17 Christmas Movies You Need to Watch With Your Dog

Christmas Movies You Need to Watch With Your Dog

What could be cozier than spending the holiday cuddling with your dog in the evening?

I imagine wearing my socks while snow pours outside, and I’m seated in my living room with my pet watching my favorite dog movie, probably snacking on something delicious.

But how do you know what exciting dog movies to watch? Well, good news!

Here is a list of 17 Christmas movies you need to watch with your dog over the holiday, and it’s not too late to start from number one.

It should come as a surprise to find dogs paying close attention to what happens on the TV. It would interest them more when the movie is about dogs like them.

What a way to keep your furry buddy entertained, right? Why don’t you read on to find out more?

1. The 12 Dogs of Christmas

You may think that dancing been outlawed in Footloose was terrible, but imagine dogs being banned from town in this movie that features the era of “the Great Depression.”

A young girl went through a great deal so people could build an orphanage for dogs. It’s a fantastic Christmas movie you need to see with your dog. It’s both emotionally and amazingly captivating.

2. A Golden Christmas

Are you looking for a Christmas movie that could make your senses tingle? “A Golden Christmas” is what you need: a buried time capsule, a hilarious case of mistaken identity, childhood romance, and intelligent matching-making pups who always save the day.

3. Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure

The titular charming, and lovable St. Bernard has to save Christmas.

Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure in a nutshell: rescuing Santa after crash landing into a town, saving Santa’s magic gift bag from nasty thieves, and at the same time try to get Santa’s sleigh back to him.

Plenty of pressure, right?

Perhaps this is the kind of Christmas movie you and your dog need to see to strengthen the bond between you two.

You cozy up with some popcorn and maybe some snacks for your dog.

4. The Nightmare Before Christmas

This animated movie by Tim Burton was brilliantly produced to give owners and their pet dogs maximum entertainment.

The Pumpkin King of simple Halloween town, Jack Skellington, discovered Christmas and talked his creepy neighbors into throwing their version of the season.

Of course, things went south quickly. You would have to add this movie to the list of movies you plan on seeing this Christmas.

Make sure your buddy has a good view of each scene, as it is fun for both owners and dogs.

5. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

This is one of my many favorite Christmas movies. The character of Max has won the heart of many.

Max is the put-upon, loyal, and loving pup that made sure to catch viewers’ attention. Six distinct mixed-breed shelter rescues surprisingly played max.

Jim Carrey in How the Grinch Stole Christmas gave viewers a different look at Christmas.

Amazingly, all the dogs in this funny Christmas movie were adopted into forever homes. I know you don’t want to make the mistake of excluding it from your list of movies this holiday.

6. An All Dogs Christmas Carol

You probably have gotten used to the whole “Christmas Carol” themed movies, but have you seen one done by dogs? I think not.

An All Dogs Christmas Carol provides a classic tale of funny characters who did all they can to make your Christmas worthwhile while enjoying the company of your dog.

The adaptation was retold by the cast of “All Dogs Go to Heaven.” This you definitely have to see.

7. A Christmas Story

With evergreen scenes and characters you dare not forget, it’s no wonder that this movie remains a family favorite after all these years.

You might want to consider the scene with hounds pestering turkeys from next door. This may not be the right example for your dog of how they should behave during the festivities.

8. A Dog Named Christmas

Even I was curious to see this movie before I did. A Dog Named Christmas has a delicious feel and a captivating effect for a Christmas movie. It’s the definition of how Christmas should be.

A Dog Named Christmas tells the story of the McCrays who fostered a Golden Labrador during the holidays.

Their developmentally challenged child formed a special bond with the dog during the holidays, and he named him Christmas.

The boy encouraged an increase in dog adoption in his town. It’s a movie you need to see with your dog!

9. A Charlie Brown Christmas

This TV special of “A Charlie Brown Christmas” is always a classic. The movie is based on a “Peanuts comic strip,” and it was sure to have had its warming effect in the heart of many since 1965.

Who can forget the indomitable Snoopy? Snoopy did a great job of giving this movie a new Christmas meaning.

You can enjoy this movie with a bottle of red wine while you feed your dog some treat for every time he reacts to scenes.

Charlie Brown and his gang, the lovable Snoopy, and the terrific storyline teach us the truth of Christmas.

10. The Search for Santa Paws

If you are looking for some magic, then this is the movie you and your dog need to see. Elves and magic dogs are a sure way to keep you interested.

The Search for Santa Paws features the adventures of Santa and his dog, Paws, as they tour the streets of New York.

Disaster struck, and Santa doesn’t remember a thing, and an energetic group of orphans and Paws have to save Christmas and rescue Santa. Exciting!

11. Lady and the Tramp

In addition to being a canine movie classic, this fantastic movie begins and ends at Christmas! How else can it be more romantic to find two adorable cocker spaniels who met a streetwise mutt?

This adventure-filled movie would melt your heart and is an excellent way to keep your dog entertained. The lover dogs’ candlelit dinner kiss has been recreated countless times in movie scenes.

12. Lady and the Tramp (remake)

A live-action of the remake of Lady and the Tramp was released and is just as enjoyable as the original.

The only difference is, the remake had the adorable pups voiced by professional Hollywood stars, including Sam Elliot, Justin Theroux, and Janelle Monae.

Shelter dogs featured as the doggie cast, giving the movie a bit more life for the canine cinema. This is definitely an excellent way to excite your dog’s senses.

13. Project: Puppies for Christmas

Who doesn’t find adorable puppies and feel-good stories exciting for Christmas? The movie Project: Puppies for Christmas is sure to keep you and your dog entertained to the max.

It is a delightful story of two sisters struggling with the loss of their mom.

In their act to get puppies from Christmas big daddy, Santa, they decide their good deed is to become friends with the local curmudgeon, which was played by an expert curmudgeon (John Ratzenberger).

14. Gremlins

Why people don’t include Gremlins on the list of every holiday movie must-watch is a real mystery.

If you don’t mind watching horror movies, then this movie is for you. Your dog will enjoy watching all of the action scenes in this movie, and it would be a spectacular thing to see.

15. The Christmas Shepherd

The Christmas Shepherd is another romance Christmas movie that you could see if you want to stoke the fires of your heart.

It tells the story of a widow whose late husband’s dog, Buddy, gets lost in a storm, and he finds a new home.

His adopters included a single dad and his daughter, who find it difficult to come to peace with their own losses.

Buddy played the perfect role of bringing them all together in this sensational Christmas tale. This is the kind of movie that would have your dog wagging its tail.

16. Christmas With Tucker

Christmas with Tucker is a movie that will make you appreciate your dog and hug them tightly.

After losing his father, 13-year-old George has to deal with being sad while assisting his grandparents in running a dying farm.

When Tucker was introduced into the neighborhood, he instantly bonds with George. This story is a blend of hope and tragedy in a tearjerker of a tale.

This is perfect when your dog is quietly lying on your lap.

17. Christmas Tail

Christmas Tail tells the story of love, sacrifice, and the importance of the bond between families. Christmas Tail gives you reasons to bond with your dog.

You could see it with your family and your dog as you enjoy the spirit do Christmas.

I hope you enjoy your Christmas as you take the time to watch these exciting movies.

What other Christmas movies do you know about?

Do you suppose dogs would enjoy watching them? Could you share with us in the comment below?

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