19 Best Historical Christmas Books to Read This Holiday 

Historical Christmas Books

This book selection of the best historical Christmas books to read this holiday season will delight readers who enjoy historical books.  

However, these books will put you in the holiday spirit while also providing you with some of the best happily-ever-after love stories.

Furthermore, for some people, Christmas is the most delightful time of the year. It can, however, be the most stressful.  

Fortunately, we have a quick and easy way to transport you to those warm and fuzzy feelings. Aside from watching a holiday movie on Netflix or binge-watching a Hallmark movie marathon, that is.

We recommend putting on your fuzziest Santa socks, putting on a warm onesie, and reading one of the best historical Christmas books ever written.

1. A Waterflower Christmas by Lisa Kleypas

Rafe Bowman has arrived from America for his scheduled encounter with Natalie Blandford during the Christmas season in London.

Furthermore, he knows that before pursuing the lady-in-waiting, he needs to learn the rules of London society and set his stunning American ways aside.  

2. Meet Me in Mayfair by Tessa Dare

Meet me in Mayfair is one of the best historical Christmas books you read for the season. Louisa Ward is in desperate need of a Christmas miracle.  

The nasty, ruthless Duke of Thorndale will remove her family from their lovely Mayfair home unless she catches a wealthy husband at the ball tonight.  

Furthermore, when her buddy begs to switch dance cards, Louisa finds herself waltzing with the enemy: Thorndale himself, the cruel, heartless–and surprisingly handsome.

Additionally, now the duke is in charge of her future, and he’s not about to let go. However, finding a bride proves to be more difficult than he anticipated, especially when four former Wallflower’s attempt matchmaking. 

3. Letter From Father Christmas by J.R.R Tolkien

If the title of this calligraphy picture book were Letters from Father Tolkien, it would be just as appropriate.  

Furthermore, it’s chock-full of letters Tolkien wrote to his children every Christmas. All are narrated from the perspective of Father Christmas, or a talking polar bear accompanied by the cutest images.  

4. Mr. Dickens And His Carol by Samantha Silva

Mr. Dickens and his Carol are also some of the best historical Christmas books. This time of year, no one can resist a Dickens classic.  

The same may be said for novelist Samantha Silva, who has written a funny and haunting sequel to a Christmas Carol based on the man who wrote it.  

Silva’s version of the narrative, which is not to be confused with The Man Who Invented Christmas, goes like this.

As a result of his writer’s block, Dickens travels to London in search of inspiration. However, he takes long treks there, each littered with the facts that eventually form his Carol. 

5. Carols And Chaos by Cindy Anstey

Carols and Chaos is the book for you if you’re looking for a light-hearted historical Christmas read that will remind you of the much-missed Downton Abbey Christmas episode – RIP! 

It’s a young adult novel, but don’t let that put you off; it’s romantic, humorous, and swoony, and it’s beautiful for curling up with a hot chocolate and a can of Quality Street.  

Furthermore, Kate Darby, a lady’s maid at Shackleford Park, worked hard in 1817. She doesn’t have time to fall in love with Matt Harlow.

Matt Harlow is a valet who is spending the holidays with his bosses at the estate. However, if you know anything about Christmas and romances, you know Kate will find a way to fit it in someplace. 

6. Someone To Trust by Mary Balogh

Someone to trust is also one of the best historical Christmas books for the season. Elizabeth Overfield determines that after her husband’s death, she must find another appropriate marriage.  

Furthermore, when she meets Colin Handrich, Lord Hodges, at the Westcott Christmas house party, it is the last thing on her mind. She likes his company.  

However, they are both taken aback when their sled crashes into a snowbank, causing them to have an unexpected kiss.  

However, they know there will be no romance between them because she is nine years older. But when their passion resurfaces the following season, they must determine what they are willing to give up for love. 

7. The Duke of Christmas Present by Sarah MacLean

Eben, Duke of Allied, is a wealthy and vicious man who has little time for vacations. Furthermore, holidays are whimsy and charm, the only two things he can’t buy with money.  

Even now, twelve years after she departed to see the world, Lady Jacqueline Mosby remains full of both.

