21 Best Games Like Pokemon Go

best Games Like Pokemon Go

If you love Pokemon Go and are almost getting tired of playing the game, this article will bring you some games like Pokemon Go.

Pokemon GO has one of the largest fan groups in gaming, with plenty of activities to indulge in, despite being out for almost half a decade.

The game has a lot to offer, from acquiring a wide variety of Pokemon to the many fight types, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

However, it is understandable that players who have been in the game for a long time may get tired of it.

Fortunately, several smartphone games have taken on some aspects of the Pokemon GO concept. There is also a slew of PC and console games that meet the bill.

When Pokémon Go originally came out, it caused quite a stir, and for many people, it was their first encounter with the idea of using their phone’s GPS location for gaming.

For those who are unfamiliar, you walk around the actual world gathering Pokémon that you come across.

You can hurl Poké Balls at them as though they were real people using augmented reality. For collecting and going on long hikes, you’ll get a variety of incentives.

Read on as we discuss the best games like Pokemon Go

1. New Pokemon Snap- See All Kinds Of Pokemon

Pokemon’s creatures are iconic, and those introduced to the franchise through Pokemon GO are sure to have become fond of many of them.

New Pokemon Snap is one of the best examples of a showcase for all kinds of Pokemon for those who own a Switch.

Players can capture images of various Pokemon across numerous worlds while sitting in a moving car. They’ll be doing multiple things, and it’ll be your job to record these moments as best you can. Furthermore, this is one of the best games like Pokemon Go.

2. Bugsnax- These Bugs Gotta Snack

Bugsnax is a non-mobile game about collecting various insects on a unique island. The game, available for PC and PlayStation, is set on an island full of half-food, half-bug creatures known as Bugsnax.

Furthermore, Players are tasked with wandering around the island and gathering bugs to accomplish specific duties for the island’s other tourists or expand their collection.

Also, the game is a mystery, as you must track down Elizabeth, the person who invited you to the island.

3. Ingress

Ingress is Niantic’s award-winning first augmented reality game, and it is the foundation on which many of Pokémon Go’s mechanics are built.

In Ingress, you can join either “The Enlightened” or “The Resistance” and fight the other party for control of “Exotic Matter” (“X.M. ), a sub-atomic material that can evolve or enslave human consciousness.

Hack into “portals” in real-world locales to obtain stuff and experience. You can also capture and improve portals to enhance your team’s control or attack and damage portals controlled by the other team to weaken their control – and possibly seize those portals for your team!.

4. Harry Potter: Wizard Unite

Niantic Studios and Warner Bros Games have released Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, their latest game, and it’s the game that most closely resembles Pokemon Go.

Players can cast spells, find intriguing items, and interact with iconic characters and legendary monsters from the Harry Potter universe while visiting real-world locations.

The gameplay is also similar, and you must battle mythical animals from the Harry Potter universe. The game lets players select their wizarding house, wand, and profession: Professor, Auror, or Magizoologist.

When you initially start playing the game, you must design an avatar, and the player’s geographical location also determines its placement.

Furthermore, this is one of the best games like Pokemon Go.


Orna is a new child on the block, taking traditional SNES JRPG gameplay and putting it onto a map of your neighborhood.

Instead of burning out your thumbs stomping around hunting for random encounters, you’ll wear out your actual feet in Dragon Warrior.

Furthermore, there are also multiplayer elements, such as the opportunity for characters to grow strong enough to become Dukes of their areas and be challenged by other players and the option to form cooperative parties.

6. Zombies, Run!- For The Running Enthusiasts

Pokemon GO was always an excellent motivator to get outside and exercise. Zombies, Run! is a great mobile game that encourages this.

Players are thrown into the heart of a zombie apocalypse in this “exergame.” You play as Runner 5, and your goal is to complete missions that will help you learn more about the world around you.

Furthermore, as participants run to play the game, it is a hands-free game. The game will keep track of your health statistics, such as distance traveled and calories burned as you run, and automatically collect stuff.

Players must listen to the game’s audio narrations to keep track of what’s going on. 

7. Geocaching

Geocaching dubbed the “world’s largest treasure hunt,” has been around long before Pokemon GO was a thing.

This pastime, however, differs in that it entails locating natural objects buried around the world. Groundspeak Inc.’s “official” Geocaching game allows users access to caches in over 200 countries.

Because there are so many caches, players are almost sure to find one near them. Players will be presented with puzzles that will assist them in determining the exact location of the caches.

Players can also establish friends with other people on the same quest. Furthermore, this is another game like Pokemon Go.

8. Jurassic World Alive

If you’re a lover of the enormous dinosaurs as much as we are, Jurassic World Alive is the augmented reality game for you.

What better way to experience reality than to have a T-rex smash through your neighborhood? In Jurassic World Alive, you’ll travel the world collecting dinosaur DNA, which you’ll use to assemble the ideal team of dinosaurs to face off against other players in real-time battles.

9. Ghostbusters World

Many well-known IPs are receiving their mobile adaptations. This includes the Ghostbusters movie franchise, which offers an AR game comparable to Pokemon GO.

Players must explore the globe to locate and capture ghosts adapted from the movies and fresh to the franchise.

Another resemblance is that users can participate with allies in multiplayer boss raids to knock down more prominent ghosts. This game will appeal to fans of both Pokemon GO and Ghostbusters.

10. AR Dragon

The user takes on the job of caring for a pet dragon in AR Dragon, which was developed by Talking Pet and published in September 2017.

Using augmented reality to see your dragon in the area around you adds a lot of immersion to the game. You’ll have to feed, play with, and train your dragon. This is the Tamagotchi of today’s world.

