25 Iconic Famous Car Movies to Watch

Iconic Famous Car Movies

Cars appear in every film. However, in our favorite famous car movies, automobiles are just as significant as people.

Here are some of cinema’s most recognizable automobiles.  

However, Gear-head classics, cult classics, noirs, current blockbusters, art-house favorites, and even true obscurities are among the movies on this list. 

Below are some iconic famous car movies you should watch.

1. The Fast and the furious

Fast and furious is one famous car movie of all time.

The fast and the furious is a media franchise built on a series of action films focusing on illicit street racing, heists, espionage, and family.

Short films, television series, live shows, video games, and theme park experiences are all part of the brand.  

Universal Pictures is in charge of distribution. Furthermore, the first film, Fast & Furious, was released in 2001.

And kicked off the original tetralogy of films focusing on illicit street racing (2009).  

With Fast Five (2011), the series shifted to heists and spying and was followed by four sequels.

The most recent of which, F9, was released in 2021. The tenth and eleventh movies are in the works, and the main films are referred to as the fast Saga.  

Nevertheless, Universal expanded the franchise with the 2019 spin-off film Fast & Furious Presents.

Hobbs & Shaw, followed by the animated streaming television series Fast & Furious Spy Racers from its subsidiary DreamWorks Animation.  

All the films have soundtrack C.D.s and compilation albums, including existing music, heard in the movies.

Two short films that relate to the story have also been released. Universal pictures own the movie.

Starring Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson.  

2. Death Race

The death race is another famous car movie you should consider watching. Filming began in August 2007 in Montreal, and the finished film was released on August 22, 2008. Critics gave the picture a mixed response.  

Death Race 2 (2010), Death Race 3: Inferno (2013), and Death Race: Beyond Anarchy (2014) were the following three direct-to-video films in the series (2018).  

However, in 2012, amid economic turmoil and significant unemployment, millions of Americans watch as life-sentenced felons race armored automobiles on Terminal Island.

Two-thirds of the fighters perish, but the victor may be granted freedom. Jensen Ames, a steelworker, gets arrested for the murder of his wife on the day he loses his job. 

Furthermore, Sent to Terminal Island, he’s given a choice by Warden Hennessey: race as the popular mask-wearing (but now deceased) champion, Frankenstein, or rot in prison. Jensen seals the deal.  

As the three-stage race approaches, he understands that the whole thing could be a setup – can a nameless man in a mask be able to exact revenge and win his release.

Paul W.S Anderson directed the movie. Starring Jason Statham, Joan Allen, Tyrese Gibson, Natalie Martinez.  

3. Vanishing Point

An automobile delivery company employs Kowalski. He receives a 1970 Dodge Challenger, which he plans to drive from Colorado to San Francisco, California.  

He wagers that he can bring the automobile there in less than 15 hours after pickup. They commence a chase to apprehend him after a few run-ins with motorcycle cops and highway patrol.  

Nevertheless, Supersoul, a blind D.J. with a police radio scanner, guides Kowalski along the way. With lots of chase sequences, gay hitchhikers, a naked woman riding a motorcycle, and tons of Mopar. 

you’ve got yourself a terrific early 1970s cult smash. Richard Newman directed the movie. Starring Barry Newman, Cleavon Little, Charlotte Rampling. 

4. The Italian Job

Led by John Bridger and Charlie Croker, a crew is created to steal $35 million in gold bars from a tightly secured vault in Venice, Italy.

Following the heist’s success, one of the team members, Steve, is driven by greed and envy to grab the gold for himself and eliminate the group’s surviving members.  

However, He returns to Los Angeles with the gold, believing the squad is dead. Charlie and the other survivors of the betrayal accompany Steve to Los Angeles to seek vengeance on the traitor.  

To exact revenge, Charlie enlists John Bridger’s daughter, Stella, a professional safecracker. With Stella and Lyle’s hacking skills, “Left Ear’s” explosives skills.  

Therefore, this new gang plots and executes a daring heist. That weaves through the freeways and subways of Los Angeles, thanks to the driving skills of “Handsome” Rob. Directed by F.Gary Gray.

Starring Donald Sutherland, Mark Wahlberg, Edward Norton, Charlize Theron, Jason Statham.  

5. Mad Max

Mad Max is one of the best famous car movies of all time. Max Rockatansky, a former patrolman.

He finds himself wandering the empty highways of an energy-starved dystopian Australia after eradicating the Night Rider’s followers in Mad Max (1979), scavenging for food and scarce petrol.  

Max, desperate for gasoline, stumbles across a modest oil refinery amid the charred countryside.

