13 Masked Male Video Game Characters

Masked Male Video Game Characters

Want to know some of the masked male video game characters? This article is for you.

Rarely is a character well-loved for their mask; instead, a well-made video game character seduces gamers with their personality or propensity to swing a sword and save the world.  

In video games, masks have many more uses besides only serving as protection from injury or a way to conceal one’s identity. 

Some masks give characters superhuman levels of strength, while others give them incredibly compelling backstories that fill in the plot’s holes.

However, more often than not, the mask steals the show rather than the person wearing it. 

Below are some of the masked male video game characters. 

1. Alistair Theirin

  • Game: Dragon Age: Origins 

In addition to being a knight, Alistair is immensely well-liked for his endearing, funny, compassionate, and downright adorable nature.

Best of all, you can win him over in the game by giving him presents and making the right dialogue decisions. 

Alistair makes an appearance fairly early on in the game as a friend. You can learn more about his past as you get to know him better and discover a secret that makes him even more alluring. 

2. Needles Kane

  • Game: Twisted Metal 

The distinctive figure of the evil franchise Twisted Metal is the ideal representation of the hysterical mayhem it brings.

Needles Kane is a vicious clown who pilots Sweet Tooth, his modified ice cream truck. Since Sony first released Twisted Metal in 1995, Needles Kane has served as the video game’s mascot. 

Needles is a raving lunatic, but other than that, not much is known about him. However, gamers have reported feeling uneasy when they see his mask.

Although Needles first appeared to have clown makeup and green hair, he is now more frequently shown with a flaming head of fire and a leather-strapped clown mask, which adds to his already terrifying appearance. 

3. The Masked Lumen

  • Game: Bayonetta 2 

Next on our list of masked male video game characters is The Masked Lumen.

The Masked Lumen, a recurring boss villain, is Bayonetta’s main foe in “Bayonetta 2”; he is a shadowy figure seeking retribution for the killing of a loved one.

He attempts to assassinate the little child known as Loki, but Bayonetta always manages to stop him. 

The Masked Lumen feels that Loki is to blame for the death of his girlfriend.

The Masked Lumen will force inexperienced players to repeatedly test their attacks in battle.

He can transform into a wolf, hurl massive energy balls, and even employ Witch Time like Bayonetta. 

4. Kreig

  • Game: Borderlands 

The insane player that everyone loves is Krieg. Krieg first made an appearance in the second Borderlands game, and his long, torturous past, which involves a lot of abuse and anguish, helps to explain why he’s become such a vicious killer. 

Psycho Krieg typically takes center stage and has evolved into a defining icon for the Borderlands series, despite not being the only masked character in the series.

Players must consider if Psycho Krieg would be the same without his mask, even though he wears it to shield himself from harmful environments. 

5. Psycho Mantis

  • Game: Metal Gear Solid 

Psycho Mantis is one of the masked male video game characters we have. The most elite group of “Metal Gear Solid” characters includes Psycho Mantis.

Mantis, a psychic with natural abilities, started working for the FBI but defected after getting too close to a psychopath’s thoughts and leaving his mental scars. 

The boss battle against Psycho Mantis is one of the most famous in gaming history because Mantis breaches the fourth wall by reading and commenting on data on the player’s memory card and setting off the rumble pack.

Mantis is now wearing a mask to shut out other people’s thoughts. Borderlands has its own Psycho, but the Mantis is more prominent. 

6. Caustic

  • Game: Apex Legends 

Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends is one of the most well-polished Battle Royale-style representations in gaming.

After its early 2019 release, Apex Legends swiftly established itself as the top choice among players seeking an alternative to the hugely popular Fortnite.

The series has several mask-wearing characters, including fan favorites like Bloodhound and Octane, but Caustic’s mask is the most distinctive. 

Caustic is a clever scientist who uses a poisonous gas to become the Champion. He always wears PPE to protect himself.

Players must pay or play to access this powerful fog expert; once they do, they had better start holding their breath. 

7. Handsome Jack

  • Game: Borderlands 2 

Handsome Jack isn’t a nice guy, but having high morals doesn’t make you the leader of the Hyperion.