11. Clandestine: Anomaly

This game has received some criticism for its jumbled narrative, but even if you ignore the storyline and focus solely on the action.

Clandestine: Anomaly pits the player against an extraterrestrial invasion that appears to occur directly in front of their eyes. Here, your attacking and defensive strategies are crucial, so choose wisely.

12. The Walk

This game collaborates between Six to Start, the creators of Zombies, Run!, and the Department of Health and the National Health Service of the United Kingdom.

You and the strange package you carry may be humanity’s final hope for survival if a world-threatening tragedy occurs at Inverness Station in Scotland.

You will travel across the United Kingdom in the game environment as you walk and run in the real world.

Furthermore, you’ll gather information and clues as you unravel a gripping, narrated story along the way. Who is to blame for the catastrophe? What is their objective?

Why are cops and international agencies attempting to prevent you from delivering the package? You’ll have to keep traveling if you want to find it all out!. Furthermore, this is one of the top games like Pokemon Go.

13. Pokemon Sword And Shield

Pokemon GO was their first introduction to the franchise for many people, so, logically, they’d like to dip their toes into the mainline games.

Also, Pokemon Sword and Shield is the most recent game in this vein. Players compete to dethrone Leon, the Pokemon League Champion, in the Galar area.

Furthermore, to do so, players must capture and train pokemon by pitting them against other trainers and in the wild.

Players must also assemble formidable teams capable of taking on numerous Gym Leaders throughout the region.

14. Dragon Quest Walk – A Dragon Quest AR Game

Dragon Quest was another classic RPG series turned into an augmented reality game. Heroes must battle monsters to fulfill objectives and level up their characters in Dragon Quest Walk.

We can find quests in various real-world locales that the player can visit. Furthermore, each locale has its collection of opponents and collectibles to contend with.

If necessary, some areas will even heal the player. Like Pokemon GO, you might fight boss bouts with other players. Depending on the adversary, up to 12 players can take part.

15. Pokemon: Let’s Go – A Spin On a Classic

Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go: Eevee! are undoubtedly the most incredible options for those wishing to take the next step into the Pokemon fandom. The games are a recreation of Pokemon Yellow from 1998.

While there are battles against other trainers in the game, wild encounters work similarly to Pokemon GO in that players can tame or capture a Pokemon right away rather than fighting it.

It’s an excellent game for novices who want to acquire a feel for the basic Pokemon games without worrying about it falling short of the standard set by the mainline games. This is one of the top games like Pokemon Go.

16. The Walking Dead: Our World!

The Walking Dead: Our World is one of the most popular augmented reality games on mobile and desktop. It’s also a game about zombies.

Players can combat walkers in real-world augmented reality, save the planet, explore the environment, shoot zombies, and find essential goods.

Furthermore, you can also upgrade the Walking Dead with Legendary characters, firearms, and artifacts from AMC’s hit show.

Also, you can form a group with your pals to participate in weekly co-op challenges with other players for higher rewards. Save survivors, construct shelters, and save the world with your buddies. 

17. Sharks In The Park

Sharks in the Park is maybe the first Geospatial Augmented Reality game ever created. It creates immersive digital environments using Mixed Reality Motion Gaming.

Sharks in the Park is a game that you should play outside because it relies on GPS and requires a clear view of the sky on your device.

Furthermore, this game is best played on a broad, flat park or sports field. The game is set in an underwater setting that you will view through a video stream.

Players can experience the sensation of being underwater thanks to augmented reality technologies. Also, your GPS coordinates and other sensory data detect your movement in the virtual world. Thus the quicker you run, the faster you’ll go.

18. Army Of Robots

Army of Robots is an augmented reality shooting game in which you must kill robots attacking your real-world environment. These robots only have one goal: to exterminate all humans and seize control of our world.

The game can be played in your living room, office, or outdoors, such as in your backyard or park. You must aim your mobile device towards robots, shoot them, and kill them before they finish you off.

19. The Machines

The Machines is one of the most well-made and graphically impressive AR games accessible. It was even mentioned during Apple’s WWDC keynote.

You may battle your buddies in a stunning augmented reality world in The Machines. The 3D sound, graphics, and gameplay will leave you speechless.

The game is centered on the player’s point of view. In this augmented reality battleground, your physical location is your competitive advantage.

You can tactically employ super weapons and powers by pointing your phone and modifying your position.

Furthermore, the game’s 3D spatial audio is excellent. Moreover, the audio you hear during the game is affected by your location in the real world—the audio bounces off a rock, much like in real life.

20. Angry Birds AR: Isle Of Pigs

Angry Birds is a game that we are sure you have played at least once in your life. This time, you can team up with Red, Chuck, Bomb, and the Blues to save the eggs that have been taken.

In nearly 40 levels, explore the distant island where the greedy green pigs are on holiday (Rovio Inc. will be adding more levels).

Furthermore, during gaming, the amazingly realistic characters and the entire game are superimposed into your virtual environment, bringing Angry Birds to a new level of realism.

In addition, using augmented reality to find weak elements and identify multiple perspectives for the highest accuracy, you can walk around constructions layered over objects in your actual neighborhood.

21. ARiSE

ARise is a game that looks a lot like Monument Valley. You must guide your tiny explorer up the stone slopes of a cast golem, using perspective and visual cues to overcome chasms and ascend tremendous cliff faces to align magical connections and create passageways.

Furthermore, you can play the game on any flat surface. Then you can travel about it, guiding your adventurer from different angles and perspectives.

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