5 Best New Board Games to Play

New Board Games

Where does one commence when it gets to the best new board games? They are more popular than ever, which means there is no shortage of options.

If you are just new to the world of board games, it is “irresistible” to underestimate.

In this write-up, we have researched and come up with several suggestions to get started.

Whether you’re looking for strategic epics, something for fun, or quieter alternatives that you can two-play with, you’ll find them here in our list of the best new board games.

Let us take a look at the best new board games to play.

1. Pandemic

Pandemic Board Games

The odds are stacked against you at the start of the Pandemic, but that’s the beauty. This collaborative epic is never less exciting, and teamwork, not to mention the ability to think fast, is your only hope of winning.

Although challenging to overcome, Pandemic is also very accessible. While players must stop a handful of super diseases from spreading around the world (something that is approaching today), they are armed with unique abilities that can help turn the tide.

A part of the fun is deciding what to do with these powers; Should I prioritize keeping the outbreak going or is it better to eliminate one strain before moving on to the next?

There is no definitive answer that leaves you free to design your strategies. This is especially true of Pandemic: Legacy, a replacement version in which each game’s consequences carry over to the next.

It also encourages good communication, strengthening the bonds between the people around your office. Many have attempted to overthrow the Pandemic from the throne, but no one has yet been able to match it.

To check out this board game, click here.

2. Betrayal at House on the Hill

Betrayal at House on the Hill Board Games

Have you ever questioned how long you would last as a character in a horror movie?

Betrayal at House on the Hill allows you to answer this question. After selecting players for one of the six tropes, it lets everyone break free in a villa that unfolds from room to room.

Unfortunately, everything inside awaits everyone. And as you’ve probably guessed, that’s not cool.

That’s why the way Betrayal plays is steeped in tension. Each player places randomly drawn room tiles as they explore the house, which creates a unique environment each time.

You never know what you’ll find next. The journey reveals frightening events, accidents and “omens” as it progresses. Find enough of these Omens and the full horror scenario will begin.

This is where things get scary. One of the 50 missions is selected based on everything you’ve done so far, and the house transforms its inhabitants with swift and often bizarre savagery.

Maybe a serial killer walks in the door, eager to chase you one by one. Perhaps a monstrous creature will wake up in the basement, or the house will start to sink in the swamp.

Whatever happens, you will have to work as a team if you want to make it out alive.

Well, most of you need to bond and work as a team. You see, a player can turn out to be a traitor with their own rules.

Most of them boil down to killing everyone, making it a great board game for adults who want to stand tall, not to mention one of the best new board games overall.

To check out this board game, click here.

3. Villainous New Board Game

Villainous Board Game

Never has a board game been more about a brand like Disney Villainous – it thrills you and makes you mean as it gets. It’s also surprisingly tactical. There is a lot of unexpected depth here, and it takes skill to pull this fight back.

Based on classic Disney movies old and new, Villainous presents you as a famous villain in search of his fortune for the rest of his life: Maleficent must cast a curse on every area of ​​the board, Jafar must be given a lamp, Ursula wants a Triton trident, and so on.

But that’s not the coolest part. In an inspired twist, each villain has unique abilities inspired by their personality from the movies.

For example, King John has secret methods to steal money from his enemies.

To spice things up, you’re also trying to ruin your opponent’s plans while working alone. Indeed, you can throw annoying heroes like Ariel at them to block their movements, which makes the game so much more detour.

Well, the headache is explaining it for the first time. But trust us, you’ll be hooked when you master it, and it truly is one of the best new board games.

The illustrations and parts of the game are the icings on this game. A beautiful artwork and lovely piece, and much more where it came from.

Disney Villainous expansions add other beloved characters to the party, while Marvel Villainous gives the formula a comic book twist.

To check out this board game, click here.

4. Articulate

Articulate Board Game

Suppose your friends and family are piling up on you, Articulate! is the board game you want to run.

Since being on the shelves since 1992, this is a trivia classic that almost anyone can get involved in.

Its long life is no secret; the rules are simple and easy to understand. Alternatively, each team member should describe as many words in the category as possible in 30 seconds, but they cannot say how that word sounds or rhymes. This means that you will have to think fast.

However, with a wide range of topics including nature, world, and action, you don’t have to be dark doctrine to win.

Instead, this game relies on your ability to verbalize something (not to mention your synchronization with your teammates). You have to belong to everyone.

Unlike most of the best new board games, they can also be played in a massive party of 20 or more. As long as it is divided into teams of at least two per side, there are no real limits.

To check out this board game, click here.

5. Gloomhaven

Gloomhaven Board Game

Gloomhaven is one of the best new board games if you want a deep and compelling RPG to get lost in.

With a box full of miniatures, enemy encounters, and over 1,700 cards, this is the kind of fantastic experience many of us have dreamed of since we were kids.

Unlike The Witcher series, players take command of adventurers roaming the title city and surrounding areas in a gritty adventure.

This, of course, involves more than a little exploration of the dungeon. And since these encounters don’t rely on random dice rolls to resolve a fight, that makes more sense.

Speaking of which, a branching narrative comes with consequences that reverberate from session to session – your choices matter.

As such, the Gloomhaven experience for everyone will end up being different, especially since your characters can be used in the next sequel, Frosthaven.

To check out this board game, click here.


Playing is more than fun and games. This is one of the grounds why board games are experiencing a renaissance.

They invite creative and strategic thinking, teamwork and collaboration, and of course, the opportunity to connect with the people you live with.

Today, a wide range of board games are available, from nostalgic options you loved from childhood to new favourite cult strategy games (and everything in between).

No matter what interests you, there’s a good chance you’ll find something that you and your friends or family will be eager to play with again.

Please share with us in the comment section your experience with board games.

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