20 of the Best Games Like Among Us in 2022

Best Games Like Among Us

If you want to play games similar to Among us, this article on Games like Among us is for you.

Games are more enjoyable when the player constantly receives new missions and maps. It becomes monotonous when the user receives the same missions or maps.

You need to switch to similar games that might offer different missions and maps to play if the game doesn’t receive regular updates.

What if we told you that we have many games available that can give you a fun gaming experience? Here, we’ve provided a list of some of the top games like Among Us you can use.

Some of the games on the list resemble Among Us. So without further ado, let’s look at the games like Among Us that you can play with friends.

Project Winter

Your goal is to endure the cold and growing hunger long enough to finish your tasks and call for assistance while stranded in the snowy wastes with nothing but a fur coat and your wits.

Unless you’re a traitor, your task is to take a crewmate into the wilderness while they’re unaware, shoot them in the back, and then claim the attack resulted from a bear.

You’ll need to cooperate with your team if you’re innocent to survive, finish tasks, and eventually make it out of the hostile wilderness.

The only way to open bunkers and collect resources is to work together and travel in a group, but you can’t keep track of everyone.

As your allies inevitably die, the balance gradually tips in the traitors’ favor – and the deadly mega blizzard draws closer.

Furthermore, While suspects cannot be executed by committee, you can vote to bar someone from the main house, putting them in grave danger from the elements.


Although the gameplay differs, the theme is similar to Among Us in this fantastic game. You must identify innocent players, develop relationships of trust, and survive in this game.

This game, Like Among Us, also features a multiplayer mode and first-person shooter gameplay. This game lacks local multiplayer options.

You awaken in the game in an asylum with five other random players. Out of the players, two have contracted a deadly virus and are actively seeking out the defenseless players to kill. 

However, to survive, you must ally with other players. However, be careful because they might also be infected. This game is available on Steam for no cost to download. This is one of the best games like Among us you should try.

Town Of Salem

One of the most well-liked games like Among Us is the Town of Salem. Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows devices are all compatible with this game.

Being one of the first strategy games, more than 8 million people have downloaded it. Unlike other games like among us, this game offers a multiplayer game with up to 15 players.

In contrast to other games, which do not let you choose the character you want, this one enables you to choose from 33 characters.

This game resembles The Among Us but has a broader vision and focus. The options in the game are Mafia, Serial Killer, Arsonist, or Town Members (good guys).

Unfortunate Spacemen

What could an unfortunate situation be worse than being stranded on a far-off outpost and struggling to survive long enough to be rescued? Maybe being killed by a monster posing as your friend, like The thing.

It shares a similar premise with the other impostor games on this list, but it differs in that it is played in the first person, which significantly increases the spooky factor.

The monster has two options: revert to its terrifying natural form and go on the attack, or choose which crew member to impersonate, set traps, and sabotage the team.

Also, the monster is pretty damn powerful, so you’ll need a team to defeat it, even though kills aren’t always instant.

Spacemen must complete various tasks, and both Spacemen and Monsters have unique advantages and tools they can use to improve their chances.


It’s not a good idea to learn that one of your crew members is a traitor at the bottom of Europa’s ocean. Barotrauma is a remarkably intricate survival cooperative game with a heavy dose of horror.

Your submarine crew has a challenging mission to complete, and they must cooperate to survive the hostile depths of Jupiter’s moon.

Like a horror movie with a constantly shifting plot, each session differs entirely from the last. Even without a traitor, tasks can go wrong in various ways and are difficult.

Barotrauma doesn’t use the traitor mechanic like the other games on this list; instead, you can choose whether to include traitors in a multiplayer game by setting the value to “yes,” “no,” or “never.”

Garry’s Mod

Problems with Terrorists Since Garry’s Mod’s release all those years ago, the Town game mode has been the classic traitor game.

The idea is straightforward: in each round, 62.5 percent of the participants are declared Innocent, 12.5 percent are promoted to Detective, and 25 percent are labeled treacherous traitors. 

Accordingly, there should be one Detective and two Traitors for every eight players, as, with everything else in GMOD, the game mechanics and roles are flexible.