However, Lord Humungus’ barbarian army of biker warriors, on the other hand, is besieging the location, hell-bent on devastation and mayhem.  

Now, to obtain as much gasoline as possible, “Mad” Max will have to give the defenseless village a powerful truck to deliver the fuel to safety.  

However, this is easier said than done. Is Max, the scarred Road Warrior, ready for the challenge? George Miller directed the movie. Starring Mel Gibson, Bruce Spence, Micheal Preston, Max Phipps.  

6. Transformers

Transformers is a science fiction action film based on the Transformers toy line that was released in 2007. The film is a hybrid of computer animation and live-action footage.  

Furthermore, a youngster becomes embroiled in a battle between the heroic Autobots and the villainous Decepticons, two alien robots who can morph into everyday technology, particularly vehicles.  

The Autobots seek to capture and use the AllSpark, the magical artifact that gave birth to their robotic race on Earth, to restore Cybertron and conclude the war.

Michael Bay directed the movie. Starring Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox, Josh Duhamel.  

7. Ford v Ferrari

Ford v Ferrari is also one of the famous cars movies of all time. Nonetheless, the plot follows a dedicated group of American and British engineers and designers, led by automotive designer Carroll Shelby and his British driver, Ken Miles, who Henry Ford II tasks, and Lee Iacocca with creating the Ford GT40. 

At the 1966 24 Hours of Le Man’s event in France, a new racing car with the potential to finally upset the perennially powerful Italian racing team, Scuderia Ferrari.

In addition, the movie was directed by James Mangold. Starring Matt Damon, Christian Bale, Jon Bernthal.  

8. Speed

When a young Los Angeles police department Special Weapons and Tactics (S.W.A.T.) officer named Jack Traven enrages decided to retire Atlanta.

Police department bomb squad member Howard Payne by foiling his attempt to take hostages trapped in an elevator with a bomb.  

Payne retaliates by arming a bus with a bomb that will explode if the bus slows down below 50 miles per hour.  

Furthermore, Jack and his companion Detective Harry Temple strive to save the people on the bus before the bomb goes off with the help of spunky passenger Annie while also trying to figure out how Payne is monitoring them.

Jan de Bont directed the movie. Starring Keanu Reeves, Dennis Hopper, Sandra Bullock, Joe Morton.  

9. Cars

The famed Lightning McQueen accidentally destroys the road of the small-town Radiator Springs while heading to California for the Piston Cup final race against The King and Chick Hicks and is sentenced to fix it.  

In addition, Lightning McQueen has to work hard and finds friendship and affection among the basic inhabitants, altering their ideals and becoming a true winner throughout his time in the small town.

John Lasseter and Joe Ranft directed the movie. Cars Star the voice of Owen Wilson, Bonnie Hunt, Paul Newman.  

10. Herbie: fully loaded

After losing multiple races, Herbie, a Volkswagen Beetle with a mind of its own, is decommissioned and hauled to a junkyard.  

Maggie Peyton is the newest addition to the Peyton racing family. Ray Peyton Sr. takes her to the junkyard to buy her a car for her college graduation, and she chooses Herbie. 

However, Herbie then takes Maggie to Kevin, a mechanic who agrees to drive Herbie to a car show to acquire parts.

Maggie is duped into donning a racing costume and helmet and challenging NASCAR star Trip Murphy to an impromptu race, which Herbie narrowly wins. 

Furthermore, Ray tells Herbie and Sally’s New Beetle (which is proven to have its mind) not to stay out too late on their date because Herbie has another race coming up.

Starring Lindsay Lohan, Justin Long, Breckin Meyer. And Angela Robinson directed the movie. 

11. Drive

The movie Drive is also a famous car movie. The movie is based on the same-named novel by James Sallis from 2005.

Ryan Gosling plays an anonymous Hollywood stunt driver who also works as a getaway driver in the film.

Irene (Carey Mulligan) and her little son, Benicio, are his next-door neighbors, and he rapidly develops fond of them.  

However, when her indebted husband, Standard (Oscar Isaac), is freed from jail, the two men participate in a bungled million-dollar robbery that puts everyone’s life in jeopardy.

Nicolas Winding Refn directed the movie. Starring Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan, Bryan Cranston.  

12. Baby Driver

To be the best in the game, Baby, a skilled young getaway driver, relies on the beat of his customized soundtrack.

When Baby meets the girl of his dreams, he sees an opportunity to leave his criminal past behind and start a new life.  

However, after being forced to work for a crime lord, he is forced to face the consequences when a doomed heist puts his life, love, and freedom in jeopardy.

Edgar Wright directed the movie. Starring Ansel Elgort, Kevin Spacey, Lily James.  

