How to Get the Most of Your Gaming Laptop?

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Summer is here and for some of us, there is more free time to tackle and try different projects. If you’re a geek or hardcore gamer, chances are, you will have more time to set up a powerful gaming laptop this summer.

PC gaming is different from console gaming. You need to make extra efforts to run games smoothly on PC. Otherwise, you might compromise the quality of your images or they can even stutter.

And we all know that pro gamers focus on getting the best responsive display for gaming.

This is what this article is all about. If you plan to spend your free time productively this summer, don’t look further.

In this guide, we are going to:

  • List Specs that matters in any gaming laptop.
  • Check How to improve your gaming laptop performance.

So let’s get the summer off to a good start.

Specs That Matters in Any Gaming Laptop

The following technical specifications are essential for any gamer. But bear in mind that the level of performance of desktops is much better than what laptops can provide.

A desktop with similar parts to a laptop offers a good gaming experience. That’s because the parts designed for desktops are more powerful than those designed for laptops.

This is also the reason most people prefer playing on desktops even when they have an option. Here it begins:

Watch out for Graphics

Don’t play with graphics. The truth is, your gaming performance highly depends on the graphic parts. A GPU (graphics processing unit) can make or break a gaming laptop.

No matter how fast your processor is or how powerful the RAM, if graphics performance is low, your games might not run correctly.

In fact, they will be stuttering all the time without giving you the control that you want. You can start with AMD Radeon graphic cards.

Find out your graphic card

  • Press WIN + R.
  • Enter dxdiag. (DirectX Diagnostic Tool) and wait for loading.
  • Open the Render tab. Here, you’ll find information about the graphics card that you own.


Experts recommend a minimum resolution of 1920X1080. What’s the point of getting powerful graphics if your display doesn’t look great?

It may sound foreign to some enthusiasts, but a good quality picture makes a huge difference in the gaming experience.

Picking the right Processor

The processor is the brain of your PC. Intel processors are known as the best ones in the market. In fact, it’s barely difficult to find a gaming laptop with AMD processors.

The faster the processor is, the faster it can execute tasks and delegate them to different threads. Most gaming laptops incorporate a quad or Hexa-core 8th generation Intel core i5 or core i7 Cpu. So if you have the budget to buy the most recent CPU available don’t hesitate.

However, if you have to choose between a high-end CPU or a High-end GPU, go for the GPU. It makes more sense to invest in your graphics rather than a CPU if gaming is your main concern.

Have as much RAM than you can afford

A gaming laptop should have at least 8BG RAM. If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it. RAM gives you enough space to switch back and forth between your movies and your gameplay window.

Most manufacturers equip computers with at least 8 GB of Ram nowadays. So this characteristic tends to be basic.

However, for a high-end system, consider buying 16GB if you want to get more breathing room for all the applications that are opened. We talk about movies, a gameplay window or a webcam open at the same time.

Get a big hard drive

Though the hard drive is not as important as the previous parts, it’s well worth considering getting one of higher-capacity. Not only games consume much energy, so too require a good capacity to read and write operations.

A hard drive of 500GB is a good start. Moreover, if you have to make the decision between a hard drive and a Solide state drive (SSD), go for SSD. They are faster than HHD (Hard Disk Drive).

How to Improve Your Gaming Laptop Performance?

With those specifications in hand, let’s dive into ways to optimize your gaming laptop this year.

Overclock CPU and GPU

If you plan to improve your gaming laptop performance, and run your PC beyond the factory setting, then consider overclocking.

Be careful, however. Make sure to not overclock your GPU too much (10% – 15%) as overclocking poses a significant threat to your computer. It increases the heat and the stress of all your hardware.

Overclocking is a bit risky. So consider the following before starting that process:

  • Check your laptop to find out if it incorporates a dedicated graphics card. Not all laptops can afford that. So don’t overlook your GPU if your hardware doesn’t have one.
  • Make sure the manufacturer allows you to do that. This is a safety measure to prevent your computer from severe damages.
  • Purchase a good tool for overlocking.

CPU can also get overlock as GPU. They both have the same principle.

Adjust power settings

When it comes to improving performance, power management is a big deal. Overlocking uses more energy, so it is essential to adjust your computer’s power settings.

In that regard, your computer should be connected to a power outlet during the configuration. This is not only to avoid an unexpected turn of events but also to offer a strong gaming experience.

Keep your laptop clean

Dust and dirt drop the performance of the main parts of your computer. They limit the airflow in the hardware while increasing heat in the components. If the CPU or GPU are not aerated properly, your gaming laptop might not last for years.

Moreover, a clean laptop casts a good impression. No matter how geek or pro gamer you’re, you need to find time to brush your keyboard or screen as much as possible.

Get the latest Direct X version

Direct X is the must-have tool for window’s gamers. Make sure to install the latest version as it is pre-installed on window 10. You should also check if your audio drivers are compatible with the graphics.

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