In addition, Eben can’t resist the woman he’s never stopped loving. Or the future that was once within reach when Jacqueline comes for a lonely Christmas.  

However, it’s going to take a miracle to persuade her to stay. Christmas, on the other hand, is a time for miracles if ever there was one. 

8. The Usual Santas by Peter Lovessey

The usual Santas is also one of the best historical Christmas books ever.

Helene Tursten and Martin Limón, among others, put pen to paper for a collection of short stories ranging from frightening to uplifting. Still, all centered on the holiday’s timeless focal point: Kris Kringle. 

Additionally, each of the 16 globe-trotting caper tales takes place somewhere else on the globe, whether it’s Thailand, Copenhagen, or Korea. 

British detective novelist Peter Lovesey writes the forward. Each of the 16 globe-trotting caper tales takes place somewhere else on the globe, whether it’s Thailand, Copenhagen, or Korea. So, if you need to get away, look no further. 

9. The Christmas Doll by Elvira Woodruff

You can’t go wrong with The Christmas Doll if you’re seeking the best historical Christmas books to share with a child this winter.  

However, this novel has it all. From charming little orphans, icy Victorian London streets, a magical doll, a lovely Christmas message. And also the right amount of melodrama.  

Furthermore, Lucy and Glory are charming little orphans living at the workhouse when a dangerous disease sweeps through the building, forcing the sisters to flee.  

Additionally, they come across an antique doll with magical abilities and learn the true meaning of Christmas.

With this story, you know what you’re going to get, which makes it all the more enjoyable. 

10. The Present by Johanna Lindsey

A mystery surprise arrives anonymously as the entire Malory family gathers at Haverston to enjoy the season.  

Additionally, the present is an antique notebook detailing the love story between Christopher Malory, the second Marquis.

And Anastasia, a dark gypsy beauty who seeks a love match with a non-gypsy, avoids a scheduled marriage to a brute.  

Furthermore, there are profound and well-learned truths in the remarkable blossoming of a beautiful romance at a long-ago Christmastime that will enrich the hearts of the Malory descendants. Indeed, of everyone who has ever dreamed. 

11. Heiress Alone by Sophie Jordan

Heiress Alone by Sophie Jordan is also one of the best romantic historical books to read this season.

Annis Bannister is left behind in the Highlands when her family rushes to flee an imminent snowstorm.

She was left to fend for herself against brigands marauding the region, stealing cottages boarded up for the winter. 

However, her only hope is her next-door neighbor. Who is a grumpy hermit duke who unravels her with a glance and then a kiss until she believes that the threat to her heart is greater than the threat posed by brigands and snowstorms? 

12. The Handmaid and the Carpenter by Elizabeth Berg

If you’re looking for a more typical Christmas historical novel, Elizabeth Berg’s The Handmaid and the Carpenter is an unusual take on an age-old story.  

Additionally, Mary and Joseph are the handmaid and carpenters in question. Berg narrates their story — the section of the Bible that was left out.  

Furthermore, Reworkings like this are often contentious, and whether or not they are accepted frequently depends on how well they are executed.  

In addition, Berg does an excellent job here, and religious readers will enjoy it. At the same time, secular readers will appreciate a well-written historical fiction that never tries to preach or make too much of the story it tells. 

13. An Affair Before Christmas by Eloise James

An Affair before Christmas is one of the best historical Christmas books for the season. Lady Perdita Selby met the guy she thought she’d adore for the rest of her life one magical Christmas.  

Additionally, the devilishly handsome Duke of Fletcher was the ideal match for the innocent, stunningly gorgeous young Englishwoman. And their wedding was the most romantic she had ever witnessed.  

However, Poppy and the duke have become the toast of the ton four years later. But their love affair has died behind closed doors.  

Furthermore, the duke is determined to reclaim his enchanting bride’s exquisite affections. He is unwilling to lose the lady he still lusts for and a genuinely devilish seduction to surpass the high days of first love. 

14. A Christmas Promise by Mary Balogh

Weddings are supposed to be happy celebrations, especially when the bride and groom are as well-matched as Randolph Pierce, Earl of Falloden, and Eleanor Transome.  

