface and remains one of the most specific sites to navigate. All sports are correctly classified.

The main focus is European sports and events, so you will find sports and events that you usually won’t find on other streaming sites.

Because the website is primarily aimed at the European audience, there is less space. The focus is on American football and the NFL, so American citizens only make up 10% of the traffic.

British citizens would also find it challenging to access the site. However, the website supports five diverse languages, has an excellent user interface, and advertises the event to be broadcast days in advance.

12. Sportrar.tv

sportrar Free Sports Streaming Sites

Sportrar.tv is a medium where you can access almost any sporting event. Whatever sport you prefer, you’ll probably find it on fromHot.com.

The website has a clean appearance and is easy to navigate. On the home page, you can see a list of current and upcoming live broadcast events. No registration is required to use HotHot.com.


Watching sports online is quite common in the world today. Paid streaming services grant you access to sports and all their additional content.

While free sports streaming sites don’t offer as much content, they provide a live-action store for free.

They will give you free access to all the major sports channels worldwide, so you can watch your favorite sport and support your team by watching all of their matches live. Never forget to activate your VPN!

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