As you might have guessed, the Traitor’s role is to kill the Innocents while the Detective and the Traitor collaborate to find the guilty party and eliminate them before it’s too late.

Nothing compares to betrayal when a trusted ally turns around and shoots you in the face. The dead won’t speak, so until someone locates your body, no one will know of your tragic fate.


The next game on the list of the top Among Us alternatives is Betrayal.io. There are no restrictions on the game so you can play it on any platform.

In addition to these platforms, you can play this game in your web browser and on a PC or mobile device. According to the developer of this game, the game is not yet available for iOS devices but will be soon.

This is a cooperative game similar to Among Us. The game has the same idea, but it’s much more challenging than the other games like Among Us. Together with your friends, you can play and finish the tasks.

Werewolf Online

In contrast to Among Us, Werewolf Online offers a variety of gameplay elements. It is not just a survivor-traitor game. You can defend your village against evil forces and gather resources in the game.

However, there is a catch. There are liars plotting to destroy your team and the village in your village.

To save your village, you must identify the lying member of your group amid suspicion and deception. A multiplayer game allows for a maximum of 16 players, which is fantastic. In addition, you can find different teams and villages in a single game.

Furthermore, the round is won by the team still alive after removing every traitor. In other words, WerewolfOnline is one of the best alternatives to AmongUs on Android and iOS if you want to experience survival, deathmatch, and deception.

Secret Neighbour

Secret Neighbor is one of the few games like Among Us available for the Xbox. Although Among Us has received numerous requests for Xbox and PS4 ports, due to its distinct gameplay, developers have so far refrained from making such games for gaming consoles.

However, Secret Neighbor won’t let you down if you’re looking for an Xbox game reminiscent of Among Us.

Six characters in the game break into the neighbor’s house, only to discover that one of the players is the neighbor in disguise. He becomes a part of the group and gains their trust by blending in.

The neighbor must lure other players into a trap as the game progresses and get them away from the locked basement door.

Hidden In The Plain Sight

One of the best party games, Hidden in Plain Sight, is virtually identical to Among Us but only supports local multiplayer play.

Only two or four players can play the game at a time. You have to complete tasks without drawing attention to yourself in the gameplay.

Here, you must carry out tasks while blending in with a group of AI characters. You must also get rid of people in the crowd covertly so as not to draw attention from other players.

Other game modes include Death Race and Elimination, where you are put in a precarious situation and must avoid drawing attention to yourself.

To summarize, Hidden in Plain Sight is highly recommended if you want to play another game similar to Among Us on your desktop.

Werewolves Within

Like Among Us, Werewolves Within is a social deduction VR game accessible on the PS4. The gaming community didn’t react favorably to it, but lately, many players are returning to Werewolves Within because of its distinctive gameplay. Each player on a team of 5 to 8 has a secret role that they must play.

The game moves pretty quickly and forces you to choose between being a hero and a traitor. Werewolves are causing havoc in the medieval village of Gallowston, where the game is set. You and your teammates are transported to the Middle Ages to save the villagers.

Furthermore, You can play a villager trying to protect the weak in one game and a traitor in the other. You must locate the hidden werewolf and kill the player to win the game.

To put it simply, Werewolves Within is an excellent social deduction game similar to Among Us. And if you enjoy playing VR games on the PS4, this is the perfect game for you.

Enemy On Board

Another multiplayer game like Among Us is called Enemy on Board. You can field a different team of up to eight players in the game; six will serve as crew members, and the remaining two will be selected as fake aliens. To finish the round, the crew members must track down and eliminate the imposters.

The crew members’ ability to recognize the alien imposters is hampered by the ease with which they can stay with them. The crew eventually runs out of communication as the game progresses.

Making it harder for them to survive and spot the imposters. The gameplay and game’s theme make it the ideal choice for the list of the top games like Among Us.

Triple Agent

Another game with a deceptive strategy theme is Triple Agent. You can play this game that is like Among Us. Users of iOS and Android mobile devices can download the game.

