23 Best Gacha Games for Android

Best Gacha Games For Android

Are you seeking your next mobile obsession? Now is the time to research the best gacha games for android available.

Gacha games are an incredibly well-liked and endlessly rewarding mobile game style with enough genre variety to appeal to almost everyone, whether you prefer to pull for characters, items, or just some adorable outfits.

While gacha games are almost always free to play, you must spend real money, which is converted into in-game currencies and allows you to “summon” the content you need to get better characters and items.

Furthermore, the tricky part is that you cannot control what you will get because the items and characters are always chosen randomly. However, as a result, it may take a long time and a lot of money to get the things and characters you want finally.

Gacha summons’ randomness may seem like a waste of money. But the fact that most of the games in the genre are free-to-play makes the mechanic acceptable and drives millions of downloads and in-app purchases daily.

In this article, we’ll look at some best gacha games for android that both new players and seasoned veterans agree are highly recommended.

1. Dragalia Lost

Dragalia Lost is a varied game that has previously collaborated with franchises like Monster Hunter, Persona, Mega Man, Fire Emblem, and even Princess Connect.

It was published by Nintendo and developed by DeNA. Already having that much gacha potential makes it one of the best gacha games available.

Beginnings are fairly straightforward. You take on the role of Euden, prince of Alberia, a country currently engaged in a complex war of succession with a demonic empire in a world that once welcomed dragons.

Euden and his crew of merry men set out in search of his kidnapped sister after striking a deal with a wyvern.

Regular character and dragon introductions with extensive backstories will hook you. The majority upends the meta, necessitating the creation of incredibly focused teams for its dizzying array of intricate action-RPG boss fights. If not for its generosity, it would be a risky path to travel.

Regular character and dragon introductions with extensive backstories will hook you. The majority upends the meta, necessitating the creation of incredibly focused teams for its dizzying array of intricate action-RPG boss fights. If not for its generosity, it would be a risky path to travel.

2. Genshin Impact

Due to its fantastic combat, many extra features, and breathtakingly gorgeous map. The free-to-play role-playing Genshin Impact is frequently compared to the well-known Nintendo game Breath of the Wild in terms of both gameplay and aesthetics.

There are 24 different playable characters in the game’s real-time multiplayer mode, which is unlocked once you reach a certain level. Also, this is one of the best gacha games for android.

Even though Genshin Impact’s real-time combat is exciting and engrossing, you can only play as four characters at once.

Making decisions about which characters to include in your team can become challenging as you pull for more and more intriguing and new characters, which can somewhat lessen the experience. However, that doesn’t lessen how entertaining the gameplay is.

3. AFK Arena

Another incredibly well-liked gacha game follows. Because you can earn rewards just by leaving AFK Arena running in the background, it’s the ideal app if you can’t always sit in front of your phone.

It occurs in the Esperia universe, where you fight foes, gather valuables, and try to conquer the whole map. Because the objectives are short and easy to complete, you can fit AFK Arena into your schedule.

In addition to the generous gameplay, this game has well-done gacha components. Earning it a spot on the list of the best gacha games.

You receive free rewards almost constantly, ensuring that any premium pulls you make still feel valuable and unique.

Also, if you have a favorite character in mind, you are advised to increase your chances if you have a spin where the odds of unlocking that character are higher than those of other characters. To us, that sounds quite doable.

4. Another Eden

Another Eden is the ideal game for those looking for a classic JRPG experience without a multiplayer element.

Masato Kato has created a game that takes you on an engaging journey where you explore a rich map filled with story quests while leveling up and equipping your party.

Because the gacha component of the game is not persistent, players can enjoy a varied experience. This video game is one of the best gacha games for android.

5. Arknights

Tower Defense is still a highly addictive and alluring genre, which makes it an excellent match for the allure of a traditional gacha system and notable addition to this list of the best gacha games.

In Arknights, each “tower” is a human character or “Operator,” instead of cannons or turrets. As a result, your arsenal of towers consists of nearly 200 men and women with names like Beeswax, Croissant, and Gravel rather than a collection of instantly erectable buildings. Why not love it?

Furthermore, each of these people employs a different skill set in the battle to repel waves of adversaries. It’s a simple idea with an intense level that keeps getting deeper.

Before the first enemy even steps outside the gate, choosing which few will fight alongside you will significantly impact your chances of success.

As a result, the gacha component has a significant impact on your final success as well. You can use it to randomly unlock new operators to strengthen your defenses and develop your ultimate strategy.

Although a PVP system, which many fans of gacha games view as the primary motivator for continually spending more money, wasn’t present at the launch, Arknights has since added it as an optional mode. This video game is one of the best gacha games for android.

6. Tales of Crestoria

Tales of Crestoria, the most recent installment in the Tales franchise, which dates back to 1995, was created by Bandai Namco.

