30 Best Romance Hallmark Movies of All Time

Romance Hallmark Movies

The Romance Hallmark movies Channel is the network to watch if you’re looking for something to warm your heart and restore your faith in all things good.  

Hallmark movies never fail to draw us in with their uplifting romances, hallmark movies, lovely small-town settings, and feel-good messages about family and tradition.

We’re suckers for the entire Hallmark package, which is always tied with a bow. It never fails to amaze me. 

Are you unsure where to begin, or do you want to relive the network’s best moments? We’ve got your back.

The finest romance Hallmark movies are listed below. 

1. Summer Villa

Summer Villa is one of the best romance hallmark movies. The movie talked about A romance author suffering from writer’s block.

And a celebrity chef who has received a negative review ends up spending the summer in the same French villa.  

They discover that what they’re missing is a personal concern as they try to share the property and reconcile their personal lives.

Although the film is set in France, it was shot in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Patrick Kiely directed the romance movie. Starring Hilarie Burton, Victor Webster, and Emorphia Margaritis.  

2. A winter princess

A winter princess talks about Carly and Jesse’s attraction. And how is evident when they plan Snowden Peak’s Snow Ball together.

Carly’s royal status is nearly revealed when her twin, Prince Gustav, arrives.  

Jesse and Carly decide to hold the ball at Summit Lodge as a fundraiser for the resort’s transformation into a year-round destination.

However, investors aren’t interested without a celebrity pull, so Snowden Peak is placed up for sale.  

Unfortunately, no one knows any royalty who could attract wealthy socialites to the gala.

To raise enough money to turn Snowden Peak into a year-round retreat for royalty and commoners alike. 

The movie was directed by Allan Harmon and starring Top cast like Natalie Hall, Chris McNally, Lara Gilchrist.  

3. The Lost Valentine

The lost valentine is another romance hallmark movie. This story follows a journalist as she sets out to uncover what happened to an older woman’s lost love.

She travels to Union Station every year to honor the memory of her spouse, who was lost during World War II.  

Moreover, Along the way, the journalist meets and falls in love with the woman’s grandson—the romance moves starring Jennifer Love-Hewitt and Betty White. Darnell Martin directed the movie.  

4. Sweet Autumn

Two young lovers elope to reunite in the big metropolis. However, their plans are interrupted when their parents dissolve their marriage, and the young lady returns to Iowa to aid her family while the young guy relocates to the city. Now, in addition. 

When they discover that the annulment never went through fifteen years later, they are in different cities and engaged with other individuals.  

They need to get back together to finalize their divorce, but old feelings return, making them doubt their choices.

Starring Jill Wagner, Colin Egglesfield, and Racheal Hayward. And directed by Neill Fearnley.  

5. Ms. Matched

Ms. Matched is one best romance hallmark movies. Libby Boland, an up-and-coming wedding planner, creates lovely fairy-tale weddings for her clientele.

The problem is that she doesn’t have any romance in her own life. 

All of those changes when she meets Ben Reynolds, author of “Wedding Day Do’s and Don’ts,” a new book. 

Unfortunately, their budding romance is jeopardized when she learns that Ben’s book is a how-to guide for getting married on the cheap, which contradicts everything she believes.  

Libby and Ben compete for clients at a wedding exhibition and spark flare. When Libby’s livelihood is jeopardized, Ben devises a novel solution to save her. 

6. Chance At Romance

Chance at Romance is one great romance hallmark movie. After seeing one of his presentations, a hopeless romantic finds herself communicating online with a handsome photographer, only to acquire a plane ticket for a spur-of-the-moment romantic weekend trip to see him.  

When she arrives, however, she discovers that his son and housekeeper concocted the whole thing.

Furthermore, he had no idea she’ll be there. She begins to develop a love for the very genuine man behind the façade while on a romantic trip with her fake boyfriend: Erin Krakow, and Ryan McPartlin star. 

7. Loving Leah

The movie talks about how Jake Lever is confronted with an old Jewish custom when his estranged brother unexpectedly dies.

In the past, a man was expected to marry his late brother’s childless widow, but now it is customary to execute a ceremony that relieves a couple of their responsibility.  

Jake is uneasy about surrendering his brother’s memory during the Halizah rite.

