25 Best iPhone and iPad Math Puzzle Games

Best iPhone and iPad Math Puzzle Games

Looking out for the best iPhone and iPad Math puzzle games? This article is for you. If you’re a math nerd, you’ll want to check out these top iPhone and iPad puzzle games.

They’re well-made and contain all the elements necessary to pique your interest and hold your attention for hours. They can help strengthen your Math skills and alleviate boredom and bring delight to your free time.

So challenge your pals, acquire as many coins, points, gold, or whatever else is available, decimate your opponents, and leapfrog everyone to become the best player. 

Math is a crucial element of our lives, even if it isn’t apparent. Mentally learning new tricks and solving easy math problems involving fundamental arithmetic, fractions, percentages, equations, and so on is quite helpful in our daily lives.

However, the difficulty is that traditional education does not teach arithmetic joyfully and excitingly. Math game apps come in handy in this situation.

You may significantly enhance your basic math skills by playing engaging games. Here are some of the best iPhone and iPad Math puzzle games to get you started.


Threes is a basic but addictive game that grows more difficult as you go. You’ll be drawn into it like no other. The game’s rules are simple: to make a more significant number, you can only mix 1s, 2s, and 3s.

You should only use any number greater than three with its corresponding number. Obviously, the higher the number of points you can acquire by combining matches, the better.


If you enjoy a good old-fashioned math puzzle, “Sudoku!” is a must-try. The game has been thoughtfully designed to appeal to novice and advanced players. It keeps you hooked for hours of fun with limitless grids, an exciting premise, and quick animation.

Furthermore, there are six difficulty levels to choose from, ranging from basic to complex, so there are many options to attempt.

You may modify the sudoku game by changing the input and display. Oh, and the app also entertains you by playing your favorite music!

KenKen Classic

KenKen Classic is a grid-based arithmetic game with a puzzle element. The game aims to help you improve your reasoning, thinking, and focus skills.

The puzzle grids range in size from 3X3 to 9X9, with the first being the easiest and the last being the most challenging.

You’ll receive 50 free puzzles to learn and play with. Hints, undo, checks, resets, and pauses are among the puzzle’s other features.

Compete against your pals to take control of the leaderboards. Yes, you should tweet your results to let everyone know how well you’re doing.

Unlock more features through an in-app payment if you ever want to break free and use the game without restrictions. This is one of the best iPhone and iPad Math puzzle games.

King Of Math

King of Math” is a high-octane math game. Middle School/Junior High School is the game’s mathematics level. You can choose to play as a man or female farmer in this game.

After that, you must level up your character by completing math problems to increase your overall score.

Furthermore, ten levels of fresh character design and music are included in the game. Collect a large number of starters to get exclusive achievements. Compare your scores to those of your friends to see where you stand.

Math games, mathematics

This game is for you if you want to see how accurate your arithmetic skills are under time limitations and speed. Not only can you put your talents to the test, but the game also teaches you how to use simple hacks to solve arithmetic problems rapidly.

Toon Math

Toon Arithmetic is an endless runner and monster game in which you must avoid obstacles while also solving math questions.

When an infinite runner, the game is simple, to begin with, but becomes increasingly difficult as obstacles and arithmetic difficulties appear—an excellent game for improving multitasking skills.

Godline Math Games

Math pyramid, mental calculations, mathematical pairs, correct answers, exponents, math machine, number pyramid, and more game types are available in Godline Math Games.

Each game mode is distinct and challenging in its way. Give Godline Math Games a try if you’re seeking fun yet challenging math games.


Numtris is one of the most intriguing iPhone games I’ve ever played. The game has only two rules: you must unite as many pieces as the number indicates to eliminate a number.

And if you combine multiple integers without following rule 1, they will be added together. Moreover, you can play for free up to 300 levels and compete in weekly tournaments to win various prizes.

You’ll also be able to sync it with iCloud for a consistent experience across all of your devices. This is one of the best iPhone and iPad Math puzzle games.


GREG is ready to put your speed and math skills to the test. It’s a simple arithmetic game in which you have to match the numbers on the grid to the supplied one. The game becomes tougher the further you progress.

Play well, and you’ll earn a lot of gold. Use the gold you’ve made to acquire a hint if you get stuck. Invite your buddies to fight beside you and launch the multiplayer mode for even more fun.

Furthermore, there are 35 different types of achievements in the game, and you can use them to rule the leaderboards. Furthermore, GREG supports three languages: English, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese.

Match 10: Free Math Puzzle

Match 10 is a fun and healthy brain game for everyone. As the name implies, you must match numbers to get a total of ten.

The points are determined by the numbers you utilize to make ten. However, you can use only the sum function and not any other math calculations.

In addition, In-app purchases range from $0.99 to $2.99 for hint power-ups, arcade power-ups, and other power-ups.

Math Master

The goal of the game, as the name says, is to teach you how to do simple math problems quickly and efficiently. There are various modes in the game and over a hundred levels that become increasingly challenging as you go.

