25 Popular Old Anime Characters

Old Anime Characters

In anime, even the elderly can be badass if they want to. They manage to stay up with their younger competitors while showing obvious symptoms of aging, which is highly inspiring.

This article is focused on the most fantastic old anime characters to ever star in any anime series. 

Even in old age, several of these men maintained the ferocity they showed in their youth.

Some people’s strength increased with age, while others lost their edge yet retained the ability to kick butt when required.

Do not discount them just because of their age or because they seem frail and feeble.

You won’t believe our list of the most badass old anime characters from classic anime!

1. Danjo Kouga (Basilisk)

Danjo Kouga is an excellent choice to kick off the list of old anime characters. 

He had a short but impactful cameo in one of the finest ninja anime series together with the rival clan’s Ogen Iga.

When they were younger, he and Ogen were head over heels in love. However, Ogen later saw Danjo as a traitor who plotted to destroy the Iga Clan.

After an extended period, Danjo and Ogen have thrown away their lives and have nothing to show except simmering animosity and hatred.

When the first episode of Basilisk concludes, Danjo has just had his final meeting with the woman he loves.

2. Yoshinobu Gakuganji (Jujutsu Kaisen Anime)

The new shonen series Jujutsu Kaisen is excellent. The program has a lot of likable characters, and Yoshinobu Gakuganji isn’t what he seems to be at first glance. 

Yoshinobu isn’t thrilled with Sukuna’s revival. He is obsessed with seeing Yuji, Sukuna’s vessel, disappear from the world.

But within his orthodox attitude is a guy eager to aid others who disagree with him.

Did i mention that his talent includes playing an electric guitar? He is one of the most iconic old anime characters. 

3. Hitoha Miyamizu (Your Name)

The 2016 Oscar-winning and Oscar-nominated animated picture directed by Makoto Shinkai continues to encourage optimism and love in the face of adversity.

Not only Mitsuha and Yotsuha may call Hitoha, one of the old anime characters, their grandma.

Since the mother went away and the father was involved in politics, she has also stepped up as a nurturing parent to the two young children.

I like how her appearance conveys to the viewer that she is a kind and kind lady.

Someone who is respectful of customs and can keep a straight face in the face of the family’s extraordinary talent.

4. Sakae Jinnouchi (Summer Wars)

Sakae Jinnouchi, like Hitoha Miyamizu, is pivotal to the success of Mamoru Hosoda’s pleasant and aesthetically stunning picture, and she shares Hitoha’s devotion to her family and their customs.

The matriarch of the very vast Jinnouchi family is crucial to the story’s emotional and climatic events in Summer Wars.

While Sakae’s harsh demeanor may put some people off, be assured that her intentions are good.

To put it simply, she puts the needs of others before her own. Even more remarkably, her connections to influential people in business and politics have helped her amass an impressive amount of social influence.

I do not doubt that she is overjoyed by how her loved ones united to celebrate her life.

5. Pinako Rockbell (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Grandma Winry, who also happens to be Edward Elric’s grandmother, must be present.

Whatever her current stature, Pinako is one hundred percent wonderful (she was pretty tall back then).

She was there to reassure Winry that she would have a kind adult to look up to after the death of her parents.

Eric and Alphonse’s youth was also heavily influenced by Pinako, particularly after Trisha’s death and Van’s disappearance.

Not only does she have strong links to her family and a kind demeanor, but she is also highly skilled in surgery and automotive engineering.

6. Oculus (Death Parade)

Among a large group of similarly aged individuals, Oculus stands out. His pink ponytail is fashioned in the form of a lotus flower.

His laid-back attire of shorts, slippers, and a thin, striped collared shirt makes him appear packed for a week at the beach.

Oculus, however, is not like other people. To the characters of Death Parade, this elderly guy, one of the old anime characters, is a figure of almost divine power.

Oculus is a chill grandfather who, in reality, has some fascinating ideas on death and the purpose of life.

