20 Best Interactive Story Games for PS4

Best Interactive Story Games for PS4

Storytelling and narrative can be equally as vital as realistic graphics or even gameplay. These are the best interactive story games for PS4.

The stories of some of the most well-received games in recent years have been praised.

Furthermore, these games are more like interactive fiction than standard video games since they lay such a strong emphasis on plot. 

Some are story-driven first-person shooters, while others are point-and-click adventures and third-person exploration games. 

Then there are those that are more daring, such as text-based phone games with riddles for readers to complete.

Some of the best interactive story games for PS4 are;

1. Red Dead Redemption II

Red Dead Redemption II is Rockstar Games’ most ambitious project.

Because it’s a prequel to the original game, it relates the narrative of how John Marston split up with his gang, which is a fascinating subject for lovers of the franchise.

Red Dead Redemption II is ideal not only for aficionados of the Western genre, but also for those who enjoy stories about family and connections of friendship. 

It’s also a reason to go on a rampage over the untamed frontier, engaging in both criminal and good activities, depending on the player’s preferences.

2. Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human Is one of the best interactive story games for PS4. It is a 2018 adventure game about three android individuals who may be controlled through episodic episodes. 

Furthermore, players can make decisions on their behalf that can radically impact the plot, leading to their success, failure, or even death.

Episodes can also be replayed to find new options based on decisions made during the previous playthrough.

3. Celeste

You don’t expect much from a jittery side-scrolling platformer regarding the storyline, yet Celeste defies expectations with a shockingly excellent story. 

Besides, Madeline wants to conquer Mount Celeste, but she’s being held back by her inner demons. 

However, her trip is an optimistic one that manages to handle some serious themes with the help of a lovely ensemble of characters. It’s a short yet effective story that doesn’t drag on too long.

4. God of War

God of War is one of the most popular PlayStation exclusives of all time, and it’s a significant shift from the original series regarding gameplay and story.

It is also one of the best interactive story games for PS4. 

Furthermore, this time around, Kratos and his son Atreus combat Gods and creatures from Norse mythology, which is a welcome change of pace from the Greek-inspired mythos of previous games. 

Unlike previous God of War games, which were essentially bloodbaths and mayhem excursions with a terrible and ruthless plot to back them up, this one has a much more human tone to it. 

Additionally, Kratos is no longer a raving lunatic, and he now has obligations to his kid. He’s a different person now, which makes for a far better story.

5. Until Dawn

In Until Dawn, a surprising hit with a despicable ensemble of teenagers that you can enjoy being gruesomely picked off one by one, schlock horror is the order of the day. 

Additionally, during its ten-hour length, the game twists and turns, and before Detroit: Become Human, it was the most adaptable interactive drama available. 

Besides, even if the performance capture appears a little old now, the campy acting combined with a laugh-out-loud script makes this a must-see.

6. The Last of Us Remastered

The Last of Us Remastered is also one of the best interactive story games for PS4.

Though there is some zombie-killing action in The Last of Us, the game’s main focus is on the tense post-apocalyptic setting and the sensitive friendship between its characters. 

As Joel guides Ellie, his adolescent surrogate daughter, to safety, you command him through battle and survival scenarios.

On a genuinely cinematic level, players witness a shattered America filled with anguish, heartache, and zombies.

7. Late Shift

Late Shift is an interactive film about a parking lot attendant who becomes engaged with London’s criminal underground. 

However, it is told through video and gives players choices along the way.


8. Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima is one of the best interactive story games for PS4.

The plot of Ghost of Tsushima isn’t the most detailed of the games on this list, but it’s filled with memorable moments and fascinating enough to keep you playing until the end. 

Additionally, Sucker Punch’s medieval Japanese sandbox provides a magnificent backdrop for all of the action that takes place, and some touching side-quests lead in unexpected paths.

Surprisingly moving material.

9. Beyond: Two Souls

When you play this game, you take on the role of Jodie Holmes, a young woman who was born with extraordinary skills. 

However, you must make vital decisions and actions throughout the game while dealing with significant psychological and physical challenges.

10. The Stanley Parable

The Stanley Parable is one of the best interactive story games for PS4. It’s like a brilliant Twilight Zone episode, jumping from commonplace to wild, clever, and nearly existential in a flash. 

Furthermore, you wind up exposing exactly how meaningful (and useless) a decision is inside a video game as you’re escorted through an office building by a helpful narrator. 

Additionally, Meta-commentary at its finest is formed by combining narrative and gaming mechanics (and the funniest).

11. Inside

There are a slew of theories attempting to explain Inside’s plot, but we prefer to believe it’s interpretive art, with the true meaning varying depending on the player. 

In addition, with some incredibly clever puzzles and a disturbing visual, this is a very dark, highly thought-provoking experience. 

However, it’s one of the more straightforward games on the list, but it doesn’t make it any less important.

12. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is one of the best interactive story games for PS4. This game is a must-have for anyone who enjoys action-packed games. 

Furthermore, with a dark, mysterious backdrop, CD Projekt Red’s game will increase your adrenaline surge as you combat a variety of adversaries and bizarre animals. 

Throughout your quest, you’ll be forced to make life-threatening and game-changing decisions.

13. Tacoma

You investigate the disappearance of the crew aboard a space station in the year 2088 in the adventure game Tacoma. 

Furthermore, you may examine the scene, discover new facts, and continue the story by using an innovative AR overlay to view character movements.

14. Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V is one of the best Interactive story games for PS4. Furthermore, the game has a lot of negative connotations linked to it, particularly the story’s nature, yet fans appear to disagree. 

Though Grand Theft Auto V’s universe is vast, the stories of the game’s three protagonists bring it back to earth. 

From beginning to end, the writing is pure social satire, and these components are expertly woven into the tale, thanks to Rockstar’s previous experience with storytelling in earlier GTA games.

15. BioShock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite is a must-have for fans of historical fiction.

Additionally, the game takes place in a fictional Columbian steampunk city where modern science, such as balloons and airships, are all the rage. 

Furthermore, as a player, you take on the role of a shooter attempting to combat religious and bigoted extremists in the big city.

16. Dreamfall Chapters

DreamfChapterpter is one of the best interactive story games for PS4. This game takes place in a futuristic and fantasy setting. 

However, it allows you to manage a variety of characters as they expel from their surroundings and solve numerous problems. 

Furthermore, it doesn’t contain any combat or stealth components, but it does focus on uncovering secrets and making risky decisions.

17. The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is a horror-adventure game set in an open environment that allows players to roam and explore while investigating and solving crimes. 

Furthermore, to help solve the case, the main character can employ paranormal talents to feel vital objects and rebuild the timeline of events.

18. The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian is one of the best interactive story games for PS4. It somehow evolved as another fantastic Fumito Ueda adventure despite an agonizingly long development period. 

Furthermore, this story of Trico and a young child, like his other games, gets you right in the feelings as you form a lovely bond with the gigantic creature. 

Additionally, Trico is an extraordinarily well-developed AI companion, and your mainly wordless trip through decaying ruins packs a tremendous emotional punch.

19. Heavy Rain

Quantic Dream has created this psychological thriller. It centres around a plot that appears to be exploring a moral dilemma. 

As a player, you assume the roles of a private eye, an FBI agent, and a photojournalist, among others. 

Although these characters do not know each other, they are all linked to the main adversary.

20. Persona 5

Persona 5 is one of the best interactive story games for PS4 of all time. It an anime-style game that makes the most of it. 

However, it has become a cult favorite series thanks to its intense action, interesting characters, and exciting tale about the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. 

Furthermore, the Joker is even a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, demonstrating the series’ enduring popularity.

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