15 Lesbian Christmas Movies to Watch With Your Partner 👭

Lesbian Christmas Movies

It’s that time of year again, and we’ll soon be settling in on the couch to watch our favorite Christmas movies.

While we all enjoy the classics, I’m sure many of you would like to add some lesbian Christmas movies to your viewing list this year.  

Lesbian Christmas movies were nearly unheard of until lately. In reality, lesbian representation in any film, let alone a holiday film, was uncommon. 

Thankfully, a lot has changed in recent years, and Christmas movies are finally diversifying (in many ways).

There are more lesbian movies and shows than ever before. Also, there are lesbian Christmas movies! When we first learned about Happiest Season, we were overjoyed.

There are, however, other lesbian Christmas movies and series (as well as other lesbian holiday movies!) to watch besides Happiest Season.

Some of the best lesbian Christmas movies are;

1. Happiest Season (2020)

I love romcoms, and there is never enough cute lesbian rom-com, in my opinion. On this list, The Happiest Season is the most recent lesbian Christmas movie.  

However, the plot is simple–a young lady wants to propose to her girlfriend at her family’s annual holiday party but learns that her partner hasn’t told her conservative parents.

Starring Kristen Stewart. Aubrey Plaza, Mackenzie Davis, Mary Steenburgen, Alison Brie. 

2. Under The Christmas Tree (2021)

Under the Christmas tree is new for the 2021 holiday season, a much-anticipated lesbian Christmas movie.

Furthermore, the American cable channel Lifetime just announced the premiere of Under the Christmas Tree, the channel’s first-ever lesbian romance.

Because the film will be released on December 19th, we don’t know much about what to expect. Lifetime, on the other hand, has released the following description:  

Alma Beltran and Charlie Freemont, a Christmas tree whisperer, cross paths when Charlie discovers the perfect tree for the Maine Governor’s Holiday Celebration in Alma’s backyard.

Furthermore, while the two women initially bicker, romantic sparks fly between them as the enchanted tree.

And some Christmas fairy dust from the town’s pâtissière extraordinaire brings out the best in them and inspires them to take risks and fight for Love and Christmas enchantment.” Starring Elise Bauman, Tattiawna Jones, and Ricki Lake. 

3. The Syed Family Xmas Eve Game Night (2021)

The Syed Family Xmas Eve Game Night tells the story of Noor. Noor is a gay Muslim woman who, for the first time, takes her new Puerto Rican lover to her family’s holiday celebrations.

That’s on the eve of Christmas! What will the outcome of the family’s annual game night be? Starring Kausar Mohammed, Pia Shah, Meera Rohit Kumbhani, Vico Ortiz, and D’Lo. 

4. Carol (2015)

CAROL is also one of the must-watch lesbian Christmas movies right now. It is based on Patricia Highsmith’s famous novel The Price of Salt, and it tells the story of two women from very different origins who meet and fall in love in 1950s New York.  

However, as the time’s traditional rules test their obvious attraction, an honest story develops, revealing the heart’s resilience in the face of change.  

Furthermore, Therese Belivet, a young lady in her twenties who works as a clerk in a Manhattan department store and dreams of her entire existence, meets Carol. An appealing woman caught in a loveless, convenient marriage. 

Furthermore, as an instant connection develops between them, the innocence of their initial meeting fades, and their bond grows stronger.  

Moreover, Carol’s husband begins to doubt her ability as a mother as her connection with Therese and her tight relationship with her closest friend Abby become public. Starring Rooney Mara, Cate Blanchett, Kyle Chandler, Sarah Paulson, and Jake Lacy.  

5. Lez Bomb (2018)

Lez Bomb has everything of the classic rom-com wonderful cheesiness that a lesbian movie should have. However, it’s a screwball comedy with a beautiful cast and a joyful ending!  

Furthermore, the plot revolves around a closeted lady who brings her partner home for Thanksgiving, only to have her efforts come out foiled by a series of unforeseen circumstances.

Starring Jenna Laurenzo, Bruce Dern, Kelvin Pollak, Steve Guttenberg, and Cloris Leachman.  

6. A New York Christmas Wedding (2020)

Netflix is significantly ahead of the curve when it comes to lesbian representation on screen. As a result, it’s no surprise that their filmography includes several lesbian Christmas films.  

After seeing most of them, I’d say A New York Christmas Wedding is one of the most progressive and diversified.

In addition, that’s because it’s not only a gay Christmas film, but it’s also a lesbian Christmas movie starring a woman of color.  

Well, it follows the story of Jennifer, who is visited by an angel as her Christmas Eve wedding approaches.

And she is shown what could have been if she hadn’t ignored her true affection for her childhood best friend. Starring Chris Noth, Nia Fairweather, Otoja Abit, Chris Trousdale, and Crystal Alford. 

7. The Postie (2019)

Amy is head over heels in love with the new Postie, but determining whether their feelings are mutual proves to be far more complicated than she anticipated.  

Furthermore, it’s up to Lilly, her best friend, to come to her aid and assist her in finding a solution. Starring Ruby Todd, Kat Ronson, Estella Hause, Kate Winton. 

