17 Dog Christmas Movies to Watch This Holiday

Dog Christmas Movies
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Want to know which dog Christmas movies you can watch with your dog this holiday season?

You’ve come to the right place, as we have a list of movies to get you into the holiday spirit.

From Christmas classics like “An all Dogs Christmas Carol” to Hallmark movies, you’ll find lots of ideas that the whole family will love, and they’ll keep you entertained when the nights get cold.

Find out some of the best dog Christmas movies you can stream for this holiday season by reading on.

1. Santa Buddies: The Search for Santa Paws (2009)

The success of the Air Bud series spawned a spin-off series featuring a group of adorable Labrador pups.

The holiday films based on those characters were very well received. Tom Bosley, known for his roles in Happy Days and Murder, She Wrote, portrays Santa Paws in his last film performance.

In contrast to the original Air Bud movie, the dogs can communicate verbally. It is also rather adorable.

Out of all dog Christmas movies on this list, Santa Buddies is the one that best captures the spirit of the holiday.

2. How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)

The movie version of How the Grinch Stole Christmas, directed by Ron Howard and based on a tale written by Dr. Seuss, is regarded as one of the classic dog Christmas movies. It continues to enthrall audiences even 22 years after it was first aired.

We watch as Jim Carrey, who plays the title character, the Grinch, plots to spoil Christmas for everyone in the village as an act of retribution.

And although the Grinch is the movie star, Max, the Grinch’s cute sidekick, really steals the show, which is why he deserves to be on our list.

3. An All Dogs Christmas Carol (1998)

All Dogs Go to Heaven is part of a trilogy that ends with a Christmas movie.

In the third film, Angel pups urge Annabelle to tell them how Carface rescued Christmas with the aid of his companions Charlie and Itchy.

This version of A Christmas Carol, in which Carface plays Ebenezer Scrooge, is much like other dog Christmas movies.

For example, the ghost of Christmas Future is a brilliant homage to The Mask. It’s a delightful take on a classic, with the zesty flavor that only Don Bluth animated dogs can deliver.

4. Santa Stole Our Dog (2017)

Some great names are linked to Santa Stole Our Dog, as it is a spectacular holiday tale with original Christmas music written by Dolly Parton and stars Ed Asner. He won a Golden Globe for his role in the film Elf.

When the Whitehaven family discovers that their beloved dog, Rusty, has gone missing on Christmas Eve, they set out on a whirlwind trip to the North Pole in this holiday-themed adventure that is certain to keep the whole family thoroughly entertained. This movie is one of the best dog Christmas movies for you.

5. A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965)

It’s safe to say that A Charlie Brown Christmas from Peanuts is thought by many to be one of the most popular dog Christmas movies in television history.

In this episode, everyone’s favorite cartoon beagle makes many appearances throughout this special.

Still, the primary emphasis is on how he decorates and re-decorates his doghouse for the holiday lights display competition in the neighborhood.

It is a pleasant memory to see where Snoopy made his debut on television all those years ago since he is undeniably one of the most iconic figures in all of popular culture.

6. A Christmas Tail (2014)

A Christmas Tail tells the story of a single mother called Maggie who adopts a Labrador Retriever for her kid, only to find out that the dog only ended up in the pound because it got lost while chasing a cat.

Norman Rockwell presented the story. Maggie meets the single father who used to have the dog with his child. This leads to a fight over who gets to keep the dog.

Even though you have seen the conclusion to this tale in most dog Christmas movies, it is nonetheless a delightful film with an adorable dog.

7. A Dog Named Christmas (2009)

The book A Dog Named Christmas was turned into a movie in 1993. It is considered in the “Hall of Fame” of Hallmark dog Christmas movies.

A young neurodivergent guy, played by Noel Fisher of Shameless fame, urges his family to take in a puppy called “Christmas,” much to his father’s displeasure.

The puppy is always the nicest thing to the family, and the resulting laughter makes this movie an absolute must-see during the holiday season.

8. Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure (2011)

It’s hard not to like good ol’ Beethoven and his naughty and sometimes amusing journeys.

There is a huge number of films about Beethoven, and every single one of them is interesting to see.

