Top 11 Netflix Alternatives You Should Try

Netflix Alternatives

Netflix is the undisputed king of streaming TV shows and movies over the internet, but just because it’s a favorite option doesn’t mean it’s always the best.

Sometimes you are looking for something different, and sometimes you want to be surprised.

With over 10,000 TV shows and movies to choose from, Netflix is one of today’s most popular streaming services.

However, this is not the only streaming option, far from it. Several alternatives, free and paid, can significantly increase your choice of movies and TV shows.

These are the top Netflix alternatives you should try to watch TV and movies.

1. Amazon Instant Video

Amazon Instant Video Netflix Alternatives

Amazon is stepping up the pace when it comes to video streaming – their original content is gaining more recognition for its quality, they are getting many shows and movies that people want to watch, and the price of an instant video is included in Amazon Prime, which has a lot of advantages.

And now, with the inclusion of the Top Gear replacement program, you’ll have exclusives around the world that will attract new viewers.

With a host of new releases available to watch or buy, Amazon is a suitable medium for viewers who want instant access to the latest movies.

It also offers a 30-day free trial to see if you like the selection of movies and shows they offer. And at $99 per year, it’s a very competitive price, especially with the bonuses you get with Prime.

To visit the website and check for more, click here.

2. Hulu Plus

Hulu Plus Netflix Alternatives

If you’re looking for TV shows, Hulu Plus is a great solution – with episodes from the latest shows, you won’t miss any of your favorites when you can stream them right away.

By signing up for the Plus option for $8 per month, you get the most viewing opportunities and eliminate the ubiquitous ads that have long been a nightmare for unpaid Hulu users.

With programs such as South Park, Empire, Mythbusters, CSI, Law and Order, and The Tonight Show, you can see the most prominent names from the most popular shows.

Hulu Plus also offers movies, though the selection isn’t as good as most other streaming services, although there are a couple of hidden gems that can be found. Hulu Plus is undoubtedly one of the top Netflix alternatives you should try.

To visit the website and check for more, click here.

3. Vudu

Vudu Netflix Alternatives

Owned by Walmart, Vudu is among the top Netflix alternatives with excellent buying power and therefore offers some of the most trendy movies and shows online.

One of Vudu’s coolest parts is that you can buy movies and TV shows just like on Amazon, but the Deals section is still available.

With extensive movies and TV shows to select from and some fantastic deals, Vudu is hard to beat when it comes to basic content. Unfortunately, Vudu does not offer a free trial, but you can find many titles on the homepage.

To visit the website and check for more, click here.

4. iTunes / Apple TV+

Apple TV+

You might not view iTunes as a streaming service. Still, you can rent almost any movie in your iTunes library for just a few dollars, making it among the viable Netflix alternatives, especially if you don’t watch many movies.

For about $3 or $4, you can find tons of standard and high definition movies that you can rent for 48 hours.

If you see a lot of movies or you want to stream TV shows whenever you feel like it, iTunes might not be the best for you.

But if you’re feeling impulsive and want to rent a movie every now and then or buy or download something new right away, it’s hard to beat the vast selection that Apple has to offer.

To visit the website and check for more, click here or here.

5. BoxTV (India)

If you are looking for movies shot and produced in India, BoxTV is perfect. In addition to films in nine different languages (including Hindi, Bhojpuri, Kannada, and Urdu), BoxTV offers hundreds of films that will appeal to Indian audiences no matter where they live; BoxTV is available in India, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and the United States.

BoxTV, if compared to many other services, is also very affordable – at $4.99. It’s hard to see such an offer if you’re looking for Indian movies and shows for that price.

To visit the website and check for more, click here.

6. Stan (Australia)

Although Netflix is widely regarded as the best streaming service in Australia, Stan cannot also be left out as it also tops as one of Netflix alternatives.

The company has contracts with numerous content providers and has several exclusive offers, including Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. Stan also produces its content to compete with shows and movies produced by other streaming services.

Its $10 per month price tag is hard to beat, especially with the wide range of movies and shows you’ll find on the service, including some things produced by Amazon that will likely never be on Netflix.

To visit the website and check for more, click here.

7. Arcon.TV

People all over the world love UK shows like Holy Flying Circus, Queer as Folk, and Outnumbered, all of which can be shown in the US and Canada on Acorn.TV for a reasonable $5 per year month. There are also plenty of weekly releases, additional features, and trailers that you can check out.

The choice is quite limited, but if you’re British overseas in North America or are just Anglo-Saxon TV dramas, it might be worth signing up to watch your favorite shows.

To visit the website and check for more, click here.

8. Crackle

The streaming service on Sony’s Crackle network is free but includes ads. If you’re trying to beat costs but still want to watch your shows and movies, this might be your best bet.

It’s hard to know if you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for, but there are a couple of options that will appeal to a lot of viewers. Currently available are Van Wilder, National Lampoon, Flying Dagger House, Seinfeld, and District 9.

You absolutely can’t beat the free, and with a substantial selection, Crackle offers can serve as a replacement or addition to another streaming service. Ads are boring, but they’re not the worst thing in the world, and you could save $10 a month, which adds up quickly.

To visit the website and check for more, click here.

9. Fandor

Fandor Netflix Alternatives

Do you like independent and foreign films? If so, Fandor has you covered. Popular indie films like Insomnia and Blind, documentaries which include Propaganda and 5 Broken Cameras, and quirky cult classics – Ichi the Killer and Dark Star are available.

While you can find movies here that you can also find on other services, this is a place to look for movies that you won’t find anywhere else.

Plans start at just $7.50 per month, and half of what you pay goes to the film rights holders, so you can be sure you’re supporting the independent and foreign film industry by becoming a member.

To visit the website and check for more, click here.

10. M-GO

New to the online streaming scene, M-GO wants to become your one-stop-shop for movies and TV shows. Since they are new, the selection is not as good as some other services, but it is growing fast, and this website could be a major contender very soon.

The website itself is one of the most significant advantages of the service; It’s well organized, can help you find many the things you’re looking for, and provides excellent recommendations.

M-GO doesn’t offer unlimited streaming like Netflix or Amazon, but it does serve as a portal through which you can purchase movies and TV shows (like iTunes). It also allows you to collect reward points to save money on your future purchases.

To visit the website and check for more, click here.

11. HBO Now

Unsurprisingly, just as its name suggests, HBO Now is all about the amazing things HBO produces. These include shows like Westworld, Game of Thrones, and Succession.

The network is known for its high-quality designs, although it’s up to you to decide if you deserve the hefty price tag. HBO Now also has a decent selection of blockbusters.

For just $ 14.99 per month, you can watch all current and past episodes of your favorite HBO movies and original shows.

HBO Now is compatible with a variety of phones, desks, televisions, as well as Macs and Windows 7 or later versions.

To visit the website and check for more, click here.


Netflix is a great place to boost your TV viewing capabilities, and at around $10 per month, it’s a much cheaper option than cable TV. However, Netflix is not the only option to stream your favorite shows and movies.

If you want to fill your wallet and spend less on TV, consider one of the many streaming options available to watch shows, movies, documentaries, and more, available on various devices and for a variety of costs.

These are the top Netflix alternatives that you can consider for watching movies, TV shows, etc. See more, spend less, and save money on many streaming sites for your viewing pleasure.

If you know of any other great Netflix alternatives worth making the list, please let us know in the comments section.

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