Also, the most recent installment of the series, where you play as Kanata, a boy who organizes a crew of low-level criminals to topple the authoritarian regime that made them all outcasts, was released exclusively on Android in 2020.

As you might expect, its large cast of characters is where the gacha elements come into play. Also, You are given a Memoria Stone by the Summon system, which contains a character’s skills and, if they are strong enough, the nature themselves.

It all comes down to whether you receive a character stone or just an ability stone. If you’re lucky, another team member will be able to accompany you on this sprawling 3D RPG adventure.

7. Tales Of Erin

Because it immerses you in a fantasy world with a rich story and plenty of action, adventure, drama, and strategy, tales of Erin are frequently cited as one of the best Android gacha games.

It features more than 40 voice actors and flawless gameplay. An excellent soundtrack, transparent character sprites, and a substantial amount of character artwork. In this mode, you can use your characters to engage in real-time PVP combat with other players.

Furthermore, Tales of Erin is undoubtedly one of the best mobile gacha games that will keep you occupied for a long time. Also, it features a roster of 80 unique characters you can collect through summons.

8. Gacha World

One of the best gacha games of 2022, Gacha World is a lighthearted game that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

It has raid bosses and highly customizable characters in appearance and skill. And a straightforward plot in which you have to save the world.

While the gacha elements are present and encourage you to spend money on better characters and abilities, you can still earn enough in-game currency through quests to buy the summons you require. The game has 90 characters that you can choose from and further customize.

Gacha World is the ideal game if you want something addictive but not excessive. Also, this is one of the best gacha games for android.

9. The Alchemist Code

You’ll be entertained by the game’s stunning visuals, excellent tactical gameplay, and engaging JRPG structure.

You won’t get bored as you advance through the compelling quests and learn the power of alchemy with over 50 different characters to pick from.

To keep things interesting, it also features competitive PVP and multiplayer co-op. It’s also one of the few good gacha games for android that won’t nag you for in-app purchases.

10. Raid: Shadow Legend

The two things that make Raid: Shadow Legends stand out are its renownedly aggressive advertising campaigns and the fact that it is one of the best mobile gacha games.

The game features over 300 different playable characters. A sizable story campaign with a long list of missions and stunning 3D graphics.

An excellent PVP mode and a ton of raid bosses that require defeating skill. All of this is combined with fantastic gameplay due to its immersive design. It will make you forget that it is a mobile game.

11. Marvel Strike Force

Strike Force was the primary Marvel mobile game before the recent release of Marvel Future Revolution. You can play as a variety of Marvel heroes and villains in this game.

Including Iron Man and less well-known figures like Omega Red, similar to its successor once you’ve put your team together.

The fight is on to stop Ultimus, who is like Galactus but more dangerous, before the world is wiped out.

The team you assemble and the characters you decide to develop will fully impact how you handle that. Also, marvel Strike Force offers a free Daily Spin system.

While you won’t receive characters this way. The materials and in-game money it frequently grants can satisfy your gacha craving whenever you lack the premium currency required to carry out a proper pull.

However, there are many other ways to strengthen your team as well. There is more to this than just taking a chance. Keep your team capable of completing the primary campaign and event missions, and the pulls should continue.

12. Girls’ Frontline

Players of this SRPG created by the MICA Team take command of T-Dolls. Armed robots so potent you’d never guess they weren’t expertly trained human girls.

You pull to put together your T-Doll echelon through the game’s gacha system before launching them into the pixelated battlefield.

The manual activation of each girl’s innate and distinctive skills adds spice to the combat, which is primarily turn-based. The only way to triumph is to outnumber your adversaries.

But there are some exciting end-game options, such as the ability to capture, question, or execute tangoes.

Furthermore, Girls’ Frontline’s gacha system is straightforward: to get more T-Dolls, you must roll and cross your fingers.

After every battle, you receive a random drop, the contents determined by how many in-game rewards you gave up before spinning.

This holds for your equipment to increase each T-virtual Doll’s stats. Also, this is a very gacha-heavy experience because there is also a separate gacha system for obtaining cosmetics for the T-Dolls’ dormitories. Also, this is one of the best gacha games for android.

13. Fire Emblem Heroes

The perennially well-liked Fire Emblem Heroes is the next entry on this list of the best gacha games for android.

With characters heavily influenced by Norse culture, you fight alongside the Kingdom of Askr in their never-ending conflict with the Order of Heroes in this installment.

Here, characters from the larger Fire Emblem universe are unlocked randomly through a well-known gacha system.

Also, you can choose one of the more than 700 playable characters in Fire Emblem Heroes by investing in-game Orbs in these rolls.

Many of these can be unlocked by moving forward in the game’s extensive story. But putting your future team in Lady Luck’s capable hands is a big part of the game’s appeal.

14. Azur Lane

In this sci-fi mashup, robots built like battleships are engaged in a conflict throughout history. You command ship girls from nations like the USSR and the US, organizing fleets and taking out other adversaries.