In addition, Leah also wants to get away from her mother’s matchmaking and the restrictions of her orthodox community.

Leah and Jake decide to join in a platonic marriage of convenience on the spur of the moment. 

8. A Cinderella Christmas

The movie talks about how Angie puts in a lot of effort to operate her uncle’s events company, but her cousin Candace gets all of the credit when Angie takes a night off to enjoy herself at the Christ Masquerade Ball. 

The mask and gown allow her to let her hair down, and she rapidly attracts the attention of Nikolaus, a wealthy local bachelor.  

Furthermore, in this modern take on the classic fairytale, Angie must leave before disclosing her proper name, leaving Nikolaus in quest of his mystery woman.

The Top cast of this romance hallmark movie includes Emma Catherine, Peter Porte, and Sarah Stouffer.  

9. The Christmas Club

The Christmas Club is one of the romance hallmark movies. In New York City, it’s getting close to Christmas.  

Olivia Bennett, a former ballerina turned dance instructor, and Edward Taylor, a small business consultant, had been off the dating scene for a long time; Olivia not feeling ready to date since the death of her husband Nathan eight years ago.  

In addition, Maeryn, her adolescent daughter, has no recollection of her father – and Edward, who is continuously moving for work.  

Believing himself officially homeless and unable to devote himself to any one person in any one area, his previous attempts at doing so have consistently failed. Starring.

Elizabeth Mitchell, Cameron Mathison, Zoe Fish, Jenny Pudavick, and directed by Jeff Beesley.  

10. Love Blossom

Love Blossom is a romance hallmark movie that talks about how A young woman-turned-perfumer is determined to finish her late father’s unfinished signature scent by Valentine’s Day, so she hires an inexperienced botanist with exceptional scent-identification skills.  

Their work relationship quickly becomes romantic, compromising their project’s timeliness—furthermore, Shantel VanSanten and Victor Webster star in the romance movie. And directed by Jonathan Wright.  

11. A country wedding

A country wedding is one of the best romance hallmark movies of all time. It talks about Bradley, a country musician, who is set to marry Catherine, an actress, but before the wedding, he travels to his hometown to sell the property where he grew up.  

There, he rekindles his romance with Sarah, his childhood sweetheart, and sparks fly once more. A Country Wedding is a 2015 American-Canadian made-for-television romantic drama film starring Jesse Metcalfe, Autumn Reeser, and Lauren Holly, directed by Anne Wheeler. 

12. All things valentine

All things Valentine is a romance hallmark movie that Gary Harvey produced. However, When Avery, a blogger who has had a streak of bad Valentine’s Days, meets attractive veterinarian Brendan, she is ready to give up on love.  

Furthermore, When Avery discovers that Brendan is the one who blames his recent breakup on her blog and is the one who leaves her furious comments, she begins to wonder if the link they’ve formed is genuine love or just yesterday’s news. Starring Sarah Rafferty, Sam Page, and Jeremy Guilbaut.  

13. Harvest moon

Harvest Moon talks about A young woman who travels to the country when her family is forced to file for bankruptcy in the hopes of repairing a failing pumpkin farm that her father purchased as an investment.  

She finds purpose and love while trying to get the family back on its feet financially. Directed by Peter DeLuise. Starring Jessy Schram, Jesse Hutch, Rowen kahn.  

14. Wedding Bells

Wedding Bells is a great romance hallmark movie that was directed by Gary Yates. The film was about Molly Quinn, a fashion designer, and executive chef Nick Turner, a chef set up by their respective best friends, Amy and James. 

In Manhattan, there were no love sparks due to their differences. Nick’s style is new and trendy, but Molly’s is classic and ageless.  

In addition, Nick’s culinary approach involves experimenting with taste combinations to create the perfect bite of food.  

On the other hand, Molly is allergic to “chef foam,” which she believes is comprised of two primary food groups: ranch dressing and bacon, both of which are consumed in huge quantities. 

15. My Christmas dream

McDougal’s, a department store, is expanding and opening a location in Paris. Christina Masters, the manager, is vying for the position and building the best holiday display possible.  

She seeks assistance from Kurt Stone, and as they work together, she begins to fall in love with him.

Now she must choose between pursuing her dream profession in Paris and remaining with Kurt.