8. Friendgiving (2020)


Friends giving is one of the must-watch lesbian Christmas movies. Additionally, Abby is looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with her best friend Molly in a relaxed atmosphere.  

However, when Molly’s new boyfriend and her colorful mother arrive, the friends’ plans for a quiet turkey dinner go up in smoke.  

Additionally, With Molly’s old flame, a want to be shaman, and a trio of Fairy Gay Mothers as party crashers, it’s a formula for a hilariously wild holiday that no one will ever forget—even if they wanted to.

Starring Kat Dennings, Malin Akerman, Jack Donnelly, Aisha Tyler, Jane Seymour. 

9. Season Of Love (2019)

Season of Love is a cheesier, gay-friendly variation of Love Actually. The best part is that it stars our fan favorite, LGBTQ actress Dominique Provost-Chalkley, who plays Waverly Earp from Wynonna Earp.  

And also co-stars with Officer Nicole Haught in one of the sweetest lesbian ships on TV (#Wayhaught). Anyways season of Love follows the story of a queer lady holiday romantic comedy.  

That chronicles the lives of three very different couples as they deal with their Love lives in a series of loosely connected stories set from the days leading up to Christmas and New Year.

Starring Sandra Mae Frank, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, Emily Gross. Jessica Clark, Laur Allen.  

10. City of Trees (2019)

City Of Trees is also on our list of must-watch lesbian movies.  For the first time in several years, a 20-something lady returns to her hometown for the holidays.  

And she is confronted with people from her past and unresolved sentiments. Starring Olivia Buckle, Alexandra Swarens, Joseph Miller, Kate McIntyre, Andrew V. Perkins. 

11. Will, You Marry Me? (2020)

Henry, from choir-singing, tradition-bound Midwestern roots, and Rebecca, from an upper-class Los Angeles family, are in Love.

Furthermore, the kids plan on meeting their relatives for the holidays to surprise them with the wonderful news after Henry proposes just before Christmas.  

However, the families collide-oops-meet in Madison, Wisconsin, during Hanukkah week, just before Christmas.

As the two families try in vain to follow each other’s traditions, it’s a crazy, wacky ride of good intentions and errors.  

However, it isn’t long until Rebecca and Henry realize that the most challenging aspect of marriage may be coping with one other’s in-laws.

Starring Cynthia Stevenson, Wendie Malick, Tommy Lioutas, Vikki Krinsky, and David Elsner.  

12. I Hate New Year’s (2020)

I Hate new year is one of the must-watch Lesbian Christmas Movies. Layne, a budding music sensation with a massive hit on her hands, experiences serious writer’s block.  

Furthermore, she returns to Nashville for New Year’s Eve in the hopes of finding her ex and regaining her musical mojo.  

However, she discovers that the Love of her life, and the reason she sings, has been right in front of her all along as she spends New Year’s Eve jumping between bars and parties with her best friend Cassie, looking for the one who got away.

Starring Ashley Argota, Dia Frampton, Candis Cayne, Kelly Lynn Reiter, and Andrew Brennen. 

13. The Christmas Lottery (2020)

The Christmas Lottery, produced by Black Entertainment Television, is an inclusive holiday film that stars a Black lesbian couple as two of the main protagonists.

Furthermore, their romance, on the other hand, isn’t the main plot of the film.  

However, the story revolves around a group of separated sisters who haven’t seen each other in years.

When their father announces that he has won the lottery, though, everything changes.  

Additionally, the sisters must come home and mend their friendship to receive their portion of the profits. Starring Marcus Allen, Kelvin D. Benton, Lyon Beckwith, Traci Braxton, and Jacob Hunter Bishop. 

14. Ghosting the Spirit Of Christmas (2019)

Ghosting the spirit of Christmas is one of the best lesbian Christmas movies. Furthermore, Jess had the best first date of her life, but she unintentionally “ghosts.”  

Ben when she dies tragically in a car accident on the way home. Starring Aisha Dee, Kendrick Sampson, Kimko Glenn, Jazz Raycole, and Chris Shields. 

15. Merry Happy Whatever (2019)

When his youngest daughter returns home for the holidays with a new partner, a strong-willed patriarch must manage the demands of his complicated family with the stress of the Christmas season. 

 Starring Dennis Quaid, Brent Morin, Bridgit Mendler, Ashley Tisdale, and Adam Rose.  

That concludes our discussion. This brings us to the end of our selection of the best lesbian Christmas movies to see this season. 

In Conclusion, we hope that these holiday Christian Christmas movies will add a little more joy and meaning to your holiday celebrations this year.    

Watching Christmas movies are one sure way to relax, have fun, and get into the Christmas spirit with your family.

Besides, if you have exhausted the movies on this list and still want more Christmas movies, you can check out Tyler Perry’s Christmas moviesChristmas Movies on HBO MaxChristmas Movies on Disney PlusMust watch Christmas Movies on Amazon Prime.  

And also, Christmas Movies on Netflix, Christmas Movies about Dogs, Hallmark Christmas Movies, and Canadian Christmas Children Movies. After binge-watching these movies, you will surely be in the Christmas spirit. 

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