Ellie brings a sizable dowry to the marriage, while Falloden, despite his distance, is handsome, highly desired, and holds a status that most young ladies can only dream of.  Furthermore, Ellie, on the other hand, is not like other young females.  

In addition, she understands that she must fulfill her late father’s last request to marry the proud earl, but she dreads spending the rest of her life in a marriage without love.

And how can Falloden pretend to love her when he married her solely for her fortune?  

However, the warmth of the season may yet melt away when Christmas arrives upon the Falloden manor. 

15. Mr. Darcy’s Christmas Calendar, By Jane Odiwe

Lizzy Benson pays a visit to Jane Austen’s home in Chawton and purchases a unique advent calendar from the gift shop.

But weird things begin to happen as she opens the first door and finds herself transported back in time with all of her favorite characters from Pride and Prejudice.  

Furthermore, Lizzy discovers that not only is Mr. Darcy missing from the storyline, but Jane Austen has never heard of him as she becomes further lured into another reality.

However, all Lizzy can hope for is to assist in getting the plot and her own confusing love life back on track before the holidays! 

16. Last Christmas in Paris by Hazel Gaynor and Heather Webb

For two reasons, Last Christmas in Paris makes our list of the best historical Christmas books. To begin with, it’s a lovely, sweeping story that will enthrall even the most jaded of readers.  

Second, it takes a fresh look at the First World War. Leading man Thomas is up against War Office restrictions on how the press can cover the conflict, and it’s a fascinating glimpse into an invisible world of repression and secrecy.  

Ultimately, Last Christmas in Paris is the narrative of Evie and Thomas, who, like everyone else in Britain, assume that the war would be over by Christmas 1914.  

However, they become fonder of one another as they realize the reality of their world and communicate their ideas, hopes, and worries through letters. Additionally, Will their blossoming love be able to withstand the fight to end all wars? 

17. A Kiss for Midwinter by Courtney Milan

Miss Lydia Charing ford is always cheerful, but at Christmastime, she is especially so. But, no matter how hard she tries to forget, she can’t get away from the adolescent blunder that could have killed her career.  

Although the worst of her debauchery was kept hidden, one person knows the truth about those sad days, the caustic Doctor Jonas Grantham.  

Additionally, she doesn’t want anything to do with him or the butterflies that flutter through her tummy whenever he looks her way.  

Furthermore, Jonas Grantham, on the other hand, has a secret: he’s been in love with Lydia for over a year. This winter, he’s determined to overcome her aversion to him and claim her as his own. All it takes is a bet and a kiss to get things started. 

18. Winter Solstice by Rosemunde Pilcher

Rosamunde Pilcher’s Winter Solstice is a 700-page brick that’s perfect for hibernating until the cold season is over.

If you’re looking for an essential historical Christmas book, you can find it.  

Additionally, Pilcher is noted for her evocative style, fascinating characters, and straightforward narrative.  

Furthermore, Winter Solstice is set in the not-too-distant past and relates the history of Elfrida Phipps, a woman who has recently retired to a little Hampshire village.  

However, when her buddy is widowed and becomes destitute, the two of them flee to Scotland to live in a house.

Elfrida and Oscar gather a bunch of waifs and strays there, and Christmas comes to life as the group finds peace and happiness. 

19. An Ivy Hill Christmas: A Tales from Ivy Hill Novella, By Julie Klassen

An Ivy Hill Christmas is one of the best historical Christmas books to read. Richard Brockwell, the younger son of Ivy Hill’s most powerful family, hasn’t spent Christmas at home in years.  

However, he prefers to live in a London townhouse, far away from Brockwell Court. The old family mystery that haunts him and the shadows of his misdeeds from the past.  

But, unless he returns home for Christmas, his mother threatens to cease paying for his carefree lifestyle. Out of choices, he travels to Ivy Hill, intending to board a coach destined for London and his single life as soon as the festivities are finished.  

However, Christmas in the country brings surprises. Such encounters with an orphaned apprentice, his first love whom he disappointed years ago, and Arabella Awdry.

Arabella is a young lady far more attractive than he remembered and determined to avoid him.  

Will the village charm, kissing boughs, joyful songs, and divine hope of Christmastime in Ivy Hill work its magic in his heart and hers? 

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