17 Cooking Games for Android in 2022

cooking games for android

Cooking is one of the best culinary arts to practice on the planet, and the best gaming food preparation feature is now making virtual cuisine fun and easy.

Experts in culinary specialty highly regard it because it would suit an individual’s taste.

People can do things they wouldn’t be able to do otherwise, thanks to cooking video games.

Become a superhero, go to another universe, and prepare a five-star feast.

Several video games let players take on the role of Gordon Ramsey in their virtual kitchen.

Some people are obsessed with preparing a meal in a certain amount of time.

Others divided their attention between preparing and serving meals to guests at a fast-paced restaurant.

Regardless of how the game is set up, success with each meal may make anyone feel like a master chef.

However, there are various cooking games for Android devices; this post highlights the best of the best so you may enjoy yourself while playing games.

Below are the best cooking games for android ever created.

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1. Good Pizza, Great Pizza

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Even though Good Pizza, Great Pizza is one of the best cooking games for android that only focus on one sort of dish (as if that wasn’t evident enough), it is nonetheless a fun and hard game.

The goal of the game is to fulfill each customer’s request in the most cost-effective manner possible while upgrading their pizza restaurant.

As easy as that may appear, many distinct characters make it difficult, as their ordering may be somewhat complex.

Players aren’t helped by the proprietor of the competing pizza store across the street!

2. Order Up!

Order Up! is one of the best cooking games for android that is likely to appeal to fans of the Cooking Mama series.

Players play a novice chef who is thrust into one of the most important culinary maps. Players start off working at a fast-food restaurant before building their own.

Order Up! is more concerned with getting numerous items out on time than with cooking a single meal.

Players must also complete several mini non-cooking games, such as dishwashing and shooing away vermin.

3. Cooking Mama

Cooking Mama is a simulation game made up of a number of different mini-games.

Players follow Mama’s instructions and use the DS touch screen to cut, slice, and combine various ingredients to make various recipes.

Each dish has a time restriction, and players must follow all of the steps in the recipe exactly.

Despite the game’s adorable appearance, several of the recipes are rather difficult.

Though, as Mama proudly observes, receiving an “Even Better Than Mama” grade gives a fairly excellent sense of pleasure.

4. Cooking Simulator

Big Cheese Studio, a Polish company, provides precisely the thing for you if you’re seeking something more exact.

Cooking Simulator is one of the most popular hyper-realistic simulation games since 2015.

It has a realistic physics engine that accurately simulates anything from cutting an onion to grilling a medium-rare steak.

At initially, it was a little buggy and unfinished. However, after a few updates, it has evolved into a fantastic game with over 80 recipes to test and learn.

5. Diner Dash

You play as Flo, a financial market employee who decides to buy a run-down restaurant and restore it to its former glory in Gamelab’s Diner Dash.

She’s living the life of a celebrity! Managing a restaurant, on the other hand, maybe a difficult endeavor.

You must pay attention to a thousand things at once, exactly like a professional waiter, when seating clients, collecting their orders, and hustling the kitchen along with so you can carry the food to them when it’s ready.

But it’s all worth it as you gradually improve the diner, purchase more businesses, and see Flo transform from a disgruntled employee to a genuine restaurant magnate.

6. World Chef

It’s one of the best cooking games for android in the world, and it lets you try cooking from all around the globe.

World Chef is a worldwide game that blends a range of cuisines under one framework.

The game aims to provide you the experience you’ll need to run your restaurant. Of course, playing games won’t provide you the experience you’ll need to run a restaurant, but some of these skills will come in useful.

It’s a training wheel, similar to real-world obstacles.   

7. Cooking Fever

When you’re looking for the greatest culinary video games on Android, Cooking Fever is certain to pop up.

The game provides thorough guidance for dealing with diverse locations, foods, ingredients, and any other kitchen utensils you can think of.

Players should frequently cook to prepare delectable oyster dishes, and they could experiment with cooking simple cafe machines in more complex pizza ovens.

The game also allows you to decorate restaurants, gifts, and other goods to attract customers and improve customer service.

Downloading is, however, free; nonetheless, playing requires an online connection.      

8. Toca Kitchen 2

Toca Kitchen 2 is one of the best cooking games for android in which you can create recipes and dishes at your leisure.

