15 Best Low MB Games for Android

Low MB Games for Android

Are you looking for great games for your Android device but are limited by a limited data package or limited internal storage?

Isn’t your mid-range or low-end device powerful enough to run most of the popular games available on the Play Store?

Don’t worry because the Google Play Store has many great games that don’t take up a lot of internal space and perform perfectly well, even on the most basic Android devices.

The Android platform offers thousands of games, but not everyone has powerful devices to enjoy all kinds of games.

If you have an entry-level device with limited data access, you can’t download big games from the Play Store.

Games with a small MB are, therefore, the main option in this case.

If you’re looking for games that do not take up a lot of space on your Android device, take a look at our list of the best low MB games for Android.

1. Doodle Cricket

Doodle Cricket is a gift for all of these people. Who loves cricket but doesn’t have a phone or a computer?

Because it is one of the smallest Android games. And one of the best games with a low MB for Android users.

In Doodle Cricket, the controls are very easy to use. And the graphics aren’t compromised either, which is an excellent thing for all graphics enthusiasts.

And the game is very light, which is again a fantastic thing for people who have low-specific smartphones.

You will also see the dynamic angles of the camera here. And that’s what I love the most about games. You can also share your scores on various social media platforms to show off.

Download size: 314KB

Download Here

2. Tic Tac Toe

I guess everyone is familiar with this fantastic game in this universe and has even played once in their life.

Tic Tac Toe is among the best low MB games for Android available on the play store right now.

As a child, I also played this game a lot with friends. Because it’s very easy to understand and play, and you can also play multiplayer with friends. Also, put the names of the players according to your wishes.

This game consumes little storage space. It is currently available for Android phones because it’s a legendary game.

Download size: 1.9MB

Download Here

3. Sky: Children of the Light

An awesome kingdom awaits you to be explored because it’s a story-driven game with spooky and scary animations. In this fantastic game, you will have seven different realms to explore.

You can also interact with other players around the world; it is an incredible thing. Another significant part of this game is that you can customize your character’s clothes.

And put all of these things and features. This type of game with a small MB for Android developers is not an easy task.

Download size: 10MB

Download Here

4. Zombie Smasher

This game made it to our best low MB games for Android users. Zombie Smasher is also a famous game in the market.

And in this great game, you will have three different game modes. These modes include the Story Mode, Survival Mode, and the Time Mode.

All the modes in this game are pretty good. And you will face seven different types of zombie races in Zombie Smasher. Besides, killing zombies in this game is a fun and enjoyable task.

And the graphics are great, and you will get different powers to stop the zombies on the way.

Download size: 4.3MB

5. Roll Balls into a Hole

The aim of this game is straightforward. You need to put all your balls in one hole. Sounds very easy, doesn’t it? But this is not the case, because, among all the balls, there is also a red ball. It should come last.

Once you complete the levels, you will see the holes, and the difficulty increases with them. It gives you a reason to play this game over and over again. Also, you can play games like a maze for fun.

It’s also an excellent killing game, which is why I included this game to the list of best low MB games for Android.

Download size: 2.5MB

Download Here

6. Shoot Bubble Deluxe

Playing Shoot Bubble Deluxe is fun and entertaining. In Shoot Bubble Deluxe, you have to match three balls of similar colors to get points.

It also includes over 290 different levels to play. It means you won’t get bored while playing this game. And another fun thing about this game is that you can report your results to the world rankings.

To compare the results of other cool players. Besides, you can compete with these cool and global players. And this game has two different play modes. The first way is the puzzle, and the second is Arcade.

Download size: 3MB

Download Here

7. City Jump

Just touch and jump; it is so easy to play this game. In City Jump, you are a hero who jumps on a wall to kill enemies. Killing three enemies in one will give you the power to reach the roofs of buildings quickly.

You have to save your characters from obstacles, enemies, and birds to reach your milestone quickly. Plus, the graphics are excellent, and the controls are super easy to understand.

Collect points by killing enemies and birds to get a high score. And run day and night until you’re tired and if you aren’t.

