15 Best Games Like Dwarf Fortress

Best Games Like Dwarf Fortress

The dwarf fortress is a construction and management simulation. It is not just an iconic game, but its superb graphics and robust gameplay mechanics make it one of the best in its genre.

But that doesn’t mean it’s the only one out there, Dwarf fortress has been around for quite some time, but there have been innovations that might interest your gamer mind since its release.

Here are the best games like dwarf fortress we hand-picked ourselves.

1. First Feudal

This game can be a gem to you if you’re already someone interested in Dwarf Fortress.

It has exciting features like resource collection, workshops building, home construction. You can utilize objects like doors and other materials.

What you might not like, though, is the AI of the villagers feels a little bit 19th century; they are quite slow and don’t feel quite ace; aside from that, you’d be pretty good to go.

2. Dwarf Fortress Steam Version

Yes, one of the best games like dwarf fortress, is the steam version. The Steam version of the original Dwarf Fortress has little key differences that might change your experience altogether.

This version is being worked on by independent developers working on improving the graphics, skin packs, and delivering a premium version.

3. King Under The Mountain

This game is exciting in many ways; it has gameplay similar to Dwarf Fortress. It has the same targets and purposes, but King Under The Mountain added its seasoning by implementing high fantasy.

You can choose from an excellent array of options; you can be a dwarf, maybe a human, or even orcs. Every character has their own personal play and skills.

Surprisingly, the game isn’t even out yet, it is expected to release on the 24th of November 2021, but in August, the game had an eventful Kickstarter.

The game can be pre-ordered on Steam now.

4. Judgement: Apocalypse Survival Simulation

This game is quite a unique one; the game is based on the concept of managing a small group of people during a very horror apocalyptic event.

That sounds like a cool concept, right? Well, it is. The main story consists of three campers who were present in the woods when the uneventful apocalypse hit.

Their job is to build a new colony while trying to avoid as much chaos as possible.

The game has super awesome features like real-time research of the best possible strategy of avoiding trouble, camouflage, and sometimes even quirky rituals that can help you stay undercover.

So when it comes to features and immersive gameplay, this title got you covered.

5. Oxygen Not Included

This game is pretty fun; this game puts its players on an asteroid base, that’s right, you heard right.

It allows one to be in charge of the base with some sick responsibility; this includes managing the colonist and dealing with pollution, water quality and availability, and temperature.

Klei and other developers do ensure that this game stays fresh on content and gameplay.

6. Civitatem

Like dwarf fortress, Civitatem is a medieval city builder where you help your villagers raise a new settlement in extremely dangerous lands by using the game’s vast resources and skills in the game.

The game has certain touches that make the game feel more realistic and immersive.

You cannot grow crops during winter, as animal migrations begin at that time, plantation occurs during springtime.

Although the game might not blow you away with the graphics and all, it’s promising when you start to play it.

7. Starship Theory

Starship Theory is a ship-building survival game; the game throws you in with four survivors in an unknown location in space.

The craft’s crew is responsible for operating various types of consoles. E.g., for trading between ships, for research purposes, and better jump navigation.

The graphics might look odd and staggering at first, but the gameplay is smooth and enjoyable.

You can expect more updates rolling in as the developers of this game constantly updates, and the community is quite alive, so you can expect more new and fun stuff coming to this game frequently.

8. Surviving The Aftermath

In this game, you are all about guiding and protecting a colony from an apocalypse. You get a very good amount of control as to how events play out.

Setting up the game, you get to choose what kind of event you get, how bad the apocalypse and how frequent it will happen.

That’s not all; you also get to do some planning, like exploring, meeting up with other colonies, and fighting off bandits.

This game is also big on updates, never a dull moment when you play because you get a sizeable chunk of updates every month.

9. Going Medieval

When talking about the best games like dwarf fortress, there’s no leaving this game out.

This game has an exciting concept; this game narrates a story where the 14th-century civilization is about to go extinct due to a plague that wiped out 95% of society.

Survivors now emerge from the past civilization’s ashes and now have to determine a new survival strategy.

You have to build your people home, figure out a way to survive, and protect them from outsiders, bandits, and even dangerous animals.

With the game tools, you can build a shelter, from a simple cabin to a grand castle and fort for the benefit of your people.

This game is still in early access, but the developers aren’t backing down. The game has received plenty of positive reviews, and they are planning on launching with new and exciting features.

10. Amazing Cultivation Simulator

Embark on a mystical journey to rebuild your land through training and cultivating your mind and soul.

This game is based partially on Asian mythology as it includes a lot of powerful artifacts, dragons, and training.

You’ll need to recruit new students to protect your sects and deal with rivals that might come your way while continuing your quest for enlightenment.

11. Dark Gnome

The dark gnome allows players to help a generation of dwarfs throw up arms against the oppressive rat kingdom; It seems like a bizarre story, but it’s incredibly immersive.

You’ll get to recruit your team of dwarfs as you travel across the countryside of various maps hunting for items.

The game still receives constant updates, so the entire game still feels fresh for its user base.

12. Evil Genius

No, this is not the e-sport team. Evil Genius mixes simulation and real-time strategy, putting players in charge of their villain as they plan to complete their world domination plans!

The game launched in 2004, which is quite a long time ago, but they still have an active fan base, and you still join in as a new player.

13. Dungeon Keeper

On our list of best games like dwarf fortress, this game deserves a spot. It is unique in its concept; players are challenged to manage their dungeon while defeating various heroes.

This game blew up that it even got a sequel, the game normalized dark humor in games and quickly found its footing among the gaming community.

14. Prison Architect

Have you ever managed security in prisons? Well, chances are you’ve not. This game throws you in a 2D prison environment; every element of the prison is at the palm of your hand (or at your fingertips).

By the time you’ve finished playing the game, you would have become an expert in prison securities, which the game aims for.

With this game, you can do as you please; you can build and replace buildings, fill them up with appliances and even give them tags. E.g., offices, holding cells, showers, and so much more; you can assign staff to various offices and make sure your prisoners are in check.

The game still has a vibrant community, and you can join in anytime, the only con is that activities might seem relatively slow, but with the game receiving updates, this should be fixed soon.

15. Dungeon Keeper 2

Remember Dungeon Keeper we were talking about? Yeah, this is the sequel; the game is that good. This time the developer made significant improvements in graphics and gameplay mechanics.

You will arrive underground and build your dungeon, attract creatures, craft traps and fight on the side of evil; yes, the game is dark like that.

This game appeals to gamers with dark humor and can enjoy a game with a dark component. The game is still huge on updates and has a vibrant community. 


That is our list of best games like dwarf fortress. These games are specially handpicked because of the close resemblance with dwarf fortress, so If you’re a Fortress gamer prior and looking for something new? These games are going to make your fingers happy.

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