10 Best Game Shows on Hulu Right Now

Game Shows on Hulu

Do you know what’s more entertaining than a movie with a lot of drama? Game shows on Hulu.

Many of Hulu‘s binge-worthy game shows are capable of absorbing all of your stress in an interesting and enjoyable manner.

As a result, I’ve put up a list of some of the best game shows on  Hulu Reality from various genres that you can binge-watch.

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1. Celebrity Family Feud

Steve Harvey officiates a game in which celebrities and their families compete to name the best answers to questions provided to a group of 100 people.

Such as “identify something discovered in a glove compartment.” 

Furthermore, the first family to reach 300 points will be entered into a drawing for a prize of $20,000. Additionally, the prize is usually donated to a charity of their choice.

2. Celebrity Wheel of Fortune

Celebrity Wheel of Fortune is one of the best game shows on Hulu. The legendary game show “Wheel of Fortune” gets a new spin with “Celebrity Wheel of Fortune.” 

“Celebrity Wheel of Fortune,” hosted by Pat Sajak and Vanna White. They invite celebrities to spin the world’s most famous wheel and answer word puzzles for a chance to win up to $1 million. 

Additionally, the celebrity participants’ winnings are all donated to a charity of their choice.

3. Ellen’s Game Of Games

With supersized versions of some of the most popular games from her daytime show, host Ellen DeGeneres brings her flair for outrageous fun to the night stage. 

Meanwhile, contestants engage in a series of outrageous challenges for a chance to win a large cash prize. 

Furthermore, Ellen is always at the heart of it all, laughing at the unpredictable fun, narrating the mayhem. 

And also making sure everyone has a good time as they navigate obstacles. They answer trivia questions, and play her hallmark games.

4. Card Sharks

Card Sharks is also one of the best game shows on Hulu right now.

Two competitors try to forecast survey results to play a game with oversized playing cards for a chance to win cash on this show from famed Mark Goodson-Bill Todman Productions. 

Meanwhile, one person estimates how many people (out of 100) answered a question in a given way. While the other contestant guesses whether the figure is higher or lower than the opponent’s guess. 

However, the winner is then presented with a sequence of cards and must evaluate whether each successive card is higher or lower than the one before it. 

Additionally, the contestant who wins two of the three games wins the match and advances to the Money Cards bonus round.

5. Supermarket Sweep

Before collecting their potential prizes, two teams must answer a series of questions in order to add as much time as possible to their clocks.

6. The $100,000 Pyramid

A word-association game pits two teams of two against one another.

Additionally, each competitor is paired with a celebrity, and one partner gives the other information concerning six mystery words. Which the other must guess before time runs out. 

However, the team with the most points advances to the winner’s circle, where they compete for a $100,000 reward. Michael Strahan is the show’s host.

It is also one of the best game shows on Hulu right now.

7. The Hustler

“The Hustler,” hosted by Craig Ferguson, defies the game show tradition by including one contestant who secretly knows all the answers. 

Each episode follows five contestants as they work together to answer a series of trivia questions to construct a reward pool that grows with each correct response. 

However, one of the five contestants, known as the “hustler.” Already knows the answers but must keep them hidden in order to earn the ultimate prize. 

Furthermore, the hustler eliminates two participants in an anonymous manner, leaving three contestants to jointly identify who the hustler is. 

They will split the prize if they are correct. However, if the two contestants are incorrect, the hustler wins it all.

8. Hollywood Game Night

Hollywood, game night is one of the best game shows on Hulu right now.

Every week, two people leave their daily lives behind as they join a group of well-known celebrities for a variety of crazy. And funny party games, including celebrity and pop culture quizzes. 

Nevertheless, the citizens compete against one another, but each has a team of celebrities to help them, all for the chance to win a $25,000 cash reward. 

However, the emcee, award-winning actress, comedian, and singer Jane Lynch, as well as an enthusiastic house band, added to the party atmosphere. —Jwelch5742

9. I Can See Your Face

Cheryl Hines, Adrienne Bailon-Houghton, and a rotating panel of celebrity detectives. Including comics, pop culture experts, and a musical superstar, join host Ken Jeong. 

And a  rotating panel of celebrity detectives to help one contestant tell the difference between good and bad singers without ever hearing them sing a note.

With $100,000 on the line, the competitor uses a series of clues, interrogation. And lip-synch tasks to separate the good from the terrible “hidden voices.”

Finally, in a duet performance with the musical superstar, the contestant’s chosen vocalist reveals good or awful singing, resulting in great musical cooperation or an utterly funny train crash.

10. Beat Shazam

With the goal of winning up to $1 million, two-person teams compete to identify songs by sound. 

Whoever earns the most money advances to the final round, where they will compete against Shazam, the show’s computer. 

The show is hosted by actor Jamie Foxx and his daughter Corinne Foxx, who plays a DJ.

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