12 Main Death Note Anime Characters

Death Note Anime Characters

There is a vast cast of fictional Death Note anime characters, all of which were created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata.

The storyline is based on the novel about a character named Light Yagami, who purges the world of people he deems unfit for society using the notebook he discovered.

Since a team of seasoned detectives set out to identify and apprehend the mysterious murderer, numerous other characters are presented before Light is finally apprehended.

The following are some of the death note anime characters:

1. Light Yagami

In the death note anime characters, Light Yagami is the primary protagonist and the son of Soichiro Yagami.

He decides to utilize the Death Note to eradicate criminals from the globe to lower the crime rate after finding its actual power to kill people by writing a person’s name and seeing their face.

Light Yagamiwants to create a new universe where good and innocent people can live their lives; he plans to become the god of the new world. People in Japan eventually label Light’s murders as the work of “Kira”. 

However, after a few days of killing hostages/ criminals, “L,” the best detective in the world yet an absurd character, is assigned to track down “Kira” and punish him for the murders he is committing.

2. Ryuk

Ryuk is the first Shinigami to drop his Death Note into the human world. In the death note anime characters, he is just a Shinigami who, out of boredom, accidentally releases a Death Note into the human world, enabling whoever has it to kill anyone by simply knowing their face and name.

3. Soichiro Yagami

He is the detective chief of the National Police Agency of Japan and the father of Light Yagami. In the death note anime characters, Soichiro was envisaged as an “honest police officer with a strong sense of justice”. 

He starts off in charge of the Kira investigating team that L subsequently joins. When L starts to believe that Light is Kira, he finds it hard to accept that his son could be so cruel.

After L’s passing, Soichiro is tasked with finding the Death Note that Mello stole. Even though Light intended for Matsuda to do the task, his father actually did it by entering Mello’s hideout with the help of Shinigami Eyes.

Soichiro finds the note and discovers Mello’s true identity but is unable to murder him and instead suffers a fatal wound. He passes away thinking that Light is not Kira since Light has abandoned his Death Note, revealing his life above his head during the time.

4. Teru Mikami

In the death note anime characters, Mikami was introduced into the story to take Misa’s role as Kira. He is the fourth Kira, a zealous devotee of Kira, and a criminal prosecutor.

Light chooses Mikami as the new Kira solely based on his gut feeling when he requires a new Kira substitute to conceal his identity.

Mikami has always had a strong sense of justice, but years of abuse and trauma have skewed his perceptions.

He idolizes Kira as a god and wants to punish everyone he views as bad (which, to Light’s dismay, includes idle people and repentant criminals). 

Tsugumi Ohba said Mikami’s continuous use of the word “delete” to himself while writing in the Death Note made him more interesting.

5. Touta Matsuda

Among the death note anime characters, Tsugumi Ohba calls Matsuda a “very simple guy” who can be used in the storyline. Among the Kira investigative team, Touta Matsuda is the youngest member (he is also known as Taro Matsui).

Although Matsuda has the same level of motivation as the other team members, the research is occasionally hampered by his lack of expertise.

He is described as being a “normal young man,” “easy to get along with,” and “extremely enthused about trends and gossip.” 

6. Kanzo Mogi

Despite being one of the most reticent, Kanzo Mogi is one of the Kira investigative team’s most devoted members.

Among the death note anime characters, he is one of the most reserved characters. Even when someone expresses an opinion with which Mogi agrees, he seldom ever speaks.

He demonstrates his talent as an actor by spontaneously changing into Misa’s enthusiastic and upbeat manager, seemingly at odds with his regular manner. 

His concern that Misa’s remarks regarding Takada would lead to her death suggests that he likes her. Misa is apparently happy to have him stay with her and has given him the nickname ‘Motchi.’ Mogi hides his identity behind the alias Kanichi Moji.

7. Watari

In the anime, Watari’s name was initially going to be “Shadow,” referring to his role as L’s shadow, but the editor objected, leading to the name “Watari,” which refers to his role as a handler. 

Watari works as L’s assistant, assisting the investigation team with logistics. He is the only character who has seen L and is capable of contacting L directly before the team is formed. On computer screens, he, like L, is represented by an Old English “W.” He also serves as a father figure to L.

To the outside world, he appears to be QuillishWammy, a well-known inventor and the creator of Winchester, England’s Wammy’s House, an orphanage for talented youngsters. Watari has had extensive training in espionage and shooting.

Rem murders Watari and L in an effort to save Misa. At the series’s conclusion, Roger Ruvie, the Wammy House manager, takes over as the new Watari for the third L, Near.

8. Hiroka Ukita

Hirokazu Ukita works on the Kira investigation team, which L leads. He is described as “young and brave,” and he likes smoking when Misa instructs Sakura TV to broadcast a message from her in the persona of Kira. 

Ukita was killed in an attempt to stop the broadcast that Misa had ordered; at this period, Misa had the Shinigami Eyes.

9. Near

Nate River (whose alias is Near) is the young detective who takes over for L by default. He is the leader of the SPK(Special Provision for Kira), an organization formed to capture Kira. 

Near has white hair and is dressed in pale clothes; he is a calm character with a sharp tongue. He is always playing with toys, stacking dice and playing cards, and using small finger puppets and Lego minifigs to illustrate his points.

Among the death note anime characters, Tsugumi Ohba, the Death Note author, stated that he created Near and Mello together because L alone could not defeat Kira. 

Ohba believed that introducing one character at a time would result in a “repeat” of the conflict between Light and L, so he preferred a story involving three adversaries fighting each other.

10. Misa Amane

Among the death note anime characters, Misa Amane was portrayed as a popular Japanese idol; she was known for her Gothic-style clothing, hyperactive character, and loyalty to Light, whom she falls in love with after he murders her parents’ murderer.

Misa Amane possesses the Shinigami Eyes, which give her access to practically see everyone’s name and lifetime, and is both the second Kira and a Death Note owner. She is unable to view the lives of Death Note owners, though.

11. Mello

Mihael Keehl, better known as Mello, grows up competing with Nate River (also known as Near) to succeed L. But after L passes away, he gives Near the job and departs to pursue Kira via illegal means before joining the American Mafia. 

His obsession with outperforming Near is the main driving force behind many of his activities. He has blond hair, wears ostentatious clothing, and is never without a bar of chocolate.

12. Shuichi Aizawa

Shuichi Aizawa was one of the death note anime characters. He was a member of the Kira investigative team that departed the team on the pretense that he must support his family. 

Meanwhile, the main reason why he left was a result of the Japanese police cutting their financing. Aizawa conceals his identity by going by the name “Aihara”.

When Aizawa returns after L’s passing, he is among the first to suspect Light of being the real Kira (although he continues to behave well toward Light until he is trapped and becomes insane) and aids in his eventual defeat.

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