21 John Wick 2 Cast and Their Roles

John Wick 2 Cast

John Wick 2 cast is quite similar to the prequel of John Wick, and just like the prequel, Chad Stahelski directed it, and Derek Kolstad wrote the movie.

Besides, this movie is about a hitman, John Wick, being on the run after a bounty is placed on him.  

Moreover, John Wick 2 is an American neo-noir action thriller film released on January 30, 2017, and ran for 122 minutes (2hrs 2minutes).  

Also, Basil Iwanyk and Erica Lee produced this film, Evan Schiff edited it, and the production companies associated with this film are Summit Entertainment, Thunder Road Pictures, 87Eleven Productions, and Company Films.  

Additionally, Lionsgate distributed this film, and it grossed $171.5 million on the Box Office. Anyways, this article will discuss some of the characters in the John Wick 2 cast.

They are;

1. Keanu Reeves

Keanu plays the primary character on John Wick 2 cast. He plays the role of John Wick. His alias is The Boogeyman.  

Besides, due to the prequel, we know that John was a retired hitman. However, he Was activated after a gang of Russians broke into his house, stole his car, and killed the dog his late wife, Helen, left for him.

So, in John Wick 2, John discovered his vehicle that was stolen and returned home after a shootout with Tarasov’s men. 

However, his peace was short-lived when Santino D’Antonio, the Camorra crime boss, came to collect the debt John owed him.  

This debt was a result of Santino helping John complete the task which allowed him to marry Helen. After John paid his debt to Santino, Santino placed a $7 million bounty on John.  

However, at the end of the movie, John pursued and killed Santino on Continental grounds, which is against the underworld’s rules. 

2. Common

Common played the role of Cassian on John Wick 2 cast. Cassian was Gianna’s chief bodyguard. After John killed Gianna, Cassian saw him in the reception area and figured John had murdered his boss.  

So, he chased John into the catacombs the promised to kill John quickly as a sign of professional respect.

However, when Cassian confronts John in a subway, John stabs him, leaving a knife stuck in his aorta, his fate is uncertain. 

Additionally, Common’s real name is Lonnie Rashid Lynn. He is a 49 years old American rapper, actor, and singer. 

Besides, he has won several awards as a rapper, including a Grammy Award; he has also won a Golden Globe and Academy Award for Best Original song in a film.  

Furthermore, some of the movies he is known for are American Gangster, Terminator Salvation, Date Night, Just Wright, Happy Feet Two, Run All Night, and Hunter Killer. 

3. Laurence Fishburne

Laurence played the role of The Bowery King in the John Wick 2 cast. The Bowery King is an underground crime lord whose subordinates treated John’s injuries after his fight with Cassian.  

Besides, The Bowery King was fascinated with John’s intent to kill one of the members of the High Table.

Hence, he gave John a gun with only seven bullets, one bullet for each million John owed him because he did not kill John and collect the bounty of $7 million placed on him. 

Moreover, Laurence is a 60 years old American actor, film director, screenwriter, producer, and playwright. Besides, he is best known for his role in The Matrix movies, Boyz in the Hood, Apocalypse  

Now, Akeelah and the Bee, Ant-Man and the Wasp, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and Black-ish, among several films.

Furthermore, he has gotten some award nominations, including winning a Tony Award and an Emmy Award. 

4. Riccardo Scamarcio

Riccardo played the role of Santino D’Antonio in the John Wick 2 cast. Santino is an Italian Camorra boss who forced John to assassinate his sister to become a member of the High Table.  

However, after John completed the job, he placed a $7 million bounty on John’s head in the pretense of seeking revenge for his sister’s death.

In addition, John killed him on the lounge of Hotel Continental, where he was seeking refuge after John pursued him from his art gala. 

Moreover, Riccardo is a 41 years old Italian actor and producer. He is best known for his role in Euphoria, The Ruthless, The Players, Three Floors, Andorra, and Caravaggio’s Shadow. 

5. Ruby Rose

Ruby played the role of Ares in John Wick 2 cast. Ares is an assassin and Santino’s mute security enforcer.  

Besides, Santino assigns Ares to observe John’s mission of killing his (Santino’s) sister. John killed Ares in the museum where Santino was holding a gala.  

Moreover, Ruby is a 35 years old Australian actress, model, and TV presenter.

Furthermore, she is best known for her role in Orange Is the New Black, XXX: Return of Xander Cage, Pitch Perfect 3, The Meg, Around the Block, and the 2019’s Batwoman series, among others. 

6. Lance Reddick

Lance played the role of Charon in John Wick 2 cast. Charon is the concierge at the Continental Hotel in New York.  

Besides, Lance is a 58 years old American actor and musician. He is best known for his role in The Wire, Fringe, Oz, Lost, Monster Party, Godzilla vs. Kong, and Godzilla. 

7. Peter Stormare

Peter played the role of Abram Tarasov in the John Wick 2 cast. Abram is Viggo’s brother, Losef’s uncle, and a desk-bound Russian gangster.  

Besides, John spared his life after he promised that there will be peace between them and that he won’t avenge his brother, Viggo. 

Moreover, Peter is a 67 years old Swedish actor, theatre director, playwright, and musician. His real name is Rolf Peter Ingvar Storm.  

Furthermore, he is best known for his role in Fargo, Prison Break, The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Armageddon, Bad Boy II, Minority Report, Constantine, and 22 Jump Street, among others.  

8. Bridget Moynahan

Bridget played the role of Helen Wick in the John Wick 2 cast. Helen is John Wick’s dead wife. Besides, Bridget is a 50 years old American actress and model.  

