20 Best Manga Apps for Android in 2023

Best Manga Apps for Android

Are you looking for the best Manga apps for Android? If yes! You’ve arrived at the correct location.

Manga is one of the most popular comic series among today’s teens. On the other hand, comics and books are not widely available.  

Manga has existed for many years, and it is an integral part of Japanese culture. People all across the world are becoming increasingly interested in Manga.

It has not yet spread widely. However, your mobile device can be an excellent source of information. Additionally, the best manga apps for Android are listed here.

Crunchyroll Manga deserves special notes, and it offers a great collection. However, the user interface is a disaster.

Because Manga is similar to comic books, you may also use the best comic book readers if you already have your collection and only need a reliable reader. 

Examining the features of the 20 best manga apps For Android listed below might be beneficial.

This will also assist you in determining which ones you should try and which ones you should avoid.

So, best of luck. Hopefully, you’ll have a terrific manga reading experience with these apps. 

1. Amazon Kindle

Kindle, Google Play Books, and Nook are the most popular ebook reading systems on the Internet.

Almost sure you’ve heard of them. They’re all manga enthusiasts, which is a plus. Unfortunately, their variety is fairly limited.  

Because they are so popular, easy to use, and dependable on mobile devices, these are the only ones we recommend.

These apps provide a fantastic starting point for those who enjoy reading ebooks and wish to branch out into Manga.  

They all allow you to download content for offline reading and sync your library across devices.

However, those already vast fans of Manga may prefer something a little more hardcore. 

2. Viz Manga

To start things off right, I’d like to recommend Viz Manga as one of the most excellent manga apps for Android.

The app grants you access to the complete VIZ digital library, including famous series like Dragon Ball Super, My Hero Academia, and Naruto Next Generations.  

Furthermore, the app constantly adds new series, ensuring that you always have something new to read.

The opportunity to construct an extensive library of exciting mangas is one of my favorite features of this software.

Furthermore, you may read your favorite comics at your leisure now that you have a fully tailored library. 

3. Comics

There’s no greater joy than having an app that allows you to read unlimited comics and mangas.

If you want to read any comic or Manga, the Comics app is one of the best apps for reading mangas on Android.  

Additionally, this software contains thousands of comics and mangas, including the greatest and most recent.

Furthermore, if you want to read your favorite mangas, the Comics app is one of the best Manga apps to read mangas on Android. It is paid, but you can try it for 30 days for free. 

4. Manga Geek

Try Manga Geek to get all of your Manga in one location with an auto-update mechanism.

It’s one of the most excellent free Manga apps for Android, and it supports multiple languages.  

You will find a large number of mangas and comics here. However, you will need an internet connection to use this program. You will be astounded by the following features of this app very soon. 


5. MangaToon

MangaToon is one of the best manga apps for Android, on which you’ll spend a lot of time reading mangas.

It’s free and contains some of the finest comics and mangas from many genres; you’ll find the best Action, Romance, Boys’ Love, Comedy, Horror comics, and mangas on this app, updated weekly.  

Additionally, MangaToon allows you to read Manga and cartoons in a different language while ensuring that the subtitles are accurate.

Furthermore, it also allows you to download mangas for offline reading, and it’s a fun app to use, making it one of the top Manga apps for Android. 

6. Crunchyroll Manga

Having the official manga app at your disposal makes getting the latest manga volumes directly from Japan a breeze.  

As you might expect, Crunchyroll Manga is an official manga app for Android and iOS that allows you to quickly access new manga volumes as soon as they hit Japanese newsstands.

It’ll be easy to keep up with the latest releases, such as Fairy Tail, Space Brothers, and Attack on Titan.  

The app includes a primary interface and helpful customization options for fine-tuning all of your favorite titles to meet your reading habits.

Please keep in mind that Crunchyroll Manga follows a simple freemium model. 

7. Comic Trim

In this domain, Comic Trim is a bit of a wild card. We don’t know how this one will hold up over time because it’s so fresh.

It is, nevertheless, a capable manga and comic reader. CBZ, CBR, ZIP, RAR, picture folders, and PDF are all supported by this reader.  

That should cover the majority of manga formats. In addition, this is only suggested for those who already have a separate collection and require an app that can correctly read them. 

However, a night reading option, a magnifying glass mode, gesture controls, and other features are included in the free edition.

The premium edition is ad-free, features an entirely dark theme, and supports better resolution photos. 

8. Mangano

When searching for the best manga apps for Android, you’ll find many of them that sell Manga illegally.

That’s not right, so check out Mangano if you want to read Manga legally and make sure the creators get their fair share.

Additionally, it is one of the best manga reader applications available, with a good selection of titles.  

Furthermore, the app includes some of the most popular manga series, like Attack on Titan and others.

At $4.99 a month, the subscription isn’t too expensive, and you get access to over 300 manga comics.

Every week, new chapters are uploaded, so you’ll never run out of things to read. 