7. Kaseki (Dr. Stone)

Kaseki is one of the shining examples of a tremendous old anime character. His many admirable qualities include the following:

He is being enthusiastic about his job. As a scientist who also values craftsmanship, he creates with enthusiasm.

Second, he has no problem appreciating and becoming friends with people decades younger than him.

The once-lonely Kaseki now counts Senku and Chrome among his closest companions.

Kaseki’s presence in the Kingdom of Science improves it immensely. And I do not doubt that he enjoys his place in Senku’s government.

8. Huang (Darker Than Black)

Even though he treats everyone, especially Hei, with disdain, Huang is still one of the prominent old anime characters.

As a prominent character throughout the first season’s 25 episodes, he is integral to the dynamic between Hei, Yin, and Mao.

Although his history painted him as a jaded old man, Huang was sensitive and capable of loving. A mistaken romantic interest ultimately proved fatal to his police colleague.

9. Dola (Laputa: Castle in the Sky)

I’ve only watched this delightful and adventurous Ghibli picture once. But I warmly recall how amusing Dola was.

Even though she is beyond her physical prime, this old lady is unfazed by her position as head of… Dola’s Gang.

Her only goal is to reach the city on the water and retrieve the treasures there.

Because of this, she has a tense initial encounter with Pazu and Sheeta, but she eventually grows to love them and even sees a little of herself in the little girl.

This woman, it turns out, is brave, kind, and not very selfless. Even before the youngsters got back from their skydiving excursion, Dola’s Gang was off on another one of their wild antics.

10. Sister Yolanda (Black Lagoon)

I didn’t intend to place Dola and Sister Yolanda next to one another. But destiny conspired to bring the two independent grannies together.

Even if a scene doesn’t contain the likes of Revy and Dutch, you can be sure that it will still carry a punch — and I’m especially fond of Sister Yolanda.

Aside from her nun garb, Sister Yolanda has an eye patch and a golden Desert Eagle.

Also, she’s a lethal shot, firing off photos as if the pistol were automatic, and she had no involvement in it at all.

11. Yoshimura (Tokyo Ghoul)

There needed to be more continuity between the first season of the Tokyo Ghoul anime and the subsequent seasons.

It could be better since Yoshimura, and other old anime characters improved as the tale progressed.

Not only was the elderly guy the manager of a cozy coffee shop, but he was also one of the terrifying monsters in history.

When Yoshimura was younger, he was known as Kuzen, a ghoul so formidable that he spent a lot of time on his own. He hated being a ghoul since he didn’t want to resort to murder to keep himself alive.

Fortunately, Yoshimura fell in love with Ukina, and they produced a ghoul-human offspring.

Since then, he has made it his mission to promote harmony between monsters and humans.

12. Fumio Daimido (Food Wars)

Similar to Tokyo Ghoul, Food Wars lost momentum as more seasons went by — yet Fumio Daimido never seemed dull or unneeded.

Managing the Polar Storm dorms means she often sees (and tries to calm) the chaos that the students may cause.

Fumio was always there for her dorm mates, even when danger loomed in the form of wild animals or smoke.

Since she administers screenings to prospective renters, it’s clear she sees promise in them.

13. Kaede (InuYasha)

While Inuyasha refers to her as an “old hag,” one of the most popular old anime characters, Kaede has always been a revered and kind priestess.

Sure, she might come across as belligerent or too severe at times. However, she is always mindful of her vital role in the community.

If someone needs help, Kaede will be there for them. Her spiritual shield and sutra magic protect the community from evil spirits.

Although her spells may not be as powerful as they once were, she would never give up without a fight.

Kaede is an elderly woman who has lost her right eye but can still use her bow and arrow to take out enemies.

14. Chiyo Shuzenji (My Hero Academia)

Boku no Hero Academia has been a smashing success for many seasons and films.

The show’s popularity shows no signs of waning (although the manga is reportedly nearing its final arc).