Furthermore, she is best known for her role in Blue Blood, The Journey Home, Prey, Noise, I: Robot, and Grey Matters. 

9. Franco Nero

Franco played the role of Julius in John Wick 2 cast. Julius is the owner and manager of the Continental Hotel in Rome.

Besides, the reception area of the Rome Continental Hotel is where John and Cassian shared a drink.  

Also, it is where John explained his reason for killing Gianna to Cassian. Notwithstanding, Cassian vowed to revenge and kill John quickly as a professional courtesy. 

Moreover, Franco is a 79 years old Italian actor, director, and producer whose real name is Francesco Clemente, Giuseppe Sparano.  

Furthermore, he is best known for his role in Django, Camelot, They Day of the Owl, Die Hard 2, Cars 2, Letters to Juliet, Keoma, and Street Law. 

10. John Leguizamo

John played the role of Aurelio in the John Wick 2 cast. Aurelio is the owner of a high-end chop shop in the film.

Besides, John Leguizamo is a 57 years old American actor, screenwriter, producer, playwright, and stand-up comedian.  

Furthermore, he is best known for his role in Super Mario Bros., Carlito’s Way, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar, To Wong Foo, Land of the Dead, Ice Age, and The Happening, among others. 

11. Ian McShane

Ian played the role of Winston in John Wick 2 cast. Winston is the owner and manager of the Continental Hotel in New York.  

He is also a key figure in the underworld. Moreover, Winston reminded John Wick of the two unbreakable rules of the underworld when John initially refused to honor Santino’s request.

Also, Winston met John after he killed Santino in the Continental Hotel, hence, breaking one of the rules.  

In addition, Winston informed him John, the bounty on his head has been doubled and declares him “incommunicado.”

This means all of John’s access and privileges to underworld resources have been terminated.  

However, Winston waited an hour before announcing John’s excommunication status, thus, giving him a head start.

He also gave John a marker for future use. The second rule of the underworld is: honoring every marker. 

Furthermore, Ian is a 78 years old English actor who has been nominated for some awards, including winning a Golden Globe Award.  

Besides, he is best known for his role in Lovejoy, Deadwood, American Gods, Kung Fu Panda, Hot Rod, Sexy Beast, and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. 

12. Claudia Gerini

Claudia played the role of Gianna D’Antonio in the John Wick 2 cast. Gianna is Santino’s sister, who Santino requested John to murder.  

However, when John confronts Gianna on her coronation day, she slit her wrists, choosing suicide over being murdered. Although, John still shot her in the head to fulfill the marker. 

Moreover, Claudia is a 49 years old Italian actress and showgirl. Besides, she is best known for her role in The Poison Rose, Hammamet, A Perfect Family, Best Enemies Forever, and many Italian movies. 

13. Wass Stevens

Wass played the role of the Consiglieri in John Wick 2 cast. He was the Consiglieri to Santino.

Besides, Wass is a 51 years old American actor best known for his role in Rockaway, Once Upon a Time in Brooklyn, Satan’s Little Helper, Ava’s Possessions, and Brooklyn’s Finest. 

14. Peter Serafinowicz

Peter played the role of “The Sommelier” in the John Wick 2 cast. The Sommelier is a weapons supplier in Hotel Continental.  

Besides, Peter is a 49 years old English actor, screenwriter, director, and comedian.

He is best known for his role in Shaun of the Dead, The Tick, Look Around You, Spy, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Couples Retreat. 

15. Luca Mosca

Luca played the role of an Italian tailor in the John Wick 2 cast. He was the Italian tailor at the Hotel Continental who is responsible for fashion and body armor service. Besides, Luca is a custom designer and actor featured in Skyscraper and When Will I Be Loved. 

16. Tobias Segal

Tobias played the role of Earl in the John Wick 2 cast. Earl is the Bowery King’s homeless criminal. Besides, Tobias is an American actor best known for his role in The Other America. Also, he is one of the youngest actors to win a Barrymore Award.  

17. Thomas Sadoski

Thomas played the role of Jimmy in the John Wick 2 cast. Jimmy is a police officer who is also John Wick’s friend. Besides, Thomas is a 45 years old actor best known for his role in The Newsroom, Life in Pieces, Loser, and Happy Hour. 

18. Chukwudi Iwuji

Chukwudi played the role of Mr. Akoni in the John Wick 2 cast. Besides, Chukwudi is a 46 years old Nigerian-British actor who has also featured in The Split, The Underground Railroad, Doctor Who, Blindspot, Barry, Quantico, and Rosy, a few.  

19. Erik Frandsen

Erik played the role of Numismatic in John Wick 2 cast. He is a coin-marker. Besides, Erik is an American actor, singer, and songwriter. He has also featured in Jessica Jones, Cadillac Records, Inside Llewyn Davis, and Happy! 

20. Youma Diakite

You played the role of Lucia in John Wick 2 cast. Besides, Youma is a 50 years old Malian model, actress, TV personality, and showgirl mainly active in Italy. She is also featured in Teen Star Academy and Oliviero Rising. 

21. Perry Yung

Perry played the role of a Doctor in John Wick 2 cast. Besides, Perry is an American actor and musician best known for his role in the Warrior series, Boogie, and Condemned. 

Conclusively, these are some of the characters in John Wick 2 cast. However, some of these characters were also in the sequel John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, released in 2019.

Besides, this movie ends with Winston announcing John’s excommunicado status. Hence, the contract is activated while John goes on the run with his dog. 

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