Directed by James’s head. And stars Danica McKellar, David Haydn-Jones, and Christine Lee.  

16. Hitched for the holidays

Hitched for the Holidays was directed by Michael M. Scott. However, when commitment-phobe Rob Marino breaks up with his fiancée before Thanksgiving, his large Italian family criticizes him for not maintaining a relationship over the holidays. 

Rob goes online to find Julie, another single New Yorker who wants to prove them wrong and satisfy his dying grandmother’s longing to see him happy in love.

Furthermore, to get their relatives off their backs, Rob and Julie agree to act like a couple for the holidays.  

When Rob’s Catholic family and Julie’s Jewish family become involved, things get complicated.

They boost their efforts to keep the farce going as Christmas and Hanukkah approach, only to learn that their artificial feelings are maybe a little too real. 

17. Dater’s Handbook

Cassandra Brand turns to relationship expert Dr. Susie and her latest self-help book, “Dater’s Handbook,” for help with her ailing love life after realizing she has a repeating pattern of picking the incorrect type of guy.  

Furthermore, she evaluates potential suitors using the recommendations in Dr. Susie’s book and then must choose between dependable George and fun-loving Robert.

Starring in this romance hallmark movie is Meghan Markle, Kristoffer polaha, and Jonathan Scarce. James’s head directed the movie.  

18. The season for love

The Season for Love is also one of the best romance hallmark movies.

The movie tells the story of A woman who returns to her hometown after her divorce to spend the summer with her children and mother.  

In addition, she enters the town’s annual barbeque tournament at her daughter’s encouragement, where she runs across her high-school sweetheart.  

As they spend time together, old feelings return, but she convinces herself that she has no time for diversions because she is competing for a prize.

Starring Autumn Reeser, Marc Blucas, and Shelley Thompson. And directed by Jill Carter.  

19. Love, Once and Always

Love Once and Always is one a kind of romance hallmark movie directed by Allan Harmon. However, Lucy Windsor’s childhood sweetheart struggles to save her great aunt’s Gilded Age estate from being demolished and replaced with a golf course. 

However, as they work to reach an agreement, they discover that embracing the past may be the key to safeguarding the future. 

Starring Amanda Schull, Peter Porte, Anna Van Hooft.   

20. Very, Very, Valentine

Very very valentine is a Romance hallmark movie that is centered on founding love in Valentine’s.

Furthermore, Helen, a shy and gentle florist, meets the perfect man at Valentine’s masquerade event and enlists the help of her best friend Henry to find him, only to discover that her perfect man may already be there in front of her.  

In addition, Helen hopes that the magical indications she sees along the way will indicate that the risks she’s taking will lead to this mystery man being her true love. Helen might discover that the clues are a little more subtle and point to a location closer to home. 

Very very valentine was directed by Don McBrearty, and starring Danica McKellar, Cameron Mathison, and Damon Runyan.  

21. The Birthday Wish

The birthday wishes center around Gwen, a commercial director who has charted out her life in an attempt to maintain control.

That strategy was established because she never wants to be thrown for a loop, like when her father died abruptly when she was thirteen. 

Furthermore, By the time she is thirty, which is barely around the corner, she hopes to be engaged.

Following her engagement and impending marriage, she will go to Los Angeles to advance her career.

The birthday wish was directed by Peter DeLuise and starred Jessy Schram, Luke Macfarlane,  

22. Love locks

Love Locks romance hallmark movies were set in Paris, the world’s most romantic city.

The film stars real-life married pair Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell as Lindsey, who returns to Lights after 20 years.  

Furthermore, she meets Jack, played by Jack O’Connell, her college lover and first love.

Lindsey is left wondering if Jack was the perfect man all along as she struggles to redefine and rediscover what she wants out of life. 

23. A Royal Christmas

A royal Christmas follows the story of Chabert. Who played Emily Taylor, a kind seamstress from Philadelphia who discovers her boyfriend is the heir to his kingdom in the film?

Don’t we all wish for it?  Furthermore, Emily struggles to navigate her new royal life in the movie.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, in true Princess Diaries (and Markle) form, “It strikes all the right notes.

Snow falls, lessons are taught, and love triumphs.” That’s all anyone can hope for from a Hallmark film.   