The software has the advantage of being accepted by both children and adults. Also, the game’s user interface is simple and uncomplicated, to top it off.

Math Games Playmind

PlayMind Math Game is primarily intended to help you improve your math and basic arithmetic skills by requiring you to perform mental calculations. There are numerous modes in the game, each with a different difficulty level and sub-levels inside each mode.

Math x Math

Math, X Math is a puzzle-based math game in which you must solve issues using your arithmetic skills. The game offers multiple play modes to accommodate any level of difficulty and over a thousand puzzle questions to keep you entertained. This is one of the best iPhone and iPad Math puzzle games.

Bedtime Math

If you’re looking for a fun Math game for your child, look no further than “Bedtime Math.” Math puzzles are presented as bedtime stories, which your child will enjoy solving.

Every day, it recommends a fun Math problem. You can also look through an extensive library of 1600 problems on topics as diverse as electric eels and chocolate chips, roller coasters, and flamingos.

Furthermore, each puzzle has three difficulty levels: Wee Ones, Little Kids, and Big Kids. With a good balance of challenging and easy questions, your child will never become bored with the game.

Math Puzzle

It would be best to choose “Math Puzzle” to develop your thinking. The game has basic rules and maintains your interest for a long time.

To solve the challenge, cleverly switch numbers. There will be no pressure to perform because there is no time constraint.

I give “Math Puzzle” such a high rating because it adds an endless amount of pleasure to learning. With the skillfully constructed problems, you will improve your brain while playing puzzle games. Even though the games’ rules are essential, you won’t get bored playing them.

Furthermore, Customize the game by selecting from a variety of backgrounds. In addition to personalization, an in-app payment of $2.99 unlocks unlimited help. The program also supports two languages: English and Russian.

Math Fire

Math Fire has a user-friendly interface suitable for both youngsters and adults. Adults can test themselves with challenges with large numbers, time-based tasks, and money tasks, while youngsters can play fundamental arithmetic and multiplication tables. 

Furthermore, you can also compete with your pals, offline and online, if necessary. This is one of the best iPhone and iPad Math puzzle games.

Math Riddles and Puzzles

Math Riddles and Puzzles is a game that uses mental trickery to test your IQ and enhance your math skills. The issues appear simple at first glance, but the game becomes more difficult as you progress, forcing you to use your analytical thinking skills to answer the riddles and puzzles.

2048 Charm

2048 is a famous problem in which you must match and mix the same digits as quickly as possible to obtain the number 2048.

The principle of the game appears simple, but believe me when I say that it becomes more difficult as you get to higher numbers. Furthermore, there are 12 different modes in the game, and the user interface is simple and easy to use.

Mental Math Master

Most games simply deal with basic arithmetic when it comes to mental math. Mental Math Master, on the other hand, takes this notion to a whole new level with its challenging and complex tasks using basic arithmetic, square roots, logarithms, factorials, summation, and so on. Also, mental Math Master is the game for you if you want a challenge.


If Mental Math Master is too much for you, Mathematiqa is a good alternative. This game has issues that are neither too difficult nor too easy to tackle intellectually. Mathematiqa, unlike Mental Math Master, solely uses fundamental arithmetic in its problems.

Numbers Game

“Numbers Game” is a puzzle game that is incredibly addicting. There are two stages in the game that are interesting. You must play astutely through 6 albums with increasingly challenging questions in the Levels mode.

Furthermore, To complete puzzles quickly, use the “Time Attack” option. And if you ever fall into difficulties, you can use the coins to acquire aid.

Give it you are all to conquer the leaderboards and gain many points. Even better, Numbers Game is multilingual, supporting English, Arabic, Catalan, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, and more languages.

Math 24- Mental Math Cards

Math 24 is a traditional math problem with basic arithmetic with over 300 levels and 15 different stages. Also, math 24 is unique because each of the game’s levels is created.

There’s also a fantastic option called speed, in which you must solve puzzles as quickly as possible. Believe me when I say that the speed mode is quite addictive. This is one of the best iPhone and iPad Math puzzle games.

Prodigy Math Game

Unlike the other games on this list, Prodigy focuses on teaching math abilities through its unique issues. Furthermore, when creating and learning problems, Prodigy tries to follow the actual arithmetic curriculum of various grades.

This simply implies that you can begin focusing on your arithmetic skills in a specific grade. For youngsters and students, this is a beneficial and valuable game.

Math Land

Math Land is a fun and simple adventure game that teaches basic mathematics to children, such as integers, additions, subtractions, divisions, and multiplications. In the game, you play as a pirate who uses various in-game goods and your math skills to help an island eliminate obstructions and traps set by an evil pirate.

Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy Kids isn’t a math game, but it does make learning new topics enjoyable. The program not only teaches your children math through engaging stories and activities, but it also teaches them the alphabet, spelling, writing, phonics, and other skills.

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