12 Books for Teenage Guys Who Don’t Like to Read

Books for Teenage Guys Who Don’t Like to Read
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Teenagers want and like to do many things, but reading isn’t a cup of tea for most of them.

They prefer watching their favorite programs on TV, playing video games, or hanging out with friends.

Those who enjoy reading prefer specific materials like magazines and young adult books that appeal to their raging hormones.

However, there are many great, age-appropriate books for teenage guys who don’t like to read, and the list below will give you an idea of what you should look for. 

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1. Everything, Everything

Written Nicola Yoon

In the 21st century, most teenagers prefer remaining indoors glued to their gadgets. If they are not in school, you’ll find them in their room chatting with friends or otherwise.

If your boy is a reluctant reader, this young adult romance book will definitely appeal to all his senses.

It’s about a girl who loves the comfort of her home like most of them. Then one day, through her window, she sees a young man in the neighborhood who captures her attention and immediately predicts them falling in love.

2. Warcross

Written by Marie Lu

Can you show me a teenage guy who doesn’t love video games? Probably not.  Warcross is another great read for reluctant teen readers. It’s all about games and cyber security, another juicy topic in this tech-packed century.

Emika Chen finds players who illegally bet on the game Warcross. The game creator finds out about Emika’s hacking, and instead of punishing her, he decides to absorb her into his team.

The sweet turn of events and the many twists to the plot will keep your teen glued to the end.

3. An Ember in the Ashes

Written by Sabaa Tahir

This young adult book series will give your teenage boy goosebumps. It’s heavily loaded with fantasy and thrilling, dangerous romance: Laia, a young scholar, witnesses martial brutality when her brother is captured on treason allegations.

She knows she doesn’t have what it takes to save him, but that doesn’t stop her from trying. Laia somehow manages to infiltrate a military academy and meets Elias, who is unwillingly groomed by the Martials.

The two unsuspectedly join forces to overthrow the corrupt empire.

4. Crisis Girls

Written by Hiroaki Yoshikawa

Crisis girls is a young adult series perfect for a reluctant reader. The breakdown of the episodes into easily ingestible book volumes makes it appealing to those who’d rather eat their socks than read a book.

The Crisis girls use their varied powers to defend Crisis city from its attackers. The crew leader Kaede is a necromancer and uses her magic powers to defend the defenseless.

Most teenage guys enjoy stories that involve girls, so your young man will certainly fall for this one.

5. The House on Mango Street

Written by Sandra Cisneros

This is one of the few teenage books that doesn’t grow old. The house on Mango Street is a series of stories about a young girl named Esperanza.

This twelve-year-old grew up in Chicago’s Hispanic quarters, and her life is dramatic and interesting in its own way. With the various intertwined themes, this literature piece is one of the best pass-time books for teen boys. 

6. The Lost Hero

Written by Rick Riordan

Teenagers love adrenalin and mystery; this book is a bend of all that plus more. In this book, the master storyteller Rick Riordan gives a spin-off tale of three gentlemen who find themselves in strange and diverse situations but should somehow work together against a common enemy.

One of them, Jason, has lost memory, Leo has a thing with ghosts, and Piper holds a major secret that could turn everything around.

The plot is intricate yet easy to follow. The twists are thoroughly entertaining, and every piece finally comes together in a subtle manner that makes the end more interesting.

7. Harry Potter

Written by J.K. Rowling

The Harry Potter young adult book series doesn’t need much advertising but just a snippet of the juice.

From a frail orphan to a renounced wizard, Harry finds his way of dealing with evil by drawing from his big heart.

This is another great addition to the books for teenage guys who don’t like to read.

This series has a perfect blend of good and evil with a tough battle to determine what finally wins. Teenagers love all things thrill and fiction, hence why Harry Potter is still one of their favorite books.

8. To all the boys I’ve loved before

Written by Jenny Han

Crushes are common occurrences among teenagers. However, having your secret letters mailed without your consent or knowledge is mortifying.

Lara Jean finds herself in one too embarrassing situation at school. All the letters she had secretly written were distributed to their respective recipients, and each of them is available to discuss the message.

What makes the situation even more nerve-racking is that Lara’s sister’s ex-boyfriend also received one of those.

This book will keep your book-hating teen at the edge of his seat from beginning to end.

9. The 5th Wave

Written by Rick Yancey

Does your teenage boy gag at the sight of books? Try this one and watch his face light up at the sight of the cover. Aliens are abstract creatures that most, if not all, teenagers would love to encounter in this life or another.

In this adrenaline-evoking tale, aliens have invaded planet earth in five waves and destroyed electronics and other valuables. They are now taking on humans, and sixteen-year-old Cassie desperately needs to save her brother. 

10. Fake ID

Written by Lamar Giles

Conspiracy tales are thrilling to most people, especially teen boys who naturally love mischief. The main character is Nick Pearson, but that’s actually not his real name.

There are many mysteries to be unearthed, including Nick’s friend, who died before uncovering a major conspiracy.

Nick had to choose between investigating the murder and keeping a low profile like he has been taught to.

The dead friend’s sexy sister is in the mix, who seems to have a thing going with the main character, but nothing in this book is too obvious. 

11. The Witch of Blackbird Pond

Written by Elizabeth George Speare

Of witches and spookiness, this book will appeal to a reluctant reader who loves mystery and fantasy. Kit Tyler is orphaned, and circumstances force her to flee and settle in the Connecticut cold shores.

She is lonely and doesn’t know what life holds until she meets the old witch lady.

These two form an inseparable friendship that brings an unfamiliar warmth and adventure to her life. The locals begin suspecting Kit to be a witch, too, which adds some spice to their friendship.

12. The Hate You Give

Written by Angie Thomas

Racist police officers have wreaked enough havoc in many young lives, and this book is a clear illustration of what’s happening in multiracial communities.

Without fueling racial disharmony, your teen boy will get sensitized to the reality he might have to deal with every day regardless of which side of the divide they are.

In this book, Angie Thomas tells the sad story of sixteen-year-old Starr Carter, who witnesses the shooting of her friend Khalil even though he wasn’t armed.

The events surrounding his death are unclear, and the devastated teenager has to deal with the death of her best friend and the menace of a drug lord

Take Away

Teen boys can be difficult to deal with, especially if you wish for them to have a little more love for books. However, there are many awesome books for teenage guys who don’t like to read. The list provided here is not exhaustive but contains great pieces of literature to get your teen boy asking for more! All you need is a guide on how to find them.

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