19 Best Star Wars Games for PC

Best Star Wars Games for PC

Here are the best star wars games for Pc for star wars lovers. You’ll be transported to a galaxy far, far away in the best Star Wars games.

Depending on how powerful, fast, or evil you are, they make you feel like a Jedi, a podracer, or a Sith Lord.

There are plenty of best Star Wars games for PC to select from, including classics like Star Wars: TIE Fighter and new releases like Respawn’s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

There are many different games to pick from, typical of Star Wars media, and the quality varies greatly.

Thankfully, Star Wars has probably produced more fantastic licensed games than any other film franchise, thanks mainly to sheer numbers. And there’ll be lots more to come!

1. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Don’t be thrown off by Cal Kestis’ perpetual blank look; Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is an enjoyable Star Wars adventure with some very lovable people at its core. It’s a third-person action game with some exploration and puzzle-solving to keep things interesting. Combat heavily relies on well-timed parries and counters with your lovely, humming lightsaber, which you may customize.

Furthermore, The Star Wars cladding creates a sense of cheerful adventure as you mow down hundreds of chatty stormtroopers and wall-run between zones. Also, Combat timing takes some getting used to—Fallen Order feels sloppy next to finely honed action games like Sekiro. But the Star Wars cladding creates a sense of cheerful adventure as you mow down hundreds of chatty stormtroopers and wall-run between zones. It doesn’t quite capture the Star Wars spirit as well as the Jedi Knight games, but it’s perfectly decent. Breezy 20-hour piece of amusement that’ll keep you occupied for a few lazy Days.

2. Star Wars Battlefront 2

There are few better places to go if you want to feel like you’re in the middle of a fight in a galaxy far. Far away than Star Wars Battlefront 2. This is one of the best star wars games for PC. While the primary campaign is short and unimpressive, development support has ended (RIP). You’re genuinely here for the magnificent multiplayer as polished as Darth Vader’s helmet. The Starfighter Assault mode, which takes the ‘attack and defends’ mantra from the first Star Wars Battlefront’s Walker Assault and puts it into space, is the show’s star.

3. Star Wars Episode 1: Racer

When it comes to the fast-paced, cutthroat sport of podracing, only one game, Star Wars Episode I: Racer, can satisfy the need to rush down racetracks at high speeds. Also, this 1999 game allows players to experience the thrills of racing on tracks that span eight worlds while controlling one of 23 selectable characters (many unlocked as players enter and win tournaments).

Furthermore, This is the only game that can genuinely leave players thinking, “Now this is pod racing!” with an upgrade system motivating players to perform at their best to gain the currency of truguts and four total tournaments to master. Unfortunately, the lack of a true story makes this game fall short of the top spot on the list. While it still holds up today as a fun, fast racing game set in the Star Wars universe.

4. Republic Commando

This light tactical FPS is one of the most pleasant Clone Wars/Revenge of the Sith era games. Usually remembered for disposable PS2 drivel like Racer Revenge and Bounty Hunter. While Republic Commando appears to be a little tough these days. It’s nice to see that era of Star Wars handled in a mature (but not overly serious) manner. You might have liked the prequels more if they were more like this. This is one of the best star wars games for PC.

Furthermore, You’re in charge of a squad of clone experts after a compelling opening sequence in which you see the development of your clone captain in the first person.

5. Star Wars: Empire at War

With a name like Star Wars, it’s only natural to have games that focus on the premise of taking command of the battles that make up those wars. Star Wars: Empire at War is one of the best examples. During the Galactic Civil War, players assume either the Imperials or the Rebellion leadership. Later, the game received an expansion pack titled Forces of Corruption, including the Zann Consortium. An organized crime group with its storyline.

However, despite the game’s great scope, the gameplay falls short in several areas. Games tend to grow repetitive and drag on a little too long. Still, if you want to lead an army to triumph in the Star Wars world. We recommend picking up a copy of this game and bracing yourself for fights that continue for hours.

6. Star Wars Dark Forces

Star Wars has never shied away from a good concept, from World War II dogfighting film reels to heroic figures of ancient myth. For example, Dark Forces, a first-person shooter based on id Software’s original Doom, was released in 1995. LucasArts’ blaster-happy adventure, far from being a carbonite clone, manages to occasionally outdo its original, providing a slew of subtle additions like the ability to look up, down, duck, and jump.

7. Rogue Squadron

Rogue Squadron completely blew us away. That’s partly due to the amount of fan service by placing some levels in familiar locations (or ones you heard about in passing, like Kessel). Or having the Millennium Falcon appear halfway through a mission. Still, it’s also because it’s such a simple arcade shooter that it’s aged well. However, this video game is one of the best star wars games for PC

Despite the Battle of Endor (which is fine because X-Wing Alliance accomplished it excellently and makes more sense in a sim approach). Rogue Squadron was a very complete-feeling game for those who enjoy Star Wars space and ground conflicts. 

8. Star Wars: Squadron

The similarly called Star Wars: Squadrons delivers an immersive experience behind the cockpits of several spacecraft. Just barely beating out its predecessor. Players can also play as the Empire in this game, unavailable in Rogue Squadron (unless you put in the TIE fighter cheat code). Combining virtual reality into the experience also provides this entry an advantage over the last. While the integration isn’t perfect, the ability to virtually immerse yourself in the cockpit with a first-person view of the combat is a unique experience in this game.

9. Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga

Although this action-adventure puzzler is aimed at a younger audience, plenty of references and jokes will also appeal to adults. Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga is a lot of fun swinging our lightsaber around aimlessly and nasty stuff. Especially with the movie-like sound effects and music contrasted with the brilliant comedy action. Accidentally slapping our co-op teammates and witnessing them burst into Lego pieces is also fun. Don’t want to take on the role of Luke Skywalker? Switch to one of the other 50-plus characters and experiment with their unique talents. Lego Star Wars 2 meets our insatiable need for dazzling lightsaber combat. And our equally insatiable desire to construct Lego contraptions in one fell swoop.

