21 Most Hated Anime Characters

Most Hated Anime Characters

Recently, I resolved to look at some of the most hated anime characters of all time. There are many famous anime characters I’ve seen.

And every person has their favorites. But this list is founded on my observations and findings from a recent controversial topic from a poll in which most of the choices are from shows that first aired within the past five years.

Even if you don’t like them, the most hated anime characters are often the most memorable. Here are some of the most notorious characters throughout the history of anime, with quotes that give you a glimpse into their personalities.

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1. Nobuyuki Sugōu (Sword Art Online)

First on my list of most hated anime characters is Nobuyuki Sugou Sword Art Online His face means everything. Arrogant, power-hungry, immoral. Not to mention the opposite.

Nobuyuki Sugou is responsible for capturing and testing 300 Sword Art Online players. He turned their minds to another game and caught them in opposition to their will.

Moreover, he imprisoned the main heroine, tortured her, and even tried to marry her natural body while her senses were still inside the game.

2. Makoto Itou (School Days)

Second, on my list of most hated anime characters is Makoto Itou School Days If you look at School Days, I know you have had a scar all your life.

After all, the last episode was one of the most terrifying in anime history. And the main culprit, after all, was Makoto Itou!

Makoto is a very divisive person. Some believed that he was evil and deserved to die. He had everything in his life, but he wanted more. He was selfish, lying, cowardly, and deceitful.

Her debauchery caused much suffering and damage. About his untimely death, I felt as if he had arrived!

3. Sōsuke Aizen (Bleach)

Next on my list of most hated anime characters, Sosuke Aizen Bleach Sosuke Aizen is one cool criminal, so how can anyone hate him? Well, you have a cold heart as it is incredible.

Do you remember the time when he put on his glasses and walked around like a good Samaritan? It was all a lie! He’s one of the worst people in the series.

He is strong, but he does not do the dirty work himself. Sosuke deceives and entices others to do his will. He could have been a truly remarkable criminal.

Instead, he chose to sit still, hold his power, and let others do his evil deeds—most of the time.

4. Squealer / Yakomaru (Shinsekai Yori)

Squealer / Yakomaru Shinsekai Yori Squealer (also known as Yakomaru) is a unique villain. At first, he was a friend to the protagonists. It turned out that he was waiting for the right moment to overthrow the gods.

He broke the spirit of his queen and kept her alive despite all her suffering. She saved her two children but later betrayed them. He rose and became strong because of their foolishness.

Squealer killed scores of people and queerats. Finally, he pursued a plan of action to wipe out humanity from the face of the earth.

Squealer’s goal may have been well-intentioned and appropriate, but his tactics were not. Finally, he received the heaviest sentence of death!

5. Shizune (Naruto)

Shizune has a special place on my list of most hated anime characters. Naruto creator, Kishimoto, was notorious for writing female characters with notable flaws. Shizune is no different. He was destined to be the main character, but all of that was ruined. He is the nephew of Dan Kato and has been trained by the Tsunade for longer than Sakura. She became the right-hand woman of the Tsunade.

Despite all that, Shizune did not progress throughout Naruto as a ninja. When Sakura succeeded in unlocking the Power of the 100 Signal System, she failed miserably. His only job is to be a Tsunade assistant, making him completely useless.

6. Seryu Ubiquitous (Akame ga Kill!)

Seryu gets a special place Next on my list of most hated anime characters. Do not let her clever and deceptive appearance fool you! Ubiquitous is an absolute nut work with a distorted sense of justice.

So why do people hate him? Because he looks good and right in the first few parts of the story. This turned her into a horrible maniac into a gut punch.

He is armed with a fine biological weapon called the Koro, which becomes a vicious beast as soon as it releases its cruel form.

Seryu and Koro make a beautiful pair, and both are pretty different from what they look like.

The biggest reason why Seryu is hated is that he kills Sheele, a fan favorite who may be the first main character to die. His ideas and values ​​are black and white, making him more violent than the hero he believes in. Many fans are hoping to see him face a disastrous end.

7. Boruto Uzumaki (Boruto: Naruto Next Generations)

Seventh on my list of most hated anime characters. The son of Naruto Uzumaki and the star of his series, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Boruto Uzumaki is still the most hated. He is like his dad in many ways, but his rebellion often goes beyond that.

That rebellion is a mere figment of the imagination. Family and village are included.

8. Ino Yamanaka (Boruto: Naruto Next Generations)

Ino is often compared to the second Sakura character. At first, he was skinny, snotty, and more aggressive than Sakura. He also had a Sakura-like infatuation that led to a rift between Sakura and him.

Naruto developed; this could not be solved without a few moments of passing heroism. Instead of character development, Ino gets a little annoyed by less screen time.

However, praise should be given where it is due. She has proven to be a good mother in Boruto.

9. Kazuya Kinoshita (Rent a Girlfriend)

Kazuya is an undecided man who likes to focus on his height, so sometimes, he sleeps next to him without hesitation.

His lies often get him into trouble, for he cannot put up with the force of truth.

He keeps lying to avoid the problem of explaining everything. An example of this is his fake relationship with Chizuru Ichinose, who always pleases his grandmother.

10. Haru Nonoka (Sing “Yesterday” For Me)

Haru is a mysterious girl who works at MILK HALL. He took a raven and named it Kansuke.