One of the series’s most endearing supporting characters is Chiyo, also known as Recovery Girl.

Her Quirk is centered on healing, as her name suggests. Recovery The girl merely kisses the hurt person on the cheek or cheekbone. 

This hastens their healing but at the expense of their vitality. Chiyo risks losing them permanently if she doesn’t keep her eyes on the situation.

However, she is good at it. This is why it just takes a few seconds for a fractured bone to mend.

15. Dot Pixis (Attack on Titan)

If you’ve caught up to the recently ended manga or the first half of the final season, you know that Dot Pixis isn’t in a position where he can spend his sunset years getting drunk.

However, his talents may be appreciated by the public without going to such lengths:

Dot Pixis made an impression from the very beginning of the show. He was a person of authority who maintained composure under pressure.

Still, Dot was a deserving leader, and he earned his position. He understood the suffering of troops and struck a good balance between being cautious and taking risks, particularly about Eren Jaeger.

16. Zeno Zoldyck (Hunter × Hunter)

There is no shortage of dangerous people in the Zoldyck family.

And thus, it should come as no surprise that just the mention of Zeno Zoldyck’s name is enough to send his enemies running.

I don’t believe he’s helpless just because he has a mustache and stands with his hands behind his back.

Despite his advanced years, Zeno is a skilled Nen user and battle strategist with unfathomable power and agility.

For Killua’s grandpa to be defeated, Chrollo Lucilfer realized he would need all his power.

Zeno’s fists are so lightning-fast and powerful that he doesn’t require weapons to defeat his opponents.

17. Terada Ayano (Gintama)

Terada Ayano, aka Rose, is a hilarious main character in one of the hilarious anime series ever.

The Otose Snack House is a tavern frequented by Gintoki and Hasegawa, and it is run by Terada, who makes his first appearance in the first episode. 

Yorozuya and the tavern are situated in the same building, which Terada owns outright.

Moreover, she was once one of the four devas that presided over the Kabuki Theater.

While Otose might be frightening when demanding rent, she’s a great employer and doesn’t mind if renters perform her chores if they don’t pay.

18. Genkai (Yu Yu Hakusho)

In all likelihood, Genkai was one of the first classic old anime characters I ever saw.

In the day, Yu Yu Hakusho aired nightly on local television, and the psychic grandma on the show always seemed so noble and wise.

She learned how to produce and control the spirit wave orb via much practice.

Despite Genkai’s cold exterior and seeming belief that the purpose justified the means, she came to treat Yusuke as her grandson.

Even though Yusuke Urameshi and Kazuma Kuwabara don’t think so now, Genkai was the most attractive fighter when she was younger; think of how stunning and vibrant her pink hair must have been.

Genkai enjoys playing video games very much. She is so popular that she opens her arcade.

19. Dreyar Makarov (Fairy Tail)

Since Makarov Dreyar is 88 years old, he deserves a respite from the stresses of life. 

It’s excellent that Fairy Tail is giving him more than a passing glance. His Wizard Saint garb gets a lot of usage; that’s true. However, he does own more garments.

His first appearance in the anime had him donning an orange sweatshirt, shorts, and a jester’s helmet.

Similarly, Makarov was deserving of three promotions to guild leader in Fairy Tail:

He is not a puritan who believes everyone should always do what the Magic Council says. As a member of the guild, Makarov has faith in its members.

He’s a great leader and a father figure to everyone in Fairy Tail since he’s so patient and kind.

20. Bang (One Punch Man)

Bang, also known as Silver Fang and one of the strongest old anime characters, is a terrifying figure. 

Even though he’s 81 years old, he’s considered one of the most powerful heroes in One Punch Man, and he’s an S-Class character that comes in at number 3 in the overall rankings of the organization.

Like his older brother, Bomb, Bang is a powerful and joyful representative of martial arts: He recognizes Genos and Saitama’s potential. He’d be overjoyed if they chose to train at his dojo.