The reviews for this game are also excellent, which is why the game made it to the list of the best low MB games for Android.

Download size: 3.9MB

Download Here

8. Suda Adventure – Super Jungle Boy Adventure

If you are a big lover or lover of Mario. Who wants to play games like Maria? This game was then created for you because this legendary game from Nintendo inspires the levels and controls.

Collect coins and hidden trails to explore the adventurous world of the Court. And the controls are straightforward to understand, which is excellent for people like me.

It also includes different phases with new and surprising themes. To give you a pleasant and elegant feeling while playing this game. And if you are a little bored, you can unlock new maps to explore the wonderful world of Court.

Download size: 8.4MB

Download Here

9. Mekorama

The song in the background of the Mekorama game is incredible. When the character walks/runs, the voice of the footsteps is so real and cold.

The graphics of this game is fantastic, and the gameplay is excellent. If you are a person who loves puzzle games, it can drive you crazy. Then this game is worth trying.

One thing to note down is the addictive nature of this game. So play at your own risk.

Download size: 4.3MB

Download Here

10. Devil Ninja 2

People who have been playing Android games for six years must already know about Devil Ninja 2 game because it is one of the best and oldest Android games for all game fans with little space.

In Devil Ninja 2, your character will run nonstop. And you need to dodge the obstacles and kill the enemies. You will also get different powers to fight the enemy, and that’s something unique.

I love this game’s graphics and gameplay. In this game, you will have a leader board to check your performance and compete with other players.

Download size: 11MB

Download Here

11. Robo wants Kitten

This game is based on a robot that has no feelings. And I want to enjoy the moments. That’s why Robo wants Kitty to have fun. The controls are straightforward to understand just for forward, backward, jump, and shoot.

The graphics in this game are also excellent and cool. The overall experience of this game is impressive.

Download size: 8.5MB

Download Here

12. Chess

Playing chess is a hobby for many people. But some people play this game just for fun. I have included this game in our list of the best low MB games for Android because I know most likely hundreds of thousands of people are very fond of chess.

This game contains many features, such as you can undo your move. Or save your features while playing this game. Besides, you can play multiplayer with your friends and family.

The sound effects of this chess game are amazing. And the graphics are great. You will also have an assistant to help you in the game. Besides, you can play this game from different camera angles. It enables you to see the game from a different perspective.

Download size: 2.7MB

Download Here

13. Football Black Mini

Football Black Mini is a fantastic game for fans of simple and action games. This game is different from others because here, you will have to target new and amazing tactics.

Here you can buy shoes in different colors or buy soccer balls in different colors to make your game more interesting. What if you are a boy who likes to share things with his friends.

So, I have good news for you because you can easily share your best results with friends. Also, the controls are straightforward and easy, so you don’t have to work too hard while playing this game.

Download size: 742KB

Download Here

14. Dr. Driving

Here is a very famous and well-known game. Dr. Driving is one of the best low MB Android games for Android. It is currently available in the market. This game has rocked the Play Store for the past six years.

The controls are very simple. Because you will have an address from which you will have to control your car. And some gears to increase the speed of your vehicle.

A lot of people love this game. That’s why I added it to our list of the best games with a small MB for Android phones. And more than one hundred million people have already downloaded this fantastic game.

Download size: 11MB

Download Here

15. SUBG (Stickman Unknown Battlegrounds)

SUBG is an underrated game. But believe me, it’s worth a try, guys. There is a lot you can do in this game. Big tickets for 3D Battle Royale are available. You can play PVP Battle Royale.

Also, in this game, you can customize your character. There are also many different Stickman characters available. The game is in 3D, and the controls are also very easy to use.

You should try this game. The graphics are also not compromised.

Download size: 20MB

Download Here


Here is a list of best low MB games for Android users that require very little space on your phone. These low MB games work well even on low-end devices, so you do not have to worry about phone storage space or downloading data. All of these games work offline, so you don’t need a lot of data to play.

Please take a glance at the list of our best games with low MB and download one for yourself and share your reviews in our comment section.

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