28 Best Racing Games for Android

Best Racing Games for Android

Mobile games have become very popular in our modern world. There are so many categories and genres in the gaming world; however, racing is one of the most popular.

Mobile users enjoy this category because of the action and the thrill associated with it. These games are designed to give you a real-time riding experience from the comfort of your phone.

Racing games also have several subcategories, all of which have unique characteristics or styles.

Here, we have compiled the best racing games for android. Some of them have free access, while some require an amount of money to access it.

However, no matter the game you play, you will aim to cross the finish line. 


1. Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 is the third racing game in the series developed by Firemonkey studios. As a part of the best racing games for Android, the game offers a real driving experience for players.

Each car has its unique attributes, including a variation in tire traction and weight depending on its use.

Aside from this, it allows players to race at 19 world locations in 40 circuits using several cars. Furthermore, the game is available in different modes, which include the single-player and multiplayer modes.

2. Grid Autosport

If you are a player who loves to experience the thrill of car racing games, Grid Autosport is a perfect option.

Though the game was originally for PCs, the game now has an android version. With this, players can enjoy the racing game with their mobile devices.

With a combination of quality visuals and real-life cars, the game provides the same experience as it would on a console.

Here players can practice their driving skills with several vehicles. Though it might not be as competitive as other car games, it still provides an accurate and realistic car racing encounter.

3. Need for speed: No limit

Developed by EA, the game is an improvement from its previous versions. The game made its debut in 2015 but only received significant updates in 2021.

These updates took the game to a whole new level with new cars and different play modes.

Now, it features a survival-of-the-fastest tournament mode where you can compete with other cars like Ferrari, McLaren, and others.

4. #Drive

The game is one of the best racing games for Android because of the high-speed cars and genre.

What first attracts you is its outstanding style which features a map that points outside attractions and towns you’ll pass.

The game features several challenges which a player must overcome before becoming a skilled driver. On tour, a player will gather bottle caps that will unlock the other 29 vehicles.

Though the game is simple, it requires most of your attention to navigate through difficult spots.  

5. Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt has been a known series for Android games. The ninth game in this series has better features with a new installment of cars like Lamborghini, which you can use to its full capacity. 

Aside from its excellent graphics, players have several modes of games to select from. Players can work through a career unlocking new modes as they go.

Furthermore, you can race against other opponents logged into the platform in multiple car races.

There is also the “touch drive” feature which allows you to change lanes in an attempt to hit specific jumps. In other words, Asphalt Nine is a game that gives users a game they won’t forget.

6. Thumb drift

Thumb drift features basic and charming graphics that players can navigate through with ease. This game aims to provide players with a relaxed experience in a compelling manner.

Therefore, it consists of four fundamental challenges for players to scale through using several cars. 

Players can unlock over 100 cars using coins they collect on the road in the game. While this might not be the most action-filled game, it certainly is a unique one.

7. GT Racing 2

This is another game from Gameloft, a renowned game developer. With its features, the game is one of the best games for players on Android devices.

In the game, a player can select 71 cars from over 30 manufacturers. It also allows a player t drive in 13 circuits from different points of view.

GT Racing also offers players opportunities to race in over 1,000 events. Even better, the developers aim at maintaining its standards; therefore, the game receives several updates every week.

8. CSR Racing

Custom Street Racing is an easy, drag-racing game where players do not have to worry about the steering.

Developed by NaturalMotion games and Boss Alien, the game comprises of essential features of a racing game. In the absence of wheels, some indicators tell you when to make your next move. 

Here, players take on the role of a racer, aiming to get famous in a fictional city. With this theme, they compete with professional racers to get to the finish line first. 

Though there are other games in the series, the first is still the most preferred.

9. Mario Kart Tour

Maria Kart tour is a game from Nintendo and the fourteenth in its line of series. The company announced the game in 2018; however, it debuted on Google and Apple stores in September 2019. 

Since its debut, the game has attracted over 50 million downloads ad is considered one of the best racing games for Android.

The game in itself is filled with action and chaotic challenges with most of the game series.

Furthermore, the game combines easy-to-use and straightforward controls with bumpers that keep you from going off the road.

Though it has some limitations, the game is free, allowing any player to access it. However, you would have to subscribe to an app to unlock more exciting characters and rewards.

10. Nitro Nation Drag & Shift

Though the name might sound ridiculous to some, this is one of the best racing games for Android.

The game features some in-app purchases; however, there is the absence of any premium package. This allows a player to fully enjoy the features of the games without premium restrictions.

With Nitro Nation, there is a lot to do, from riding cars to aspire to get a new car. Though it might not be energetic as other racing games, it is one game that entertains a player.

Bike games

1. Death Moto

If you want to enjoy a unique biking experience, this game is for you. 

Here, players can pick several tools on their journey which will aid them in future races.

2. Asphalt 8 Airborne – Bike mode

Aside from car games, Gameloft has decided to interest its players with bike racing games. The Asphalt 8 comes from a long list of action field series and has expected features.

This game is one of the best racing games for android because of its graphics and user-friendly controls.

Additionally, a player can upgrade several bike parts customize the bikes to suit any style.

3. Gravity Rider

This is another captivating bike racing game. It features 3D bikes that race in space using the best visuals and bike controls.

Several challenges in the game only contribute to the fun. However, you might suffer from seeing too many ads while playing.

4. Traffic Rider

This game keeps its users enthralled with a variety of mission modes. The ride is fun and wild as there are no petrol limitations.

Another exciting feature is the sound mechanism which gives its user a real-like feeling.

Additionally, a player should knock down other riders to get helmets that can unlock several special bikes.

Water racing games

Though water racing games are not common, the game has gained enough popularity amongst Android users.

Here are the best water racing games for android.

1. Riptide GP: Renegade

This racing game brings one of the best racing games for Android as it takes water racing to a new level of experience.

In this game, you can feel the rush of excitement as you ride through several challenging water surfaces.

The game also features water blur motion effects that give its users a real-like feeling during the game.

The game features steering that can allow players to control the jet. While managing the game, a player should know that pulling off stunts is another crucial game aspect.

The excitement never ends as there are other modes to unlock as you go.

2. Top boat: Racing Simulator 3D

Top boat is a Racing game that has given a new definition to racing games on Android.  The game combines beautiful visuals with suspense while racing.

Before playing the game, players can customize their boats and their engines. Additionally, players can use jet skis, hydroplanes, and hovercraft.

With its features, this game is one of the best racing games for android devices.

3. Xtreme Boat Racing 2019

This racing game has been around for a while and possesses exciting attributes that make it an exciting racing game. The first attraction for players is the beautiful landscapes it offers.

In addition to that, it offers simple controls to maneuver through tricky situations and challenging routes.

For more action, players are chased by other boats, and they have to drive as fast as possible to avoid being caught.

In general, the game combines high technology visuals and several challenging levels to create a fantastic gaming experience.

4. Boat Racing War-Jet Ski Race

The game debuted in 2020 but is steadily creeping up the list as one of the best racing games for Android.

The game features smooth and clear graphics, simple controls, and several challenges. It is the perfect game for people trying out the genre for the first time.


Racing games can be entertaining, especially if you are playing the right one. With the list above, you can now enjoy some of the best running games for Android on your device.

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