To make fruit burgers, boil the tomatoes and strawberries, fry the bananas, and grow them.

Giving them unusual and inventive meal combinations and preparations will impress them and allow you to monitor their reactions.

The game is ideal for young children since it allows them to be creative and expand their imagination.

It’s fascinating to see how the guests react when they try the meal they don’t like.

9. Restaurant Dash

As you increase your culinary skills, this game will help you become a celebrity in restaurants all around the world and produce international delicacies.

You may design the chef’s avatar, play online with others, or go head-to-head with the best in a fight with celebrity chef bosses, all while collecting unique things for higher reward formula upgrades.      

10. Cooking City

It’s simple and enjoyable to play a culinary game on a colorful platform.

On the other hand, this sort of game no longer maintains eateries and instead relies on pre-arranged “meal packages.”

How soon these combinations can be filled up for clients and how well you can delight them with such orders determines your overall income.

These are the best cooking games for android worth your time right now, and we’re continually scouring their app stores for additional amazing apps for you.

Culinary City is a fun cooking game with an easy-to-use, brilliantly colorful interface.

Cooking City focuses on completing timed “meal combinations” rather than operating a company like Good Pizza, Great Pizza.

How soon you can fill these combos for your clients and how pleased you can keep them via these orders will decide your final profitability.

11. Cooking Craze

Cooking Craze has a similar look and feels to Cooking City. They’re both time-management games with vibrant, vivid graphics.

The idea is to complete food combinations for your consumers here as well. Cooking Craze’s UI is less intuitive than Cooking City’s, which is a minor criticism.

You’ll also notice that there are more advertisements on it.

12. Perfect Slices

Perfect Slices is a fun game with a lot of promise, but we have mixed thoughts about it.

It’s essentially a simple game in which the objective is to cut vegetables as quickly as possible.

Other things on the “chopping board” that might break your knife must be avoided as well.

With the cash you’ve earned after each level, you may either buy new items to enhance your knife or buy new veggies.

It’s a bright, enjoyable, and simple game that’s perfect for some mindless entertainment before bedtime.      

13. Restaurant Story

In the genre of mobile cooking games, Restaurant Story is one of our personal favorites.

Restaurant Story 2 is the sequel; however, we found the first one to be more pleasant after playing both.

Restaurant Story is the best “cooking game” on the list in that you build your entire restaurant from the ground up.

Everything from floor tiles to themed ovens to intricate recipes may be included.

This game is ideal for those who enjoy having complete control over their surroundings.

Restaurant Story is a game that is similar to The Sims but focuses on cuisine.

If you’re interested in learning more about the distinctions between The Sims games, we’ve written an article about it.

14. My Cafe

You can arrange your coffee shop, restaurant, or professional eating establishment anyway you choose.

My Cafe, in turn, includes all of the necessary décors for creating a fantasy cafe.

You can also recruit workers, determine meal prices, and earn money in the food preparation game.

You can opt to meet other clients in the same way as you would in real life, or even make friends with them.

In addition, you can compete with other café owners while playing with your children.

15. Cooking Diary

One of the best cooking games for Android is Cooking Diary.

Another popular food preparation game in which you operate a café or restaurant.

All you have to do is choose a chef’s role, whether it’s for a guy or a female, build a restaurant, and begin cooking.

Many different characters can assume the role of a hero chef in the game.

You’ll change the chef’s attire to give him a more personalized appearance.    

16. Cooking Dash

From the makers of Diner Dash, Cooking Dash is a unique cooking game that allows players to demonstrate their abilities in front of a live audience.

There are numerous missions, including modernizing kitchen appliances and modifying the cuisine to meet the needs of the customers.

You can also compete with your pals to see who has the upper hand in the game by completing brief objectives.

It also allows for offline play.    

17. My Bakery Empire

My Bakery Empire is a dessert-themed cake-making game.

Players will be able to open one bakery after another if the previous one is a success.

Cakes can be made using any combination of components.

Bakery fairs and other events are featured in the game, where you can compete for interesting rewards such as money or unusual supplies.

My Bakery Empire is one of the most popular cooking games, with over 10 million downloads.    

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