However, Handsome Jack, the main antagonist of “Borderlands 2,” is content to sit on his space station and attack the Vault Hunters with a combination of destructive loader bots and biting humor.

He is one of the masked male video game characters. He had a large scar and one blind eye due to how his real face had been disfigured.

The mask that Jack has permanently grafted on is what you see as his “handsome” face.

8. Scorpion & Sub-zero

  • Game: Mortal Combat  

Players have been combated with one another for years in video games. However, no video game has raised the stakes as much as Mortal Kombat has.

Scorpion and Sub-Zero, two of the most well-known masked ninja combatants in video games, are at the forefront of the franchise. 

Whether they are battling side by side or face to face, their contrasting fire and ice abilities make them the ideal foils for one another.

Scorpion is renowned for removing his mask to expose a skinless skull that exhales fire, consuming his worn-out adversaries. 

In addition to Sub-Zero and Scorpion, there are more masked characters in the Mortal Kombat franchise.

Still, it is undeniable that the other fighters trail the masked pair in terms of fame and mystery. 

9. Vega

  • Game: Street Fighter 

Next on our list of masked male video game characters is Vega. Vega is a competent and agile fighter as well as a full-time narcissist.

He is among the top-ranked members of M. Bison’s deadly Shadaloo crime empire.

To protect his appearance, which is extremely important to him, Vega wears his mask.

But if you strike Vega hard enough, his reliable mask will come off, exposing his priceless face to a beating. 

10. Shy Guy

  • Game: Super Mario Brothers 

From Nintendo’s greatest hit, Super Mario Brothers, comes Shy Guy, another character whose fame stems from its obscurity.  

However, Shy Guy has been a recurring character in Mario games for years, and gamers have never seen them without the mask.

Shy Guy is a simple enemy to defeat and a frequent adversary in many Yoshi games.

Despite being utterly devoid of personality and expression, Shy Guy’s mask somehow works as a gaming totem from the greatest franchise in video game history. 

11. Skull Kid

  • Game: The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 

It’s difficult to entirely hold the Skull Kid accountable for the world’s impending destruction in “Majora’s Mask,” although he is theoretically to blame.

The skull child was once only an imp-like, mischievous creature that was a companion to the four giants who guarded the area. 

Still, when the four giants decided to go slumber, he felt abandoned and forsaken and started committing crimes.

The Skull Kid receives strong powers after taking Majora’s Mask from the Happy Mask Salesman, which he uses to harass and devastate the area.

Even though this small monster is dreadful, the real threat is the mask. 

12. Meta Knight

  • Game: Kirby 

Nintendo’s Kirby series is another significant contribution to contemporary gaming.

While the focus is on the adorable and courageous pink protagonist, the enigmatic Meta Knight is a recurring character who has grown in popularity over time. 

In 1993, Meta Knight made his debut in Kirby’s Adventure. Since then, he has also established himself as a highly respected character in the Super Smash Brothers series. 

While always identifiable by his silver mask, Meta Knight has occasionally been spotted bare-faced, and to everyone’s amazement, he resembles Kirby himself (save for some differing colors). 

Under a mask, Meta Knight has established himself as an honorable, skilled swordsman and a valuable addition to the Kirby series. A truly remarkable feat! 

13. Corvo Attano

  • Game: Dishonored  

Last on our list of masked male video game characters is Corvo Attano. Corvo, who served as the Empress’s and her daughter’s Lord Protector at first.

He is shunned after being falsely accused of the Empress’s early demise and her daughter’s disappearance.

Corvo’s amazing tale of redemption starts as he progressively works to disprove his accuser, the spymaster Hiram Burrows, and his army of yes-men.

A famous inventor with a dream in which he saw “death itself staring back at him” gave Corvo his trademark mask. 

It performs several tasks, including concealing Corvo’s identity, providing additional security, and cutting-edge housing equipment like a powerful telescope. 

Masked male video game characters have become integral to the gaming experience.

These characters, which range from Shy Guy to Corvo Attano, have left their impact on the gaming industry and are still cherished by players everywhere.

Whether villains or heroes, these masked characters add mystery and intrigue to the games they inhabit. 

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