13. Wheeler Dealers

Mike Brewer, a vehicle enthusiast, and Ant Anstead, an internationally recognized automotive designer, collaborate to breathe new life into run-down historic cars to resell them for a profit.  

Mike’s mission is to identify and purchase a vehicle on a tight budget before handing it to Ant, who will undertake the necessary repairs.  

In addition, and there are usually lots of them — offering advice on electrical and structural difficulties, mechanics, cosmetic touches, and finishing work along the route.  

After the restoration is complete, Mike takes the restored automobile for a test drive before negotiating a purchase price with a new owner. Staring Mike Brewer, Edd China. 

14. The Transporter

The Transporter is also one of the most famous car movies. It is a French action thriller film franchise that consists of four films and a television series aired between 2002 and 2015.  

Jason Statham plays Frank Martin, a professional freelance courier driver for hire in the first three films.

However, Frank Martin, often known as “The Transporter,” is a former special operations soldier who is now an incredibly talented driver/mercenary based in the South of France.  

When hauling, he adheres to three rigorous rules: Never modify the deal. There are no names. And never attempt to open the package. 

In addition, an ex-soldier turned mercenary ‘transporter’ transports people and things from one location to another.  

When a job goes wrong, and he tries to save the life of his female cargo, complications emerge. Louis Leterrier and Corey Yuen directed the movie. Starring Jason Statham, Shu Qi, Matt Schulze. 

15. Taken

Taken is also on our list of famous cars movies. In Albania, a violent gang kidnaps Bryan Mills, a former C.I.A operative, and his ex-wife, Lenore.

His daughter Kim, on the other hand, assists Bryan in breaking free and rescuing Lenore.  

However, Bryan Mills has been charged with a murder that he did not commit. He refuses to accept his unjust destiny and flees, but Inspector Franck Dotzler is looking for him.

Pierre Morel directed the movie. Starring Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace, Famke Jannsen.

16. Duel

Dennis Weaver plays David Mann, a business commuter from California who is meeting a customer in a Plymouth Valiant.  

After Mann overtakes him, he is pursued by the mostly unknown driver of a rusting Peterbilt 281, who follows and terrorizes him.

Steven Spielberg directed the movie. Starring Dennis Weaver, Jacqueline Scott, Carey Loftin.  

17. Los Bandoleros

Los Bandoleros is also one of the famous car movies. It is the Fast & Furious franchise’s second short film.

Tego Leo is imprisoned in the Dominican Republic and discusses businesses stifling the electric automobile and promoting oil conflicts with other inmates.  

Meanwhile, Rico Santos is having trouble finding gas to get home in time for supper. Han Lue arrives later, and Cara and Malo pick him up at the airport.  

Furthermore, Dom talks about getting Tego out of jail and stealing oil to help support the family.

Later, Dom, Cara, and Han go to a nightclub to meet with Elvis, a corrupt local politician who can arrange for the robbery to occur on a highway the following day.  

In addition, Dom is taken aback by the entrance of Letty Ortiz after successfully breaking Leo out of prison and arranging the plan with Rico.

They go to the beach together and renew their romance.

Directed and written by Vin Diesel. Starring Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Sung Kang.  

18. The TurboCharged

The TurboCharged is another famous car movie, and it is a prelude to 2 fast and 2 furious. Meanwhile, Brian O’Conner packs his belongings and flees Los Angeles before the L.A.P.D. can apprehend him for allowing Dominic to go.  

While the F.B.I. conducts a nationwide quest for him, Brian drives his red Dodge Stealth across Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, winning every street race he enters.

However, when police officers are aware of his location, he is forced to abandon his car at a motel in San Antonio.  

When they go to get the car, he gets a ride from an unknown woman, even though she knows who he is.

She takes him off at a used vehicle dealership, where he discovers she knows he’s a wanted man.  

Therefore, He purchases a green Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 there. He then upgrades the car with new rims and repaints it silver with money earned from street races before going eastbound and winning more races along the way.  

Before the screen reads “Slap Jack’s Toyota Supra” and “Orange Julius’ Mazda RX-7,” Brian continues south toward Miami, where he sees Slap Jack’s Toyota Supra and Orange Julius’ Mazda RX-7.  Philip G. Atwell.

Starring Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, Peter Aylward.  

19. Rush (2013)

Niki Lauda and James Hunt are two great racing car drivers who first developed a ferocious rivalry in 1970 at a Formula Three race in London when both of their vehicles spun before Hunt won.

In addition, Hunt is a bold and self-assured character, whereas Lauda is a calm and calculated technical genius who values practice and perfection.  

Additionally, Lauda buys his way into the B.R.M. Formula One team with a hefty bank loan from Austria’s Raiffeisen Bank and meets teammate Clay Regazzoni for the first time.  