It’s not surprising that Azur Lane has a robust gacha system, given the variety of shipgirls that can be unlocked and used.

Furthermore, to begin building a new ship, select the Building tab. It needs Cores, which you acquire by defeating opponents, achieving weekly goals, and using login rewards.

After that, you’ll spin a random number generator to see which ship parts you get. And when you combine them, you’ll get a new shipgirl. Also, this is one of the best gacha games for android.

15. Blue Archive

A team-based RPG focused on military combat is the most recent offering from NEXON Company. Your goal as the head of a girls’ school is to make the students into unstoppable soldiers who can combat the repressive forces of an insane government.

The core of Blue Archive is, of course, gacha. Characters are skilled in various strategies, including attack, tank, support, and healer. You must balance skills on teams of no more than three students.

Fortunately, the gacha system is nice and generous, with many opportunities to get new fighters. So Blue Archive is the way to go if you want lots of spins.

16. Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia is the perfect game for any fan of the enormous Final Fantasy franchise. It also has plenty of punch for a new audience looking for a fun gacha game.

The game has a cast of over 120 characters from the entire series and has incredibly well-made RPG turn-based gameplay that you’re used to seeing in classic Final Fantasy games.

Dissidia easily earns its spot among the best gacha games for android available thanks to a respectable level of customization and an entertaining story mode that takes you through the world of various Final Fantasy games.

17. Exos Heroes

Another enormously underappreciated gacha game that receives regular updates and new additions is Exos Heroes. For instance, the summer action is currently underway with exclusive weapons and selection tickets as this guide was updated.

Exos Heroes delivers on that perfectly with the ability to use the Guardian Stone system to “break” the enemy and add more fun to strategic battles, making it a perfect fit for this list of gacha games to play in 2022.

Over 250 characters are available to unlock and play with in this game, in addition to the insane graphics.

18. Honkai Impact 3rd

Honkai Impact 3rd, the futuristic cousin of Genshin Impact, is one of the most beautiful gacha games to play in 2022. The game has many distinctive skills and weapons, from swords to guns. Astonishing transformations, fantastic squad-based action gameplay, and many RPG components to round it out.

Despite its popularity, the game still rewards you for consistently playing. And if you have the patience, it lets you use summons without paying.

Furthermore, Honkai Impact 3rd is a great way to have more fun when you need a break from the equal world of Genshin, even though Genshin Impact may be a better overall game.

19. The King Of Fighters ALLSTAR

King of Fighters ALLSTAR is the ideal beat ’em up gacha game for mobile devices. The gameplay of KOF ALLSTAR differs slightly from that of other games in the genre.

It offers a long list of skills and special moves you can employ to fight through the vintage and original characters that are exclusive to this game, along with a light RPG leveling element.

The game has beautiful graphics and an endless variety of skins you can spend months collecting without getting bored.

Additionally, the game has frequent crossovers with other franchises like WWE and Tekken and offers real-time PVP combat and 5-star starter characters to get a head start.

20. Bleach Brave Soul

Brave Souls is packed with fantastic gameplay mechanics and a list of unique skills for each character. Many of whom are drawn from the BLEACH universe.

It’s somewhat free-to-play friendly because the more you play. The more rewards you’ll earn that you can use to summon the characters and items you want.

On top of everything else, the game has excellent visuals and does a fantastic job with the audio. This is one of the best gacha games for android.

21. Fate/Grand Order

The storyline of Fate/Grand Order is well-written and introduces you to many popular Fate franchise characters and engaging and entertaining missions.

The game’s gacha mechanics, which are crucial for the overall experience, are justified by the game’s numerous special events. Over 60 reputable voice actors, a fantastic soundtrack, and highly entertaining gameplay.

Fate/Grand Order is still consistently popular despite the recent uptick in new gacha games because it offers everything a fan of the franchise could want while also being a manageable experience for those who are not really familiar with the game series.

22. The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is everything you could ask for in a game based on the popular television series: breathtakingly beautiful design and exciting turn-based battles. And a flawlessly crafted RPG gameplay framework.

In addition to the single-player story mode, the game has co-op modes where you can battle foes with your friends.

Real-time PVP modes where you can engage in actual player combat. And even a lobby mode where you can interact with players from around the globe.

23. One Piece Treasure Cruise

One Piece Treasure Cruise, which features enjoyable turn-based RPG combat. Excellent team mechanics, and gorgeous graphics that stay true to the manga’s aesthetic.

And more than 2000 characters from the anime that you can collect and assemble into potent teams. It is one of the most well-liked gacha games available for Android.

Furthermore, the game follows the same plot as the anime and begins at the beginning. Allowing you to advance to the series’ later arcs.

However, the One Piece Treasure Cruise is one of the most compelling anime gacha games. Thanks to its fantastic gameplay and an incredible number of licensed characters.

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