On the other hand, Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure is one of the finest dog Christmas movies to watch over the holidays.

Well, to those asking why? It is because it turns an overweight floof into a hero. You’ll be mesmerized as the legendary St. Bernard saves Christmas by recovering Santa’s misplaced bag of gifts taken earlier.

9. The 12 Dogs of Christmas (2005)

Even if you asked Santa to bring you a new puppy every day until Christmas, it’s possible that he won’t be able to fit them all on his sleigh.

Instead, you might watch this holiday-themed dog movie with 101 dog actors. It’s sure to put a smile on your face.

In this old story, a little girl organizes a school pageant to find homes for stray dogs because her town thinks about making a law against dogs.

Will she make the court order null and void? And how about we preserve Christmas as well as the dogs? Well, find out by watching one of the top dog Christmas movies on this list.

10. A Christmas Story (1983)

A Christmas Story is one of the few dog Christmas movies produced during the 1940s and tells the story of the Parker family. It is considered to be one of the most popular holiday movies of all time.

There are dogs in this movie, even though you presumably recall memorable lines like “You’ll shoot your eye out!” or the notorious leg lamp gift.

It’s about a group of dogs called “The Bumpus Hounds” who live next door and bother Ralphie’s father as they eat the Thanksgiving turkey.

11. A Doggone Christmas (2016)

This is the perfect movie for you if you’re sick of hearing about the same dog Christmas movies every year and are searching for something fresh and interesting to see instead.

It follows the adventures of a psychic dog that manages to elude the CIA.

The government tries hard to get him, but luckily, two brothers come to his rescue and hide him so he doesn’t get hurt.

The fact that it all takes place over the Christmas season lends an air of high-energy specialness to the proceedings.

13. Lady and the Tramp (1955)

This classic Disney movie from the 1950s may take time to come to mind as a candidate for the role of a dog in a holiday picture.

Regardless, the star-crossed and furry lovers’ romance begins on Christmas. A year later, on December 25, they officially committed to each other and their love.

Consider this movie during this year’s Christmas season, especially when you’re singing along to your favorite songs while your cocker spaniel and mutt go crazy.

14. Project: Puppies for Christmas (2019)

Puppies for Christmas is not just like other dog Christmas movies. This movie teaches us about the benefits of helping other people.

In the movie about Christmas dogs, two little girls try to assist their grouchy neighbor. In doing so, they hope it may earn them some good karma with Santa.

What is it that they want? Why? Why else would you want puppies for Christmas? Even if, well, those individuals aren’t always grateful for what you do for them.

15. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1964)

Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer, is one of the classic dog Christmas movies from 1964. In this movie, the audience’s all-time favorite Rudolph, the reindeer with a bright red nose, takes center stage.

If you pay carefully, you’ll see that Yukon Cornelius, the prospector who travels with Rudolph and Hermie on their voyage, has a team of sled dogs.

However, these are not your average canines in any way! They are more of a ragtag bunch, with a poodle, cocker spaniel, St. Bernard, dachshund, and collie among them.

16. The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

Many people think this Tim Burton Christmas movie is an important part of the holiday season.

This is because it has beautiful cinematography, catchy songs, and a story that makes you think.

If you see the show this year, tell your canine companion about Jack’s faithful companion, a ghost dog called Zero.

On the evening of Christmas, he uses his bright pumpkin nose to guide Jack across the sky.

17. A Golden Christmas (2009)

This movie is a must-see for anybody who loves dog Christmas movies! The film “A Golden Christmas” depicts the tale of two former lovers who reunite years later as adults.

They discover that they are competing for the same house in the little village where they grew up.

But with the help of a very special Golden Retriever, they can get through their problems and find love.

18. All I Want for Christmas is You (2017)

All I Want for Christmas Is You is one of the more recent films on the list of dog Christmas movies.

This film is about a young woman named Mariah who wants to get a pet for the holidays.

She proposes taking care of her uncle’s dog Jack to demonstrate to her parents that she can fulfill her responsibilities.

However, Jack is not well-behaved, which is difficult for Mariah. Throughout the movie, Mariah Carey’s Christmas songs are also played at different times.

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