Ergonomic PC Gaming Setup

Ergonomic PC Gaming Setup

Gamers spend lots of time sitting behind a computer to play their favorite games. It’s crucial to find the right position, be comfortable and have a lot of freedom when playing. That’s what ergonomics is all about.

By following the perfect posture or the appropriate seating position, the gamer will have a better gaming experience. Aside from product design, ergonomic aims at preventing injuries and different health complications.

Thanks to technological advancements, we now have top-end products and accessories. While most of them are of good quality, some gaming tools are not just good as they should have to.

The following post will provide guidance on how to get the most of your gaming session. You will learn how to make the perfect ergonomic PC gaming setup with the right tools.

We’ll talk about:

  • Most important PC gaming accessories to look at.
  • Other essentials parts.

Most Important Accessories to Look at

Mouse Position

In order to achieve a better response time and durability, it’s crucial to appropriately position your mouse and keyboard.

Though most mouses have long cords, it’s essential to make sure there is enough distance between the mouse and the computer’s mouse port. It is recommended to place the mouse about two to three inches above your knees.

The right Desk

Gaming desks may slightly differ from traditional office desks. They offer more functionality and are usually built to accommodate different monitors and peripherals.

A gaming desk should be able to hold the weight of the screens, game racks, gaming accessories or extensions. Moreover, your desk needs to have a reasonable amount of depth. This is to ensure that your TVs or monitors will take up enough space to provide proper mobility.

However, if you have a tiny budget and cannot afford a large desk, then opt for compact solutions. You can, for example, mount the monitors onto the wall or buy and install a multiple monitor mount.

External parts like the keyboard and the mouse should be closer as possible. The digital display is also another feature to take into account.

You need an excellent display no matter how big or small your computer is and to get the most of your battle station.

The perfect gaming chair

Picking the right chair is paramount to minimize pain or stiffness. This is for sure one of the most important parameters which determines how ergonomic a station is.

The best gaming chair should be comfortable enough to ensure you receive maximum support when playing. It must have the right size: not too small, big or skinny.

And ensures your shoulders, arms, wrists or hands are in best positions for gaming. It’s a good idea to invest in a comfortable gaming chair.

However, you can get a custom gaming chair though expensive and not affordable for most gamers.  Expect to spend not less than $800. There’re general criteria to look at when buying a gaming PC:

-The correct heigh: It is easier to set up an ergonomic gaming chair when playing alone. When two or more players are involved, consider going for more advanced features and designs.

The chair should be angled between 90 and 120 degrees C. to offer minimum lumbar support and limit pain.

Choosing the right monitor

An excellent way to optimize your gameplay experience is to invest in a high-quality monitor. Your computer should be able to render great graphics and display a good color accuracy.

It’s still pretty difficult to determine the exact distance at which a monitor should be placed from your eyes. But no matter how big your computer is, it should be positioned at a distance that is far enough to limit neck twisting but not far enough for gamers to miss out on an excellent contrast.

For optimal viewing and sitting, your monitor should be about one or two ranges away from your face. Your eyes range is slightly above or at the upper 1/4th of the screen.

You don’t want to look down or look up at the screen when playing.  This is to minimize eye strain and avoid bumping your head. In that regard, it’s worth investing in Adjustable monitor mounts. There’re are practical and not expensive. Most of them range between $40 and $80.

Check the posture

Posture, posture, posture. Ergonomic and posture are related. A good posture leads to better performance.

Understanding a proper posture is essential to work and play at maximal efficiency.  By choosing the right position, our bodies will be subjected to the least amount of stress and pain.

A poor posture impacts on muscle efficiency and mobility. The muscles will have to work harder to produce basic actions and movements.

There’re two types of postures: Static and dynamic.  At static postures, you’re not moving: sitting in front of a TV for instance. While at dynamic postures your body is moving.

In the context of gaming, your ideal posture is between the two.  You cannot be only static or dynamic for long periods of play.

You have to find the exact position which is 90 degrees or greater. It is in higher levels of competition that posture takes on its full meaning.

Other Essential Parts

Though not important as the previous features, the following gadgets are essential to add some fun and positive attitude to your gaming.

Pair of gloves

If you want to improve your mousing experience, think about sweat absorption pads for extended hours of play. It’s barely impossible to find mice with such options. This is why it’s crucial to opt for a customized pair of gloves.


The keyboard’s buttons should be easy to work with. It’s essential to invest in keyboards than can reduce stress and pressure in your hands and fingers.

A gaming keyboard should be ideally placed about two to three inches above the knees. For better adjustment, the “G” and “h” buttons should be vertically oriented. Adjustable keyboard splits have been successful for PC gamers.

Pair of glasses

To minimize and reduce eye-related problems, it is recommended for gamers, who spend hours in front of gaming monitors to invest in customized gaming glasses. Picking the right pair of glasses is critical for an intensive gaming experience.

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