Because of the dramatic change in her appearance, Rikuo does not remember meeting her five years ago.

She usually arrives at the store before going to work.

11. Tsukasa Yugi (Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun)

Tsukasa looks happy and immature. He truly loves his older brother, Amane, and will leap into his arms with joy at seeing him despite Amane’s discomfort.

As a result of this friendly act, he is often treated as a minor by Sakura, who is bound by a contract. However, he can also commit extreme acts of violence without remorse.

This is evident when he carefully cuts the fish to see what it looks like inside, despite being warned.

12. Daisuke Kanbe (The Millionaire Detective – Balance: UNLIMITED)

Daisuke is a middle-aged man. She has dark brown eyes, thick eyebrows, and short, slender black hair.

When her hair is down, her bangs fall evenly on her forehead and reach over her eyebrows.

Daisuke often wears a variety of layers. His three-piece suit has a black blazer paired with matching trousers and a black jacket.

13. Shingo Ichinomiya (8th son? Are You Eating Me?)

Although Wend looks simple on the face, she has many distinct traits in her personality.

Although Wend is gifted with magical knowledge, she is kind, polite, and compassionate to others.

But he also worries, on the verge of mania, of discovering, processing, and re-creating food from his former world, spending most of his time on this journey.

But you are also free to be pressured by others to the limit of accepting a nickname.

14. Jegal Taek (God Of High School)

Fourteenth on my list of most hated anime characters is Jegal. He had an arrogant personality and was prone to violence when fighting.

His style of fighting had caused many opponents to be intimidated by him.

He seemed to have the same violence in his team. Taek regarded everyone he fought with as garbage, except for Park Il-Pyo, who regarded him as a vicious animal like himself.

He, too, saw him as someone who had to defeat him because he viewed their first battle as a complete defeat and that he might never defeat him again.

15. Gabriel Miller (Sword Art Online: Alicization)

Gabriel is not only curious, deceptive, and highly clever, despite his insanity, but also, at the same time, bloodthirsty and utterly devoid of empathy.

He killed his bride when he was a child to see what the soul was like, inspected the animals for that reason and in his youth, and treated his followers as tools or toys.

Gabriel always sees everyone as inferior to him when he abandons them after he has used them for his purposes.

16. Hana Uzaki (Uzaki-Chan Wants To Hang Out!)

Hannah’s enthusiastic, confident, cheerful personality and playful antics often annoyed and embarrassed her senpai, Shinichi.

During his high school years, he was more stable and timid toward people (especially Sakurai) than he is today.

Her current sense of humor and good looks seemed to improve after entering college.

17. Asta (Black Clover)

Asta is usually happy and works wonders. He often shouts to express his thoughts and goals, which annoys others around him, and often despite other people’s opinions.

One of the first samples of this was when he passed his goal of becoming the Magic Emperor during the Magic Knights entry test, and he told some of the mockers to keep quiet.

Asta’s straightforward yet outgoing personality is often portrayed as having a sense of humor during challenging situations.

18. Pariston Hill (Hunter x Hunter)

According to Ging Freecss, Pariston’s personality is similar to that of Netero. He enjoys playing and enjoying himself, not caring about winning or losing, making him very unpredictable.

She always seems happy with a bright smile, making it hard to read her thoughts and count her motives.

This alone angers the Zodiac, especially Cheadle, Kanzai, and Cluck.

19. Rachel (Tower of God)

Rachel (Tower of God) Most Hated Anime Characters

Rachel is, also known as Michelle Light, is Irregular and was Baam’s best friend and the only friend of hers as she was the only one who visited her in her “cave.”

He longs to see the stars, which is one of the imaginary rewards waiting at the top of the Tower because he is “afraid of the Night.”

Formerly a member of Khun’s team, he now works with FUG.

20. Takumi Ichinose (Nana)

Takumi Ichinose (Nana) Most Hated Anime Characters

Takumi is a 6’1 ″ tall man in his early 20’s. She looks beautiful with long black hair that reaches her shoulders, and Nana says she wishes she had never cut it.

She has gray eyes and pierced ears, especially wearing a sliver stud or a small silver hook. When he goes out, he wears aviator sunglasses.

Takumi is generally wide and low on the Earth person. Desiring to be great, even as a child, he wanted to discover what he could do and to be successful.

21. Estarossa (Seven Deadly Sins)

Estarossa Most Hated Anime Characters

Estarossa seems to have normal relaxed behavior. When Meliodas appears and threatens the Ten Commandments, he does not seem bothered by the situation.

However, underneath the distant land, he has a sad and cold side. He cites the cruelty of Meliodas as one of the reasons for that.

Most anime series have their fair share of characters who are easy to love and feelings that are easy to hate.

However, some characters manage to irk audiences more than others, becoming hated by everyone for just about any reason.

Some end up as hated for seemingly unimportant reasons. While other times, a single word or action is enough to make the audience despise the said character.

With the amount of anime out there, it’s hard to have seen all of it. Or anything at all. You might not know a character as evil if you never see anything they’re in, but that means they’ve escaped your attention.

I think we can safely state that some people hate all the characters on this list, though. That’s why they’re here. Mention your Most Hated Anime Characters in the comment section.

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