Further, he created Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist martial art, a hybrid of offensive and defensive techniques.

That straight-back Bang once had may have curved. It just takes a glance into his piercing gaze and massive frame to realize you shouldn’t stand in his path.

21.Hiruzen Sarutobi (Naruto)

When the Naruto series was still young, the Third Hokage was one of the series’ most iconic figures.

Hiruzen embraced his place in Konoha, embracing everyone as if they were a part of his family and always following the Will of Fire.

Both the Konoha Council and other international leaders disapproved of his pacifism. However, he didn’t care about it.

Hiruzen wants everyone in Konoha to get along and know he can be counted on in need.

It’s tragic that Orochimaru, one of his favorite students, committed himself. We can only pray that wherever Hiruzen is, he is safe and sound and enjoying the company of ladies.

22. Roshi (Dragon Ball)

Master Roshi was known as the “God of Martial Arts,” but I always thought his “Turtle Boy” moniker was more endearing.

He taught everyone from Goku to Yamcha, which would surprise anyone who has yet to watch Dragon Ball.

Consider that Master Roshi, one of the most popular old anime characters, was the greatest martial artist of his day, having triumphed in the World Martial Arts Tournament.

He may be ancient, but his foes still have difficulty with him due to his vast experience, superior combat reflexes, and extensive arsenal of tactics.

Master Roshi now dresses for the beach and wears trendy sunglasses since he knows that the younger generation and the other characters are much more formidable than he is.

Since he recognizes that he will never be the greatest, he intends to continue his training whenever possible.

23. Whitebeard (One Piece)

Whitebeard was the name by which Edward Newgate was well-recognized across the globe.

As one of the New World’s Four Emperors, he inspired respect and dread with his formidable power.

His leadership was so effective that he could rally 1,600 pirates to his side, and only the series’ most formidable adversaries, including Blackbeard and Luffy, dared to challenge him.

Whitebeard was a vast, hulking guy who measured precisely 666 centimeters in height.

He was previously considered the most muscular man alive because of his ability to challenge Gol D. Roger.

Whitebeard’s archenemy’s death resulted in the most significant active reward ever (5,046,000,000) he possessed while still alive.

There has never been a higher reward in One Piece than this one. 

24. Zeniba (Spirited Away)

Yubaba, Zeniba’s twin sister, owns the Bathhouse, the film’s central location, and a multi-level, one-of-a-kind structure.

Zeniba, on the other hand, was an elderly lady who wasn’t quite as evil as she seemed to be, while Yubaba was busy being the primary antagonist.

It’s true that she became enraged and yelled at Chihiro. Furthermore, she mocked Boh. But as the film went on, audiences saw that she exemplified the role of the perfect anime grandma:

Tea is offered, she is kind and forgiving, and her design is quirky and unique. It’s impossible to overstate how amazing Spirited Away is or how much heart and wit it has. 

To add insult to injury, Zeniba is essential to the success of this groundbreaking animation.

25. Isaac Netero (Hunter × Hunter)

The list of old anime characters would only be complete with Isaac Netero.

The 2011 adaptation of Hunter x Hunter established Isaac Netero as a renowned figure in the history of the shonen genre.

He was instrumental in making the Chimera Ant story arc memorable. Netero, when he was younger, was widely regarded as the most potent Nen user in history.

By the time he became the Hunter Association’s aged chairman, this was no longer the case. A grave error would be made if one assumed he was a frail elderly guy.

Netero seemed silly and careless most of the time, yet he had an undeniable dedication to the art of combat. Nothing gets his attention like a formidable foe or an impossible task.

Fortunately (or unfortunately), Meruem was a potent adversary. I’m sure Netero enjoyed the challenge and thought he had a wonderful long life, even though he may have died due to their epic conflict.

The elderly Netero, Master Roshi from Dragon Ball, and Hiruzen from Naruto all have a penchant for voluptuous ladies.

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