Meanwhile, Hunt’s fledgling racing outfit, Hesketh Racing, enters Formula One. Lauda then joins Regazzoni’s Scuderia Ferrari and wins his first title in 1975.

Hesketh closes after failing to find a sponsor, while Hu continues. Starring Chris Hemsworth, Daniel Bruhl, Olivia Wilde. Ron Howard directed the movie.  

20. Gone in 60 seconds

Gone in 60 seconds is one of the famous car movies of all time.  Randall “Memphis” Raines, a rehabilitated auto thief, is forced to perform the impossible in exchange for his younger brother’s life.  

He must steal not one but fifty exotic supercars for the merciless criminal lord Ray Calitri in less than three days.

Memphis must again rely on his old gang, his skilled mentor, Otto, to pull off this sophisticated and time-sensitive grand theft auto.  

Meanwhile, Sphinx and Donny, his old cronies; Sway, his reluctant ex-girlfriend; and a gang of tech-savvy teenage thieves—but the police officers are on to them.  

Raines’ lengthy list now includes quick Lamborghinis, valuable Ferraris, opulent Porsches, and Eleanor, a rare Ford Shelby Mustang GT500.

Is Memphis capable of pulling off the perfect vehicle heist?

Dominic Sena directed the movie. Starring Nicolas Cage, Angelina Jolie, Giovanni Ribisi.  

21. Death Proof

Julia, Arlene, and Shanna meet in a pub in Austin, Texas, to drink, smoke, and make out with their boyfriends before heading to Lake L.B.J. for the weekend.

They encounter Mike, a former Hollywood stuntman who offers Pam a ride in his “death-proof” stunt car.  

Meanwhile, Mike reappears fourteen months later in Lebanon, Tennessee, and pursues Abernathy, Zo, and Kim, but the girls are tough and intend to avenge the attack. Quentin Tarantino directed death proof.

Starring Kurt Russell, Zoe Bell, Rosario Dawson, Vanessa Ferlito, Sydney Tamilia.  

22. Joy Ride

Joy ride is also one of the famous car movies of all time. 

However, Lewis, a college student, plans to drive across the nation to see Vienna, a friend who is unaware that Lewis is romantically interested in her.  

Unfortunately for Lewis’ ambitions, he is paired with his rowdy older brother, Fuller, whose on-the-road antics land the brothers and Vienna in the middle of a nightmare when a sadistic truck driver takes exception.

John Darl directed the movie. Starring Steve Zahn, Paul Walker, Leelee Sobieski, Jessica Bowman.  

23. Holy Motors

After waking up one morning, a man known as “The Sleeper” discovers and opens a secret door in his apartment.

He walks into a crowded movie theater, accompanied by a small youngster and a large dog who meander up and down the aisles.  

Meanwhile, Oscar is driven to work in Paris by his close friend and collaborator Céline in a white limousine. 

Oscar’s work entails wearing makeup, elaborate costumes, and props to perform a variety of sophisticated and bizarre acting “appointments,” some for the benefit of others and others for no apparent purpose at all.

Leos Carax directed the movie. Starring Dennis Lavant, Edith Scob, Eva Mendes.  

24. Sorcerer

Four men on the run from the law are promised $10,000 and legal citizenship if they transfer a consignment of highly unstable nitroglycerin to an oil field 200 miles away in the small South American hamlet of Porvenir.  

Furthermore, the men set out on a difficult voyage, led by Jackie Scanlon, in which they must struggle with severely rough roads, shaky bridges, and attacks from local guerillas.  

As they attempt to finish their deadly goal, the four-fight for their lives. Directed by William Friedkin. Starring Roy Schneider, William Friedkin, Bruno Cremer.  

25. American Graffiti

American Graffiti is also one of the famous car movies. However, In a little southern California community, it’s the proverbial end of summer 1962.  

It is the night before Curt Henderson and Steve Bolander, best friends, and fresh high school graduates, are about to leave town for college back east.

Curt, who was awarded a prestigious local scholarship, is regarded as the class’s brightest prospect.  

Meanwhile, Curt, on the other hand, is having second thoughts about leaving their dead-end town, as Steve sees it.

Curt’s convictions are strengthened when he sees a beautiful blonde in a T-bird mouthing the words “I love you” to him.  

Curt may decide his immediate future as he tries to locate that blonde while evading a local gang that has him held hostage.

George Lucas directed the movie. Starring Richard Dreyfuss, Ron Howard, Paul Le Mat.  

We realized that a “car movie” is a film in which a car plays a crucial role in how a character interacts with the world. 

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