The movie was directed by Alex Zamm and starred Lacey Chabert, Stephen Hagan, and Jane Seymour.  

24. Destination Wedding

Ellie Hamilton has spent a long time meticulously organizing her sister’s destination wedding.

Ellie bumps across her ex-boyfriend, Greg, who also happens to be the best man, as visitors gather on a beach paradise. In addition  

When the bride and groom fail to appear, Ellie and Greg must deceive the guests into believing everything is OK.

With the wedding only a few days away and Ellie unclear whether or not her sister would attend, Ellie and Greg must save the marriage while falling in love.  

This romance hallmark movie was directed by James’s head, Nina Weinman. Starring Alexa PenaVega, Jeremy Guilbaut, and Rafael Simon.  

25. Anything For Love

Real estate agent Kate has a proper, stuffy boyfriend but no social life. In the dating world, Jack, a pediatrician., can’t compete with doctors.

Debbie, Kate’s assistant, creates an online dating profile for her using her name.  

Furthermore, Jack creates his own profile, but his friend changes his profession to physician, oblivious to the fact that there is a real Dr. Jack Cooper.  

The couple is matched and begins to get to know one another. But who exactly are they getting to know? Terry Ingram directed Anything for love. Starring Erika Christensen, Paul Greene, Antonio Cupo.  

26. Summer in the city

Summer in the City is a romance hallmark movie that Vic Sarin directed. Furthermore, A small-town clothing store’s star manager is promoted to run the company’s flagship store in Manhattan. To succeed in the big city, she’ll need to mix her newly acquired New York City street smarts with a pinch of country charm.  

In addition, Summer in the City stars Julianna Guill, Marc Bendavid, and Natasha Henstridge.  

27. Cooking with love

Cooking with Love follows the story of Kelly, a hardworking and cheerful television producer who doesn’t have time for love.  

Kelly begins another season of The Little Gourmet, a kid cooking show, with her mentor Amanda, until hot-headed chef Stephen Harris is thrown into Kelly’s life as a last-minute replacement host.  

Furthermore, As the two work to achieve peace and a successful show, they discover they have a lot more in common than they realized, including a love of food, the children they meet, and each other.

Cooking with Love was directed by Jem Gerrard. Starring Ali Liebert, Brett Dalton, and Janet Kidder.  

28. Love on a Limb

Love on a Limb is one of the best romance hallmark movies. When Mayor Tom Parker hires beautiful gardener Kyle Sorenson to cut down the tiny town’s beloved oak tree, Aimie Roarke decides to save it.  

However, she did this by tying herself to it. While gardener Kyle tries to keep her waiting, the two discover that the tree provides them with more life and love than they could have anticipated.  

Starring Jefferson Brown, Trevor Donovan, Ashley Williams 

29. Love on the sideline

Love on the sideline is the 29th on the list of best romance hallmark movies. It talks about Laurel Welk.

Who is an unemployed wannabe fashion designer hired as the personal assistant to NFL quarterback Danny Holland? 

Holland is out with an injury, and the last thing he needs is a female assistant, especially one who isn’t familiar with football.  

However, the two total opposites reached an agreement and agreed to collaborate on a trial basis.

While Laurel tries to master her work, although she knows she’s in over her head, Danny tries to retain his star image despite his anxiety that his injuries will affect his career.  

Furthermore, Things become even more problematic when both the employer and the employee realize there’s more to one other than meets the eye – and what they discover is love on the sidelines. 

Terry Ingram directs love on the sideline. Starring Emily Kinney, John Reardon, Haley sales  

30. Moonlight in Vermont

Moonlight in Vermont is also one true romance hallmark movie. It describes the life of Fiona, a fast-paced New York City high-end real estate broker, who retreats to her family’s rustic Vermont inn for a few days to settle down and re-evaluate her life when her lover Nate dumps her.  

However, when her ex-boyfriend Nate arrives at the inn with a new girlfriend, Haley, she devises a scheme to win him back: pretend to be dating the handsome and laid-back head chef Derek.

Starring Lacey Chabert, Jesse Moss, Carlo Marks, and Elise Gatien. And directed by Mel Damski.  

Conclusively Hallmark provides something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a Valentine‘s Day romance, a romance Hallmark movie, or a festive Christmas film. 

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