10. Knight Of The Old Republic

The success of Knights of the Old Republic is due to a single brilliant creative decision. BioWare quickly separated itself from the complicated and conflicting situation of the extended universe in the early 2000s by establishing its plot thousands of years before the films’ events. With the flexibility to do whatever they wanted, they could create a Star Wars RPG that brought the galaxy far, far away back to life.

This was when the addiction to iconic characters and set-pieces in Star Wars fiction was frequently tripping it up. This is one of the best star wars games on PC.

Furthermore, the original Knights of the Old Republic prove that, when done effectively, repetition may be beneficial.

11. Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic is a multiplayer online role-playing game that borrows heavily on Knights of the Old Republic. This is one of the best star wars games for PC. It was first released in 2011. What sets this game apart from the rest of the RPGs is still being updated today. Legacy of the Sith, the eighth significant addition to The Old Republic, was announced as recently as July 2021. Furthermore, the Old Republic dramatically improves the possibility for players to create their characters to fit exactly what they want out of the world. With eight classes and two sub-classes for each type has its three-act storyline. 

12. Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast

This is the pinnacle of Jedi fantasies. The game where you can fight the Empire cut off stormtrooper limbs with a lightsaber, and use all of the Force powers depicted in the movies while running across the galaxy. Jedi Outcast makes you feel like a mighty Jedi Knight, which is something that many games have attempted but failed to do. Everything in this game is spot on, from lightsaber battles with your red-bladed Reborn foes. To memorable confrontations with powerful enemies and well-known allies like Luke and Lando.

13. Star Wars Galaxies

Star Wars Galaxies was an incredible roleplaying game. The opportunity to live in a completely open, customized recreation of the Star Wars universe was alluring. And it worked brilliantly when it did. I feel like I’m saying this like Roy Batty after Blade Runner, but man—I’ve seen stuff you wouldn’t believe. 

Furthermore, I’ve gone through Star Wars stories that you’ll never know since they were only possible due to the authority SWG granted its participants. In a duel in the streets of Bestine, I defeated a rival bounty hunter. Also, I’ve turned an Imperial gunboat upside-down so that the fleeing spy in charge of the top-mounted railgun can get a clear shot at the A-Wing after us.

14. Knight of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lord

The ultimate Obsidian Entertainment RPG is Obsidian Entertainment’s Knights of the Old Republic 2. The spiritual sequel to a Bioware game, produced at breakneck speed in barely a year and a half, filled with removed material to meet its deadline, and at times (like many times) handicapped by problems. It’s still the buggiest game I’ve ever finished, even after two years of playing KotOR with a forum-brewed mixture of bug fixes and content-restoration patches. Despite all of these flaws, it’s a fantastic film.

15. TIE Fighter

TIE Fighter was a space jockey’s dream in every manner possible. With gorgeous graphics and music, an intriguing array of ships, and a multi-layered narrative wrapped in an overdose of Star Wars bombast, it polished the formula established by X-Wing to a brilliant shine. Furthermore, this is one of the best star wars games for PC. You even had the opportunity to fly beside Darth Vader himself!

But it was how it turned one of the sci-most fi’s famously terrible empires into a force for good that was its true genius—the aspect that transformed it from a brilliant starfighter sim to a unique Star Wars experience.

16. X-Wing

The initial LucasArts Star Wars game was replete with recognizable sights and sounds. And details to make you feel connected to the fiction. Even though it sensibly did not try to duplicate the events of the movie beat for beat. X-Wing was thrilling to do the things the protagonists in the film yelled about, such as redirecting power to the shields and weaponry and activating the hyperdrive at the end of each mission. You could dock with familiar ships like the Mon Calamari Star Cruiser in cutscenes and fly A-Wings and Y-Wings. I never had much screen time in the movies (though, honestly, I only ever wanted to fly an X-Wing).

17. Episode 1: Racer

Episode 1: Racer was the first fast-paced racing game I ever played. I’m talking about the lightning-fast. If you lose attention for too long, your attitude quickly deteriorates into “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, don’t crash, turn faster, oh god, what’s happening” until you hit one too many walls, lose an engine, and slowly drift to an explosive stop. 

Furthermore, the wonderful thing about that pace is that it closely resembles how I expect podracing to feel. Podracing, along with Darth Maul, Jango Fett, and this scene, is on my small list of nice things that came from the Star Wars prequels, so for the gaming version to get it so right was pure bliss.

18. Dark Forces

Remember reading Dark Forces: Soldier For The Empire, in which Imperial-turned-hero Kyle Katarn infiltrates the Death Star to steal the battle station’s schematics? To a ten-year-old me, this was a revelation: that a new story could tie into the events of the Star Wars films, with a character who seemed essential to the world. 

Furthermore, It may sound strange, but being able to hop, crouch, look up and down. And roaming around on multi-level levels was a lot of fun. And it helped Dark Forces feel less like a Doom clone. But the main attraction was that instead of shooting a lot of demons and monsters you had never met before, you got to shoot Star Wars characters you have known for years.

19. The Secret Best: Star Wars Screen Entertainment

TIE Fighter, Dark Forces, blah blah. We already know they’re fantastic. However, the best Star Wars game is unquestionably Star Wars Screen Entertainment. A 1994 “CD-ROM with various A New Hope-themed alternatives to using as screen savers.”

An unending opening text scroll (with adjustable text!! ), a (presumably poorly animated) Death Star trench run. And many bothersome Jawas were among the exciting screensaver possibilities. There were also slow-moving space battles. What’s not to like about that?

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