9. Webnovel

The Webnovel is another excellent manga reading application for Android. Like the rest of the apps on this list, this app allows you to view Manga for free.  

Webnovel, like Mangaowl, Mangakakalot, and Reading manga, has a library of complete novels like The Supreme Magus, Young Master Damien’s Pet, and Nanomance Reborn, as well as incredible translated stories like Library of Heaven’s Path, Lord of the Mysteries, Full Marks Hidden Marriage, and numerous adapted comics.  

You’ll be given free coins for daily sign-ins, which you can use to sign up for daily manga notifications when new chapters are released.

Furthermore, Millions of readers and authors go to Webnovel to indulge their passion for reading and writing. 

10. Discord

Discord is also one of the best manga apps for Android. With this selection, we’re going a little off the beaten path. Discord servers exist for various interests, including gaming, socializing, and even comics.  

Furthermore, you can use these servers to acquire recommendations from other manga enthusiasts and locate good locations to buy or download Manga.  

Additionally, we don’t have any specific links, but communities should be pretty straightforward to find, and the app has recommendations for a wide range of hobbies.  

I’m on an anime server for the same reasons I recommend it as a manga app, and I’m pretty pleased with it. On Reddit, there are numerous subreddits dedicated to Manga. 

11. Manga Searcher: Manga Reader V2

Let’s meet another fantastic Manga software with a lovely theme and user interface. It’s Manga Finder.

As the name implies, you can use this site to find and read your favorite mangas while connected to the Internet.  

Additionally, this Android Manga app is free to download, and it automatically updates when a new chapter of a manga or comic series is released. 


12. Super Manga

Let’s meet Super Manga, the next option for you. It’s another fantastic manga reader program geared toward young manga aficionados. It’s simple to use, and it’s also simple to find Manga. 

 If you use this app, you will not be disappointed because it contains millions of Manga and comic series to enjoy. 


13. Anime & Manga Animo

Anime & Manga Animo is for manga fans who wish to participate in a manga community rather than merely read the Manga. 

Furthermore, this Manga app for Android is similar to a community known as one of the fastest-growing social networks for manga fans.

So you may read millions of Manga and comics while meeting new individuals that share your passion. 


14. Neko Manga Reader

Neko Manga Reader is next on the best manga apps for Android. It is a good manga reader with several interesting characteristics. 

Furthermore, you can search and download Manga from your favorite franchises, and it even offers NSFW content if that’s your thing.

It’s technically a fork of Tachiyomi with added Mangadex functionality. The design is excellent, the selection is good, and you can even combine missing chapters that Mangadex doesn’t have.  

In addition, the app is open-source and free. Since you must download it from them, you can access the open-source code at the download button below.

That leads us to the app’s only flaw: it doesn’t work on Google Play, and Fortunately, it still works. 


15. ComicRack

If I had to choose a full-featured and best manga app for Android, I’d select ComicRack.

This software’s best feature is reading aids that significantly enhance the reading experience.

For example, you can adjust the colors to your liking so long reading periods do not strain your eyes. 

 It also has beneficial management of reading statuses such as completed, unread, and bookmarks.

Keeping track of the news that may have you engrossed for hours is simple, thanks to the app widgets. 

16. Tappytoon Comics & Webtoons

If you’re seeking high-quality comics and Manga, Tappytoon is the place to go.

It collects high-quality materials and the most recent releases in one location, with colorful representations of popular series and the option to upgrade to premium and buy tokens to unlock exclusive content.  

Tappytoon also has romance, action, fantasy, humor, k-pop, myth, and other genres accessible. 

17. Tapas

Tapas can serve as a one-stop-shop for comics, novels, Manga, and short stories. It comes with a long list of features and the option to upgrade to the premium edition.  

Furthermore, Tapas is available for free download and has a large readership. On contemporary Android smartphones, the app is lightweight and uses few resources. 

18. Webcomics

With WeComics on Android devices, reading Manga has taken on a whole new meaning. It’s completely free to use and has a user-friendly app layout.  

Additionally, WeComics is here to help you pass the time with a large selection of Manga and regular updates on new releases.

It has an interactive comics search engine that recommends popular ones to keep users updated. 

19. Manga Shelf

Get excited since now is the moment to add a Manga Shelf to your wishlist’s manga shelf. Another well-known manga app for Android users.  

You can download this app from the PlayStore and begin reading Manga to fill your Shelf. Mangas are available in various genres, authors, and eras.

So all you have to do now is pick a few and start enjoying them without any restrictions. 


20. Lezhin Comics- Daily Release

Rounding up on the list of best manga apps for Android is Lezhin. Stay with Lezhin Comics if you don’t want to miss any newly released manga chapters or pages. 

 It’s mostly an Android manga app that focuses on daily updates, and you are not required to check them regularly.

It will keep you updated on all new releases, and it also allows you to save pages to view later when you are not connected to the Internet. 

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