9 Best Life Sim Games to Right Now

Best Life Sim Games

Simulation games are part of the latest advancement in the gaming industry. Gaming organizations design these games to imitate real-life activities, ranging from analysis, prediction, interactions to mere entertainment.  

In the best life sim games, the player controls one or more virtual characters, and the game places in the player’s hands the ability to control the lives of people or creatures.

This makes life sim games one of the most prominent types of games individuals of today play.

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Types of Life Simulation Games

There are three major types of simulation games, and we shall explore them below.

Social Simulation

These types of life simulations focus on social interactions in an artificial world. Here, the player cannot control or influence characters, and however, they have a say in what happens in the environment. 

Other types of social simulation involve the player living with different characters and coping in the artificial world. The player’s character also interacts to achieve real-life goals like making money or moving on from broken relationships. 

Some developers have introduced dating sims that are romantically inclined. Here, the player seeks a relationship with other computerized characters.

The player is tasked with maintaining their relationship and making decisions that influence their partners.

Digital Pets Simulation

In this type of life simulation, the player takes after a simulated animal. They could either be real-life pets or simply fantasy creatures.

The games represent these animals and make them look like they should under different circumstances. In other words, well brought up pets look healthy while ill pets look and act unhealthy.

Players can also control the action of the pets. The change in behaviors depends on players’ decisions and determines the kind of adventure they will experience.

Biological Simulation

These are genetic artificial life games. They allow players to control and handle a population of creatures from one generation to another. The games feature several adventurous moments for the players to enjoy.

The players have the power to carry out experiments like crossbreeding creatures or carrying out mutation. Even better,  the animals have characteristics that make them seem real.

However, not all biological simulation games are about controlling an entire population, and some aim to imitate the life of a single animal or interact in the virtual environment.

Best Life Sim Games

Among the many life sim games out there, some are simply irresistible. Here are some of the best life sim games you should play.

1. Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is a collection of several life sim games with different editions. It’s one of Nintendo’s best life sim games and contains all essentials of a classic simulation game.

The game has been in the market for several years and has grown in popularity with every installment.

One of its best series is the latest Animal Crossing: New Horizon that Nintendo released in 2020. The series let players shape situations to their liking, including decorating or setting up a town.

You can go as far as renovating deserted parts of the environment or strive to make your town habitable.

Pocket Camp is another edition of Animal crossing that every player should try. It begins with the player on a deserted island.

Here, the players strive to survive by building campsites, crafting items, and collecting accessories. 

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2. The Sims

Like Animal Crossing, the Sims is another fantastic life sim game with two installations under its name. The two games in the series are The Sims Freeplay and The Sims: Mobile, and EA published both games and made them readily available for free download.

In Freeplay, you create a character that lives as you prefer. As you advance, you face more challenges, and the missions get tougher to complete. 

Freeplay was the first available version of the game. However, the Mobile version is similar to Freeplay but has better features. 

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3. My Time at Portia

This game portrays the life of a farmer but has a more exciting and intriguing background story. The game is set in a world where humans struggle to pick up their lives in a small town.

The game involves managing and upgrading your farm, designing new tools for your work and others. You can also explore caves and check out valuable ancient relics.

Like The Sims, the game encourages you to take things slow, as though you were living a real life. You also get to meet other villagers and get to know them. 

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4. Not Tonight

Not Tonight makes gaming more realistic. Brexit of Britain has fallen in the game, and a doomsday government has risen to power.

The fun begins when you find yourself in the shoes of a bouncer. You will have to man the doors of several locations around the UK or ensure coordination between parties in your location.

Beyond work, you have to manage your personal life. You can upgrade your apartment and buy new equipment. The game deals with politics and significantly affects thinking by testing your tolerance in a politically oppressed world.

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5. Stardew Valley

This is one of the best life sim games that upholds the farming culture. It combines farming and a life sim, making it one of the best games for gamers.

The character starts their journey from a wrecked piece of land close to a small village. You are then tasked with cleaning up the farm and building it into something tangible, and you are also responsible for interacting with the nearby villagers.

Several real-life activities aside from farming make its audience feel welcome. These include fishing, attending events, breeding animals, and even dates.
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6. Harry Potter

Potter and all its titles are undoubtedly one of the best productions in the world. Thus, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery simulation game is a must-play.

Here, you find yourself as a student in Hogwarts, the same popular school in Harry Potter. You get to live your life, select a home, and attend classes.

The game also features duels with wizards, character customization, and room arrangements. Additionally, there are magical creatures of different nature to befriend.

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7. Littlewood

Littlewood is quite similar to Stardew Valley, and those who love the latter will adore the former. The gameplay is rather enjoyable and entices the players with its objectives. 

The game features a repetitive loop which may be tiresome. However, there are highlights within the loop, as changes happen now and then. Like Stardew Valley, Littlewood deals with farming and doing a good job managing your farm and interacting well earns you points.

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8. Cladmen

The exciting part of this life sim is its fascinating storyline. Cladmen is an open-world sim that features the life of a man who goes into crime following his mother’s illness.

It depicts his struggle to earn enough money to save his mother. He makes this money by cooking illegal substances as he runs from the police.

Despite this, you must expand the illegal business and be better than your competitors. The game also provides you with tools and devices to make significant progress.

Your decisions in the course of the story determine the end. Players can play several times to have different adventures with different endings. 

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8. Cozy Grove

This is one of the best life sim games that takes a twist by presenting a storyline that involves a haunted island.

Here, you play as a Spirit Scout, exploring the forest’s hidden secrets and treasures. You also encounter local spirits and complete tasks for them.

The game takes 40 hours to complete. However, not all tasks are easy to carry out and can take longer to complete. 

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9. Dream Daddy

I cannot end this list without including a dating sim and one beyond comparison. The Game Grumps developed the visual novel with a storyline of a man and his daughter.

After they relocate to a new home, they fall back into their lives. However, they meet people, fall in love, and struggle with their decisions concerning their newfound relationship.

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With the exciting games mentioned above, your gaming journey is about to take a new turn. Remember, the best life sim games have many positive effects on your general thinking. What more are you possibly waiting for? Grab one of your favorites and start playing.

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