Also, this game will appeal to anyone who enjoys the themes of bluffing, betrayal, and social deduction. Also, you can play the game on a single device, making it one of the best games like Among Us since other games require each player to use their device.

Each gaming session lasts 10 minutes and can be played by up to 9 players using one device. Also, each player is given a unique role and set of rules to follow. You can either play the role of a service agent or a virus, a double agent in the game. 


If you’ve played Murder in Hong Kong, the game will be much simpler to understand. If not, you can still adjust after two games. Up to 12 players can participate in this game, but it’s not required.

There is a five-player minimum requirement for this game. You would have to find the murderer in the game, so detective skills are required. 

Furthermore, you must inquire about the crime scene to determine who the real murderer is. Each participant will have one chance to identify the murderer. Also, the player must provide additional details and proof along with the murderer’s name.


Due to the gameplay similarities between Mindnight and Among Us, it is a fantastic substitute. This isn’t a board video game where you sit and try to identify the importer by asking questions.

Each player in this game is assigned to one of two roles: hacker or agent. While hackers must first cause chaos, the agent must track down the hacker before the disruption.

It’s a fantastic alternative because of the gameplay and overall graphics. The fact that this game is smaller than other imposter games is its best feature. This is one of the best games like among us you should try out.


Undercover is the last game on the list of the top games like Among Us. The element of hidden identity is also present in these among-us-style games.

You only need a smartphone and three teammates to play this game. There must be a minimum of 3 players for this local player game, though there is no maximum.

This is the best alternative to Among Us if you want to try a social deduction game. The roles in the game are separated. The functions include Mr. White, an undercover agent, and a civilian.

When you finish a task, the game advances, and as you do so, you provide hints about a potential traitor, in your opinion. However, it’s highly intriguing, so you should try it.

Hide Online- Hunter Vs. Props

Hide Online – Hunters vs. Props, a 2018 release from HitRock Games, is a game that combines action and strategy that any Among Us fan would adore.

However, not knowing who the imposter is and when or how They might kill you as you attempt to complete your tasks is one of the fascinating aspects of Among Us.

Users of hiding Online are divided into Hunters and Props rather than Imposters and Crewmates; the Props try to avoid being discovered while the Hunters work tirelessly to locate the Props. The game is set in various locations, like an office or a cafe.

Granny’s House

Undoubtedly, there is subliminal horror in Among Us. While the entire game may be lighthearted and enjoyable, there are times when you may find yourself alone on the part of the map with another player who appears to be following you.

In these situations, your heart may race, and you may feel anxious. Granny’s House, a game released by SUPERCAT, amplifies this feeling of dread because it is a full-on horror game that doesn’t hold back when it comes to terrifying its audience.

Granny’s House is merely a horror-themed version of an online game of tag makes it even more intriguing.

Furthermore, A rumor that a Granny who has been abducting children lives somewhere quickly spreads through the town. As the kidnapped children, you and your friends must get out of Granny’s house as soon as possible.

However, if Granny catches you, you must side with her and go after anyone still alive and trying to flee. This is one of the best games like among us.

Suspects: Mystery Mansion

Suspects: Mystery Mansion, published by Wildlife Studios in 2021, is another game that performs very similarly to Among Us.

The suspects take place in an old mansion rather than a spacecraft. A minimum of four players are required to play at once, and a match can have up to ten players.

Furthermore, in this game, players are given one of three roles: either a Guest, whose primary goal is to complete all of the tasks assigned to them or an Inspector, whose task it is to use their deductive abilities and other tools provided by the game, like the scanning feature, to identify the assassin and then persuade everyone to vote the assassin out.

Similo: The Card Game

Finding the Imposter after a meeting has been called is one of the game’s most crucial elements. There is a lot of tension as each player accuses the other of being the Imposter and provides evidence to support their claims.

After careful consideration of each other’s arguments, a decision is made, and a player is decided to be removed from the game.

Furthermore, Similo: The Card Game, which Horrible Guild will release in 2020, replicates this atmosphere and its deductive skills.

Similo is an incredibly underrated game that will become very popular in the upcoming years due to its intriguing premise, engaging gameplay, and outstanding visuals.

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